True Martial World Chapter 1319

Chapter 1319: The Auction's Rules
Chapter 1319: The Auction's Rules

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Su Boyang's eloquent assertion made Yi Yun want to rip the skin off the old bastard's face. He had never seen someone as thick-skinned as him.

"Master Su, isn't it a little farfetched to claim that our young friend Yi Yun's heritage comes from your Pillheart Sect just because of a pill recipe?"

Elder Mu knitted his brows as well. Su Boyang was truly shameless. He was actually making such audacious claims because of one pill recipe.

However, further thought made it obvious that the old bastard was shameless. Were he not, he would not have directly threatened Yi Yun with a voice transmission. For an old freak to threaten to a junior because he failed to outbid him at an auction was clear evidence of his character.

"There is a way to verify if I have wrongfully maligned him. I believe our young friend here has things that are related to my Pillheart Sect. In particular, an alchemical cauldron my Pillheart Sect lost… Although the cauldron was lost, we have the remnants of the cauldron's core array. These remnant array pieces have been kept in my Pillheart Sect for tens of millions of years. In recent days, it has had a sudden reaction to something. Us Elders from the Pillheart Sect were initially unsure of what triggered the reaction but now, I have my suspicions…"

When Su Boyang said that, he squinted his eyes at Yi Yun. He was only guessing and was not certain.

Yi Yun's heart skipped a beat.


He guessed that the cauldron Su Boyang referred to was the Divine Alchemy Cauldron!

Su Boyang's claim that they possessed the remnants of the Divine Alchemy Cauldron's core array was obviously true. The Divine Alchemy Cauldron and the array's remnants would definitely still have some sort of connection.

"Could it be that you suspect that Yi Yun's interspatial ring holds your Pillheart Sect's cauldron?" asked Elder Mu.

"That's right. And I would like to verify it. Since it is a heritage item of my Pillheart Sect, we have to get it back. According to the Heavenly South Great World's rule of mandatory exchange, if someone finds treasures that are proven to belong to others, the original owner can use mandatory exchange to buy back their original treasures. But in reality, few people use the rule of mandatory exchange. This is because the Heavenly South Great World reveres the strong. Usually, such encounters would be resolved through force. Of course, my Pillheart Sect prefers to follow the rules. I believe our young friend, Yi Yun has only chanced upon our Pillheart Sect's items. As long as you take it out for exchange, I can guarantee you that the Pillheart Sect will not harp on past transgressions."

Su Boyang did not mention the Divine Alchemy Cauldron's price. That was because he was afraid others would be moved to nefarious thoughts by the potential wealth. Secondly, he really did not know.

In fact, the Pillheart Sect had never seen the Divine Alchemy Cauldron. They could only infer that the Divine Alchemy Cauldron was a valuable item based on the core array.

Su Boyang was unsure if Yi Yun really had the Divine Alchemy Cauldron but he was certain that Yi Yun must have obtained some impressive heritage. Otherwise, he would not have been able to produce the Godly Monarch Immortal Annulus or the eighty million mid-grade Spirit Jade, not to mention the Herb Nurturing Technique.

Su Boyang raised the so-called rationale of mandatory exchange mainly to announce at the auction that Yi Yun's items belonged to the Pillheart Sect. By taking his items according to the rule, they were doing so in an above board manner. Other sects were not to covet his items.

Even if hungry tigers fought for food, there were rules. The figurative piece of meat, Yi Yun, belonged to the Pillheart Sect.

"Sect Master Yi, sigh. Didn't Clear Lunar Island Lord exhort you to keep a low profile?"

Not far from Yi Yun, Ren Yunzong sent a voice transmission.

One had to be careful revealing their wealth at an auction. Despite lacking strength, Yi Yun had taken out a Godly Monarch Immortal Annulus. Wasn't that equivalent to telling others that he had stumbled on great fortuitous encounters, making him extremely rich?

