True Martial World Chapter 1280

Chapter 1280: Nine Cosmic Grand Astral Incinerating Array
Chapter 1280: Nine Cosmic Grand Astral Incinerating Array

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"Old bastard, are you not going to tell me? Forget it then, I wouldn't force myself on you. Hey, this Nine Revolutions Azure Fruit looks pretty good too. Let me give it a try."

Yi Yun got a kick from his taunting. If only he could infuriate the old undying fart to death.

"Keep refining! Refine him alive!" Myriad God Patriarch roared maniacally. His teeth were clenched so tightly that they nearly shattered!

At that moment, the Myriad God Ridge disciples and Elders were shuddering in fear around him. They found it hard to imagine that the mysterious and unfathomable Myriad God Patriarch would become that infuriated. Then again, it was inevitable given the situation. No matter how composed one could be, they would break down when they realized that all their painstaking efforts and final hopes for their future were being robbed by someone right in front of them. It was actually impressive that the Myriad God Patriarch did not vomit out blood in his rage.

And most critically, Yi Yun remained vibrant as he mocked the Myriad God Patriarch after he angered him. Such a situation was completely unimaginable.

In fact, whatever Yi Yun said at that moment, no matter how much it sounded like he was digging his own grave, tugged at the Myriad God Ridge disciples' nerves. They were afraid that the Myriad God Patriarch would target them when he had nowhere to vent his anger.

"Let's augment the patriarch's array formation. That little bastard, Yi Yun doesn't have a God Spirit body. We will definitely end up refining him clean!"

Cang Wu spoke up. He loathed Yi Yun, but not because he had offended the Myriad God Patriarch. He hated that Yi Yun had taken away so many great treasures. It made him extremely envious.

"Hu! Hu! Hu!"

With the array formation augmented, the astral fire ignited once again!

The Nine Dragon Encircling Pearl that formed the worldly array was activated once again.

Myriad God Patriarch knew that the Ascending Dragon Cauldron was as heavy as mountains and its walls were indestructible. It was nearly impossible to damage the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

However, that did not mean that Yi Yun was impervious while inside the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. Although he had entered the cauldron, he had not completely refined it to be his. That meant that he was not the true owner of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

Attacking the Ascending Dragon Cauldron would not hurt Yi Yun at all.

They could, however, refine the cauldron with fire.

One had to know that the Ascending Dragon Cauldron could be used as an alchemical cauldron. The bronze alchemical cauldron would naturally conduct heat, so if the astral fire continued burning, the cauldron's interior would quickly reach unimaginable temperatures.

In fact, the Myriad God Patriarch did not know how Yi Yun had escaped the Concealed Dragon Cauldron. Regardless how rich his imagination could be, he would never have thought that Yi Yun had the Purple Crystal, which could absorb any energy around him. He also couldn’t account for Ling Xie'er, who could control all sorts of fires.

Although he was clueless as to the method Yi Yun had employed to escape the Concealed Dragon Cauldron, Myriad God Patriarch had witnessed the way Yi Yun rushed out of the Concealed Dragon Cauldron. He guessed that Yi Yun probably had a tolerance for fire that far exceeded his realm.

However, Myriad God Patriarch still had one hope, and that was the Dragon Bone Milk.

The Dragon Bone Milk was poisonous. If directly consumed, even a Divine Lord would be poisoned to death, much less Yi Yun.

As for the method to rid the Dragon Bone Milk of its poisonous elements, Myriad God Patriarch was confident that only he knew it. Such a mysterious and rare divine herb was something even the old freaks in the deepest depths of the Sinkhole would not know of. How could Yi Yun know about it?

Once he drank the Dragon Bone Milk, Yi Yun would definitely die of poison. Once he died, all problems were solved. A dead person could not withstand the astral fire after all.

When the time came, he could use the Ascending Dragon Cauldron to refine Yi Yun, along with the herbs, into the Dragon Emperor Relic. Then, he would use Feng Yunyang's blood to stimulate the dragon soul within the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, causing the Dragon Emperor Relic to be thrown out. That would be the ultimate success.

