True Martial World Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Heaven has eyes
Chapter 128: Heaven has eyes

The man in charge of leading the Jin Long Wei was named Sun Jingrui. He too was a Jin Long Wei elite. He was a stout twenty-three-year-old man. He looked extremely powerful.

The near-horned beast he was sitting on was also very powerful. When his two-storey behemoth moved into the crowd, the people subconsciously stepped back. This behemoth gave off an immense oppressive feeling.

“Little old me welcomes Lord Ambassador. Lord Ambassador must have had a tough journey.” The Lian tribal clan’s Patriarch and several tribal elders, including Zhang Dali, and the rest of the members of the warrior preparation camp hurried out of the crowd to greet him.

Sun Jingrui gave the Patriarch a friendly and pleasant look.

On the way, Yi Yun ha not told him his relations with the Lian tribal clan’s ruling class. Sun Jingrui only knew he had a feud with Lian Chengyu, but did not know that the people bowing before him were Lian Chengyu’s supporters and henchmen, or he would never have treated them as such.

After the Patriarch bowed, he lifted his head and looked at the backs of the five behemoths behind Sun Jingrui. He expected to see Lian Chengyu.

As one of the members of the Jin Long Wei, Yi Yun’s near-horned beast was fourth in line. Because the near-horned beasts were big in size, he was a distance away from the Patriarch,

Although he was a distance away, he should have easily been seen.

But today, Yi Yun was wearing a flying fish robe with a Yanchi saber by his waist. He looked handsome and divine. After changing into this outfit, even Zhang Tan who knew the person in front of him was Yi Yun was stunned before recognizing him.

The clothes make the man, so with a different outfit, his disposition looked completely different.

Naturally, the Patriarch did not recognize Yi Yun. It should be said that this youth in luxurious clothing riding on a behemoth was too different from that poor Yi Yun. So he never associated him with Yi Yun.

The old Patriarch just took a glance at Yi Yun. For an extraordinary youth like Yi Yun, he could only sigh. He felt that there were promising men in the Jin Long Wei. This person was young and capable, making him full of jealousy and envy!

Following that, his gaze concentrated on a few of the large baskets the near-horned beasts were carrying. From his experience, the contestants from the Lian tribal clan did not have the qualifications to ride the near-horned beast, so they would sit in the baskets. Watching from below, he could not see what was in the baskets from his angle.

As for the the warrior preparation camp members in the basket, they looked back at each other, unsure of what to do.

Lian Chengyu had turned into such a state, and they had been eliminated in the first round. They had returned in utter defeat, so they were too humiliated to show their faces to the village.

If they had banked on Yi Yun’s success, they could impress by being Yi Yun’s henchmen. But Yi Yun did not even want to see them, causing their current situation to be extremely awkward.

The Patriarch may not recognize Yi Yun, but there were some who saw him, such as Zhou Xiaoke!

Because Zhou Xiaoke had been searching for Yi Yun, even though he was relatively far away, she had still noticed him.

Seeing Yi Yun dressed in a flying fish robe, her tiny mouth opened up the size of a quail egg. That… Could that be… Brother Yi Yun!?

Zhou Xiaoke grabbed Aunt Wang’s hand and did not dare to believe it.

At this time, Sun Jingrui waved his hand, and released two large baskets carried by the near-horned beast. The basket landed heavily giving a dull thud.

Bags of grain and meat wrapped in oilskin rolled out from the baskets.

The Patriarch was stunned seeing all the food!

The surrounding Lian tribal clan people stared at it.

They were completely shocked.

Grain! Meat!

Heavens! Was this a dream?

These people had been starving for days and did not know when they would starve to death. For them to suddenly see food, including meat, it was a great temptation. It was a critical hit!

Starving people could do anything just for a morsel of food.

The Patriarch shaked from excitement, “Lord… Lord Ambassador, this food, is… is it for us?”

Sun Jingrui said, “That’s right, this is for the people of the Lian tribe. The Lian tribe has made a contribution to the Kingdom by nurturing a genius. He was not only conferred the title of Kingdom Knight, he could even amount to much in the future, and becoming a human lord, one of the high nobles! This can be considered the luck of the Lian tribe! For your meritorious service and also because the Lord Thousand Households heard that the tribe was starving, he has rewarded food for all of you!”

When Sun Jingrui said those words, especially when he mentioned “conferred the title of Kingdom Knight”, the Patriarch was shocked and trembled with excitement. He was close to tears.

Conferred the title of Kingdom Knight… I must have heard wrong!

The Patriarch really wanted to shout out loud.

“Chengyu…. has been made a Kingdom Knight!!”

The tribal elders who were behind him seemed to turn forty years younger from the excitement. It seemed like they had returned back to the night they had consummated their marriage on their wedding day.