Ignoring the fact that he was now being targeted by the Pillheart Sect, even if the managed to evade their attempts, many people probably now had thoughts of robbing Yi Yun.

Yi Yun replied nonchalantly, "As a junior, I naturally know that keeping a low profile is safer. But warriors such as us have to vie for opportunities when they present themselves. If we don’t, we could go our whole lives with no chance to reach the peak of martial arts. I will naturally shoulder the responsibility. Sect Master Ren, you do not need to worry about being pulled into the fray."

Yi Yun naturally knew what Ren Yunzong was thinking. He was only afraid of being implicated. He did not think too much of Ren Yunzong's thoughts since the Heavenly Pivot Chapter had nothing to do with him. It would be foolish to pin his hopes on them to help him resolve his problems.

"You… Hmph! I was just advising you but you didn't recognize my kind intentions. You truly do not know better!"

Ren Yunzong's expression turned ugly. Although he did have such thoughts, he could not maintain his composure when they were exposed by Yi Yun.

"How about it? Might I borrow your interspatial ring to take a look, Yi Yun? If there's really a cauldron or the Herb Nurturing Technique, I will purchase it according to market rates."

Master Su said with a sneer in an aggressive manner.

As for the talk of market price, only a fool would believe him. Be it the cauldron or the Herb Nurturing Technique, one could know with their toes how precious they were.

"Su Boyang, are you done!?" Elder Mu suddenly spoke out. His voice was cold, dropping the temperature of the area a few notches.


Su Boyang felt his heart jolt. At that instant, he felt a tremendous aura envelop him. It tightened his heart.

He looked at Elder Mu and saw the immense aura lock on to him.

Although Elder Mu looked calm on the surface, Su Boyang felt like he had a sword pointed at his glabella. The elder in front of him seemed to transform into a dangerous primordial behemoth.

He realized that he had truly tried Elder Mu's patience.

It was as though too much time had passed and many people had forgotten the strength within the chuckling old man.

"Mandatory exchange is a rule of the Heavenly South Great World. The Heavenly South Peaks Meet's auction follows my rules. At this auction, all of you have to abide by my rules."

Elder Mu enunciated each word forcefully. Every word seemed like a sword that was stabbing into Su Boyang's soul sea.

Su Boyang felt his heart palpitate when he heard that. His aura was completely suppressed by Elder Mu.

Su Boyang clenched his teeth, cupped his fists and said, "Sorry for my rude behavior. Please forgive me for offending you, Elder Mu…"

In front of absolute strength, he could only bend over. However, it did not matter. His intention in speaking was to announce his 'rights' to the prey that was Yi Yun. He had achieved his goal.

"Then, let's continue!" Elder Mu said lightly. As he spoke, his aura withdrew. The atmosphere suddenly became a lot more relaxed.

After that display, no one dared to act rashly again.

However, many people believed that Yi Yun was doomed.

Elder Mu had indeed protected Yi Yun but that was because it was at his auction. Elder Mu only needed to ensure that the auction rules were abided by. Yi Yun was not his disciple. Once the auction was finished, Elder Mu had no obligation to ensure Yi Yun's safety.

Awaiting Yi Yun after the auction was the behemoth that was the Pillheart Sect. There were also other factions hoping to take their share of the loot by killing him in secret to seize his treasures.

Regardless of how it unfolded, Yi Yun's outcome was clear. At that moment, everyone was watching Yi Yun. He had bid at ridiculous prices, so it was obviously impossible that they did not feel envious. Now that they saw Yi Yun in trouble, many of them gloated at his misfortune.

"Does Yi Yun not realize this at all? He is only a warrior at the Dao Palace realm. By being so arrogant at an exchange, how is he different from a lamb jumping into a pack of wolves to provoke them?"

People discussed silently. When Prince Boundless Heaven heard such discussion, he revealed a delighted smile. The opportunity for revenge came too fast. He was waiting, waiting for the moment Yi Yun was eaten clean.