True Martial World Chapter 1317

Chapter 1317: Herb Nurturing Technique
Chapter 1317: Herb Nurturing Technique

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"Thirty million mid-grade Spirit Jade?"

When Su Muyan and Prince Boundless Heaven heard the bid, they were stunned. They had been assuming that the price of fifteen million, raised slowly in increments of five hundred thousand, was already extremely close to the Abyssal Red Lotus Seed's true value. So they never expected that someone would directly make a bid that doubled it!

"It's that Yi punk!"

Prince Boundless Heaven just stared at Yi Yun as he could not close his agape mouth. How could the punk be that rich?

As Prince Boundless Heaven was of royal birth, and he believed that his wealth was something very few juniors could match. However, the amount Yi Yun had casually shouted far exceeded his imagination. Didn't he come from the Calm Sea? Since when did juniors from the Calm Sea have such terrifying amounts of wealth?

Prince Boundless Heaven subconsciously gulped mouthfuls of saliva.

"Do… Do you really have that much Spirit Jade?" he asked. However, Yi Yun ignored him completely. There was no need for him to prove his wealth to Prince Boundless Heaven.

At that moment, Elder Mu finally revealed a smile. He looked at Yi Yun and asked cordially, "Dear friend, might I know your name?"

Upon seeing Elder Mu's smile, Yi Yun was rendered speechless. The old fellow was not one to take action without a clear target. "Greetings Senior, my name is Yi Yun."

Yi Yun!

Everyone's eyes were concentrated on Yi Yun.

They did not know Yi Yun's full name previously, only hearing that he was the one who caused Brightheart Veranda to be shuttered.

"So his name is Yi Yun. Everyone said that he is a sect master but I thought he had just conferred the title for himself. Who knew that he's so rich? He bid thirty million so easily. That’s the action a sect master of a typical large sect would take."

Many people sighed inwardly. If farmers of a few villagers gathered together and their leader conferred himself the title of emperor, it would naturally be an event that invited ridicule. However, if the combined wealth of the villages was more than a country, people would suddenly find themselves unable to laugh.

"Our young friend, Yi Yun has bid thirty million. Is anyone going to bid further?"

Elder Mu smiled as he looked around. Yi Yun had been constantly observing Elder Mu, but the old fox’s expression wasn’t doing anything to give away the price he had in mind.

After a long silence, someone finally spoke. "Thirty-five million."

The person who spoke was surprisingly Pillheart Sect's Master Su!

From the moment Elder Mu took out the Abyssal Red Lotus Seed, Master Su had been smiling silently. He did not join in on the bidding war between the juniors. It was only when Yi Yun made his bid that he finally spoke.

"This old bastard."

Yi Yun looked at Master Su. These old men were very crafty. He immediately understood that Su Muyan's competition with Prince Boundless Heaven was likely instigated by Master Su. By getting a junior to step forward, he could probe Elder Mu's reserve price without revealing his own intentions. He never expected Yi Yun to suddenly participate in the auction, so he gave up on his careful probing.

Instantly, everyone looked at Yi Yun. They were waiting for his response. At such auctions, there was an unspoken rule that juniors would compete with juniors while seniors would compete with seniors. That was because the natural treasures required by old freaks were different from those used by juniors. Furthermore, if a junior tried to compete with a senior, not only would they face the immense pressure of having insufficient wealth, they would also be suppressed by their lack of strength and standing.

If a junior were to offend an old freak, they might suffer in the future.

Yi Yun returned to his seat. He did not speak but the auction did not stop either. The Divine Empire of Thunder's Imperial Perceptor slowly raised his hand. "Forty million!"

Everyone was astounded. Another bigwig had joined the fray. The competition for the Abyssal Red Lotus Seed was beginning to rage like a storm!

"Forty-five million!"

Master Su responded almost immediately. He was expressing his determination to obtain the Abyssal Red Lotus Seed.

Prince Boundless Heaven was already dumbfounded by how high the price had gone. The damaged lotus seed was actually worth that much? Was his discernment that terrible? He felt that it was at most worth fifteen million.

"Heh! Master Su, for you to show such determination, it appears the Pillheart Sect's Herb Nurturing Technique must truly be spectacular," said Divine Empire of Thunder's Imperial Perceptor. His words left many people stunned.

Herb Nurturing Technique?

"What's that?" Jing Yuesha was baffled.

