True Martial World Chapter 1298

Chapter 1298: Clear Lunar Successor
Chapter 1298: Clear Lunar Successor

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Although the Myriad God Ridge had closed itself off from the world for the past half year, Myriad God City was not affected in any way. As a gigantic city that circled around the Myriad God Ridge's main peak, it was always a bustling place with streams of people coming in and out all the time.

Every day, people of all shapes and sizes would shuttle through the city, making Myriad God City nearly the most prosperous city in the Calm Sea.

One day, a gaily-painted barge cruised across Myriad God City in midair.

The barge was large and intricately beautiful. There was a palatial building built on top of it, and a mist lingered around it. It looked like an immortal's boat that had floated over from an immortal's paradise.

The barge directly bypassed the Myriad God City's gates without being obstructed. There was a clear crescent logo imprinted on the barge.

"Oh? Who are they? They were allowed to bypass the city gates?"

Although Myriad God City did not ban flying, bypassing the city walls for any entry and exit of the city was prohibited. One had to go through the city gate and undergo an inspection from the guards. A fee would also be taken, otherwise what was the point of having a city wall?

But the barge in front of them had blatantly ignored this rule. Furthermore, the Myriad God City's guards made no attempt to stop it.

"You are uninformed. The ambassadors of the Clear Lunar Island are here. The Clear Lunar Island is a large sect that is of equal strength to the Myriad God Ridge, so it has special permission to enter a city in the periphery of the Myriad God Ridge without being inspected by the guards."

Clear Lunar Island's visit to the Myriad God Ridge was not a secret. They had sent a letter of visit a few days in advance and the Myriad God Ridge had long begun preparations to welcome them. Naturally, many people knew.

"It's said that a Deputy Island Lord and the Clear Lunar Island successor are in the visiting party!"

"Oh? The Clear Lunar Island's successor came too?"

Upon hearing the title, many people were stirred.

Clear Lunar Island was famous in the Calm Sea. To young men, Clear Lunar Island was nothing less than a sacred land. The reason was that Clear Lunar Island only recruited female disciples. As the disciples had great talent and were charmed daughters of heaven, there were naturally no unattractive ones. This gave Clear Lunar Island a reputation as a heaven for men, something only found in dreams. If they could marry a Clear Lunar Island disciple, it would be the result of their good luck from several past lives.

If ordinary Clear Lunar Island disciples were already in such high demand, one could only imagine how the Clear Lunar Island's successor was viewed.

The talk of the town was often that, in the recent hundreds of thousands of years, every generation's Clear Lunar Island successor would have some vague relationship with other charmed sons of heaven during their youth. Most of these men came from outside the Calm Sea and were truly the cream of the crop. They were existences that made the Calm Sea warriors pale in comparison.

At that moment, the people of the city watched as the barge flew across Myriad God City and headed straight for the Myriad God Ridge's main peak.

The top level of the barge had an exquisite private room. It was piled with thick Heavenly Silk carpets and the furniture was made of Divine Fragrance Wood. They were extremely intricate and had the supposed effects of soul nourishment.

On a soft lounge bed, a girl that looked to be about sixteen lay half slumped. She wore light and thin fabric, with her arms and parts of her legs revealed. Her skin was delicate and her every move exuded gracefulness. From top to bottom, she effused a languid comportment that left one mesmerized.

In front of the girl was a woman that looked to be in her thirties. She had an ample bosom and a gracefully slender figure, making her look exquisitely dainty and ravishingly beautiful.

"Martial Aunt Ping, why did you bring me along on your visit to the Myriad God Ridge? You know I do not like such matters. I’m better off spending this time cultivating," the girl said indifferently.

Her voice sounded like the lingering tunes of a zither, exquisite and pleasant. She was none other than the successor of the Clear Lunar Island, Jing Yuesha. Forty years ago, she had been conferred the title of successor of Clear Lunar Island. She was personally taught by the Clear Lunar Island's Grand Elder and had gone on an experiential journey two decades ago. She spent eighteen years on that journey.

She returned to Clear Lunar Island two years ago, with her cultivation level greatly improved. She was not only invincible among peers her own age, but even some outer-sect Elders from the older generation would not dare claim victory against her.

She had enjoyed success from a young age and had unparalleled talent. It gave her confidence and indeed, she had the right to be arrogant.

The woman said with a smile, "The Grand Elder suggested it. The Heavenly South Peaks Meet will have quite a number of elites gathered. You will have the opportunity to get to know them and see if anyone catches your eye."

Upon hearing the woman joke at her expense, Jing Yuesha pouted. She had no interest in such matters. "Martial Aunt, there is no need for me to have a Dao partner, much less rely on men. If I were to take over as Island Lord, I know I would be able to make Clear Lunar Island prosper and thrive with my own strength."

