True Martial World Chapter 1296

Chapter 1296: Huan Chenxue's Entrustment
Chapter 1296: Huan Chenxue's Entrustment

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Over the past half-year, Sunken Moon Tower had been in a state of lockdown. There were many guards still stationed outside Sunken Moon Tower, under Myriad God Sect Master's orders, that previously watched Sunken Moon Tower and prevented Yi Yun from leaving.

At that moment, the guards saw Yi Yun approaching them on the cauldron, and felt stifled simply by the Ascending Dragon Cauldron's tumultuous might.

They had heard Song Zhanchen's words too. Although they were unsure what had happened, it was clearly not the time for them to be asking questions about the matter. They immediately bowed to the approaching Yi Yun. "Greetings, Sect Master."

At that moment, they were feeling uneasy. Over the past half-year, there was no lack of instances where they made things difficult for Yi Yun. If Yi Yun was irked by them, they were in for a world of trouble.

Yi Yun ignored them and went directly inside Sunken Moon Tower.

"Young Master…"

Duanmu Qingwen came forward the moment Yi Yun landed. She was delighted simply by Yi Yun’s return but she never expected Yi Yun to suddenly become Myriad God Ridge's sect master. Furthermore, all the important figures in Myriad God Ridge were treating him with awe and respect.


The Ascending Dragon Cauldron landed heavily in Sunken Moon Tower's yard, filling its entirety.

Back when she was recruited, Duanmu Qingwen had attempted to awaken the Ascending Dragon Cauldron with her blood. The cauldron’s draconic aura left the sort of impression that made her want to submit to it.

"Sorry for making you suffer for half a year," said Yi Yun as he jumped down from the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. He still lacked the ability to hide the Ascending Dragon Cauldron in his body.

Yi Yun knew that Duanmu Qingwen had accompanied him in his confinement for half a year and suffered tremendous stress. After all, there were rumors that said that Yi Yun would be eventually executed.

As Yi Yun's maidservant, Duanmu Qingwen's outcome would likely have been tragic once something happened to him. Zuoyan Xiaoyu was a clear precedent. Some people would vent their anger on the people around Yi Yun when they failed to get revenge on Yi Yun.

Yi Yun beckoned with his hand as the God Advent Tower appeared out of thin air. Following that, a figure flew out of the pagoda, landing beside Duanmu Qingwen.

The girl was none other than Zuoyan Xiaoyu. Duanmu Qingwen was stunned when she saw Zuoyan Xiaoyu. "Xiaoyu, are you alright? Did Young Master… save you?"

Duanmu Qingwen was extremely shocked. She had previously heard that Zuoyan Xiaoyu had been taken away by the Song and Zhang families and believed that her outcome was likely grim. She never expected to see a completely fine Zuoyan Xiaoyu standing right before her.

"Yea, I killed Song Bowen and Zhang Wuchen back then and saved Xiaoyu. As my killing of them couldn't exactly be made public, I hid Xiaoyu away."

Yi Yun explained the whole situation in a few words, causing Duanmu Qingwen’s mouth to go agape. The situation of the time was a perilous one. It seemed like it would be impossible to save Zuoyan Xiaoyu.

However, on careful thought, Yi Yun had almost instantly become the Myriad God Sect Master. If he could make such an inconceivable thing happen, then killing Song Bowen and Zhang Wuchen millions of miles away did not seem so crazy in comparison.

"From this day forth, the two of you can stay in Sunken Moon Tower together. If the both of you are interested, you can learn the Myriad God Ridge's cultivation techniques. I will be entering seclusion for some time," Yi Yun said simply. With Yi Yun's present position, Duanmu Qingwen and Zuoyan Xiaoyu would no longer be bullied. It was even likely that people would rush to fawn over them and place them on pedestals.

As for the Myriad God Ridge's cultivation techniques, Yi Yun thought nothing of them after obtaining the Dragon Emperor Technique. However, to the two girls, they were supreme cultivation techniques.

Zuoyan Xiaoyu and Duanmu Qingwen were immediately overjoyed as they said with a bow, "Thank you, Young Master, for your generosity!"

When they were recruited into the Myriad God Ridge, they were only outer-sect disciples. The perks they lacked stood in stark comparison with those of the core disciples. The cultivation techniques they cultivated in were only the more crude and trivial techniques of the Myriad God Ridge. They never expected to receive such an opportunity.

Duanmu Qingwen was extremely curious as to how Yi Yun had become Myriad God Sect Master. However, before she could ask, Yi Yun entered the Ascending Dragon Cauldron in a flash.

Now that he had the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, he no longer needed a seclusion chamber.

At that moment, in the wide open space of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron's interior, there was an old man sitting in a corner. He was focused on reading the nine engravings of the True Dragon.

Previously, Old Snake had ripped open space and led the crowd back to the Myriad God Ridge from the pocket world. Just traveling through the spatial turbulence took them nearly a month.

Throughout that month, Old Snake stayed inside the Ascending Dragon Cauldron to study the Dragon Emperor Technique.

He was already completely immersed in the Dragon Emperor Technique's laws and was almost in a trance-like state.

He originally had the Soaring Serpent bloodline and the loss of his ancestral heritage left him unsettled. But even the Soaring Serpent's ancestral heritage was far inferior to the Dragon Emperor Technique.

Although the Dragon Emperor Technique was profound and intricate, it was too difficult for Old Snake to cultivate in.

"What a pity…" Old Snake muttered to himself. "The Dragon Emperor Technique is partially a cultivation technique that opens up one's vital potential. Furthermore, to refine the relic, a large number of divine treasures need to be gathered. If I were to try and cultivate it now, I will have started too late… More than half of my lifespan has been depleted and there's little left of my vital potential. And worst of all, I was once seriously injured. This makes it even harder for me to cultivate the Dragon Emperor Technique…"

Old Snake sighed. He was engrossed in reading the Dragon Emperor Technique but the various limitations left him disappointed.

"Senior, is there no way to cultivate it at all?" Upon hearing Old Snake's words, Yi Yun found himself pitying the old man. Old Snake had gone through so much effort for so long to obtain the Dragon Emperor Technique. He had even done all the work in the final battle with Myriad God Patriarch. He had paid quite a sizable price but, in the end, he could not cultivate in it at all. The old geezer was quite a tragic figure.

"I should be able to cultivate a little of it, but at best I can only cultivate ten to twenty percent. I wouldn't be able to cultivate a dragon. Completing the Soaring Serpent volume and cultivating an ancient Soaring Serpent bloodline would be the most I could do."

Old Snake shook his head. Perhaps to him, obtaining the Dragon Emperor Technique was mostly a sentimental thought.

"Senior, if you need any pills or relics, I can provide some assistance. I'm rather confident in my knowledge of alchemy," offered Yi Yun. Yi Yun was confident he could successfully refine most of the pills required by the Dragon Emperor Technique as long as the ingredients were available.

Old Snake laughed and said, "There's no need for that for the time being. Kid, although the Dragon Emperor Technique is good, it's simply cultivating the physical body to stimulate one's vital potential! Your nomological insights are extremely deep and your Heart of the Sword is very powerful. But you are lacking when it comes to your usage of Yuan Qi. You have probably never come in contact with such techniques. Didn't you ask me previously what that lass, Chenxue, wrote in her letter to me?" Old Snake asked. Yi Yun’s ears pricked up. The letter was written in a language that Yi Yun had never seen before or recognize.

"That lass Chenxue gave me an overview of your past experiences. She had also analyzed the weaknesses in your cultivation. Having seen my best skill, she exhorted me to teach you the Combat Sacred Body."