True Martial World Chapter 1287

Chapter 1287: Yi Yun and Cang Wu
Chapter 1287: Yi Yun and Cang Wu

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Entering the Ascending Dragon Cauldron's interior!?

Cang Wu had a brilliant idea. This was the only chance he had to directly confront Yi Yun!

But Yi Yun's strength…

Cang Wu was unaware of Yi Yun's experiences in the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. He obviously knew that Yi Yun had refined the Ascending Dragon Cauldron for himself, but he was clueless as to Yi Yun's massive growth in strength.

Before Yi Yun entered the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, he was only at the fifth-storey Dao Palace. Even if he could undergo a great breakthrough in cultivation level, there was ultimately a limit. Besides, if he made too much of a breakthrough, it would result in unstable foundations. So how much could his strength increase?

"I'm a late-stage Supremacy. And my strength is heads and shoulders above people at the same realm as me! If I can kill Yi Yun, I can take everything within the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. I might even find a way to refine the Ascending Dragon Cauldron for myself. Then, everything that belongs to Yi Yun will be mine!"

This thought germinated in Cang Wu's mind in a blink of an eye, turning into an obsession!

The Myriad God Patriarch was currently being pursued by a mysterious person and the outcome was still unknown. Those that were trapped in the pocket world could only leave things up to fate. If he could hide in the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, that was the best way to ensure his own safety!

Because of the huge temptation of an opportunity for himself and the safety it would bring, Cang Wu wanted to take the risk.

However, he was somewhat hesitant. He was a suspicious person and he did not dare venture into anything hastily.

At that moment, the suction force from the Ascending Dragon Cauldron weakened rapidly. The lid was closing back on itself, sealing the cauldron shut once again!

"That punk is going to seal the cauldron!"

A lost opportunity would not present itself again! Cang Wu guessed that Yi Yun had attempted to kill Arched Brows in a moment of rage, accidentally revealing a weakness. Now that Yi Yun discovered that he had caught Arched Brows, he did want to expose himself again. He was about to seal the cauldron.

Cang Wu felt that if he missed this opportunity, he would no longer have a chance of entering the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

Riches were where danger laid, and those that wanted to live an ignoble existence would not cultivate martial arts. He needed to take the risk!

Cang Wu roared as his body transformed into a stream of light that flew straight for the Ascending Dragon Cauldron!

"Cang Wu!?"

People were shocked by this scene. They were standing a distance away and all they saw was black light streams swirling before Cang Wu flew for the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

"He's trying to enter the Ascending Dragon Cauldron!"

Only then did people realize what Cang Wu was up to.

Before anyone could say another word, Cang Wu had flown into the Ascending Dragon Cauldron at the instant the Ascending Dragon Cauldron closed.

Arched Brows, meanwhile, was also carried in unwillingly by the suction force.


The Ascending Dragon Cauldron sealed shut once again. The black flames vanished as though nothing had happened.

The people were left in a daze. A few seconds later, someone guffawed, "Hahaha! Martial Uncle Cang Wu did such an absolutely fantastic job. That little bastard Yi Yun was being a turtle that hid in his shell, but now Cang Wu has entered his turtle shell. I want to see how much more he can shrink back!"

"That little bastard is doomed. This is what they call catching a turtle in a jar!"

The Myriad God Ridge disciples present praised Cang Wu for his quick reaction. Yi Yun had wanted to kill Arched Brows, but Cang Wu instantly noticed the flaw Yi Yun had exposed. He pressed forward to smash the enemy's lair!

However, the Myriad God Sect Master and old woman frowned slightly. Cang Wu was an ambitious person. His goal in entering the Ascending Dragon Cauldron was unknown. Regardless, it was absolutely better than just Yi Yun run rampant.

At that moment, Cang Wu entered the Ascending Dragon Cauldron's interior!

The moment Cang Wu materialized, he immediately circulated his Yuan Qi to the limit in a bid to guard against any traps Yi Yun had planted in the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. However, other than an inundating heat wave, he did not notice anything else.

