True Martial World Chapter 1294

Chapter 1294: Origins Royal Seal
Chapter 1294: Origins Royal Seal

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When the various Myriad God Ridge disciples saw how the two Elders, Song Zhanchen and Zhang Tianxing, were being mind-controlled, they felt a creeping sense of dread. They secretly celebrated the fact that, although they were hostile towards Yi Yun, they did not go so far as to lose all decorum with him. The Song and Zhang families set an example for what would happen if they did. Song Zhanchen and Zhang Tianxing had to sacrifice themselves just to barely ensure that their family clans would not be destroyed.

For warriors, death was preferable to becoming the soul slave of another person. Even if it did not last for all eternity, a hundred thousand years still dealt a huge impact to one’s martial heart. Losing so much time would cost them any further cultivation breakthroughs in the future.

After Yi Yun was done with everything, he suddenly realized that two gray dots of light were floating from the dead Myriad God Sect Master and old woman's corpses.

These dots of light resembled two marks. The marks had dim lusters and they were beginning to dissipate into the surroundings as though they would soon vanish.

"This is…"

Yi Yun was slightly taken aback.

"They are Divine Lord Royal Seals," Old Snake said nonchalantly.

When Yi Yun heard that, he felt a jolt through his heart. "Divine Lord Royal Seals!? You mean to say that they are naturally formed from the worldly laws?"

Yi Yun long knew of Divine Lord Royal Seals. The difference, strength wise, between a Divine Lord with a Divine Lord Royal Seal and one without was great. In the entire Myriad God Ridge, only the Myriad God Sect Master and the old woman had Divine Lord Royal Seals.

When he heard Yi Yun's words, Old Snake rolled his eyes and said, "How can a divine item formed from the worldly laws be so easily obtained? It’s like how you previously thought that the 'Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon' and the 12 Empyrean Heavens' divine canons were formed naturally from the heaven and earth. That’s nothing but rumors!"

"Rumors?" Yi Yun's heart skipped a beat.

Old Snake shook his head and said, "There are Divine Lord Royal Seals that are condensed naturally from the worldly laws, but they are extremely few in number. They are very rare and nearly impossible to come by. So how could these two fogies have obtained one? Even if they did, they would have been snatched away by the Myriad God Patriarch."

"The Divine Lord Royal Seals that typical Divine Lords fuse with can be categorized into two types. One is formed by the warrior over a period of time after they break through to the Divine Lord realm. The value of these Divine Lord Royal Seals depends on the strength of the person who condensed it. The weaker their nomological insights, the weaker the condensed Divine Lord Royal Seal. Many Divine Lord Royal Seals are unstable, to begin with. When their owners die, they begin dissipating. The two Divine Lord Royal Seals you currently see are examples of that."

"As for the second type, they are condensed by ancient mighty figures. When they broke through to the Divine Lord realm, the laws within them condensed into a Divine Lord Royal Seal. These Divine Lord Royal Seals become perfectly structured thanks to the laws. As a result, even after the creators pass away, the seals can be preserved for tens of millions of years or even hundreds of millions of years! Especially a Godly Monarch's royal seal. Many times, the competition over a Godly Monarch Royal Seal can stir up a bloody storm."

Yi Yun was dumbstruck for a moment when he heard Old Snake's explanation. So that was the case.

It was understandable on further thought. Divine Lord Royal Seals as he knew them were formed naturally from the worldly laws and the royal seals that belonged to ancient mighty figures could exist for a very long period of time. To typical warriors, tens or hundreds of millions of years was equivalent to eternity. Therefore, it was easy for the common warrior to have the misconception that seals were condensed from worldly laws from ancient times.

From the looks of it, Azure Yang Lord had used a royal seal left behind by an ancient mighty figure and not a royal seal that was naturally condensed from the worldly laws. Otherwise, Bai Yueyin would have long taken away his Divine Lord Royal Seal. How could she have let it be taken away by Azure Yang Lord's enemy?

"Senior, these Divine Lord Royal Seals that ancient mighty figures condense may have perfect laws but they are ultimately someone else's. Isn't there a problem when fusing with one?"

Upon hearing Yi Yun's inquiry, Old Snake chuckled. "I know what you are thinking, Kid. You aren't wrong, what belongs to others is ultimately theirs. There will be all sorts of problems in trying to fuse with one. If you have the ability to condense one that matches or even exceeds the Divine Lord Royal Seals of ancient mighty figures, it will naturally be best to use your own."

