True Martial World Chapter 1288

Chapter 1288: Golden Carp
Chapter 1288: Golden Carp

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Upon hearing Yi Yun's words, Cang Wu's eyes flashed. Yi Yun appeared to have expected all of this to happen.

"Yi Yun, don't tell me that my entering the Ascending Dragon Cauldron was part of your plan from the very beginning!"

Yi Yun gave an indifferent smile. He had indeed guessed that Cang Wu would take advantage of the opening to go inside. In fact, he had deliberately opened the cauldron's lid to catch Cang Wu's attention. Following that, he quickly attempted to seal the cauldron again so that Cang Wu would think he was afraid.

Working with such a small window, Cang Wu did not have the luxury of time to think things through. But when it came to warriors, ignoring the fact that Cang Wu was a particularly ambitious person, most people would choose to take a risk when faced with the choice of danger and opportunity. If they weren’t the daring type, they would not have embarked on the martial path to being with.

"Interesting!" Cang Wu sized Yi Yun up. "Your cultivation level seems to have reached the eighth-storey Dao Palace? If your cultivation level increases that fast, your nomological insights will not be able to keep up. That will lead to unstable foundations and bring you more harm than benefit. Do you naively think that you can kill me?"

"Won't we know once I give it a try? I just had a sharp increase in cultivation level and there's abundant energy overflowing in me. I'm in need of an opponent to test my strength. After shopping around, I decided on you!"

As Yi Yun spoke, he loosened his wrist. On the back of his right hand was a golden rune that flashed as though it was a golden tattoo.

"I say, person who's about to die…"

Yi Yun looked at Arched Brows who was still seized by immense horror. Cang Wu's aloofness towards him made him lack confidence. Although he wouldn’t admit it out loud, he had gradually come to the realization that Cang Wu would really kill him!

He never expected that his stroke of brilliance, to piss on the Ascending Dragon Cauldron as a way to play to the crowd, would cost him his life.

With Yi Yun calling out to him, Arched Brows panicked. He couldn't even bother with the phrase 'person who's about to die' that Yi Yun used to address him.

"What… What is it?"

Yi Yun only gave a faint smile. Suddenly, his body shot forward like a ghost. His right hand coruscated gold as it pressed down on Arched Brows!

It was as though the massive Mt Tai was crashing down on him. It sent reverberations down Arched Brows's heart as he rapidly retreated. Simultaneously, he conjured his protective Yuan Qi and produced a sword in his hand. He used all his strength to fend off Yi Yun's strike.

Even though he knew he was utterly inadequate, he did not give up on putting up a desperate struggle.

"Martial Uncle Cang Wu, save me!" Arched Brows yelled in despair, but Yi Yun's strike had already arrived.


With an explosion, Arched Brow's protective Yuan Qi was penetrated like a thin piece of paper, allowing Yi Yun to grab his arm.


Amid the clear sounds of a bone fracture, Arched Brows hollered tragically. His arm had been crushed by Yi Yun. Then, Yi Yun kicked him in the chest. And when his right hand lost its grip, his sword landed in Yi Yun's hand.

"Lend me your sword!"

Yi Yun's Mirage Snow had been taken away by Myriad God Patriarch, so he did not have a handy weapon at the moment. The reason why he had attacked Arched Brows first was for his sword.

At that moment, Arched Brows was sent flying from Yi Yun's kick. His sternum cratered inwards and it was unknown how many ribs had been broken. His organs had already been crushed from the kick before the shattered bits of bone pierced them!

Upon hearing Yi Yun's words, Arched Brow spat a mouthful of blood. He was close to tears. If Yi Yun wanted his sword, he could have asked. He wouldn't have dared to refuse him, but instead Yi Yun just attacked without a word, causing him to lose nearly half his life!

Yi Yun had the sword in hand but it had a mental imprint left behind by Arched Brows. It prevented him from using the sword immediately.

And at that moment, Cang Wu had appeared silently behind Yi Yun. He held a strange-looking weapon that resembled both a sword and a saber. Its body was windy with a sharp edge on one side and jagged teeth on the other. Its blade was black and lusterless as though it could absorb light. It thrust straight at Yi Yun's rear!


The blade vibrated and as the weapon approached, countless gray waves seemed to appear in the void. These waves resonated with the weapon's jagged teeth so that space itself seemed to be ripped apart!

"Oh? This is?"

Upon seeing the gray waves, Yi Yun's pupils contracted. He sensed a terrifying might coming from the gray waves.

Yi Yun retreated quickly but the blade brushed past his protective Yuan Qi.


A huge hole was torn apart in Yi Yun's protective Yuan Qi. A mighty tearing force coursed through his broken protective Yuan Qi and passed into his body through his meridians. It caused wanton destruction within!

The force resembled countless leeches that chomped on Yi Yun's body as though they were trying to tear him apart.

Yi Yun's expression changed. This attack was truly odd.

"Hehe, that must not have felt good!"

Cang Wu licked his lips. He looked a little seductive, to begin with, and after holding his black weapon, he lost the dignified look of a sect master's eldest disciple. He allowed himself to appear more evil and queer.

His long hair was sprawled and, coupled with the odd-looking weapon, it made him look like an evil demon.

"You did quite well. This weapon of mine is named Ghost Slayer. When typical people get hit by it, they instantly turn to dust, even if it's just a tiny touch! But you actually managed to resist it. Very impressive. You are only at the eight-storey Dao Palace. Once you break into the Supremacy realm, even I won't be your match. You have a limitless future ahead of you but, unfortunately, you are overly arrogant. You actually schemed to kill me. You have overestimated your strength."