Jing Yuesha was an ambitious woman, so how could she rely on men?

The woman continued smiling but she did not say another word. Jing Yuesha was indeed outstanding. Even the Grand Elder had nothing but praise for her. Perhaps, she could really achieve her claims.

"We are about to reach the Myriad God Ridge's peak and meet the Myriad God Sect Master. When we do, try to appear a bit more humble in front of him. Do not be too rash, for we are guests after all."

"Got it," Jing Yuesha said inattentively. As she spoke, she shook her lustrous feet that were as white as jade.

Jing Yuesha had no interest in meeting the Myriad God Sect Master. Her impression of the Myriad God Ridge was that it was entirely too open when it came to accepting disciples.

She had heard that the Myriad God Ridge would open itself every three days for a large-scale test as a disciple recruitment drive.

What did that three days mean? It meant they would recruit disciples more than a hundred times in a year. In comparison, the Clear Lunar Island only recruited disciples once every few years.

Despite being a powerful sect, the Myriad God Ridge recruited disciples like it was harvesting cheap napa cabbages. It was unknown how much riff-raff had been recruited. The disciples had extremely little talent as a whole, and there were many mediocre or ordinary ones. This stood in stark contrast to the Clear Lunar Island, which had less than a few thousand disciples with each disciple being meticulously selected.

It was for these reasons that Jing Yuesha thought lowly of the Myriad God Ridge. From her point of view, the Myriad God Ridge would definitely have fewer geniuses in the future if it continued on in this manner, eventually losing its position as one of the top factions in the Calm Sea.

The barge was extremely fast. As she conversed with her martial aunt, the barge had already landed in the square in front of Jade Emperor Palace.

Jing Yuesha gently floated up and landed softly on the square.

The tips of her feet did not touch the ground. All she did was hover slightly above the ground, leaving her unstained by even a speck of dust.

At that moment, there were a group of Myriad God Ridge Elders and personal disciples standing in front of Jade Emperor Palace's door.

When the personal disciples saw Jing Yuesha, they felt their hearts jolt. Even though they were accustomed to seeing gorgeous beauties, they could not help but be attracted to Jing Yuesha. It was not only because of her physical beauty, but that she also had a stunning comportment and beauty that came from within.

"Fairy Ping, nice to meet you."

The leading Elder was Elder Sun. For the past half year, he was one of the main Elders in charge of the Myriad God Ridge's miscellaneous matters while Yi Yun was in seclusion.

"You must be Elder Sun. Thank you for welcoming us." Jing Yueping replied courteously.

In fact, they did not know each other. The Clear Lunar Island and Myriad God Ridge seldom interacted, but before the meeting they had communicated through voice transmissions, so they were able to recognize each other from their Yuan Qi fluctuations.

"Fairy Ping, you are too courteous. My sect master is waiting for the both of you in Jade Emperor Palace," Elder Sun said as he gave a welcoming gesture to lead the way.

As Jing Yueping chatted with Elder Sun, she followed him at an unhurried pace. As for Jing Yuesha, she scanned the Myriad God Ridge personal disciples present.

She had very high standards and typical geniuses hardly impressed her. She shook her head gently when she finished her scan. Indeed, due to the unbridled recruitment of disciples, the general standard of the Myriad God Ridge personal disciples was going from bad to worse. She did not even need to compare herself to them. Even a random core disciple of the Clear Lunar Island would stand atop these people.

Such a group of people naturally failed to stir her interest. She could not continue scanning and so she stopped as she had arrived outside the Jade Emperor Palace's main hall. The hall's doors were open but Elder Sun came to a halt when he arrived in front of them.

He gave another welcoming gesture and said, "Fairies, please enter."

"Oh? Elder Sun, aren't you coming in?" Jing Yueping was somewhat surprised. She believed that Elder Sun would accompany them throughout the meeting.

Upon hearing Jing Yueping's words, Elder Sun gave an embarrassed smile. "I won't be entering. Sect Master finds old fogies like us to be an eyesore. We tend not to disturb our sect master, so I won't be entering to be an eyesore. Fairy, if you have anything you need to talk about, just discuss it with Sect Master directly. I'll be waiting outside," Elder Sun said very naturally as though he was accustomed to it.

However, when the words landed in Jing Yueping's ears, she was astonished. The Myriad God Sect Master was truly domineering. Elder Sun held a rather esteemed position in the Myriad God Ridge and it was evident from the way the surrounding people treated him. However, Elder Sun appeared fidgety and horrified in front of the Myriad God Sect Master. It was a testament to how almighty the Myriad God Sect Master was.