True Martial World Chapter 1302

Chapter 1302: Heavenly Pivot
Chapter 1302: Heavenly Pivot

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"Fairy Ping." Yi Yun nodded. Following that, he swept his gaze across the girls. They had lived on an island from a young age which made them naive and flawless. They wore all their emotions on their sleeves.

As for Jing Yuesha, she stood right behind them, as though she couldn't be bothered to even look at Yi Yun.

"Isn't that Martial Niece Yuesha? We meet again!" Yi Yun greeted her. Jing Yuesha clenched her teeth, secretly wishing she could scratch Yi Yun to death.

And at that moment, a beautiful woman wearing a dark purple dress glanced at Jing Yuesha and said lightly, "Yuesha, Sect Master Yi is talking to you. Do not be rude."

The beautiful woman was Jing Yuesha's master, the Clear Lunar Island's Island Lord, Jing Yueyin.

Jing Yueyin appeared frail, but she was very strict when it came to rules. Even though Yi Yun spoke in a contemptible manner, he was still the genuine Myriad God Sect Master.

With her master giving the word, Jing Yuesha did not dare to disobey. She said aggrievedly, "Sect Master Yi…"

Jing Yueyin nodded. It was sufficient to address Yi Yun as sect master. As for 'Martial Uncle,' that was not something Yi Yun deserved.

After this short exchange, Jing Yueyin no longer bothered with Yi Yun.

He naturally knew that they were displeased by the fact that he was of equal standing as the beautiful woman, Fairy Ping, and the rest while only being at the eighth-storey Dao Palace. They would not truly respect him as they would any other sect master.

At that moment, the teleportation array lit up. A group of people dressed in proper outfits appeared from within.

Leading them was a middle-aged scholar. He was dressed in an azure-colored robe. His aura was converged and his eyes seemed like an unfathomable well. Although his every action was elegant, he exuded an infinite coldness.

Behind him was a group of young men and women. They had swords slung behind their backs and they stood tall and straight. Each of them had a tiny azure sword embroidered on the chests of their robes.

"It's the Heavenly Pivot Chapter!" The girls from the Clear Lunar Island immediately stopped giggling. All of them wiped every emotion from their face and took on a very stern look.

Every person from the Heavenly Pivot Chapter, be they men or women, exuded a cold bearing. It made the mood chill instantly.

"The Heavenly Pivot Chapter…" Yi Yun stroked his chin. He had naturally heard of it before but he had never paid it much attention.

He never expected that the Heavenly Pivot Chapter would accompany them on the trip to the Heavenly South Great World.

Zuoyan Xiaoyu sent Yi Yun a voice transmission: "Young Master, the Heavenly Pivot Chapter was previously inferior to the Myriad God Ridge and Clear Lunar Island, but ever since the present Sect Master, Ren Yunzong, took control of the sect, it became a dark horse that brought out the full capabilities of its disciples. Its strength has almost caught up to the Myriad God Ridge, making it one of the three major factions in the Calm Sea."

She knew her young master had been busy cultivating and had no interest in such matters. Therefore, she took it upon herself to study such information. As sect master, Yi Yun needed to know these things.

Yi Yun nodded. The Myriad God Ridge was different from the Clear Lunar Island and the Heavenly Pivot Chapter. Both of them were traditional and orthodox sects but the Myriad God Ridge was just the Myriad God Patriarch's tool. All of Myriad God Patriarch's efforts went towards controlling the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, so he did not care how the Myriad God Ridge developed. Under such circumstances, it was no surprise that the Heavenly Pivot Chapter managed to catch up to the Myriad God Ridge.

"Sect Master Ren." Jing Yueyin greeted the middle-aged scholar.

Ren Yunzong cupped his fists. "Clear Lunar Island Lord, it's been awhile since we last met. You remain as graceful as ever."

"Sect Master Ren, judging from how your divine halo is converged, your cultivation must have improved again," said Jing Yueyin with a faint smile.

