True Martial World Chapter 1276

Chapter 1276: Storming out the Cauldron!
Chapter 1276: Storming out the Cauldron!

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Upon seeing the situation within the Concealed Dragon Cauldron, Myriad God Patriarch's heart pounded!

Where were the divine treasures!?

The cauldron was empty. Only Feng Yunyang was still there, being consumed by the flames in the middle of the cauldron, soon to be burnt to a crisp. As for the priceless divine treasures that he went to great trouble to amass, they had all vanished.

Was it Yi Yun!?

Myriad God Patriarch immediately thought of Yi Yun. However, he couldn't figure out how Yi Yun could have possibly managed to escape despite having his Yuan Qi and even soul sealed off!

"Little bastard, I'll kill you!"

Myriad God Patriarch was incensed. Although Yi Yun had escaped, there was nowhere for him to go. The patriarch was a deity in this pocket world. No one could escape from him!

Although the treasures had been taken away, they were extraordinary. They couldn’t be refined so easily. Even if Yi Yun had eaten them, it was fine. There was no way he could have digested them all. He would just have to refine Yi Yun's body instead!

And at that moment, the astral fire within the Concealed Dragon Cauldron erupted. Just like a volcano, it shot out a column of black flame that surged like a black python.

The Heretical God Fire Seed was the source of all fires. Its stirring instigated a strong reaction from the astral fire. At that moment, the cauldron almost blew up!

For alchemists, blowing up a cauldron was not a terribly rare occurrence. It occasionally happened.

One had to know that the energy within a cauldron would be extremely tempestuous. Any tiny deviation would cause the energy to undergo a chain reaction.

Furthermore, Ling Xie'er was taking action, and she was doing her best to imbue chaos into the flames within the Concealed Dragon Cauldron.

The entire cauldron's astral fire was provided by the gathering of the nine fire dragon rifts. So just like how a large amount of snow accumulated on a mountaintop can become an avalanche with a gentle kick, so too could the astral fire easily become dangerous.

Causing an avalanche was easy but preventing one was hard!

The extremely powerful Myriad God Patriarch was only an array formation grandmaster. When it came to alchemy, he wasn’t quite as genius.


Outside the Concealed Dragon Cauldron, many Myriad God Ridge Elders were mentally connected to the Concealed Dragon Cauldron. The rousing of the cauldron immediately caused backlash on their souls. They felt great pain, and some of the personal disciples with weaker cultivation levels spewed large mouthfuls of blood. They had suffered internal injuries due to the sudden changes the Concealed Dragon Cauldron was undergoing.

And at that moment, because he was presiding over the core of the grand array, and because of the momentary shock he received from the disappearance of the divine treasures, the Myriad God Patriarch suffered backlash on his soul.

"Little bastard, you are courting death!"

Myriad God Patriarch bellowed as he flew up. Instantly, he produced hundreds of hand seals that rapidly flew into the Concealed Dragon Cauldron, stabilizing the erupting energies!

Myriad God Patriarch's cultivation level was profound, after all. Despite facing such a chaotic scenario, he was still able to forcibly withstand the energetic backlash and stem the raging tide!

However, at that instant, the Concealed Dragon Cauldron produced a loud boom!

A tiny pagoda was rapidly expanding!

It went from the size of a palm to a towering divine column in a blink of an eye!


The rapidly expanding God Advent Tower struck the Concealed Dragon Cauldron's lid with immense force!

The Concealed Dragon Cauldron's interior turned into a violent blob of energy that was on the verge of exploding. Upon receiving the slam from the God Advent Tower, its entire body trembled suddenly as the lid tipped open slightly!

Hu! Hu! Hu!

The fiery astral flames seeped out from the crack, like columns of fire that reached towards the sky for tens of thousands of feet!

Now was the time!

With reddened eyes, Yi Yun, accompanied by Ling Xie'er and Snake Girl, hid inside the God Advent Tower. The God Advent Tower was an abode-type treasure that had the ability to tunnel through the void. When it struck the Concealed Dragon Cauldron with all its might, it left a tiny space behind. That was all the God Advent Tower needed.

In that split second, the God Advent Tower transformed into a stream of light and rushed out through the crack amid the flames!

And at the same time, Yi Yun flew out of the God Advent Tower. His entire body was enveloped in black Heretic God flames, giving him the appearance of a celestial!

"Little bastard! You actually dared to come out!"

Myriad God Patriarch roared. At that moment, he could clearly see that Yi Yun had recovered to his peak condition. Furthermore, Yi Yun was spitting a large mouthful of blood essence while rushing at him.

Burning his blood essence!?

Myriad God Patriarch gave a sinister scoff. He did not know how Yi Yun had managed to break through the soul and Yuan Qi double seals, but he knew that even if Yi Yun burned his blood essence, and even if Yi Yun's strength increased tenfold, he was still not his match!

"Little bastard, I'll tear you to pieces, burn you for eighty-one days, and extract all the divine treasures you have eaten again!"

The Myriad God Patriarch roared loudly. At that moment, he was using all his strength to stabilize the Concealed Dragon Cauldron that was about to explode. But even so, he could split off a tenth of his strength and still have enough to pulverize Yi Yun. But at that moment, Yi Yun suddenly changed directions and plummeted downwards!

His body was like a black meteor that rapidly shuttled through space to the point where the nine fiery dragons gathered!

And beneath the Concealed Dragon Cauldron was the Ascending Dragon Cauldron!

