True Martial World Chapter 1267

Chapter 1267: Soul Seed
Chapter 1267: Soul Seed

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Three months later, in the 'God' room at the top floor of the Myriad God Restaurant, a table of sumptuous delicacies was laid out. The price of the table of dishes exceeded that of what Yi Yun ate back then.

Eight female attendants, dressed in revealing attire, surrounded the table, waiting on the patrons. Some were pouring alcohol, others were offering tea. A few were serving food, while the rest massaged the patrons.

Feng Yunyang was sitting among the eight female attendants while he embraced them, fully indulging himself in their services.

And sitting in front of him were other personal disciples. Although Feng Yunyang had been brutally beaten by Yi Yun to the point of losing an arm, he remained the patriarch's last disciple. As such, he was still someone that people fawned over and were obsequious to.

Feng Yunyang enjoyed days like this. He came all the way from a small sect to being the successor of a mighty power. It was an unimaginable leap in status. It gave him an immense sense of satisfaction.

"Young Sect Master, that Yi Yun has already been grounded for nearly half a year. From the looks of it, it will continue that way. This is clearly meant to be the patriarch's punishment for Yi Yun, but it's too light," Someone said.

Everyone knew that Yi Yun was a thorn in Feng Yunyang's side. If one wanted to be friendly with Feng Yunyang, speaking ill of Yi Yun was a must.

When he heard Yi Yun's name, Feng Yunyang knitted his brows together. He gnashed his teeth in anger towards Yi Yun. If not for his master paying a huge price to reattach his arm, he would have been a cripple for life.

"Hmph! Master has already been searching for a large amount of natural treasures for me. In a few months, these natural treasures will be refined into a medicinal fluid that will cleanse my body. When that time comes, I'll experience a meteoric rise in strength. That Yi Yun cleaved off my arm half a year ago but, once I attain formidable strength, I'll sever him of all of his limbs, cut off his nose and ears, and make him into a human pole!"

Feng Yunyang had downed about half a jug of Immortal Inebriation and was already somewhat tipsy. He had an unyielding and intractable personality, to begin with, so after drinking Immortal Inebriation, he no longer minced his words.

"Oh? Young Sect Master, are you implying that the list of items that the patriarch produced half a year ago has already been collected?"

Upon hearing Feng Yunyang's words, the people present could not help but recall the list that the patriarch had taken out back then. The ingredients listed sold for astronomical prices, so to find them, one needed large amounts of wealth as well as a bit of luck.

Even the Myriad God Patriarch himself would find it extremely difficult to gather these ingredients. That was why he offered enticing rewards to motivate the Myriad God Ridge's hundred plus families to use their family connections.

With so many family clans, with many of them so entrenched in the Calm Sea that they had deep roots, it made the search for items a lot more efficient.

"More than half have been gathered. There are some that still haven't been found. I believe there's no chance of finding them anytime soon, so the patriarch has already planned on beginning to refine the medicinal fluid," Feng Yunyang said smugly.

So what if Yi Yun was formidable? Wasn't he still given the cold shoulder despite his strength? Wasn't he grounded? How could he compare to Feng Yunyang? Once his body was successfully cleansed, Yi Yun's days would be over.

Feng Yunyang was determined to kill Yi Yun. He could tell that the patriarch and sect master were not fond of Yi Yun either, in fact they even seemed to detest him.

He figured that the original intention behind grounding Yi Yun was that they were afraid that Yi Yun would one day develop his strength and seek revenge on the Myriad God Ridge. As such, even if he killed Yi Yun, he would not be blamed by the patriarch and sect master. Instead, he would resolve a worry in their hearts.

Upon thinking of this, Feng Yunyang turned even more spirited.

Killing Yi Yun could banish the mental demons that plagued him and redeem his public disgrace. What awaited him in the future were limitless prospects. The world would truly be at his command, allowing him to enjoy countless beauties and a lifespan of ten million years. Wasn't this the pinnacle of one's life!?