Kingdom Knight was a noble!

Although they were from the vast wilderness, they knew what it meant to be a noble. And the Jin Long Wei ambassador had already said that, not only had Lian Chengyu been conferred the title of Kingdom Knight, he would even become a human lord! Only the noble ranks of dukes or princes could be considered a human lord!

Heaven sure has eyes!

The people were extremely excited. They all knew that Lian Chengyu, as a Kingdom Knight, he would be given some territory. As such, they could enter the cities to lead a good life.

Originally, it was said that being conferred a Kingdom Knight was difficult. They would have to continue leading their tough lives in the vast wilderness. But they did not expect that Lian Chengyu had immediately jumped to the rank of Kingdom Knight!

“Young master Lian is too great!”

“That’s for sure. Don’t you know what kind of person our Young master was? When Young master was born, the entire sky was lit red, an extraordinary phenomenon! Young master Lian is a star that descended, destined to riches in the future!” A Lian woman said while smacking her lips. She and Lian Chengyu had a bit of affinity, so she was naturally happy.

“Not only riches, did you not hear the Lord Ambassador? Young master Lian will be made a high noble! Young master Lian became a Purple Blood warrior at seventeen years of age, one cannot fathom what realm he will reach in the future!”

“The Lian family is going to be so rich! Last night I dreamed that their floor was filled with golden rice. This morning when I woke up, I saw a nest full of magpies. They flew to the Lian’s courtyard door and kept chirping. I say, it must have been a celebratory event! This is a great event that honors the ancestors. We too have benefited from association!”

Again, some women began chattering. Lian Chengyu’s becoming of a Kingdom Knight made many girls hopeful. If they could be made a maid in the Kingdom Knight’s territory, it was much better than starving in the vast wilderness.

Sun Jingrui who was sitting on the near-horned beast became dumbfounded upon hearing the people’s chatter. He had never expected such a reaction from the Lian tribal clan’s Patriarch and people.

He stroked his chin and glanced backwards at Yi Yun.

Sun Jingrui had originally thought that with Yi Yun in his flying fish robe and with a Yanchi saber, riding on a near-horned beast, wasn’t it clear who had become a Kingdom Knight?

Now, Sun Jingrui finally understood; all these people did not recognize Yi Yun!

Sun Jingrui suddenly wanted to laugh. This kid Yi Yun had a total lack of standing in the Lian tribal clan.

“Your standing sure is miserable,” read Sun Jingrui’s expression.

Yi Yun could read Sun Jingrui’s mind, and gave him a helpless look.

The people and Patriarch of the Lian tribal clan could not be blamed. There were ten people from the Lian tribal clan who went to contest in the Kingdom’s selection; but in their hearts, there was only Lian Chengyu. The others were there to fill the number.

They had never entertained the thought that any member of the warrior preparation camp or Yi Yun could have passed the Kingdom’s selection.

So when Sun Jingrui mentioned the conferment of a Kingdom Knight, all of them thought of Lian Chengyu, because there was only Lian Chengyu!

In the hearts of the people, Lian Chengyu was also a Purple Blood warrior! How could anyone else compete with him?

Besides, they did not know that the flying fish robe and the unicorn belt Yi Yun was wearing were symbols of a Kingdom Knight. With their knowledge, they only thought Yi Yun was a Jin Long Wei warrior like Sun Jingrui.

With those preconceived thoughts, it naturally led to this misunderstanding.

“Lord Ambassador, Lian Chengyu is my paternal grandson, uh… did he come back with you?” At this moment, the Patriarch’s face was flushed with excitement, as if he had drank a jar of wine.

Sun Jingrui looked oddly at the old man and nodded, “He’s back…”

“Ah? Then where is he?” The Patriarch found it odd; since Lian Chengyu was back, where was he?

“So you want to see him…” Sun Jingrui sympathetically looked at the old man.

“Of course…” The Patriarch felt something amiss. But soon, he quickly thought of a reason to explain the situation. He said, “Lord Ambassador, is Chengyu still doing isolated training? It must be, as a Kingdom Knight, obtaining the kingdom’s salary, resources, he has to work hard for the kingdom. If he did not cultivate well, then he will fail to live up to the expectations of the lords, sullying the name of a Kingdom Knight. Cultivation is what matters, I’m not in a hurry. I’ll wait for Chengyu to finish his cultivation.”

With Lian Chengyu working hard, the surrounding people were amazed. No wonder Young master Lian had such great achievements, He was gifted with talent and was hard working. Even while traveling, he was still isolating himself for training. He’s too powerful.

Sun Jingrui shook his head, “He isn’t isolated. I say…those guys hiding in the basket, aren’t you going to carry him out? What are you doing?”