Yi Yun had forced out a mouthful of blood essence that contained all the quintessential aspects of his bloodline. The Myriad God Patriarch believed that Yi Yun was going to burn his blood essence to fight, but the blood essence did not really burn at all. It had been spat at the Ascending Dragon Cauldron!

Back at the Myriad God Ridge's recruitment test, Yi Yun had used an ordinary drop of blood to stir the Ascending Dragon Cauldron's dragon soul!

And now, it was a large mouthful of blood essence that contained the powers of the Purple Crystal. It thoroughly smeared the Ascending Dragon Cauldron!

Not only that, Yi Yun had even just eaten a Dragon Blood Fruit.

The strongest remnants of the Dragon Blood Fruit's dragon blood were also contained within Yi Yun's mouthful of blood essence!

Yi Yun placed all his hopes on the power of the Purple Crystal Dao Ancestor, as well as the Dragon Blood Fruit. He had entrusted everything to that mouthful of blood essence.


Myriad God Patriarch was alarmed. He had planned on vanquishing Yi Yun in a single strike but he never expected the sudden change of circumstances.

This punk wants to awaken the Ascending Dragon Cauldron? He must be dreaming!

Myriad God Patriarch could tell at a glance what Yi Yun was planning. Ignoring Yi Yun, even a mouthful of Feng Yunyang's blood essence would not be able to truly awaken the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. At best, it would pull out a few treasures from the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

In order to awaken the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, one needed Feng Yunyang's blood, supplemented by all those precious divine items, so that a Dragon Emperor Relic could be refined. Only then would success be possible.

Even if Yi Yun could summon the 'Dragon Emperor Technique' out, so what!? Wouldn't it end up in his possession?

Just as the Myriad God Patriarch was pondering over the matter—


A might dragon's roar suddenly sounded as the Ascending Dragon Cauldron began to vibrate vigorously!


The land quaked as cracks began to appear. The Ascending Dragon Cauldron expanded incessantly as the runes engraved on it began lighting up. The black dragon seemed to come completely alive.

Wu Wu Wu Wu!

The pocket world's Heaven Earth Yuan Qi surged in from all directions to concentrate on it. Lightning flashed as storms began to stir. The black dragon was swirling in the air!

As for Yi Yun, it seemed as though the black dragon was encircling him!

Heretical God Fire Seed!

Black Dragon Lightning!

The lightning and fire mingled with one another with Yi Yun floating in its core like a celestial!

At that moment, Yi Yun deeply sensed that, due to his mouthful of blood essence, he had established an intricate bloodline connection with the Ascending Dragon Cauldron!

Open! Ascending Dragon Cauldron!

Yi Yun collected his thoughts and produced such a bellow.

The Ascending Dragon Cauldron jolted suddenly as it gradually flew up from the ground. The space within the cauldron that had been sealed opened a tiny outlet!

Yi Yun's eyes flashed.


Yi Yun, together with the God Advent Tower, followed the space trajectory that opened and flew into the Ascending Dragon Cauldron!


In just a split second, Yi Yun and the God Advent Tower were completely hidden within the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

Yi Yun naturally wanted to kill the Myriad God Patriarch but with his present strength, even if he had obtained the recognition of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron and was able to use a portion of its strength, he did not believe that it was possible for him to kill the patriarch.

After all, no matter how powerful the Ascending Dragon Cauldron was, it was only an artifact. An artifact's strength was greatly determined by its wielder.

The black dragon continued swirling in the sky. When the patriarch saw this, his aged but adolescent face flushed red with lividity.


Myriad God Patriarch yelled in his heart. Yi Yun had managed to enter the Ascending Dragon Cauldron? He was acutely aware of what that meant.

He had researched the Ascending Dragon Cauldron for millions of years but had never seen its interior. As for Yi Yun, he had gained entry just like that. That had to mean that Yi Yun obtained the Ascending Dragon Cauldron's recognition!

How was it possible? How did he gain the approval of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron?

The Myriad God Patriarch was completely confounded. He could not accept this outcome. He had expended so much effort, spent millions of years on the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. Yet, Yi Yun had taken one giant step ahead of him. Not only did Yi Yun attain the Ascending Dragon Cauldron's recognition, he had also brought all the divine treasures he stole into the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.


Myriad God Patriarch let out an angry roar of despair. His tiny body seemed to possess the power of a god.

Simultaneously, the core of the grand array that Myriad God Patriarch had set up lost his support. The astral fire that was being carefully concentrated from the nine fiery rifts became unbridled and began to erupt completely!


The terrifying astral fire enveloped the vicinity!

The Myriad God Ridge disciples were scattered in all directions by the terrifying energy blast!

"Ah, ah, ah!"

Screams sounded as their bodies flew into the sky while they spewed large mouthfuls of blood. Some even had their meridians shattered, with others’ dantians getting seriously cracked.

The heavily injured were everywhere!


A person came crashing down heavily from a high altitude. His face was already unrecognizable, with blood flowing from all his orifices. All his meridians and bones were broken and his legs were gone. His organs had been ground to a paste.

This person was Feng Yunyang.

The purest Dragon Emperor bloodline was impressive after all. The moment the cauldron exploded, Feng Yunyang’s body spewed out layers of blood mist, blocking a large portion of the astral fire's blast. It gave Feng Yunyang a chance for a final breath, but of course, that breath did not last long.

In his present state, even a god could not save him.

"It's Feng Yunyang…"

Some people managed to recognize Feng Yunyang from his ragged clothes.

Despite once being the final disciple of the patriarch and the successor to the Myriad God Ridge Sect Master, he ended up in such a terrible state.