Cang Wu touched the jagged teeth on Ghost Slayer and spoke in a leisurely manner.

"Slicing… Strangulation…"

Yi Yun sensed the wanton gray energy in his body. It was a law that Cang Wu had command over. He had injected it into his weapon and opponents that fought him would have the nomological powers enter their bodies even from a slight laceration. The powers would tear their body apart from the inside.

Cang Wu had cultivated an extremely rare law. With him being a late-stage Supremacy, just his cultivation level alone would make his Slicing laws extremely powerful.

If Yi Yun had not consumed the Dragon Emperor Relic, which stimulated his vital potential and increased his physique tremendously, he would probably not have been able to withstand the Slicing laws.

"It's just this and nothing more. Your laws might be strange but they’re no Great Dao of Supremacy. With this, becoming an ordinary Divine Lord is the limit. It'd be impossible for you to fuse with a Divine Lord Royal Seal. It's no wonder you risked your life to obtain the opportunities within the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. You probably heard the Patriarch mention the 'Dragon Emperor Technique,' and had thoughts on it?" said Yi Yun sarcastically. He was deliberately making fun of Cang Wu's weaknesses by pointing them out, striking at the core of his martial heart. Warriors that had reached the realm of Supremacy in their practice of martial arts all had their own opportunities. But even so, there were differences in opportunities. They could be greatly disparate.

Yi Yun felt that his cultivation technique was insufficient, but in fact the 'Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon' remnant pages he had was already a top cultivation technique that many coveted.

"What insolence!"

Cang Wu roared angrily but his voice came to a halt just as he spoke out. He could clearly sense that the gray nomological powers in Yi Yun's body were quickly being destroyed.

Yi Yun's body was like a cauldron with endless vitality. As he circulated his bloodline, the nomological powers were constantly ground away until they vanished.

This left a chill in Cang Wu's heart. Yi Yun's bloodline had such a unique characteristic?

"You are indeed different! Looks like your flesh and blood are treasures themselves. It's no wonder Patriarch wanted to refine you. Today, I'll kill you and refine your bloodline as a treasured medicine!"

Cang Wu bellowed as black waves emanated from his body. Ghost Slayer came cleaving down once again.

Yi Yun did not panic as he casually swept his hand across the sword. With a light 'peng' sound, the half-dead Arched Brows let out a wail from far away. The mental imprint he had left on the sword had been wiped away by Yi Yun.


The sword slashed out like a divine dragon thrashing its tail.

Yi Yun's strike did not use any laws. Instead, he stimulated his vital potential to inject powerful physical strength into his sword.


The sound of metal colliding boomed. The immense black waves were shattered by Yi Yun's strike!

However, Yi Yun also felt a strong reactive force. It left his lifeblood in chaos.

"It's too light!"

Yi Yun knitted his brows. The sword was too light. After cultivating the 'Dragon Emperor Technique,' his physical strength had unknowingly increased. It gave him the sudden desire for a heavier weapon.

"Hu! Hu! Hu!"

The gray waves coalesced and surrounded Yi Yun.


Yi Yun roared as he stimulated the Dragon Emperor bloodline within him. It caused his skin to produce golden patterns on its surface. They resembled the golden scales of a carp.

"Nine Stances of the Ascending Dragon—Golden Carp!"

The Dragon Emperor, who was born out of the Chaos at the beginning of the Universe, appeared before all the other dragons that were his offspring.

The dragon had nine children and none of them actually resembled a dragon!

Dragon Emperor's descendants were born from the union with other living beings. Although they had dragon blood flowing through their bodies, their forms were very different from that of a dragon.

In order to gain the ability to transform into a dragon, they had to experience tribulations and obtain enough opportunities to eventually stimulate their Dragon Emperor bloodline. Just like cultivators of the 'Dragon Emperor Technique,' they would eventually be able to refine a dragon in their bodies!

A carp leaping through the dragon's gate would be able to fly to the ends of the world!

A soaring serpent could imbibe mist and transform into a dragon after a billion years!

Be it the fish that swam through strong currents until it reached dragon's gate and transformed, or the soaring serpent that imbibed the spiritual Qi of the world for a billion years to eventually survive through enough hardships to become a dragon, they were both exceedingly difficult processes.

Furthermore, as the number of descendants of Dragon Emperor increased, the bloodline thinned. The Dragon Emperor's blood also went into remission, making it harder for them to transform into a dragon.

However, it was even harder for Yi Yun to transform into a dragon!

Due to the concentration of his bloodline, he was the farthest from the son of a dragon one could be. He needed to use divine items to ameliorate his bloodline. This was the process of cultivating the 'Dragon Emperor Technique.'

The Nine Stances of the Ascending Dragon allowed him to use his bloodline to emulate the sons of the dragon and stimulate their powers within his body.

The Golden Carp was one of the sons of the dragon.

A golden carp is but a common creature living in the pool, but it will change into a dragon upon facing a storm!

By using the Nine Stances of the Ascending Dragon, Yi Yun was emulating the Golden Carp's strength through the Dragon Emperor bloodline in him.

This was the only stance that Yi Yun had learned from the Nine Stances of the Ascending Dragon.

Nine Stances of the Ascending Dragon—Golden Carp!

It stimulated Yi Yun's vital potential, allowing him to raise his offensive strength severalfold in a short period of time. Even the burning of life essence was inferior to it!