True Martial World Chapter 1304

Chapter 1304: Brightheart Veranda
Chapter 1304: Brightheart Veranda

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"There are so many experts. You don't see cities like this on Clear Lunar Island," said one of the Clear Lunar girls wistfully.

While passing through Cloud Pool City, she was dazzled by experts and stores of all shapes and sizes.

Clear Lunar Island Lord said, "There are indeed many experts here, but there's no need to be overly astonished. In the Calm Sea, the experts are concentrated in the sects. Most people in the cities are mortals. But here, the city itself is a territory of a sect. With the Heavenly South Peaks Meet attracting many experts, it naturally makes everything seem grander."

Jing Yuesha nodded, "Master is right. This city is simply in a different situation than any from the Calm Sea."

As Jing Yuesha spoke, everyone felt a rich Yuan Qi inundate them. They looked up and saw a majestic palatial building. It was constructed entirely from bricks made of Spirit Jade. The bricks were of great quality, middle-grade Spirit Jade as well as some supreme-grade Spirit Jade.

A plaque hung in front of the building with the words: Brightheart Veranda.

Spirit Jade was the common currency of the Sinkhole. It was overly extravagant to construct an entire building out of it.

"What kind of place is this?" asked Xia Zijian out of curiosity.

"Brightheart Veranda is a restaurant, one of the businesses of the Pillheart Sect. The Pillheart Sect is not to be trifled with, even though its strength is inferior to the three ancient countries of the Heavenly South Great World. However, the Pillheart Sect is not only restricted to the Heavenly South Great World, it has many branches distributed across the Sinkhole. Add all of them up, and the Pillheart Sect is a behemoth, one that is even more powerful than the Outcloud Empire," Jing Yuesha introduced.

Years ago she had traveled the Heavenly South Great World, and so was very acquainted with its political and social situation.

"More powerful than the Outcloud Empire?"

Xia Zijian was somewhat astonished. The Sinkhole was just too massive. The deep heritages of its many major factions were unimaginable.

Jing Yuesha chuckled and continued, "This Brightheart Veranda is very famous in Cloud Pool City. The food served is not your run-of-the-mill dish. They have a specialty called the Love Seeking Phoenix In Clouds. Countless people come here to try it but it's very difficult to have even a taste of it. Getting a reservation takes ages. I came here a decade ago and was lucky to receive a VIP card. I can eat at Brightheart Veranda without a reservation. Are you all interested in having a taste of the food?"

Jing Yuesha was quite pleased with herself. She thought herself as a host of sorts in the Heavenly South Great World. Back when she was out traveling, she had thrived in the Heavenly South Great World. It brought her a sense of satisfaction to be able to introduce seniors and disciples from the Clear Lunar Island and the Heavenly Pivot Chapter to an extravagant meal at an exclusive establishment.

"Alright, let's have a try." Xia Zijian was very interested. "By the way, Junior Sister Yuesha, how did you obtain your VIP card?"

Jing Yuesha was even happier when Xia Zijian asked. She was praising Xia Zijian in her heart: "You sure are socially adept. I was waiting for someone to ask that question!"

Jing Yuesha deliberately acted unconcerned and said, "Getting the VIP card was nothing much. It was given to me by the Brightheart Veranda. Actually, the Brightheart Veranda does not accept applications for VIP cards. Wealth is naturally one aspect they consider, but more importantly, one has to have a certain level of fame and status. Back when I was traveling the Heavenly South Great World, I fought a few geniuses from Cloud Pool City. I did quite alright, gaining me a little fame. It was then that the Brightheart Veranda sent me a VIP card, and I just accepted it."

"Oh, is that so?"

Xia Zijian's eyes lit up. He immediately turned excited. As a young elite, he was eager to excel over others. Also, he was very sure of himself.

Since Jing Yuesha had obtained a VIP card, it meant that he could too. When the Heavenly South Peaks Meet began, he would definitely become famous!

When the time came, he could steal the show in front of the Clear Lunar Island and win the admiration of the Clear Lunar Island beauties, as well as the commendation of the Heavenly Pivot Chapter seniors.

"Since all of you are interested, let's go in and take a look," Ren Yunzong said with a smile. He was obviously able to pick up on the competitive streak forming between the juniors and saw it as a good thing.

Brightheart Veranda only accepted reservations, but it did not seem to be the toast of the town as one might expect. Many of its individual private rooms were empty.

After the group of people entered Brightheart Veranda, a beautiful attendant came over immediately. "Might I ask if you have a reservation-"

Before the attendant could finish speaking, Jing Yuesha slammed her VIP card on the table.

It made a crisp smacking sound, after which Jing Yuesha spoke leisurely, "Get me a private room. A bigger one. I have many people with me."

