True Martial World Chapter 1266

Chapter 1266: Coming Storm
Chapter 1266: Coming Storm

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After Yi Yun lopped off Feng Yunyang’s arm, his situation in Myriad God Ridge instantly became delicate. Many people began to fear even walking by Sunken Moon Tower. It was a place they wouldn’t dare disturb. Against Yi Yun, many people only had bad endings.

However, with the passage of time, what people originally thought would happen did not happen. Yi Yun was not taken in by the Patriarch as a personal disciple. Instead, Yi Yun was forbidden from entering and exiting his tower. There were dedicated law enforcement teams that monitored him, limiting his freedom.

This decision baffled many people. What was the Patriarch doing? He did not punish Yi Yun nor did he promote him to be his last disciple. Instead, he grounded Yi Yun.

Feng Yunyang, meanwhile, who everyone thought was completely defeated by Yi Yun to the point of having his confidence destroyed, had his broken arm fixed after the Myriad God Ridge Sect Master spent large amounts of natural treasures. He was recuperating in bed.

Eventually, Feng Yunyang was mostly recovered after two months. He was still the Patriarch's disciple, with no change in his status.

As for Yi Yun, he remained an ordinary personal disciple, but he was never seen by the sect master. The Myriad God Sect Master's attitude towards Yi Yun was obvious. Yi Yun had brutally beaten up Feng Yunyang and was later grounded. Not once did he meet with Yi Yun. It was as though Yi Yun was not his disciple at all.

"It looks like Yi Yun is not trusted…"

Elders discussed in private. In terms of talent, Yi Yun naturally overshadowed everyone in the Myriad God Ridge. However, he was not considered an important disciple. Instead, he was monitored. The only explanation was that Yi Yun was not trusted by the sect master and the Myriad God Patriarch.

"I wonder why Sect Master doesn't trust Yi Yun. Perhaps it has to do with his murderous rampage. Ignoring the fact he had killed Song Bowen and Zhang Wuchen, he even brutally beat Feng Yunyang. It was a figurative smack in the Patriarch's face. The Patriarch would naturally be displeased."

"There's something odd about it, though. If he's not trusted, why don’t they just expel him from the sect? Why confine Yi Yun in Sunken Moon Tower? What's going on?"

Some people had this thought but, the more they thought, the more perilous Yi Yun's situation appeared to be. Could it be that since the sect master and the patriarch did not trust him, they believed that they would offend Yi Yun if they expelled him? Offending a freak of nature would lead to negative repercussions, so they might as well ground Yi Yun forever?

No one could figure out the patriarch and sect master's thoughts so they decided to give up. However, there was one thing that was true without a doubt. There was no way Yi Yun would rise to power in the Myriad God Ridge in the near future. Those that had offended Yi Yun heaved a sigh of relief. At the very least, they would not be targeted by Yi Yun for revenge.

Time passed with things being extremely calm.

Yi Yun did not mind being confined at all. He cultivated daily and solidified his fifth-storey Dao Palace's foundations.

The Dao Palace realm needed time above all else. Many peerless geniuses would spend centuries in the Dao Palace realm, with some even deliberately repressing their cultivation level so that they had time to work on their foundations.

However, from Yi Yun's point of view, those that repressed their cultivations did so more from lack of confidence in their nomological insight. They wanted more time to make up for it. Back in the Dao Manifestation realm, Yi Yun had condensed four nine-leaf Dao fruits. In terms of laws, he had perfected them. As long as his accumulations reached a threshold, he would automatically make a breakthrough.

"Yi Yun, I've no idea what the Myriad God Patriarch is doing recently. Even I'm unable to investigate him."

One day, Old Snake suddenly appeared. It was as though he had appeared out of thin air in Yi Yun's cultivation chamber.

"What's wrong?"

"That undying old fart has put up an array formation to screen his residence district. My perception is unable to penetrate it. If I were to forcefully infiltrate it, he would definitely sense it."

Old Snake revealed a rare solemn expression. Yi Yun did not respond. Since Old Snake was at a loss for a solution, it was natural that he didn't have a solution either.

Old Snake sat on Yi Yun's stone bed and took out an alcohol gourd. As he drank, he said, "I keep having the feeling that he's planning something but I can't guess it. By grounding you, it probably means that he will target you in the near future. If you continue staying in the Myriad God Ridge, there might be danger."

Old Snake spoke honestly. He was not completely certain that he could protect Yi Yun.

Yi Yun faltered slightly. "Senior, do you think you can match the Myriad God Patriarch in a head-on fight?"