"It's nothing worth mentioning," replied Ren Yunzong lightly. "This meet is a stage for these juniors. I have long heard of the Clear Lunar Island's successor, Jing Yuesha."

Jing Yuesha raised her head slightly and said with a moving voice, "Greetings Martial Uncle Ren, I'm Jing Yuesha."

In front of Ren Yunzong, Jing Yuesha felt like she was facing a towering mountain or a bottomless abyss. She felt palpitations in her heart.

As for Ren Yunzong, he was known as a martial fanatic with excellent talent. Such a person left even his peers bemoaning their own adequacies.

Jing Yuesha did not dare to be impolite to such a magnificent senior.

"Yea, not bad." Ren Yunzong swept his gaze across her and could easily pick up on her talent. His eyes could not help but betray his gasp of admiration.

Upon receiving Ren Yunzong's affirmation, even though it was just two simple words, Jing Yuesha was slightly delighted.

"I only brought a bunch of incompetent disciples. Zijian, come over," said Ren Yunzong.

A young man immediately stood forward from the Heavenly Pivot Chapter's ranks. His eyes were piercing like swords and he had a cold expression. It was as though his heart, mind, and hands were all as sharp as a sword.

"Greetings Clear Lunar Island Lord, I'm Xia Zijian," said the young man as he cupped his fists.

"Good." Jing Yueyin nodded in satisfaction.

"By the way, Martial Aunt Jin, I heard that the Myriad God Ridge's genius disciples will be joining us on the trip to the Heavenly South Great World. Where might they be?"

Xia Zijian was young and high-spirited. He wanted to see the geniuses from the Myriad God Ridge and compare himself to them.

Jing Yueyin looked at Yi Yun and shook her head. She said, "The Myriad God Ridge's genius disciples won't be coming on this trip to the Heavenly South Great World. However, the Myriad God Sect Master is here."

"Myriad God Sect Master? I have met him once before. To greet him again today is quite the opportunity. Might I know where the sect master is?" Xia Zijian asked.

He had indeed met the sect master once before. But even so, it was only right for him to greet a senior.

When Jing Yuesha heard Xia Zijian's reverential tone, she pointed behind him and said, harboring evil thoughts, "There he is, right behind you."

The moment Xia Zijian heard that, he was alarmed. Right behind him? Had he actually ignored such an important figure? He even had his back to him. It was extremely impolite.

He hurriedly turned around and cupped his hands with his head bowed. He said, "Greetings Myriad God Sect Master, I'm Xia Zijian. Sorry for my impoliteness. Please forgive me!"

Just as his voice faded, Xia Zijian looked up and his expression changed instantly.

Who was this?!

Xia Zijian looked at Yi Yun in shock.

Where was the Myriad God Sect Master? Who the hell was this fellow? Was Jing Yuesha teasing him?

Yet the youth stood composed, as though he was accepting his bow?

Since he wasn't the Myriad God Sect Master, he should have immediately made way!

But Xia Zijian never expected Yi Yun to say nonchalantly to him, "Martial Nephew Xia, dispense with the formalities. We have never met before."

At that moment, Xia Zijian's face sunk as though everyone owed him a hundred Spirit Jade. However, from Yi Yun's point of view, the Heavenly Pivot Chapter’s sect master had the same demeanor as his disciples.

This was truly what it meant when they said the marrow of tradition…

However, at that moment, Xia Zijian's face was already green. He could read Yi Yun's cultivation level. It was only at the eighth-storey Dao Palace, yet the punk was amusing himself at his expense.


Xia Zijian's voice rang out like an extremely sharp sword being drawn.

And at that moment, Clear Lunar Island Lord spoke, "Martial Nephew Xia, this is indeed the Myriad God Sect Master. Yi Yun recently became the Myriad God Sect Master, and he will be traveling with us today."

Xia Zijian was dumbstruck when he heard that. Thinking back to the moment he greeted the youth, he felt like he just swallowed a fly.

Was the Myriad God Ridge crazy? Why was the position of sect master handed down to such a young punk?