"But how many people are capable of doing that? Feel free to challenge yourself!" It was a rare instance of Old Snake commending Yi Yun. "However, even if you can produce a perfect Divine Lord Royal Seal, it would probably still be inferior to an Origins Royal Seal that is naturally condensed from the worldly laws!"

"The Origins Royal Seal is truly rare. Obtaining one is fated according to the creator! Furthermore, an Origins Royal Seal does not conflict with a Divine Lord Royal Seal you condense yourself. A warrior can have more than one Divine Lord Royal Seal and the more they fuse with, the stronger they become. Of course, you must have the ability to fuse with that many royal seals."

As Old Snake spoke, he patted Yi Yun on the shoulder, "Kid, I think highly of you. When the time comes, get a few Origins Royal Seals and honor this old man with one. I'll be able to share in your glory."

Yi Yun rolled his eyes when he heard Old Snake's words. The old fellow had just spoken a few things of importance before he began degenerating back to his flippant self.

"Don't roll your eyes. The Sinkhole has many opportunities. There are Godly Monarch Royal Seals left behind by ancient Godly Monarchs and there are true Origins Royal Seals. These can all be found in the Sinkhole. This is also why all the true experts in the 12 Empyrean Heavens choose to enter the Sinkhole at some point."

Old Snake's words enlightened Yi Yun. He did know of many experts that had gone to the Sinkhole.

In the history that Azure Yang Lord left behind, each Empyrean Heaven had seventy-two Divine Lords.

But later, when Yi Yun reached the Yang God Empyrean Heaven, he noticed that there were not that many Divine Lords. Ignoring the Central State Divine Territory, even the Myriad Divine Territory which was considered the core trading center of the Yang God Empyrean Heaven did not have Divine Lords that had truly fused with a Divine Lord Royal Seal. Among the people Yi Yun had met, only Huan Chenxue's old servant, Elder Mo, seemed to be a real Divine Lord.

If he could really obtain an Origins Royal Seal in the Sinkhole, it would be perfect.

With this thought in mind, Yi Yun sighed gently. A genius like Azure Yang Lord was still limited by his realm and knowledge even back then. The 'Yang God Manual' and the Divine Lord Royal Seal that he treasured greatly were actually things that Bai Yueyin did not think highly of.

"I can be considered Azure Yang Lord's successor. I shall resolve all of Azure Yang Lord's regrets in his place." With this thought in mind, Yi Yun's will grew stronger.

"Senior, let's return to the Myriad God Ridge first."


"By the way, what happened to Myriad God Patriarch's corpse?" How many Divine Lord Royal Seals did he fuse with?"

Yi Yun recalled the Myriad God Patriarch. If he had an ancient mighty figure's Divine Lord Royal Seal, it might be useful to sell it if he can’t use it.

Old Snake shook his head. "That old bastard was seriously injured. In my final strike, he appeared to be disintegrated. All I found were some remains of a corpse."

"Remains of a corpse?" Yi Yun's brows pricked up. "Are you sure that the corpse belonged to that undying old fart?"

"Probably. I can't think of any ability of his that can survive my final strike. Besides… the two soul slaves of that undying old fart are dead too. By the way, isn’t this yours?"

Old Snake threw an interspatial ring to Yi Yun. It was a brand new interspatial ring. Yi Yun's interspatial ring had shattered during the battle, but since the space within the interspatial ring was an alternate space, the items within were preserved even when the ring shattered.

With a thought, Yi Yun immediately sank his perception into the interspatial ring. An ice-blue sword appeared in Yi Yun's hand the next moment.

It was Mirage Snow!

With the Mirage Snow sword in hand, Yi Yun heaved a sigh of relief. "I finally have it back in my possession."

The sword had been given to him by Huan Chenxue. It meant a lot to her and if he had lost it, he felt that he would not be able to answer to Huan Chenxue.

After putting Mirage Snow away, Yi Yun frowned slightly.

Old Snake saw this and said, "Kid, I know what you are worried about. Ignoring the fact that the old bastard wouldn’t have been able to survive my strike, even if he did slip away, he would definitely be seriously injured. His injuries would be worse than the ones I received years ago. His cultivation might even be lost completely. He would be having a hard time, to say the least!"