True Martial World Chapter 1279

Chapter 1279: Dragon Emperor Technique (Part 2/2)
Chapter 1279: Dragon Emperor Technique (Part 2/2)

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The words appeared as small as sesame seeds but when Yi Yun immersed his soul perception into the engraving, he felt as though he was standing in a vast empty world. The tiny text transformed into massive bodies of text, with every stroke reminiscent of a billowing dragon that contained a boundless aura. The text seemed to be formed naturally from the world's derived creation.

Yi Yun could not help but touch the text again. When his fingers made contact with the text, Yi Yun felt an overwhelming might. It resembled the Chaos aura that flowed at the beginning of the universe when it was still in its primordial state.

"The content of these words…" Yi Yun read carefully and discovered that it was a cultivation technique. "Could this be the Dragon Emperor Technique?"

Yi Yun continued reading it, and confirmed that the text comprised of the nine golden dragon scales was the 'Dragon Emperor Technique!'

The Ascending Dragon Cauldron did have the 'Dragon Emperor Technique' within it, but it was not a book or remnant pages as Old Snake imagined. It was paragon mantras that were engraved into the Ascending Dragon Cauldron's interior.

These mantras, as well as the nine five-clawed golden dragons, were parts of the Dragon Emperor Technique.

The golden dragon carvings contained the nomological charms of the 'Dragon Emperor Technique.'

"I have finally found it."

Yi Yun was pleasantly surprised, but then he had a thought that made him sigh. The 'Dragon Emperor Technique' had been engraved in the Ascending Dragon Cauldron's interior, so even descendants of the dragon race with an extremely pure bloodline would not have been able to pull the 'Dragon Emperor Technique' out. The only way was for one to establish a mental connection with the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, allowing them to truly enter the Ascending Dragon Cauldron's interior.

After finding the 'Dragon Emperor Technique,' Yi Yun was in no hurry. Despite suddenly finding this supreme cultivation technique, he was not anxious.

He had just experienced a perilous encounter and was still reeling from an upheaval of emotions. Such a state of mind was not suitable for reading the 'Dragon Emperor Technique.'

When important figures conducted matters of great importance, they had a ritual—burning of incense, bathing, eating vegetarian, making offerings. These were not just superstition. These actions could allow them to empty their minds, paving the way for the most effective outcomes in whatever they did.

Yi Yun sat cross-legged in the Ascending Dragon Cauldron and closed his eyes to focus before he began meditating.

On one hand, he was still digesting the vital essence within the Dragon Blood Fruit, and on the other hand, he calmed his mind, allowing his concentration to reach an optimal state.

This continued for two hours before he came out from his meditation. He opened his eyes, and they appeared like a deep body of water that flickered with a light that struck the minds and hearts of people.

Now that he was prepared, Yi Yun began to seriously read the 'Dragon Emperor Technique.'

The first volume of the 'Dragon Emperor Technique' was also the first figure. Yi Yun spent an hour just reading it.

If Yi Yun read a book with his perception, he could finish that book in an instant. However, each text in the 'Dragon Emperor Technique' contained conceptual truths that he needed to read carefully and ponder over the meaning within.

After he finished reading the first volume of the 'Dragon Emperor Technique,' Yi Yun was somewhat astonished. He never expected the 'Dragon Emperor Technique' to be like this. It was completely different from any cultivation technique he had ever encountered.

Typical cultivation techniques would introduce the laws and the energy flow trajectories in the body. If not that, then they would be sword arts or saber techniques.

As for the 'Dragon Emperor Technique', it explained how one could develop one's vital potential.

According to the 'Dragon Emperor Technique,' when its technique was cultivated to the limit, pushing one's vital potential to the extreme, one's body could produce a dragon.

It made a warrior's life force match that of a True Dragon!

The first volume that Yi Yun had finished reading allowed one to adjust one's vital potential at any time after mastering it. It allowed his combat strength to increase severalfold, providing an effect similar to the burning of blood essence.

However, the burning of blood essence posed a huge danger. The amount of blood essence decreased with every burning. To recover lost blood essence was just too difficult.

As for the 'Dragon Emperor Technique,' it did not have such a negative effect. By stimulating one's vital potential with the 'Dragon Emperor Technique,' one could use it at any time. At most, it expended Yuan Qi at a greater rate. As such, the only thing one needed to do was rest to replenish themselves.

Of course, reaching that stage was not easy. One had to cultivate a powerful body first.

In one of the sections of the 'Dragon Emperor Technique,' it described how one could cultivate one's body.