Sun Jingrui shouted to the men hiding in the basket.

An ugly woman could not avoid her husband’s parents.

Lian tribal clan’s warrior preparation camp members have no choice but to stick their heads out. They also carried out Lian Chengyu who had been being jolted around all journey to the point of foaming.

The people of the Lian tribal clan were curious as to why the warrior preparation camp members carried out a half-dead person. Hanging by the basket, that person’s eyes were dull, and he was foaming in his mouth. His body was limp, and he looked like a dead dog hanging out on the market for sale.

And his looks, why… why… did it look like… Lian Chengyu?

All the people of the Lian tribal clan were dumbfounded!

The numerous tribal elders were utterly stunned.

There was total silence!

After a moment of silence, a trembling and uncertain voice sounded out, “He… He is Young master Lian?”

“Impossible! How could Young master Lian become like this!” Someone said disbelievingly.

Even the Patriarch as Lian Chengyu’s grandfather could not recognize Lian Chengyu in his current state.

“Chengyu! Chengyu!” The Patriarch panicked. He could tell that it was no ordinary injury. Even Lian Chengyu’s mind wasn’t normal!

“Chengyu, what happened to you?” The Patriarch’s voice began to shake. “Chengyu, I thought you were conferred the title of Kingdom Knight? Say something!”

“Patriarch… Lian Chengyu wasn’t conferred the title of Kingdom Knight…” A man from the warrior preparation camp carrying Lian Chengyu said reluctantly, “Lian Chengyu was crippled by someone. His meridians have been severed, all his martial arts have been destroyed. He has already lost the eligibility to be a Jin Long Wei.”

“What!?” The Patriarch’s head buzzed. He nearly collapsed! “Liu Tie, what nonsense are you saying!? Lord Ambassador just said Chengyu was conferred the title of Kingdom Knight!”

Being questioned by the Patriarch, Liu Tie was no longer polite. He threw Lian Chengyu down and said, “Lian Chengyu has been crippled! Patriarch, accept the fact… As for the Kingdom Knight, he’s right in front of you. You just can’t recognize him!”

Liu Tie said as his eyes motioned to Yi Yun.

Only then did the people’s attention transfer to Yi Yun.

At first glance, he looked familiar. On a closer look, they were completely stunned.

There was total silence once again. After a while, someone said uncertainly, “Yi Yun! It’s Yi Yun!?”

“The Kingdom Knight mentioned by the Lord Ambassador is Yi Yun? How could it be?”

The people were horrified. The Lian woman who had said Lian Chengyu was a star from the heavens had received a big shock. With a shake of her head, she said incoherently, “Impossible! Impossible! He’s just a useless villager! How could he be conferred the title of Kingdom Knight? Impossible!”

When those words were said, Sun Jingrui frowned. But before he could say anything, Liu Tie had jumped out of the basket on the near-horned beast.

“F*cking hell, who did you say was a useless villager!?” Liu Tie landed on the ground and in three steps faced the Lian woman and slapped her!


With a sharp snap, the woman screamed in pain and fell to the ground.

“You dare to insult Young master Yi? You must be tired of living!” Liu Tie said. Taking a step forward, he stepped on the woman’s fat face. Another series of screams rang. This woman’s face had been crushed to the point of being dyed red.

Everyone were shocked. Liu Tie was satisfied as he clapped his hands and looked towards Yi Yun. Immediately, he bowed with a fawning look, “Young master Yi, please dismount.”

Liu Tie was almost lying on the ground, as if he was a stepping stone for Yi Yun.

Liu Tie had understood that even if Yi Yun did not want him as a henchman, he should not be discouraged. He had to show his determination at being a henchman. He wanted to sever ties with the Lian tribal clan’s ruling class, do whatever Yi Yun wanted to do, letting Yi Yun feel pleasant. Maybe he could, one day, become Yi Yun’s henchman.

Yi Yun was speechless at Liu Tie’s actions. This was the modus operandi of the Lian tribal clan’s warrior preparation camp. They were all useless, but they were good at sucking up. They were naturals at that. The master determined the kind of slave.

Yi Yun jumped off the near-horned beast with a leap!

His body was light and landed without disturbing the dust. Only the Yanchi saber gave off a light metallic sound. This sound made the entire tribe, including the Patriarch tighten up. He unconsciously took a few steps backward.

Seeing Yi Yun up close, his aura was oppressing. He was like a sword that had been unsheathed and no one dared to look at him directly.

Heroic spirit, noble aura and his stature and strength gave an oppressive pressure. It made the tribal elder’s foreheads sweat.

Now, they had confirmation that Yi Yun had been conferred the title of Kingdom Knight! He was now a noble, and there was heaven and earth gap between them!