True Martial World Chapter 1264

Chapter 1264: Sudden News
Chapter 1264: Sudden News

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"He refuses to move?" Cang Wu's expression sank.

"That's right. He even claimed to have too much luggage, and… and…"

"And what!?"

"About that… Don't be angry when I say it." The mustached middle-aged man had a twinkle in his eye as he said in a hushed tone, "He said that he would only move if Lord Cang Wu himself helps move his luggage."

The middle-aged man was burning with anger at the thought of being looked down upon by Yi Yun. So with this opportunity opening up for him, how could he not kick Yi Yun while he was down? He looked forward to the show that was about to begin.

"Heh!" Cang Wu took a deep breath. "Good! Very well done! Since he wants me to help him move, let's see if he can handle it!" Cang Wu said angrily.

Not only was he the most senior disciple of the sect master, he was also one of the Elders that oversaw the personal disciple district. It had been ages since his authority had been challenged.

And now, the person that challenged his authority was Yi Yun who had already lost favor.

"This Yi Yun is simply courting death! He killed my son Song Bowen, and the Zhang family's Zhang Wuchen. They were both personal disciples of the Myriad God Ridge. I was planning on finding evidence to implicate him but he actually still dares to be this arrogant now!" Song Zhanchen said angrily.

Having lost Song Bowen, there was a greater need for the Song family to curry favor with Feng Yunyang. So of course, Song Zhanchen was among the people who were currently gathered around Feng Yunyang.

"Oh? Not only did this person withhold due respect from Senior Brother Cang Wu, he even publicly killed other personal disciples? Yet, he isn't being punished?"

Feng Yunyang spoke out. He had obviously never heard of Yi Yun, much less knew what Yi Yun had done. In fact, the murder of Zhang Wuchen and Song Bowen had nothing to do with him. However, as a mere disciple, Yi Yun's arrogance was something Feng Yunyang could not tolerate.

What sort of person was this Yi Yun? Feng Yunyang needed to curb his urge to kill the two personal disciples that had challenged him. He ended it with maiming them badly, but Yi Yun took it as far as killing other personal disciples. It was ridiculous.

From Feng Yunyang's point of view, among all the disciples in Myriad God Ridge, he was the only one with the right to ignore the sect rules.

"That's right. Young Sect Master, please administer justice!"

Upon hearing Feng Yunyang's question, Song Zhanchen had a bright idea. Both the patriarch and the sect master thought highly of Feng Yunyang. As long as Feng Yunyang gave the go-ahead, finishing Yi Yun was not a problem at all.

A Zhang family elder standing beside Song Zhanchen, named Zhang Tianxing, added on, "Young Sect Master, this Yi Yun clearly knows that Sunken Moon Tower was allocated to you, but he refuses to relinquish it. It's clearly an act meant to disparage you!"

Zhang Tianxing and Song Zhanchen both greatly wished to see a conflict between Feng Yunyang and Yi Yun. The clash between the two would be like an egg striking a rock. If it happened, they could get Yi Yun killed without even dirtying their hands.

When he heard the duo's words, Feng Yunyang smiled. "Are the both of you trying to use me as cannon fodder?"

"Ah… Definitely not! No way!" Song Zhanchen and Zhang Tianxing shook their heads frantically.

"I know what's on your minds. However, there was truth in your words. This Yi Yun clearly knows that the Sunken Moon Tower was given to me, but he continues to stay in there. He must be sick of living."

As Feng Yunyang spoke, a cold and sinister smile suffused the corners of his lips. This smile had appeared once before, when he heavily injured the two personal disciples that did not know better on the Myriad God Platform.

"Since this Yi Yun doesn't want to move out, I'll set up a Murderous Illusion Array. It will ensure that he never leaves Sunken Moon Tower."

Common array techniques could be categorized by effect into trapping arrays, killing arrays and defensive arrays.

Feng Yunyang was most skilled at killing arrays. His arrays would project illusions that killed his enemies. If those in his arrays allowed themselves to be lost in the illusions, they would be plagued by what seemed like countless enemies before dying in the array. The thing was, death in the array meant actual death.

Feng Yunyang enjoyed the arrays that caused his enemies to die in illusions. However, it was not yet appropriate for him to kill Yi Yun. After all, he was still the sect master's disciple, even if he had lost the sect master's favor. Feng Yunyang would still need to answer for such an action.

"This Yi Yun has killed two personal disciples and is a sinner. However. I will not immediately kill him. It would be far more interesting to let him suffer a mental breakdown in the illusion array."

With this thought in mind, Feng Yunyang reached out to touch his interspatial ring. Twelve array flags flew out!

"Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!"

The twelve array flags stuck around Sunken Moon Tower, like the twelve spots on a clock. They surrounded Sunken Moon Tower completely.

Feng Yunyang began producing hand seals as the twelve array flags immediately lit up. They stirred the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, causing the entire Sunken Moon Tower to become enveloped in dense Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. Everything became a blur.