There wasn't a trap?

Cang Wu calmed down.

He looked at his surroundings and radiated his perception. The Ascending Dragon Cauldron's interior was much larger than he imagined. Perhaps, it could even fit a mountain inside and still have space to spare. A person in the large cauldron appeared minute.

"Martial Uncle Cang Wu, why did you come in as well…"

Arched Brows had been pulled in by the suction force and was feeling alarmed but now, having seen Cang Wu, he immediately felt relieved. Cang Wu was like a straw he could clutch in desperation.

With Cang Wu backing him, what was there for him to be afraid of?

At that moment, Cang Wu discovered Yi Yun. He was in a corner of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron's bottom. His body was covered in smoke and mist. Beside him were Snake Girl and a pagoda that was the height of a person.

"Let's go!"

Cang Wu pulled Arched Brows and tore through the smoke. In a blink of an eye, he arrived at the bottom of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.


Cang Wu landed on the heavy bronze ground. The bronze cauldron remained extremely hot due to remnants of the astral fire's heat.

Cang Wu was not worried that Yi Yun would use the flames. The Ascending Dragon Cauldron's interior was large that attempting to burn him with flames would be fruitless. He had ample space to dodge. The only way that flames could be used here was to be like Myriad God Patriarch. He had exerted external pressure that affected the interior by using a grand array to amass infinite astral fire to burn the cauldron for extended periods of time.

Upon seeing Cang Wu, Snake Girl was given a fright. She had no connection with the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, after all, and did not know what was happening outside or what Yi Yun had done. So she could not help but be alarmed when Cang Wu suddenly appeared.

"It's fine." Yi Yun pointed to the God Advent Tower. "Go inside."

At that moment, Snake Girl was not the only one alarmed. Arched Brows was taken aback when he saw Yi Yun. "Martial Uncle Cang Wu, could it be that you deliberately entered?"

Arched Brows panicked crazily when he was being sucked into the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. The world seemed to turn topsy-turvy and he couldn’t understand his situation. Upon realizing Cang Wu's goal, he was overjoyed.

"Hahaha! Martial Uncle Cang Wu, nice one there. This little bastard Yi Yun is only digging his own grave to suck you in as well. Now, I want to see how he dies!"

Arched Brows laughed out loudly. However, his voice turned softer as he laughed. He noticed that Yi Yun was looking at him as though he was looking at a retard.

"You… What are you looking at…" Yi Yun's look made him panic. Although he had laughed in an unbridled fashion, he truly felt repressed by the very idea of Yi Yun. Many people had suffered under Yi Yun's hand so Arched Brows lacked confidence in facing him.

"Just looking at a dead man," said Yi Yun indifferently. "You sure are dumb. Be it me or Cang Wu, none of us will allow you to live on. Do you think Cang Wu is here to save you? He's only here for the opportunities within the Ascending Dragon Cauldron."

"If he obtains anything, his first priority would be to figure out how to monopolize it. After that, he would get rid of you. Even if he kills you, he can just push the blame entirely to me. It's a flawless plan."

Yi Yun said this all very calmly, chilling Arched Brows's heart.

Although he refused to believe it, he turned to look at Cang Wu and felt a calm and cold gaze. It put a chill in his heart.

"M… Martial Uncle Cang Wu."

"Heh!" Cang Wu laughed. "Yi Yun, you sure can see through things. That explains how you were able to escape from Patriarch."

"Martial Uncle Cang Wu, I… I…" When he noticed that Cang Wu spoke without reassuring him, Arched Brows began to break out into a cold sweat.

This feeling that his life or death had no importance made him feel like he was an ant to these people. It left Arched Brows shuddering in fear.

"It doesn’t take much to ‘see through’ such matters. Human nature is what it is. If you were not coveting the opportunities within the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, why would you take such a great risk to enter the Ascending Dragon Cauldron and kill me?"