That was the solution the Myriad God Patriarch put his hopes in.

In order to carry out the plan successfully, he had stored away Feng Yunyang's alive but wretched body. Feng Yunyang was in as terrible shape as could be. He could not die even if he wanted to. He could no longer hold on for his body was completely wrecked, yet he was forced to live on with a pill that forcefully stimulated his vital potential. However, the pill did not provide any pain relief, so he wallowed in despair from the pain. Days felt like years and all he wished for was a quick death, but who would bother to show him mercy?

"Little bastard, you seem to be quite resistant to fire. I would like to see how long you can last with this Nine Cosmic Grand Astral Incinerating Array set up. It has ten times the energy of the astral fire and, if eighty-one days isn't sufficient, I'll refine you for eight hundred and ten days! I refuse to believe you can last that long!"

The grand array from before was meant to refine the herbs after all. It was purposefully set at a certain intensity to maintain a stable amount of energy in the Concealed Dragon Cauldron, and also to ensure that Feng Yunyang could survive for three days and three nights. Therefore, Myriad God Patriarch did not push the strength of the array formation's fire to its limit.

But this time, the astral fire array was meant to kill.

Myriad God Patriarch's strongest fire refinement array was the Nine Cosmic Grand Astral Incinerating Array. Under its full power, the Concealed Dragon Cauldron might explode due to the unstable energies in its interior. On the other hand, the Ascending Dragon Cauldron would not explode at all. But secretly, Myriad God Patriarch wished it could explode, blasting Yi Yun to pieces.

"Old bastard, you are sure dumb. You know I'm fire resistant and yet you still continue using fire? Oh, I understand. You can't think of any other way. All you can employ is this same dumb idea. Then, keep up the good work. Make the fire a little stronger, I'll treat it as though I'm soaking in a hot spring."

Hidden in the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, the ends of his mouth curved upwards. In fact, he was afraid that the Myriad God Patriarch would think of another, deadlier way to deal with him. But the employment of the refinement array proved that the Myriad God Patriarch had no other means to deal with him being in the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

"Let's see how long you can remain stubborn."

As the Myriad God Patriarch spoke, he flicked his sleeve and threw out a large amount of Spirit Jade!

These Spirit Jade were mostly superior or supreme-grade Spirit Jade.

They were the cherished collection of the Myriad God Patriarch. The Spirit Jade that was expended when he activated the long-distance teleportation array was far from comparable to these.

Hundreds of thousands of kilograms worth of Spirit Jade flew towards the various spots on the Nine Cosmic Grand Astral Incinerating Array.

When the Spirit Jade entered the array, it experienced a burst of energy. The intensity of the astral fire immediately increased more than tenfold. As the flames billowed, the Ascending Dragon Cauldron remained motionless within the inferno. However, the black cauldron seemed to reach temperatures higher than that of the sun!

From Myriad God Patriarch's point of view, even if Yi Yun was resistant to fire, there had to be a limit. As long as he kept increasing the intensity of the fire array, it would eventually exceed Yi Yun's limits.

This method might not be the most efficient way to finish Yi Yun, but he wanted to give it a try for he had no other choice. With the Ascending Dragon Cauldron's unique characteristic of being an alchemical cauldron, fire refinement was the only way to damage a person hidden inside the cauldron.

The intense inferno continued for two hours, causing the pocket world's sky to turn red. By that point, the land beneath the Myriad God Ridge disciples had already turned to flowing lava.

And this was just the beginning. The fire refinement would continue for a very long time.

As an alchemical cauldron, the Ascending Dragon Cauldron had great conductance. All the astral fire was absorbed by it. It might appear black and calm but due to the extreme temperatures, it caused the laws of physics around it to bend.

Such temperatures could cause a burn just from looking at it!

And at that moment, the astral fire had turned into a mist inside the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. The Ascending Dragon Cauldron's quality far exceeded the Concealed Dragon Cauldron, so its ability to contain the astral fire was not something a replica like the Concealed Dragon Cauldron could match.