True Martial World Chapter 1283

Chapter 1283: Black Hole
Chapter 1283: Black Hole

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Back in the Luo clan, Yi Yun had attempted to temper his body. He had even consumed a Heaven Devouring Wyrm tailbone, but the Luo clan's body-tempering techniques were ultimately limited. Using their techniques to temper his body would require large amounts of time and effort. He decided it wasn't worth it.

However, Yi Yun now had the 'Dragon Emperor Technique.' It was completely different.

Gradually, his sweat began to mix with strands of blood. Drops of bloody sweat began evaporating on his skin, forming a blurry blood mist.

The blood mist seemed similar to, but was completely different in nature than, the blood mist that appeared over Snake Girl, Feng Yunyang, and the others back when they were being baked in the Concealed Dragon Cauldron.

The blood mist that boiled out from Yi Yun was ordinary blood. There were even impurities contained within. After being burned by the scorching dragon blood, it effused an unpleasant smell.

This was a true instance of cleansing the marrow for a blood transfusion. The dragon blood essence within the Dragon Emperor Relic was replacing Yi Yun's ordinary blood.

"This Dragon Emperor Relic is indeed impressive."

At that moment, Yi Yun felt his body itching and hurting. It felt like thousands of ants were crawling around his body, but this extreme discomfort did not reduce the joy Yi Yun was experiencing at all.

The 'Dragon Emperor Technique,' coupled with the Dragon Emperor Relic that was prepared by Myriad God Patriarch for him, caused his strength to undergo a tremendous improvement.

The Dragon Emperor Relic was too overwhelming. The pain continued for a full four hours, boiling off more than half of Yi Yun's blood.

His skin was red like a steamed crab; however, his lips were dark purple in color. It made him look sickly.

"Is he really fine?" Snake Girl asked worriedly when she saw Yi Yun's condition.

"Brother Yi Yun is fine. Our souls are connected and I can sense that his flames of vitality are surging. He's more than ten times stronger than before," Ling Xie'er said with a glint in her eyes.

Yi Yun was proficient when it came to laws, but his flames of vitality and lifeblood could be considered average. The Dragon Emperor Relic had fixed all his shortcomings in one go.

Just as Ling Xie'er's voice faded, they heard snapping and popping sounds coming from Yi Yun's body. It sounded like the rustling of frying beans. Immense amounts of energy gathered within Yi Yun's body, causing Yi Yun's cultivation level to rise dramatically!

The sixth-storey Dao Palace was broken at once!

Following that, the seventh-storey and the eighth-storey!

He jumped three subrealms in one go, and this was Yi Yun deliberately repressing his foundation. Had he not, he could have reached the ninth-storey Dao Palace at once.

The excess energy continued gathering in Yi Yun's dantian. The vital potential that just had been unlocked seemed like a divine beast that was released after being prisoned for a prolonged period of time. It moved restlessly in Yi Yun's body before roaring!


Yi Yun opened his eyes. Stars appeared to be burning in his eyes and with nowhere to vent this powerful energy, he could not help but produce a long cry.

The cry sounded like a dragon's roar that reached to the ninth heavens!

Yi Yun's lifeblood and soul was infused in the dragon's roar. It sounded like thunder that could penetrate the world and shake the cosmos!


Outside the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, the molten ocean exploded as a result of the sound. Lava spewed as dark red shockwaves radiated outwards!

"What's that sound!? It's terrifying!"

"It's completely deafening!"

The Myriad God Ridge disciples also heard the cry. The personal disciple with weaker cultivation levels immediately felt their eardrums burst, causing blood to flow out of their ears.

They were already in bad condition, to begin with. So the shockwave from the sound caused them to plummet from the sky one by one. If not for the seniors beside them grabbing them, they would have fallen into the molten ocean.

"What's going on? Has the Ascending Dragon Cauldron's dragon soul been awakened?"

People speculated, having hardly collected their scattered wits. Many people looked at Myriad God Patriarch. They saw a dark cloud over his face. The aura he exuded was so gloomy that it was terrifying.

At that moment, no one dared to hit the Myriad God Patriarch's ashen nerves. If the dragon's cry truly was an awakening of the dragon soul, that would be bad news as it was most likely a result of Yi Yun.

"What happened?" The Myriad God Sect Master asked the red-dressed boy. Although the cry was monstrous, no dragon soul phantom appeared from the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

"I do not know!" Myriad God Patriarch said in a deep voice.

Although he had found the refinement recipe to the Dragon Emperor Relic in an ancient dragon race ruin, the records were incomplete. It did not describe the after-effects of the successful refinement of the Dragon Emperor Relic or the consumption of the Dragon Emperor Relic.

"Could that little bastard really have refined the Dragon Emperor Relic? It has only been about five days. How can he be that fast!?"

If Yi Yun had really succeeded in refining the Dragon Emperor Relic, Myriad God Patriarch felt that he could slam his head into the Ascending Dragon Cauldron to kill himself. He felt like a retard. He had spent immense effort and a million years for one goal. And yet, all the benefits were taken away by a mere catalyst herb. If time could rewind, he would have diced up Yi Yun and not even bothered trying to use him as a catalyst herb.