"Young Sect Master, you truly have good fortune to be thought so highly of by the patriarch. You make us extremely envious."

The people present said such things with pangs of sour grapes. They knew that Feng Yunyang's talent was not amazing, but it was enough to beat theirs. Compared to a freak of nature like Yi Yun, he was quite inferior. He did not seem to deserve the number of resources the patriarch was spending to nurture him. This sort of favorable treatment left others exploding with jealousy!

In fact, a few months ago, there were rumors that Feng Yunyang was the patriarch's illegitimate son!

Even with the patriarch being in charge of the Myriad God Ridge for so many years, there had been no news of him having a son. In fact, he did not even have any women by his side.

People speculated that it was due to the strange cultivation techniques that the patriarch practiced in. He had transformed his body into that of a boy and could not engage in sex, making it very difficult for him to have children. And it was possible that as he neared the end of his life, he had used special methods to produce an illegitimate son, Feng Yunyang, with great difficulty. And this resulted in his favorable treatment. If not, there was no other adequate explanation.

If that was truly the case, no one could protest no matter what treatment Feng Yunyang received.

How could Feng Yunyang not know the thoughts of everyone? Their envious and jealous looks only made him smugger.

At that moment, Feng Yunyang's disciple token suddenly lit up. A voice transmission from the patriarch!

After learning the contents of the voice transmission, Feng Yunyang's expression changed. "I have something that requires my attention. I'll be leaving first. Continue eating!"

As he spoke, Feng Yunyang flashed and vanished from the Myriad God Restaurant.

Although Feng Yunyang enjoyed indulging in pleasure, he was still aware of what mattered most. The patriarch had given him everything, so whatever the patriarch instructed him to do, he had to finish it immediately.

Fifteen minutes later, Feng Yunyang had arrived at the seclusion grounds of the Myriad God Patriarch.


Feng Yunyang gave a disciple's bow. Towards the old man, Feng Yunyang showed extreme respect. But deep in his heart, he was not entirely comfortable with the fact that this person could determine his fate at any time.

"I summoned you here to plant the Soul Seed," the red-dressed boy said in his hoarse voice.

"Another planting? It's only been eighteen days."

A Soul Seed was a soul cultivation method that the Myriad God Patriarch had discovered. In the past, one planting was done every eighty-one days, followed by forty-nine days, then thirty-six. Now, it had only been eighteen days since the last planting of the Soul Seed.

As of now, Feng Yunyang had already had more than thirty Soul Seeds planted in him.

After experiencing the baptism of each Soul Seed, the strength of Feng Yunyang's soul would increase tremendously. This also gradually reduced the original doubts he had in his heart.

The planting of Soul Seeds required that Feng Yunyang not put up any resistance. It had to be completely consensual. In the beginning, Feng Yunyang had his doubts. But after thinking of his status as a junior, that there was no reason a patriarch would scheme against him, he felt at ease. Following that, the patriarch spent a large number of resources on him and had declared him as the successor to the sect master. This made him increasingly believe in the patriarch.

As the red-dressed boy formed hand seals, a gray aura shot out from his fingertip and entered Feng Yunyang's glabella.

Feng Yunyang's body trembled suddenly as his face turned slightly pale. Following that, there was a pain in his soul sea that lasted for a full fifteen minutes before gradually receding.

Every planting of the Soul Seed brought pain to his soul, and each attempt was more intense than the other. According to the patriarch, this was a natural reaction as one's cultivation in the technique grew more profound.

Although Feng Yunyang had his hesitancies, he had already been cultivating in it for so long. There was no turning back, and so he had to continue down the path.

"It's almost done," said the red-dressed boy in a slow tone. His voice sounded like an old man that was getting nearer and nearer to a coffin.

"Tomorrow will probably be the day I cleanse your body."

Upon hearing the patriarch's words, Feng Yunyang was surprised and delighted. "That fast!?"

"Yes, I have the necessary ingredients needed for cleansing your body. There's no need to carry on waiting."