Upon hearing Yi Yun's question, Old Snake shook the alcohol in his gourd. After a long while, he said with a long sigh, "My strength isn't as you imagine. You probably think my strength is so unfathomable that I have deliberately hidden. But in fact, you are wrong. There are limitations to what I can do."

"I was once seriously injured. The power in my body has been sealed. If I want to take action, I will have to unseal my power first. The more I unseal, the stronger I become, but it will also damage my body more and more. If I unseal sixty to seventy percent of the power within me, there is no one who can match me in the Myriad God Ridge, or even the entire Calm Sea. However, the damage to my body would be extremely serious. It might even make me fall into a deep slumber. I try not to use so much of my strength or I won’t have much left of my lifespan."

After Old Snake drank a mouthful of his spirit, he wiped his mouth. He had experienced a long life and been through things that no one knew. He described the past casually with the words 'once seriously injured.' It left Yi Yun taken aback. Who could have severely injured Old Snake?

This was the first time he was hearing Old Snake recount his past in such a serious manner.

He never expected that the reason Old Snake was the way that he was was that he had suffered heavy injuries. But even so, by unsealing a portion of his strength, he could easily dominate the Calm Sea. What sort of figure was he at his peak?

When he recalled carefully, Yi Yun remembered that he was curious about the old fellow's cultivation level when he first met him. He suspected that he was playing the sucker and thus, used the Purple Crystal Origins's energy vision to look at Old Snake’s body.

What he found was that Old Snake's cultivation level was as bad as it could be. The only difference was that he had a gray energy blob in his body. However, Yi Yun was unable to identify what the gray energy blob was.

From the looks of it, the gray energy blob was related to what Old Snake had previously experienced.

It seemed like his injuries were the main reason that Old Snake led a hermit life.

As he had sealed his own powers, he usually appeared like an ordinary and weak old scammer. No one would take him seriously. With Old Snake having experienced the many twists and turns of life, he was no longer affected by trivial matters. This resulted in him treating life as a game. He didn't even care about the small sect he lost in the past when its territory was snatched by others.

Yi Yun asked, "Senior, if you can defeat Myriad God Patriarch in a short amount of time, and the price you pay is within bearable limits, why don't you take action now, and directly kill the Myriad God Patriarch to obtain the Ascending Dragon Cauldron?"

Old Snake shook his head and said, "Don’t forget, the Ascending Dragon Cauldron doesn't actually belong to the Myriad God Patriarch. Even if I kill the Myriad God Patriarch, I will not be able to bring the Ascending Dragon Cauldron away. Besides, that undying old fart has researched the Ascending Dragon Cauldron for a million years. He knows a lot more about it than I do. In addition, he has the entire Myriad God Ridge searching for the resources he needs. I believe that to truly awaken the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, we will probably need that undying old fart to do it."

"I came here to warn you. If you do not want to be caught in this quagmire, I can send you away now. After all, I don't know what that old fool is currently plotting."

Old Snake was sincerely advising Yi Yun.

Yi Yun fell silent for a while before shaking his head.

It would be very easy to leave but he did not wish to. He had a nagging feeling that the matter of the twelve Dao Ancestor's divine artifacts was related to the secrets of the Heaven and Earth. If he were to leave today, he would probably miss a lot of it.

"Hehe! Kid, I figured that you would refuse to leave before I even asked," Old Snake suddenly laughed out as he drank his alcohol.

"Senior, since you guessed it, why did you still ask me?"

"I'm just getting you mentally prepared. Should things go wrong, don't you go blaming me for any harm that befalls you. Don't worry. You are someone that lass Chenxue entrusted me with. Even if I have to risk unsealing fifty percent of my strength, I'll protect you well. And if everything fails, I'll make sure that your body is intact for a burial."

As Old Snake continued, he turned flippant.

Yi Yun shook his head speechlessly. However, since Old Snake said he could defeat the Myriad God Patriarch in a frontal assault, it was unlikely that any serious problems would befall them.

"Kid, this mark is for you."

As Old Snake spoke, he raised his hand and produced a mark. He sent out a stream of light that sank straight into Yi Yun's body.

"If you encounter any danger, the mark will immediately shatter, and I'll sense it. And so you know, I am constantly locking on to this Sunken Moon Tower of yours with my perception. Leaving a mark in your body is only an extra measure."

As Old Snake spoke, his figure flashed, vanishing directly from the chamber.

Yi Yun looked at the stone bed where Old Snake had vanished from. He took a deep breath. The rising wind forebodes the coming storm!

He was waiting to see what the Myriad God Patriarch would do next.