Myriad God Patriarch had never been so enraged before. With Yi Yun's cultivation level and strength, he could squeeze him to death with one hand. Still, Yi Yun had managed to take everything he had right out from under him. And all he could do was watch helplessly with no way to stop it.

"What are we to do? This little bastard still isn't coming out," The Myriad God Ridge's old woman asked. The way things had developed far exceeded their expectations.

"There's no choice," Myriad God Patriarch sighed. His prepubescent face sported wrinkles that betrayed his age. He seemed to have instantly grown older.

This failure was a huge setback for him. It was equivalent to having his life's pillar of support destroyed.

He knew very well that if Yi Yun really did refine the Dragon Emperor Relic and consumed it, he would digest the medicinal essence within, infusing the dragon blood into his own.

When that happened, even if he captured Yi Yun and refined him as a medicine, there would be no way for him to refine a second Dragon Emperor Relic. The extent to which it could improve his body would probably be insufficient for him to reach the goal of awakening the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

"Little bastard, you destroyed all my hard work. Don't you think you’ll be living much longer! Do you think I can't do a thing to you? All I wanted was to refine you into a divine herb. But it's not difficult to completely destroy you!"

Myriad God Patriarch was feeling disheartened at that moment. All he wanted was revenge.

As he spoke, he suddenly waved his hand. The space surrounding the Ascending Dragon Cauldron began to distort, forming a spatial cage that restrained the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

"Master, what are you doing?" asked Myriad God Sect Master.

"Since the Dragon Emperor Relic cannot be refined, the Ascending Dragon Cauldron is of no value anymore. If all my hard work has been in vain, I'd rather go for broke! I'll throw the little bastard, as well as the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, into a black hole. I'll let him be completely obliterated in a black hole!"

"A Black hole?"

Myriad God Sect Master was slightly taken aback. In the universe, the chaotic collapse of space-time could form mysterious celestial bodies called black holes. They were the bottomless pits of the universe. Even light could not escape them.

Rumors said that most black holes were formed out of Chaos during the beginning of the universe. Although warriors could roam the world, their strength ultimately stemmed from their insights into the worldly laws. Warriors were not a manifestation of laws but black holes were the ultimate manifestation of the worldly laws. Even mighty figures of the Sinkhole could hardly withstand them.

At that moment, Yi Yun naturally heard Myriad God Patriarch's words from inside the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

"Black hole!? That old bastard!"

Yi Yun's heart sank. Back when he came to the 12 Empyrean Heavens from the Tian Yuan world, he had followed a path forged by his predecessors. After traveling through the spatial turbulences for a long time, Yi Yun encountered a black hole just as he was about to arrive in the 12 Empyrean Heavens.

It was because of a black hole that Yi Yun and Lin Xintong were separated from one another.

And that was with Yi Yun detecting it ahead of time. He narrowly avoided being truly sucked into the black hole; if he had passed the black hole's event horizon, he would never have escaped it.

Back then, Yi Yun had struck with all his strength, shattering the void just before he was sucked into the black hole. He entered the spatial turbulence and, after he exited it, he had arrived in the Luo clan.

Now, although Yi Yun was thousands of times stronger, once he passed the black hole's event horizon, he knew that there was no way he could exit it. With his current strength, he was far from withstanding the extreme worldly laws.

"Little bastard, you must know of the horrors of a black hole. You have destroyed a million years of my hard work. But if can finally exchange it for your horrible death, that’s the only way I can console myself."

"Weren't you being insolent a while ago? I'll let you choose now. Come out of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron and be killed by me or enter the black hole and be doomed for all eternity!"

Myriad God Patriarch roared with laughter. His laughter sounded tragic and bitter. There was no grief worse than despair, and at that moment, Myriad God Patriarch was completely reeling in despair!

Billions of miles away from the pocket world, there was a black hole. Although there was no teleportation array, Myriad God Patriarch could, through his own sheer strength, tear through the void and reach it in about two weeks.

Myriad God Patriarch felt ridden with sadness when he made the decision. It felt like he was being sliced by a knife but he had no other choice. Since it was fated not to be his, he was definitely not going to let Yi Yun get off easy.

After using a spatial cage to restrain Yi Yun, he lifted his hand to tear the space in front of him.


Under Myriad God Patriarch's hand, large swaths of space were no different from a canvas. Space was torn apart immediately.

"Hu! Hu! Hu!"

Spatial tornadoes swirled as massive amounts of spatial turbulence surged out from the spatial rift.

Myriad God Patriarch had been researching the Ascending Dragon Cauldron for years. And before Yi Yun completely refined the Ascending Dragon Cauldron for himself, he still had the capability to use spatial transference to send the Ascending Dragon Cauldron away.

At that moment, in the turbulent void outside the pocket world, a gray-colored figure was rapidly traveling through the tornadoes.

Every tornado was extremely terrifying, each with the capability to destroy a star. However, the gray figure was extremely agile. He shuttled through space like an extra-large mouse, easily dodging all the tornadoes.

He was none other than Old Snake.

His face was covered in wrinkles and his clothes were shabby. An alcohol gourd hung by his waist. His disheveled hair looked like a bird's nest and he looked as wretched as could be.