True Martial World Chapter 1295

Chapter 1295: Returning to Myriad God Ridge
Chapter 1295: Returning to Myriad God Ridge

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When the Myriad God Patriarch took Yi Yun and all of the elders of the Myriad God Ridge away, the sect was leaderless. The Jade Emperor Palace had suddenly collapsed and many Myriad God Ridge disciples were unsure of what had happened.

Over the past few days, under the outer sect Elder's leadership, the collapsed Jade Emperor Palace’s wreckage was gradually cleared. Many people were worried that the Myriad God Ridge had been attacked. With all the Myriad God Ridge's upper echelons disappearing and the power shockwave that came from the spatial teleportation array, they guessed that the upper echelons of the Myriad God Ridge had gone to fight an intense battle with an unknown enemy.

Quite some time had passed but there was no news of that battle. Even the battlefield was unknown. It left many people uneasy.

Then, one day, energy gathered in the sky above the Myriad God Ridge. Spatial dimension laws became chaotic as a result.


The sky suddenly tore apart with a massive maelstrom appearing out of nowhere. Chaotic spatial storms surged out of the vortex.

"What is happening?"

The Myriad God Ridge's disciples had a drastic change in expression as they saw the Myriad God Ridge Elders appear from the vortex. They realized that it was a spatial passageway.

"The Elders are back!"

"Haha, they have finally returned safely. That's wonderful."

Many people heaved a sigh of relief. Those who had gone were the backbone of the Myriad God Ridge so if anything bad happened to them, the Myriad God Ridge would be finished. The ordinary disciples would also lose any protection they were conferred with and their good days would be over.

"I see my family head!" a junior from the Song family cried out. He heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Song Zhanchen return safely. Talk was going around that the Song family was in a precarious situation. It could not endure another loss.

At that moment, there was a loud boom. The spatial passageway that had been opened trembled as a gigantic bronze cauldron flew out. It was extremely heavy and its motions seemed to be something the spatial passageway could not withstand.

"Ascending Dragon Cauldron!" The Myriad God Ridge disciples naturally recognized the cauldron.

"Eh? Why don't I see Sect Master?" someone asked.

People noticed that the Myriad God Sect Master was not among the entering crowd. Myriad God Patriarch had disappeared but that wasn't a surprise. The patriarch was always mysterious in his comings and goings, but it was strange that the Myriad God Sect Master had not returned.

Furthermore, they were baffled that they could clearly see a youth stepping on the cauldron's lid, using it as his ride.

"Isn't that Yi Yun?" someone exclaimed.

The Ascending Dragon Cauldron was the cornerstone treasure of the Myriad God Ridge. Typically, they would all pay homage to the Ascending Dragon Cauldron as though it was a god. But now, Yi Yun was stepping on the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. How could they not be surprised?

However, despite him standing on the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, the Elders present seemed to turn a blind eye. Instead, they circled around Yi Yun as though they were a myriad of stars surrounding the moon. It left everyone present dumbfounded.

What the hell was happening?

"Young Master Yi has returned safely too…"

In Sunken Moon Tower, Duanmu Qingwen watched the scene from afar. She heaved a sigh of relief after seeing Yi Yun finally return. She had been constantly worried that trouble would befall Yi Yun since he had been imprisoned for such a long period of time. Numerous people in Myriad God Ridge yearned to see Yi Yun suffer.

"Family Head, what's happening?" asked Song family member. They had previously heard through the grapevine that Myriad God Patriarch had imprisoned Yi Yun and would execute him. They were looking forward to Yi Yun's execution as a way to avenge the Song family. But now, Yi Yun appeared alive and well. He was even stepping on the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

"Family Head, why does that little bastard Yi Yun dare to step on the Ascending Dragon Cauldron…"

A middle-aged man from the Song family went forward and spoke to Song Zhanchen. This middle-aged man was someone that Yi Yun knew, actually. He was manager Song, in charge of the Myriad God Ridge's core disciple district's Miscellaneous Chores Department. Back then, he had transferred Zuoyan Xiaoyu away from the Sunken Moon Tower and arranged for her to be Zhang Wuchen and Song Bowen's maidservant. Yi Yun had gone to the Miscellaneous Chores Department to inquire about the transfer and he played dumb. In the end, he was brutally beaten up by Yi Yun, making him disfigured. He spent a lot of herbs and half a year's time to finally recover.

Song Yuanpin held a grudge for the humiliation of being beaten. He was waiting for an opportunity to seek revenge. He originally felt that it would happen soon, but this new, strange scene left him depressed.

Due to the odd nature of the matter, he had suppressed his voice. He did not dare to directly lash out. Only Song Zhanchen could hear him.