The attendant looked at the VIP card and said with a courteous smile. "I'm sorry. Brightheart Veranda does not have any vacancies left today."

"Huh? Why?"

Jing Yuesha was a little dumbstruck. "Don't you have some private rooms that are empty? Besides, I have a VIP card. Why are you telling me that there aren't any vacancies?"

The attendant replied, "It's Princess Redjoy's birthday today. In addition, the occasion coincides with the Heavenly South Peaks Meet so Princess Redjoy used her birthday as an opportunity to host a banquet and invite all of her friends. She has reserved every private room on this floor."

"Reserved… reserved every room?" Jing Yuesha was dumbfounded. "Aren't rooms in Brightheart Veranda very exclusive? Doesn't a VIP card only allow one reserved room? How can she reserve the entire floor while I can't even reserve one room?"

"About that…" The attendant looked coyly at Jing Yuesha. "It's because Princess Redjoy's VIP level is very high while your VIP level is insufficient…"

When the attendant said those words, Jing Yuesha nearly choked.

Her VIP level was insufficient!

Jing Yuesha felt her face burn. She had planned to bring the group to eat at Brightheart Veranda and posture. In her imagination, she would have ordered a table of Brightheart Veranda's specialties. The Love Seeking Phoenix In Clouds would definitely be greatly acclaimed when it was served.

Yet not only was she unable to posture, she ended up looking like a retard.

Back when the Brightheart Veranda gave her a VIP card, she was quite smug about it. But on second thought, she had never asked what level the VIP card was. Could it be the lowest VIP card? If she knew earlier, she wouldn't have wanted it!

Jing Yuesha was vexed. The reversal happened too quickly and it had caught her off guard. She had never felt so embarrassed her entire life. If it had happened only in front of the Clear Lunar Island disciples, it would have been fine. But it happened in front of the Heavenly Pivot Chapter and… Yi Yun!

Jing Yuesha was already exasperated with the fellow. She wished to make the arrogant punk realize how famous she was in Cloud Pool City but with this upset, wouldn't Yi Yun end up laughing himself to death?

Upon thinking of this, the embarrassed Jing Yuesha could not help but shoot a furtive glance at Yi Yun. However, there wasn't much of an expression on his face. He seemed to be smiling but she was unsure if her mind was playing tricks on her. She had a nagging feeling that Yi Yun was mocking her.

Jing Yuesha clenched her teeth and sent the beautiful attendant a voice transmission secretly. "Babe, can you make an exception? Aren't there many private rooms upstairs? I can pay a little extra…"

The attendant who had been placed in a difficult position shook her head. There were rooms upstairs but they were not reservable at Jing Yuesha's level. If it were any other time, she could have made the exception but this was during the Heavenly South Peaks Meet. Every room was in high demand.

"Yuesha, forget it!" Jing Yueyin said. She did not mind if she could eat at Brightheart Veranda or not. There was no reason to cause a dispute over such matters.

Just as Jing Yueyin finished her words, a group of people walked in. Leading them was a red-dressed girl. She looked to be in her twenties with almond-shaped eyes and cherry lips. She had a voluptuous figure and long slender legs.

"Is my banquet prepared?" asked the girl. Her extremely pleasant voice was clear and loud.

"Princess, you have come early. Of course, we are finished with preparations."

A woman who looked to be in her thirties appeared suddenly and entered the conversation. With a beaming smile, she walked over to welcome the red-dressed girl.

"How can I neglect Princess Redjoy's birthday banquet? Of course everything has been prepared to perfection."

The woman sounded hospitable. Although the Brightheart Veranda had the Pillheart Sect backing it, it really was just another business.

Since the business was run in Cloud Pool City, it realized how friendliness was conducive to business success. The woman was the third manager of Brightheart Veranda so she naturally came out to personally welcome a distinguished guest like Princess Redjoy.

"Alright, sorry for troubling you, Auntie Su." Princess Redjoy was very polite to the woman.

And as she spoke, Princess Redjoy noticed Jing Yuesha and company.

Upon seeing her, Princess Redjoy was stunned. "It's you?"

Jing Yuesha had naturally seen Princess Redjoy as well. In fact, she had recognized Princess Redjoy the moment she stepped in. Her expression had turned for the worse a long time ago.

"So you are Princess Redjoy!" Jing Yuesha clenched her fists and said angrily.

Years ago, she had traveled the Heavenly South Great World and acquainted herself with many people in Cloud Pool City. Princess Redjoy was one of those people. Of course, there was some tension between the two as they got to know one another.

She never expected to bump into Princess Redjoy again on this trip to Cloud Pool City. How true was it that enemies often cross each other's paths!