After Yi Yun read it, he found that the technique even mentioned the 'Dragon Emperor Relic' that the Myriad God Patriarch wanted so desperately to refine.

In fact, the Dragon Emperor Relic was the first divine medicine that was recorded in the 'Dragon Emperor Technique.' Furthermore, the information it had was a lot more detailed than the Myriad God Patriarch's refinement recipe.

"So that's what it is. Who knows how Myriad God Patriarch obtained the Dragon Emperor Relic's recipe? And to think that the Dragon Emperor Relic actually originates from the 'Dragon Emperor Technique.' If the Myriad God Patriarch refines the Dragon Emperor Relic and consumes it, it would be equivalent to him reaching a rudimentary stage of the 'Dragon Emperor Technique.'

Just the rudimentary stage of the 'Dragon Emperor Technique' would increase the Myriad God Patriarch's strength greatly. Furthermore, he will have a chance of opening the Ascending Dragon Cauldron," Yi Yun muttered to himself.

Just the body-tempering divine relic recorded in the 'Dragon Emperor Technique' would produce such miraculous effects. If one were to truly finish cultivating the 'Dragon Emperor Technique,' it was unknown to what level his strength would increase.

However, cultivating in the 'Dragon Emperor Technique' required an astronomical amount of resources. The medicinal pills recorded in the 'Dragon Emperor Technique' were all divine medicine. This information left Yi Yun troubled.

In fact, the cultivation of the 'Dragon Emperor Technique' did not need that many resources. The reason was that the true 'Dragon Emperor Technique' was meant for people with pure Dragon Emperor bloodlines. As for Yi Yun, he only had a mortal body. For him, the process of cultivating in the 'Dragon Emperor Technique' would be one of completely reconstructing his body.

As Yi Yun was thinking over the matter, the Ascending Dragon Cauldron began to vibrate suddenly.


Yi Yun had a thought as he released his perception and looked out of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

The Ascending Dragon Cauldron's interior formed a sealed space that prevented others from probing the interior. However, Yi Yun was linked to the Ascending Dragon Cauldron by blood, allowing him to observe the ongoings of the world outside.

When he took a look, Yi Yun discovered that the Myriad God Patriarch had surrounded the Ascending Dragon Cauldron with layers of array formations.

A supermassive array had been set up, with the Ascending Dragon Cauldron trapped at its heart.

Dozens of array flags were embedded around the massive array. In addition, the Myriad God Ridge's Elders and disciples surrounded the Ascending Dragon Cauldron in rank formation.

"Yi Yun!?"

Myriad God Patriarch had extremely sharp senses. Despite Yi Yun observing him from within the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, he was still able to detect it.

"Little bastard, don't let me catch you, or I'll use the most vicious and painful means to torture you. I'll make you wish you were dead!" Myriad God Patriarch said angrily. He had never suffered so badly his entire life, yet today he had been conned and humiliated by Yi Yun, a junior.

"Old bastard, don't just keep up the empty talk. I'm right here waiting. Come get me."

Yi Yun deliberately mocked him from inside the cauldron. He was not afraid of infuriating the Myriad God Patriarch anymore. Since he had already handed him the worst possible offense, with them reaching an irreconcilable point, he might as well make snide remarks to entertain himself.

Upon hearing Yi Yun's words, the Myriad God Patriarch blew his top. "Continue with your sharp tongue. The more you enjoy yourself now, the worse you will die later."

"Old bastard, what you said really makes me a little afraid… Speaking of which, that Dragon Blood Fruit I ate just now was really not bad. It's juicy, and it melted upon reaching my mouth. It was so sweet and fragrant. Old bastard, where did you pluck the fruit from? Tell me, pretty please? I would like to visit it and try my luck. I think I need to get a few more. That Dragon Blood Fruit just now was too small. I didn't fully enjoy myself."

Yi Yun's words were meant to repulse as much as possible. Myriad God Patriarch's expression was so ugly it was like he had eaten a kilogram of dead flies. He was so angry that he felt like blowing a gasket.

That was a Dragon Blood Fruit! Over the past million years, he was unseen or unheard off in the Myriad God Ridge. Not only did the Myriad God Ridge disciples never see him, they had not even heard tales about him. Why? It was because he needed to travel the world in search of divine treasures! He was constantly away from the sect seeking these impossible-to-find items.

He had spent an immense amount of effort to gather the three main ingredients—the Nine Revolutions Azure Fruit, the Dragon Blood Fruit, the Dragon Bone Milk. Now, the Dragon Blood Fruit that he paid a huge price for was eaten by Yi Yun as though it as an ordinary piece of fruit!