True Martial World Chapter 1286

Chapter 1286: The Tempted Cang Wu
Chapter 1286: The Tempted Cang Wu

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Myriad God Patriarch and Old Snake left, abandoning the group of people from the Myriad God Ridge. They were all dumbfounded. They could not move fast enough to chase up to the duo, so what could they do?

As for the Ascending Dragon Cauldron in front of them, they were helpless despite knowing that Yi Yun was within.


The Ascending Dragon Cauldron emitted a dull explosion as it gently trembled and flew back to the spatial node, returning to the pocket world.

Myriad God Sect Master was practically going mad from seeing the Ascending Dragon Cauldron's plodding departure.

"This little bastard, don't you let me catch you or I'll pull out each and every one of your tendons!" The old woman cursed viciously. Yi Yun was right in front of them but all they could do was watch helplessly. It was an aggravating feeling.

Yi Yun couldn't be bothered to respond. The Ascending Dragon Cauldron continued its sluggish flight before landing back in the pocket world.

The remaining Divine Lords, Myriad God Sect Master, and the old woman stared agape. They were unsure of what to do.

"Let's return first and wait for Master. Master might be able to beat that person. Furthermore, we’re in the middle of a spatial maze. And Master has sealed off the entire world. It wouldn't be easy for us to return to the Myriad God Ridge."

Myriad God Sect Master had no other solution. The ten plus Divine Lords could only follow him back into the pocket world.

They met up with Cang Wu and company.

They had already left the molten sea from before and arrived in a mountain valley. Although the heat had started to fade after the cauldron left, no one wanted to be baked by the heat waves.

Although the pocket world was mostly desolate, the mountain valley was quite a breathtaking scene.

And then—


With a huge explosion, the Ascending Dragon Cauldron landed in the mountain valley, causing the valley to shake.

Yi Yun seemed bent on repulsing them. He made it a point to land in the same mountain valley.

"That punk!"

The old woman's expression was ugly. Yi Yun was like a ghost that lingered just to haunt them. No one could do a thing because of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. He was going too far but they could not even avoid him.

"There's no need to bother with him. Let's wait for Master. If Master returns safely, this punk is definitely dead, unless…"

Myriad God Sect Master did not continue his words. The old woman's heart sank as well. The both of them were connected to the Myriad God Patriarch through a soul contract. The terms of their soul contract were absolute. If Myriad God Patriarch was killed, their souls would suffer heavy damage, to the point that it might even kill them.

As they remembered that their lives were in the balance, Myriad God Sect Master and the old woman felt great unease. Under such circumstances, they felt exceedingly frustrated seeing the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

Of course, Myriad God Sect Master and the old woman were not the only ones who were repulsed.

Cang Wu, as well as the people from the Song and Zhang family, bore a heavy hatred towards Yi Yun.

"Martial Uncle Cang Wu, does this Ascending Dragon Cauldron no longer belong to us?"

A young man walked to Cang Wu's side. He was lanky and had a pair of arched brows. He was the personal disciple from the Song family that had been recently promoted.

Previously, he had mocked Yi Yun for being a reared beast that was fodder for training but, in a blink of an eye, he had been severely injured because of the Concealed Dragon Cauldron. Even his dantian had been heavily damaged.

However, Arched Brows was the hope of the Song family's younger generation. As the only personal disciple from the Song family at present, the Song family Elders treated Arched Brows with great care and concern. Song Zhanchen had even fed him a sacred recovery medicine that had been handed down by their ancestors. It slightly restored Arched Brows's dantian and even mitigated the damage to his cultivation level, so that it did not drop that much.

After a few days of recovery, Arched Brows finally recovered a bit of his Yuan Qi. Other than having a slightly pale face, there were no symptoms of damage.

At that moment, Cang Wu was sitting near to where the Ascending Dragon Cauldron was. He was staring intently at the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

Cang Wu shook his head and said, "The little bastard has refined it as his own. Even Patriarch has decided to abandon it by throwing it into a black hole."

Arched Brows rubbed the tip of his nose and walked to the side of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. There, he undid his pants. The action took Cang Wu aback.

"What are you doing?"


As Arched Brows spoke, he revealed a wretched smile. "Isn't that little bastard hiding in the Ascending Dragon Cauldron? Even Patriarch can't do a thing to him. We naturally can't do a thing to him. Since the Ascending Dragon Cauldron has been refined for Yi Yun, and I have a sudden need to go, I'll just piss right here."

Cang Wu was taken aback for a moment. He stroked his chin. The kid was a genius.

It would absolutely disgust Yi Yun.

With his status, he was naturally not suitable for doing such acts. Letting Arched Brows do it was most appropriate.

Arched Brows' words attracted the attention of many Myriad God Ridge Elders and disciples.

Instantly, they felt like they had discovered a brand new world. Warriors were accustomed to using strength to resolve conflicts. If strength could not resolve the problem, they could only swallow the insult. They found the suggestion proposed by Arched Brows to be fresh and remarkable despite it being an act of riffraff.

Someone laughed. "Taking a piss is being too polite. You should shit on it!"

Myriad God Ridge warriors regularly ate their fair share of spirit food, so they naturally had their bodily functions.

"That's a good idea. Let me store it up. I'll fly onto the cauldron's lid and shit right on it. All of you can join me. Haha, life is good if we can use a primordial divine artifact as a shit bucket."

By suddenly attracting the attention of so many, Arched Brows felt smug. It was a flash of brilliance he had blurted out. He never expected everyone to take to his idea so eagerly.

People have a strange desire to defile the divine. Arched Brows’s plan appealed to the crowd the same way some mortals like to piss on a mountain peak after successfully scaling the mountain.

Quite a number of people expressed their interest. The Elders had their reservations but the younger disciples did not care about such things.

Arched Brows made it more serious as he continued, "In my opinion, this Yi Yun is hiding in the Ascending Dragon Cauldron and will probably never come out again. We might as well bring the Ascending Dragon Cauldron back to the Myriad God Ridge and throw it into the toilet. Isn't there a massive shit hole in the outer-sect disciple district in East Toilet? We should place the Ascending Dragon Cauldron there and let everyone shit and piss on it. We should let that little bastard have a good time soaking up the piss."

But then, something unexpected happened just as Arched Brows spoke!

Suddenly, the Ascending Dragon Cauldron shot out a plume of black flames that swept towards Arched Brows!

At the same time, the surrounding spatial dimension laws were compressed as a strong suction power emitted from the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

Arched Brow exclaimed. He lost control of his body under the mighty suction force and was swept through the ensuing storm that made him fly towards the mouth of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron!

Cang Wu, who was nearby, was quick to react when he saw Arched Brows about to be sucked into the cauldron. With a flash, he went to Arched Brows’s side and grabbed his arm!

After grabbing onto Arched Brows, Cang Wu naturally felt the suction force!

This suction force wasn't very strong. With Cang Wu's strength, he could completely defend against it. He could also forcefully escape the Ascending Dragon Cauldron's restraints with Arched Brows.

At that moment, Cang Wu had a flash of brilliance. He saw a tiny opening in the Ascending Dragon Cauldron's lid. It was open to the outside world.

As long as he was willing, he could actually enter the Ascending Dragon Cauldron!