True Martial World Chapter 1282

Chapter 1282: I'll appreciate your act of filial piety
Chapter 1282: I'll appreciate your act of filial piety

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Yi Yun was one who never minced his words when it came to infuriating others. However, he was speaking the complete truth. The reignited Nine Cosmic Grand Astral Incinerating Array was indeed weaker. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that most of the Myriad God Ridge disciples were on the brink of a mental collapse. It was natural that the grand array was no longer as strong as it used to be.

"This little bastard is going too far!"

"Little bastard, don't be so arrogant!"

How could the Elders tolerate Yi Yun's scolding? They were always high and mighty figures but over the past few days, they had been verbally abused by Yi Yun hundreds, if not thousands, of times.

Due to their rage, the Nine Cosmic Grand Astral Incinerating Array's strength reached a new peak.

Yi Yun was finally satisfied. "That's more like it. You bunch of old slaves are like cart-hauling donkeys. You refuse to be obedient unless you are lashed by a whip."

Every sentence said by Yi Yun was enough to disgust the Elders for three days. Yet, despite being infuriated by his scoldings, they were out of options.

They only way they had to get back at him was to strengthen the Nine Cosmic Grand Astral Incinerating Array, but was that even effective?

"Enough! Stop the refinement!"

Myriad God Patriarch spoke. His expression was terrifying sullen.

"Patriarch, we have already burned him for so long. Perhaps the little bastard is bluffing, and he actually cannot last any longer. Just a few more days of refinement and he will no doubt die."

The old woman spoke. She still refused to believe that a young junior like Yi Yun could withstand the scorching flames.

"Enough!" Myriad God Patriarch said coldly. He shared the same thoughts as her originally, but now his intuition told him that Yi Yun was truly unafraid of the fire.

He was even deliberately instigating them to continue burning the cauldron. Although Myriad God Patriarch was unsure of why Yi Yun was doing that, he refused to abide by Yi Yun's wishes.

"Little bastard. Very nice of you, but don't you celebrate prematurely. The three main ingredients I found are not that easily refined. Be careful, you might explode to your death if you eat too much."

Myriad God Patriarch did not know what Yi Yun was doing in the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, so he deliberately taunted Yi Yun back.

Yi Yun laughed. "Old bastard, you still haven't ended your conniving ways. By saying that, are you trying to goad me into eating the three main ingredients? Oh… the real goal is for me to drink the Dragon Bone Milk, right?"

Yi Yun continued: "That's right. A dragon corpse that is buried in a dark netherworld would have its flesh corroded by the Yin gases, leaving behind only the bones. Over the hundreds of millions of years, the bones melt to form this milk. It's truly rare. You must have spent hundreds of thousands of years to find this tiny jar's worth. You are probably afraid that I do not know how great an item this Dragon Bone Milk is. You hope for me to drink it, right? For that, I'll appreciate your act of filial piety."

"What did you say!?"

Myriad God Patriarch felt reverberations through his heart. He was so incensed that his mouth twisted. Yi Yun had correctly described the formation process of the Dragon Bone Milk.

Yi Yun had even made a good estimate of how long it took for him to find the Dragon Bone Milk.

How!? Why was the Dragon Bone Milk something he knew as well!?

Myriad God Patriarch was baffled. Since Yi Yun knew the formation process of the Dragon Bone Milk, he definitely knew that the Dragon Bone Milk was poisonous. He naturally would not drink such a poisonous item.

"Old slave, as your young lord, I know how filial you are. You wish for me to eat this divine treasure but you are also afraid I will be poisoned. On that point, you can rest assured. I actually do know of a few ways to treat the poison in the Dragon Bone Milk. And more coincidentally, I also know a thing or two about the refinement of the Dragon Emperor Relic. So not only will I never be poisoned, I won’t waste even a minuscule amount of the Dragon Bone Milk's medicinal essence. I guarantee you I will bring it out to its fullest and make sure it serves its proper purpose. So don't be worried!"

"Now, my Dragon Emperor Relic is almost done. It's just lacking a bit of fire. Old slave, it's time to express your loyalty to its fullest. Let the burning begin!"

The kick Yi Yun got increased as he continued. However, hearing that made the Myriad God Patriarch blow his top!

Refining the Dragon Emperor Relic!?

Just lacking a bit of fire!?

It was no wonder he had a nagging feeling that Yi Yun was deliberately goading them on to activate the Nine Cosmic Grand Astral Incinerating Array. So that was the reason!

Myriad God Patriarch could no longer withstand the flames of fury burning within him. His heart was burning to the extreme. His Yuan Qi blasted out as he let out a furious bellow!


The molten ocean beneath them exploded. Myriad God Patriarch's hair was disheveled and his eyes were blood red. There was blood seeping from the corners of his mouth. He truly looked like the devil!

"Little bastard, you are my sworn enemy!"

Myriad God Patriarch's killing intent manifested into something corporeal. All the Myriad God Ridge disciples held their breaths as their hearts and minds trembled. The completely mad Myriad God Patriarch was truly terrifying.

Although Myriad God Patriarch was extremely terrifying, the Myriad God Ridge disciples felt some amount of pity for him. What sort of comportment did he have to be infuriated time and time again? Any ordinary person would have long blown a gasket and vomited blood to their deaths.

"The old bastard is raging."

Inside the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, the corners of Yi Yun's lips curved. This time, the anger he gave the Myriad God Patriarch had probably cut his life short by a hundred thousand years.

He was already nearing the latter half of his life. After missing this opportunity, he might lose his last chance to make a breakthrough.

"Since the array has stopped, we must make do. There is still some remnant astral fire left in this Ascending Dragon Cauldron. Xie'er, it should be enough for you to absorb them all and use it to complete the Dragon Emperor Relic," Yi Yun instructed.