"What pure Yuan Qi!" A personal disciple exclaimed.

"This array formation fuses the Laws of Water and the Laws of Light. The twelve array flags are extremely intricate. Senior Brother Feng's attainments in array techniques are truly extraordinary." Another person echoed. It wasn't just more exaggerated flattery, as the array formation truly was amazing.

Feng Yunyang smiled. The twelve array flags were obtained by Myriad God Patriarch in an ancient ruin. He had refined the array for many years before passing it down to Feng Yunyang. How could it not be intricate?

Of course, Feng Yunyang did not mention this. He said, "This array formation's name is the Twelve Gates of the Illusion Dao! The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi will form a series of illusions in the array formation. Now that the array formation has been activated, Yi Yun will fall into an endless battle. He will constantly kill enemies in his illusion world until he suffers a mental breakdown. I have only activated the fourth gate out of the twelve gates, but that alone should be sufficient. It's best you report to the sect master. Yi Yun is his disciple after all. It's not right for me to kill him."

"I see. Young Sect Master is truly an extraordinary genius. With such a powerful array in hand, probably no peer in the entire Sinkhole is your match." Upon hearing Feng Yunyang's comment, someone immediately fawned. As for reporting to the sect master, no one did. Zhang Tianxing and Song Zhanchen were watching. Who would want to offend those two?

Feng Yunyang shook his head and said, "I wouldn't dare to say that I'm invincible among my peers in the Sinkhole. Let's not mention the Sinkhole. Just the land I come from, the Seven Desolates ancient continent, alone has people I lack confidence in beating. One is the White Lunar Goddess Empress's adopted son, Bai Shanhe, and the second is White Lunar Goddess Empress's last disciple, Lin Xintong. Even I am slightly inferior to them in terms of strength!"

When Feng Yunyang suddenly mentioned the White Lunar Goddess Empress, everyone present felt their hearts palpitate.

They had been comparing him to all sorts of geniuses, but when an actual legend was mentioned—the White Lunar Goddess Empress—no one dared to joke further.

One had to know that the Seven Desolates ancient continent was made up of seven ancient continents to begin with. Every piece of land covered an area that exceeded the Calm Sea. It was filled with experts!

And the White Lunar Goddess Empress, Bai Yueyin, had carved a path out of blood on the Seven Desolates continents. She had unified the Seven Desolates' seven mighty sects and ended the massive war that lasted for a millennium. Finally, she established the White Lunar Divine Empire and had ruled it ever since. Just the mention of the White Lunar Goddess Empress in the Calm Sea was enough to make others show reverence.

An Elder laughed dryly and said, "The resources the disciples of the White Lunar Goddess Empress enjoy cannot be compared to those of typical sects. Even the Myriad God Ridge is greatly inferior to the White Lunar Divine Empire. Young Sect Master, for you to attain accomplishments from our Myriad God Ridge that make you the match of Bai Shanhe and Lin Xintong is already something to be proud of!"

"That's right. Young Sect Master is a genius. Yet, he remains this humble. It's quite a rare sight."

As the people were fawning over Feng Yunyang, the array enveloping Sunken Moon Tower suddenly quaked!


Yuan Qi began to tremble as the door to Sunken Moon Tower opened. Yi Yun, dressed in purple, strode out. His brows were like a sword and his gaze was like blades. It left the hearts of people palpitating!

Yi Yun had not thought much of Feng Yunyang, but Feng Yunyang had said a name that made his heart stir. He had mentioned the White Lunar Goddess Empress's last disciple, Lin Xintong!

"What did you just say? Who was it that you said you were inferior to in strength?"

Yi Yun's voice was loud and clear as it tore through the Twelve Gates of the Illusion Dao, reaching the ears of everyone clearly.

Instantly, everyone present was dumbfounded. Wasn't the Twelve Gates of the Illusion Dao already activated? Yi Yun should have already been lost in the illusion world, almost at the point of his soul sea collapsing.

Yet, not only had he walked out obstreperously, he had also heard their conversation. He had even pushed open the door to speak to the people outside the array!

"Could it be that the array didn’t activate?" A puzzled personal disciple said.

They all looked at Feng Yunyang, whose face was turning white. It looked extremely ugly.

How could this be possible? He had always prided himself on the Twelve Gates of the Illusion Dao, but it was completely ineffective against Yi Yun. It was a massive array that the Myriad God Patriarch had passed down to him. Although he could only use a tiny portion of the Twelve Gates of the Illusion Dao's power, it was definitely not something a Dao Palace realm warrior should have been able to withstand.

"I'm asking you a question! Are you deaf!?"

Yi Yun yelled sharply. He was naturally anxious regarding news of Lin Xintong.

Feng Yunyang was a little taken aback after being lambasted. However, he quickly reacted with anger.

