True Martial World Chapter 1273

Chapter 1273: Slumber
Chapter 1273: Slumber

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The red-dressed boy's palm came bearing down, striking Yi Yun like a bolt of lightning. His soul sea was raptured by excruciating pain as his body quivered.

The red-dressed boy's strike was directed at his soul sea!

"You are only a catalyst herb. Although I do need you to be alive, there's no need for you to remain conscious. I will seal off and sever your perception! You will be thrown into an eternal slumber and be refined within the astral fire. Although I would like to see you struggle in the inferno, I do not want to risk you messing things up, for you are too impish."

The red-dressed boy had already sealed Yi Yun's Yuan Qi but that was not safe enough. Only sealing off his consciousness, thereby making Yi Yun a vegetable, would he be safest.

At the same time, the red-dressed boy took Yi Yun's interspatial ring. Even the Mirage Snow sword was taken away.

"Your weapons, treasures, and pills are too dangerous. I'll keep them safe for you. I'm very interested in what you hide within your interspatial ring. I will check it thoroughly after refining the Dragon Emperor Relic. Perhaps I'll be pleasantly delighted."

The red-dressed boy held Yi Yun's interspatial ring and slowly played with it. He casually wiped away Yi Yun's mental mark on it and put his own mental mark on the ring to seal it. At the moment, he was focused on the alchemical refinement and did not have the time or effort to spare to investigate it.

He had the interspatial ring in hand, Yi Yun lost consciousness, and his Yuan Qi had been sealed off. How was he to cause any more trouble?

"And this sword."

The red-dressed boy held Mirage Snow in his hand. It had an extraordinary background but it had already changed so much and no longer looked as impressive as it did in its heyday. As such, the Myriad God Patriarch failed to recognize it for the divine artifact that it was.

"Hehe, this frost Qi is oppressive. Just one look at it makes me feel like I'm getting cut. What a good sword!"

As the red-dressed boy spoke, he put away Mirage Snow.

At that moment, Yi Yun's soul sea was constantly being inundated by the red-dressed boy's energy. He suffered from excruciating pain but he still could sense what the red-dressed boy was doing.

His interspatial ring! And Mirage Snow as well!

An interspatial ring was a warrior's second life. Now, it had been taken away.

As for Mirage Snow, it had been entrusted to him by Huan Chenxue. It was an important weapon that was tightly bound to Huan Chenxue's fate and had extraordinary meaning behind it. Yet, it had landed in the red-dressed boy's hands!

Without weapons or treasures, the chance of him escaping from the Concealed Dragon Cauldron was even lower.

As for Old Snake…

The pocket world was separated from the Myriad God Ridge by multiple layers of space and a great distance that spanned billions of miles. Ignoring the fact that the pocket world was completely sealed shut, preventing any entry or exit, simply trying to use one's physical body to break through the layers of space to cross into an unsealed world would take several days without question.

One had to know that traversing tens of millions of miles on the flat continents of the Calm Sea would still take time.

Although Old Snake was powerful, he was still injured. Under such circumstances, searching through space in all its vastness for the sealed spatial node was like searching for a needle in a haystack. And if he failed to find the correct position, that could possibly delay him for a month. By then, Yi Yun would have been dead several hundred times over!

Yi Yun was truly reeling in despair. In that moment, he could not think of any solutions. What made things worse was that Yi Yun was feeling exhaustion creep into his soul sea. With his consciousness being sealed, he was on the verge of falling into a deep slumber.

Yi Yun tried to bite the tip of his tongue, hoping to use the pain to keep himself conscious. But he did not even have the strength to bite his tongue.

The red-dressed boy's soul was too powerful, far exceeding what Yi Yun could compare with. Just like how his strength was completely crushed, the power of his soul was equally being crushed!

Yi Yun's consciousness was already separated from his body and completely sealed up.

At the final moment, Yi Yun attempted to interface his spiritual energy with the Purple Crystal but he was beyond his soul sea. The red-dressed boy's seal had formed a metallic wall that insulated everything.

Was he really going to die here…

Yi Yun knew very well that the moment he fell into a slumber, death would be on the other side. However, he could not think of any other solution.

Over the hundred plus years he had lived, this was the greatest danger he had ever faced.

As his consciousness turned hazy and slow, Yi Yun felt as though the world was departing away from him. Nothing was left around him.

He felt his soul seem to float in an endless spatial maze, with him never to escape from it.

"It's ready."

The Myriad God Patriarch revealed a satisfied smile when he saw Yi Yun fall into a slumber.

Using living people as herbs had its tiny risks. Among these people, the Myriad God Patriarch worried the most about Yi Yun. The worry stemmed completely from his sixth sense, an intuition for danger that he could not explain.

Now, Yi Yun's perception had been completely sealed off. He didn't even possess any consciousness, and was basically in a vegetative state. What danger could he pose?

"You are Yi Yun's female partner? I'll show you mercy and let the two of you be refined together."

The red-dressed boy looked at Snake Girl. Although she was weak and therefore unlikely to pose a threat, he did not show any carelessness. Similarly, he sealed Snake Girl's body with his Yuan Qi.

Snake Girl only grunted before her body was completely restrained. She realized that she could not even move her fingers, much less speak of saving Yi Yun.

"Master… What should I do…"

In recent days, Snake Girl had roughly understood the matters regarding Old Snake. She knew that Old Snake was not as simple as he looked. But against the Myriad God Patriarch, she did not hold much hope in Old Snake.

"And all of you!"

The red-dressed boy looked at the other catalyst herbs. He flicked his fingers and sealed all of their Yuan Qi, including Feng Yunyang.

"My dear disciple, you must endure it. They can be unconscious and die before you, but you have to last for three days and three nights. The more in pain your soul is, the more your bloodline's potential will be stimulated."

The red-dressed boy guffawed. And at that moment, Feng Yunyang was completely dumbfounded from shock.

The red-dressed boy naturally ignored his fear. He beckoned his hand and threw Feng Yunyang directly into the Concealed Dragon Cauldron.

The black Concealed Dragon Cauldron seemed like the entrance to hell that devoured everything. Feng Yunyang was scared out of his wits, but this tragedy was determined the moment he became the Myriad God Patriarch's disciple!


Feng Yunyang was the first to be thrown into the Concealed Dragon Cauldron!

"It's time to begin! I have waited for this moment for too long. I will make further breakthroughs and become the ruler of the world!"

As the red-dressed boy spoke, the Dragon Milk Bone, the Nine Revolutions Azure Fruit, the Dragon Blood Fruit, the Heaven Devouring Wyrm Horn, and the rest of the treasures flew into the Concealed Dragon Cauldron.

Following that was the unconscious Yi Yun, Snake Girl, and the other six catalyst herbs. All of them flew into the Concealed Dragon Cauldron!

The refinement of the Dragon Emperor Relic was different from that of typical pills or relics. The refinement of typical pills required the alchemist to place the items one by one, extracting the medicinal essences within bit by bit.

That was because a portion of the herbs would be burnt to ash when the fire was stronger. Therefore, alchemists had no choice but to be careful.

However, the divine treasures that the Dragon Emperor Relic needed were related to the Dragon Emperor. They could withstand the burning of astral flames.

Besides, the question of whether these divine treasures could be destroyed by the flames was unimportant. What mattered was if the flames were strong enough to extract the dragon blood that they contained. Therefore, there was no order required. They could be extracted together and burned in the flames for eighty-one days, before producing the Dragon Emperor Relic!