"Alright, Brother Yi Yun!"

Xie'er agreed in a straightforward manner.

At that moment, Yi Yun ignored all distractions and focused on completing the Dragon Emperor Relic.

The 'Dragon Emperor Technique' had two unique features. First, the herbs needed for refinement were very expensive but the refining process was simple.

Second, the cultivation of the 'Dragon Emperor Technique' was very demanding but the cultivation speed was extremely fast.

Yi Yun estimated that if everything went according to plan, he would gain a rudimentary understanding of the 'Dragon Emperor Technique' in a few days time.

At that moment, the Heaven Devouring Wyrm Horn, Four-track Snake Fang, Dragonbone Whale Oil, Crimson Blood Heavenly Silkworm Silk, and Nine-winged Golden Dragon Claw were all done refining. The Dragon Blood essence within had long been extracted.

It suffused a dark golden luster. It was a blob of golden liquid that was the size of a pigeon's egg, but it was as heavy a large metallic grinder.

After this, Yi Yun extended his hand and beckoned. The Dragon Bone Milk that was floating amid the flames flew over. The reason the Dragon Bone Milk was poisonous was that it had existed for a long time in the dark netherworld. The toxins produced when the dragon corpse decomposed fused with the large amounts of Yin gases before pooling into the Dragon Bone Milk.

In order to expel the poison, one had to burn off the Yin gases. Although it sounded simple, it was quite a complicated process. It required special hand seals that could accomplish the task without damaging the medicinal properties of the Dragon Bone Milk.

Yi Yun was adept at pure Yang laws and had the aid of the Heretic God fire, so whatever he did posed no difficulty.

The Dragon Bone Milk essence was therefore easily extracted by Yi Yun.

Yi Yun carefully controlled the Dragon Bone Milk's essence and fused it into the golden liquid.

At that moment the worldly laws seemed to be drawn to the mixture, forming a dark gold vortex that gathered into the Dragon Blood essence!

Now, the pigeon-egg-sized Dragon Blood essence in Yi Yun's hand might not be comparable to the true Dragon Emperor's blood, but it was quite close.

The Dragon Emperor was one of the twelve Dao Ancestors that formed naturally from laws during the Universe's birth. It was itself a manifestation of the laws.

And this bit of Dragon Blood essence also possessed this special quality. Yi Yun could clearly sense that the drop of Dragon Blood essence was gathering the surrounding nomological powers and, if it could fuse with them, the benefits would be obvious.

In fact, at that moment, the Dragon Emperor Relic was already close to completion. The only thing left to fuse with the relic was the Nine Revolutions Azure Fruit.

The Nine Revolutions Azure Fruit's main effect was prolonging one's life. Myriad God Patriarch had sought it out to remold his aging body so that he could make another breakthrough.

Although Yi Yun did not need his lifespan extended, a guiding principle he always followed was to use resources as early as possible. Using them early allowed for an early breakthrough. It was better than lacking strength when he encountered danger. If he perished as a result of hoarding his treasures, it would be quite a shame.

The Nine Revolutions Azure Fruit's vital essence was beneficial in stimulating Yi Yun's vital potential. Yi Yun had planned on extracting the vital essence of the Nine Revolutions Azure Fruit to fuse it into the Dragon Emperor Relic.

But just as he was about to do so, he hesitated and stopped.

The Nine Revolutions Azure Fruit was still something he was in no hurry to use. The Dragon Emperor Relic had all sorts of other herbs that made it sufficient.

After putting away the Nine Revolutions Azure Fruit, Yi Yun produced hand seals with both his hands again and again. The dark golden liquid began to harden and gradually formed the Dragon Emperor Relic.

With Yi Yun's status as the divine alchemist's successor, the final relic formation happened without trouble.

An hour later, with a dazzling golden flash, all the golden liquid vanished. Replacing it was a lotus seed sized crystal that suffused golden light.

This was the final Dragon Emperor Relic.

Yi Yun grabbed the Dragon Emperor Relic.

It was finally formed.

At that moment, it had only been a few days since Yi Yun came to the pocket world.

Yi Yun decided to do everything in one go by cultivating the first volume of the 'Dragon Emperor Technique.'

Although the Dragon Emperor Relic was completed, Yi Yun at his present state was not suitable to immediately swallow the Dragon Emperor Relic. He mediated for half a day, allowing his mind to turn completely tranquil. Following that, Yi Yun did not hesitate any further and threw the Dragon Emperor Relic into his mouth.

The Dragon Emperor Relic was heavy and hot. When Yi Yun swallowed it, he felt as though he was swallowing a glowing red metal ingot.

The pain-inducing heat went from his throat to his gullet to his stomach. Finally, the Dragon Emperor Relic sank to his dantian and entered the tiny world within.

Yi Yun immediately felt a heat stream flow out of his dantian and permeate every part of his body through his meridians. It felt as though his dantian had turned into a fiery cauldron that constantly emanated terrifying heat.

At that moment, the Dragon Emperor Relic began melting and flowed as a golden liquid. Every strand of dragon blood fused into Yi Yun's flesh and meridians. The dragon blood was molten hot and wherever it flowed to, Yi Yun felt an excruciating burning pain in his skin.

Phew! Phew! Phew!

Yi Yun began to sweat as his pores enlarged, sending streams of hot air spewing out.

Soon, Yi Yun felt that his blood was close to boiling. Pain bombarded Yi Yun's body. Even though he remained mentally tenacious, his body could not help but tremble.

It was too painful. It had been a long while since Yi Yun had experienced the pain of tempering his body with divine medicine. From the moment he began practicing martial arts, his dantian had been honed and extremely powerful. His nomological insights and his Nine-treasured Dao Palace were the best in the world, but Yi Yun's body was only normal.