"It looks like I have underestimated you. You must have undergone some fortuitous encounter, so your soul is far stronger than most warriors at your realm. That's how you managed to withstand my illusion array. That's fine, I have only activated the first four of the twelve gates. I will now activate all twelve gates and extract your soul!"

As Feng Yunyang spoke, his arms began moving as he produced hand seals. The twelve array flags began lighting up one after another!

Yi Yun had a sullen expression. "I'm asking you one more time. Who was it that you said you were inferior to in strength? Tell me what kind of person the White Lunar Goddess Empress's disciple is!"

Yi Yun's voice was already filled with killing intent. But at that moment, how could Feng Yunyang bother with what he was saying? He had already gathered his Yuan Qi to a maximum.

"Twelve Gates of the Illusion Dao—Annihilation of All Life!"

Feng Yunyang leaped up and looked down from above. He had used the strongest move of the Twelve Gates of the Illusion Dao. The twelve array flags formed a wave of annihilative might in a bid to destroy Yi Yun's soul.

At that moment, Yi Yun could no longer tolerate it any further. He extended his hand with a beckon as the sword, Mirage Snow, appeared in his palm.

Huan Chenxue had previously mentioned that Mirage Snow had undergone huge changes in state. No one could recognize its origins, so Yi Yun was free to use it.

With Mirage Snow’s appearance, the surrounding atmosphere changed completely. It became overbearingly cold!

At the same time, the blazing Heretical God Fire Seed augmented Mirage Snow. With the fusion of extreme hot and cold, coupled with Yi Yun's comprehension of Yin and Yang laws, the two forces synergized with each other, creating an extraordinary power!


The sword tip flashed with a cold beam that tore through the void, striking the Twelve Gates of the Illusion Dao.

The sharp sword beam was irrepressible. The moment it came into contact with the array, it instantly tore through it. The sword beam's momentum did not decrease as runic patterns began shattering one after another!

Yi Yun flew out, sword in hand, from the Twelve Gates of the Illusion Dao, transforming into an azure beam that instantly appeared in front of Feng Yunyang!


High up in the sky, Feng Yunyang was alarmed. He retreated rapidly while wiping his interspatial ring, hoping to take out a scimitar. But Yi Yun's sword was too fast. It far exceeded Feng Yunyang's reaction time.

At the end of the sword beam was the Heretical God Fire Seed, fused with Extreme Yin frost ice!

With the alternating extremes of hot and cold, Feng Yunyang's protective Yuan Qi instantly shattered as the Mirage Snow pierced straight through his body.


Blood splattered as Feng Yunyang felt as though the right side of his body had become immersed in chaotic energy. Its heat was about to burn his visceral organs to ash while the cold was about to chill his bone marrow!

Feng Yunyang had no way of resisting such force. At that moment, the Mirage Snow had stabbed and pulled, slashing off one of Feng Yunyang's arms!

As for this arm of Feng Yunyang's, it had just grabbed the scimitar in his interspatial ring but it was instantly frozen And within the ice, the arm was burnt by flames, turning into a charred black mess!


Feng Yunyang cried out tragically as he plummeted from a high altitude.


Feng Yunyang fell head down and with full force. The right side of his body had his entire arm lopped off from the shoulder. His wound had been sealed in ice but beneath the ice were burnt wounds. It looked extremely wretched!

In fact, Yi Yun's strike had contained the Extreme Yin frost Qi and the Heretical God Fire Seed. They had severely destroyed Feng Yunyang's meridians. Without large amounts of heavenly treasures and several months of recuperation, it would be impossible for him to recover.

And this was Yi Yun showing mercy. Had he not, his strike could have killed Feng Yunyang!

He had left Feng Yunyang alive mostly to question him. Secondly, Yi Yun was not ready to lose decorum with the Myriad God Ridge. He knew that the Myriad God Patriarch had put forth great effort to nurture Feng Yunyang. Furthermore, he had held a meeting to personally confirm Feng Yunyang's status as the Myriad God Ridge's sect master successor. As such, Feng Yunyang was probably very important to the Myriad God Patriarch. Killing him would be the fastest way to make an enemy of the Myriad God Patriarch.

Even with Old Snake backing him, Yi Yun still lacked confidence in that fight.

"What did you just said. Who was the genius from the Seven Desolates' White Lunar Divine Empire?"

The cold Mirage Snow was held beside Feng Yunyang's cheek. The devastating cold bit at his skin as the hair on his skin stood straight up. His skin was being subtly sliced apart by the frost Qi as the streams of blood meandered down Mirage Snow's blade. However, they quickly froze into red ice crystals that fell off. They did not stain the sword even once.


Feng Yunyang's voice trembled. He had yet to come to. How was he so easily defeated? Why was the youth in front of him so powerful?

Feng Yunyang believed that there was hardly anyone his age that could match him. Although he knew he was nothing much in the White Lunar Divine Empire, he was certain that he could reign supreme in the Myriad God Ridge. How was he defeated in a simple face-off? Furthermore, it was such an abject defeat!