"It's a special technique to handle natural treasures. By setting up a massive array through an alchemical cauldron, an incomplete, flawed, or damaged natural herb can be placed inside and nourished for hundreds of years, allowing it to be renewed. That is what it means to nurture a herb!"

"So that's the reason. It's no wonder they are willing to bid such a high price. They are planning to repair the Abyssal Red Lotus Seed. Sect Master Yi… you sure are knowledgeable…"

Jing Yuesha looked at Yi Yun with sparkling eyes. So far, Yi Yun had been able to answer her every question. She found it hard to believe that his age was about the same as hers.

Yi Yun chuckled. "I do know a little about Herb Nurturing Techniques."

What people took away from that sentence was that his knowledge was very ordinary. In fact, he was being very humble.

In terms of Herb Nurturing Techniques, the records written in the divine alchemist's notes were at a paramount level. Or it could be said that the divine alchemist had been researching Herb Nurturing Techniques in his later years.

The divine alchemist wanted to refine two legendary divine pills. They were the Elixir of Immortality and the Elixir of Resurrection.

The former made one immortal and the latter could bring one back from the dead!

Refining these two pills was easier said than done. It was impossible to refine them in one swoop. Therefore, the divine alchemist began researching Herb Nurturing Techniques.

By first refining a pill embryo, he could then make it take form using Herb Nurturing Techniques.

And after the divine alchemist's death, the worldly array he set up in the Sun Burial Sandsea was supposed to refine the legendary Elixir of Resurrection so as to revive his daughter that had died a long time ago.

All of that resulted in Yi Yun mistaking Ling Xie'er as the divine alchemist's daughter's soul back when he first arrived in the worldly array.

Although the divine alchemist ultimately failed to refine the Elixir of Resurrection, the reason for his failure was because the elixir was too heaven-defying. It went against the Heavenly Dao and reversed the cycle of reincarnation. But the Herb Nurturing Techniques that the divine alchemist left behind were absolutely flawless.

"Fifty million. The Imperial Perceptor has bid fifty million. Are there any higher bids?" the coquettish woman beside Elder Mu asked. Her voice was very pleasant to the ears.

At that moment, Yi Yun raised his hand. "Eighty million!"


Everyone was stunned by that number. For him to shout eighty million in one go, it was as though he did not treat money as money. It was as though it was all a meaningless number.

"This punk is way too aggressive!"

People believed that Yi Yun had stopped bidding because he lacked the courage to compete with seniors. Not only had he not stopped vying for it, his bid had completely overwhelmed the other parties. His courage was astounding.

"He is aggressive but this also means he will be offending the Divine Empire of Thunder and the Pillheart Sect."

People waited to watch the situation unfold. Indeed, due to Yi Yun's bid, the expressions of Imperial Perceptor and Master Su sank. It was fine if they competed with each other, but if a junior joined their fray and even used an amount much higher than theirs to price them out, they would find it intolerable.

The Imperial Perceptor grunted and did not say another word.

Eighty million far exceeded his estimated price. Although the Divine Empire of Thunder had Herb Nurturing Techniques, the grade of the Abyssal Red Lotus Seed was too high. It was very difficult to nurture it well. At best, they could restore its medicinal properties to forty to fifty percent. And even that would require a lot of time and monetary investment.

But Master Su was more confident in this aspect. The Pillheart Sect was a lot more brilliant than the Divine Empire of Thunder when it came to Herb Nurturing Techniques.

"Junior, don't reach for what is beyond your grasp. Do not ruin your future just because of your personal feelings."

Master Su's Yuan Qi voice transmission rang in Yi Yun's ear. It contained faint killing intent.

Yi Yun sneered. He could not be bothered to respond to Master Su. Yi Yun was bent on obtaining the Abyssal Red Lotus Seed. He had other, better uses for it.

Others were thinking of nurturing the herb to restore the seed's medicinal properties.

However, Yi Yun planned to completely awaken the slumbering vitality within the Abyssal Red Lotus Seed. He would then plant the seed, allowing it to grow into a complete Abyssal Red Lotus!

Once he succeeded, Yi Yun would profit immensely. The Abyssal Red Lotus was one of the most rare sacred herbs in all of the Sinkhole. The important Elder Mu treated the withered seed as a treasure, so one could only imagine the value of a complete Abyssal Red Lotus that was capable of producing many more lotus seeds!

This fire-elemental divine treasure was of great use to Yi Yun!