True Martial World Chapter 1292

Chapter 1292: Old Snake Returns
Chapter 1292: Old Snake Returns

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"Huh? What is happening to Myriad God Sect Master and that old woman?"

Inside the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, Yi Yun saw the old duo convulsing as though they were suffering from epilepsy. Furthermore, their vital and soul strengths were rapidly reducing.

The changes happened too suddenly. It made many of the Myriad God Ridge disciples panic.

"Senior Brother, quickly take this sacred rejuvenation medicine."

A Myriad God Ridge Elder took out a divine pill, one that he really treasured. If this were any other time, he would not have been willing to spare it for someone else’s sake. But now they were trapped in a pocket world and sealed in by Myriad God Patriarch. He could only pin his hopes on the elderly duo.

Myriad God Sect Master swallowed the medicine with great difficulty, but it did little to improve his condition. His vitality was still dissipating.

"Senior Brother, what's going on?"

The Elders asked anxiously. Myriad God Sect Master's eyes were turbid and he could not speak a word.

At that moment, an elderly voice sounded from the skies—

"Don't bother wasting your effort. It's useless to try and treat them. The slave seals that have been planted in them have shattered. Their vitalities are beginning to wither away."

Everyone felt a jolt as they looked up. They saw that the spatial node that was high in the sky had been ruptured, transforming into a huge black hole. A gray-shirted elder strode out of the hold and he was obviously the one who just spoke.


The elder landed on the ground, drawing everyone's gaze. He looked ravaged and his clothes were tattered. Clearly, he had just experienced an intense battle.

When the Divine Lord Elders saw the newcomer, their expressions changed drastically.

"It's him! That mysterious person who was pursuing the Patriarch!"

These Divine Lords had accompanied Myriad God Sect Master and the old woman to aid in the battle, and as a result, saw Old Snake's face.

They naturally shuddered in fear when faced with the person who could send the Myriad God Patriarch running in defeat.

"He… He can match the Patriarch?" Some of the personal disciples were shocked beyond words when they heard that. The old fellow in front of them did not have any Yuan Qi fluctuations emitting from his body. He actually seemed to have a very normal foundation. From the looks of it, he was an old scammer that had fallen off the martial path. It was unbelievable that he had such strength.

"He's unfathomable. Do not be fooled by his appearance." an Elder warned. His and the other elders’ foreheads were beginning to break out into a cold sweat.

What the old geezer had said was alarming. Myriad God Sect Master was a slave of Myriad God Patriarch. They found it unbelievable but the tragic states of the Myriad God Sect Master and the old woman were proof of his words. This meant that Myriad God Patriarch had likely died at the hands of the old geezer!

Old Snake looked at the Myriad God Sect Master and the old woman and chuckled. He wasn't exactly a sympathetic man, so he thrived on the schadenfreude of watching the elderly duo's suffering.

He knew that the duo was already on the brink of death. They had no means to resist at all. Even if no one did a thing to them, they would slowly die in pain. Perhaps they might survive out of sheer luck, but they would lose all their strength.

"You… you… undying old fart…"

When the dying old woman saw Old Snake, she seemed to gain enough strength for a sudden last spurt of energy as she gnashed her teeth and cursed.

But at that moment, Old Snake suddenly stepped forward. His foot, enveloped in golden light, flashed like lightning as it stepped down on the old woman's dantian.


With an explosion, the old woman's body jolted. Her dantian had been completely shattered and her energy collapsed. Her eyes protruded out as blood filled the vessels in them. She indignantly stretched out her arm, hoping to grab at something but eventually, her arm drooped down.

Following that, Old Snake was in for a penny, in for a pound, as he stomped down onto the Myriad God Sect Master's dantian.


Another explosion boomed. Myriad God Sect Master's body curled up like a shrimp. His body convulsed violently as a bloody foam spewed from his mouth. He died right on the spot.

The elderly duo that had wielded firm control of the Myriad God Ridge for so long died in such an offhanded manner.

The Myriad God Ridge disciples around them were shuddering in fear. However, no one dared to try and stop Old Snake. A person that could make the Myriad God Patriarch run was not someone they could fight.

"This old geezer is terrifying. I wonder how he will deal with us…"

Many people took a subconscious step back. Against the old monster in front of them, there was nowhere to run in the sealed-off pocket world.

Old Snake coughed, his face showing signs of exhaustion. He turned his head to look around before finally landing his eyes on the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. "Kid, aren't you coming out yet!?"

Just as his voice faded, the Ascending Dragon Cauldron trembled and a stream of light flew out from the cauldron's mouth, landing stably on the ground.

When the light faded, it transformed into the figure of a youth. It was none other than Yi Yun!

At that moment, Yi Yun, who had just broken through to the eighth-storey Dao Palace and battled Cang Wu, was like a lustrous unsheathed blade. He gave off an oppressive feeling.

"Senior, you are indeed powerful. Even the Myriad God Patriarch isn't your match!" Yi Yun said with a smile.

At the most critical moment, Old Snake had secured his safety with one battle. However, Yi Yun noticed through his Purple Crystal's energy vision that Old Snake was greatly drained after that battle. The exhaustion he had was not feigned. He was truly in a terrible state.

"Kid, you were off refining the Ascending Dragon Cauldron for yourself while this old man did all the hard work. All the benefits have gone to you," Old Snake said unhappily with pouted lips when he saw Yi Yun come out of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

He noticed that Yi Yun's cultivation level had reached the eighth-storey Dao Palace and knew that Yi Yun had obtained great benefits.

Yi Yun chuckled and said, "Senior, I had no other choice. It was you who said that the Myriad God Patriarch was not your match and that you had control of the situation. Who knew that something like this would happen? If I wasn't smart enough to create a way out of this dire situation, I would probably have been refined into medicine and eaten."

"When the time came, I knew you wouldn't have been able to find the pocket world's entrance. That old bastard would have refined the Ascending Dragon Cauldron and he would be more than enough to defeat you. And all would be lost. Furthermore, when you were fighting with that old bastard, didn't I use the Ascending Dragon Cauldron to destroy his Grand Sanguine Killing Array, which helped you greatly?"

When Yi Yun said those words, Old Snake felt embarrassed. He had truly been careless. The Myriad God Patriarch had nearly succeeded and, if that had happened, not only would he fail to get any benefits, he would also have led Yi Yun and his disciple to their deaths.

"Kid, what darn trick did you use to survive?" Old Snake asked out of curiosity.

He did not know how Yi Yun had sidestepped an old monster that was far more powerful than him in a completely sealed-off pocket world. It was indeed fascinating. If it were anyone else, they would absolutely be dead.

"I'll tell you in a while. This is for you." Yi Yun suddenly waved his hand. Something was thrown at Old Snake.

Old Snake caught it and looked at it. It was an azure-colored fruit.

The fruit was crystalline like jade and had a rich fragrance. It looked extremely appetizing.

"This is…" Old Snake's eyes widened. "A Nine Revolutions Azure Fruit!?"