He originally believed his family head would tell him the reason, but he never expected that Song Zhanchen's expression would sink the moment he heard his words!

"You darn slave with eyes at the back of your head! What nonsense are you spouting! You must have a death wish!"

As Song Zhanchen spoke, he suddenly took a step forward and slapped Song Yuanpin in the face!


The crisp sound of flesh and skin colliding was heard as Song Yuanpin cried out in pain. His body flew up for Song Zhanchen's slap was too ruthless. Song Yuanpin was spinning like a top in midair and even the flesh on one side of his face had been slapped into mush.

Before Song Yuanpin landed, Song Zhanchen took another step forward and kicked out, striking Song Yuanpin in the abdomen.


Song Yuanpin cried out tragically and spewed a mouthful of blood. His body flew out tens of meters away, slamming heavily into a wall.


The granite walls trembled as blood splattered on them. Song Yuanpin had been knocked dizzy by Song Zhanchen. His body slipped down from the wall and he was seeing double. He couldn't make out anything clearly.

He could not understand what was wrong with the words he said. Why was he brutally beaten by his family head? It wasn’t even this bad back when Yi Yun brutally beat him up. He clearly sensed that his dantian had cracked from the family head's kick. It was truly a bad beating. His pitiful self had just recovered from his injuries and now he was going to be bedridden again. This time, he would be bedridden for at least a year.

The sudden act of brutality made everyone go silent. They looked at Song Zhanchen in shock, unsure why he had suddenly beaten up someone from his own Song family.

"Listen up!" Song Zhanchen spoke. "From this day forth, Young Master Yi will be the new sect master of the Myriad God Ridge! And from this day forth, the Myriad God Ridge will only have a sect master and no patriarch. The sect master will wield the highest authority in the Myriad God Rudge! In the future, all of you are to listen to Young Master Yi's instructions. Anyone who slights Young Master Yi will be dealt with according to the sect's rules. Don’t ask for mercy, for this punishment is already considered light."

Song Zhanchen had infused his voice with Yuan Qi, allowing it to reach every corner of the main peak.

When everyone heard it, they were petrified. None of them dared to believe their ears!

Yi Yun was the new sect master of the Myriad God Ridge!?

Furthermore, the Myriad God Ridge would only have a sect master and no more patriarch!?

Was Song Zhanchen mad?

The Myriad God Patriarch held an esteemed position. He held weight across the entire Calm Sea! Even if the Myriad God Patriarch had stepped down, Song Zhanchen could not just declare that the Myriad God Ridge would only have a sect master and no patriarch from that day forth!

Furthermore, why would Myriad God Patriarch hand the position to Yi Yun?

If he wanted to hand it over, he should have handed it to Feng Yunyang. Speaking of Feng Yunyang, where was he?

The people could not see any signs of Feng Yunyang. And when they noticed how the Elders present had not objected to or protested to Song Zhanchen's words, as though they were silently admitting to what he said, the Myriad God Ridge disciples were completely dumbfounded. They felt like that they were experiencing a crazy and ridiculous dream.

"What are you standing around in a daze for? Quickly bow to our new sect master!"

Song Zhanchen urged them. However, people reacted slowly to his exhortation. They could not accept such a reality.

"Did you not hear what I said?"

Song Zhanchen suddenly went forward and struck out twice with his fists. Another two Song family members were launched like rubber balls. Those that had stayed behind in the Myriad God Ridge were weaker disciples, so how could they withstand Song Zhanchen's attacks?

They were beaten so badly that they spewed large amounts of blood.

Seeing Song Zhanchen burning with killing intent, someone cleverly and frantically bowed. He said, "Greetings, Sect Master!"

Although they were unsure as to what had happened, things had already developed this far. If they did not bow, they would be beaten by Song Zhanchen. It was unknown why Song Zhanchen had suddenly become the loyal subordinate of Yi Yun. He did not show any mercy in his attacks.

"Greetings, Sect Master…"

Everyone began to bow.

Yi Yun felt a little speechless when he saw so many people bow before him. All he wanted was to return to the Myriad God Ridge. He never expected to see such a scene happen. He had never mentioned anything about a new sect master. It was all Song Zhanchen's own decision.

Perhaps due to the existence of the slave mark, Song Zhanchen had completely submitted to Yi Yun. The current scene must have been a result of this. It made Yi Yun sigh. A slave mark was truly oppressive!

Yi Yun did not think much of his new position of sect master. He was not interested in any of the formalities. He said, "There's no need for all these formalities. Do whatever you need to do. You are dismissed."

With that said, Yi Yun flew towards Sunken Moon Tower with the Ascending Dragon Cauldron beneath his feet.