True Martial World Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Yi Yun distributes food
Chapter 132: Yi Yun distributes food

Jiang Xiaorou and Yi Yun hugged for a long time before separating.

“Yun’er, how did you do at the selection?” Jiang Xiaorou was worried about Yi Yun’s results at the selection. Would he be unsuccessful, resulting in Lian Chengyu to cause him trouble in the future?

After all, from Jiang Xiaorou’s impression, Yi Yun had only been practicing martial arts for a short time, and it would be difficult for him to pass the selection.

But at the moment Jiang Xiaorou asked the question, she suddenly thought of something. Her hands were on Yi Yun’s shoulders and she sized up Yi Yun’s clothes…

“Flying fish robe!” Jiang Xiaorou actually knew about such clothes.

In the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, the clothing of the nobles were very particular.

Embroidered with flying fish, it was called the flying fish robe. Flying fishes were unformed dragons. Under tough conditions, they could become a dragon.

Above the flying fish pattern, there was the python pattern, known as Python robes; Qiuniu (1st Child of the Dragon) pattern known as the Qiuniu robe; and divine crane pattern known as Crane robes.

Reaching the royal family, there were the Qi Lin, flying dragons, five-clawed dragon patterns, etc.

Different clothes meant different rankings.

“Yun’er… You can’t simply wear such clothes. If you someone noticed it, you will be exiled! These are clothes that only nobles can wear. Quickly take it off.” Jiang Xiaorou said as she touched Yi Yun’s collar. She had subconsciously thought Yi Yun was wearing the clothes of others.

In Jiang Xiaorou’s subconsciousness, the difference between nobles and commoners were too great. It was extremely difficult for commoners to become nobles!

Jiang Xiaorou could not believe Yi Yun would become a noble.

But very soon, Jiang Xiaorou realized it. Her hand froze in mid-air and looked disbelieving at Yi Yun from top to bottom.

Jiang Xiaorou realized that Yi Yun was not only wearing a flying fish robe, he also had a Yanchi saber.

Not only that, he had rode a near-horned beast to see her.

The near-horned beast was the mount of the Jin Long Wei. It was impossible to steal, even if someone stole it, they would not be able to handle it!

These things could not be someone else’s.

As such, Jiang Xiaorou had reached an incredible conclusion–

“Yun’er, you… you’ve been made a noble!?” Jiang Xiaorou was stunned.

Yun’er became a noble just by participating in the Kingdom’s selection!? How was that possible?

Could it be Yun’er’s performance was exceptional, causing him to be made a noble at twelve years of age?

“Sis Xiaorou, I’ve passed the Kingdom’s selection, and got first place in Mortal Blood! I’m already an elite member of the Jin Long Wei. The Jin Long Wei Thousand Households has made me a Kingdom Knight. In the future, I’ll have my own territory in the central plains and I’ll bring Sis Xiaorou there to lead a good life.” Yi Yun said happily.

A lot of the time, bliss was simple. When you obtained what you wanted and then sharing it with someone, that was bliss.

For Yi Yun’s ambitious future goals, to be made a Kingdom Knight was nothing. It was just the start.

But now, Yi Yun was very pleased from the bottom of his heart with his title. Because, it meant a lot to Jiang Xiaorou!

Kingdom Knight meant glory!

Jiang Xiaorou looked dazedly at Yi Yun, as if she was still in a dream.

Mortal Blood first place… Jin Long Wei elite… Kingdom Knight…

Yun’er not only passed the selection, and he had exceptional results, becoming a Kingdom Knight of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom?

Jiang Xiaorou knew Yi Yun had some fortuitous event, and after gaining the help from a “old man Su”, it was no wonder his strength had increased tremendously. But she had never expected that Yi Yun could be made a noble.

Jiang Xiaorou took a long while before she could accept the news as it was too amazing.

“Sis Xiaorou, you even know about flying fish robes…” Jiang Xiaorou’s knowledge surprised Yi Yun. Yi Yun had the impression that Jiang Xiaorou was just a seven-year-old when she left her family clan.

For a seven-year-old to read so many books and know so much; it was far from what an average child could do.

Yi Yun was curious over Jiang Xiaorou’s background.

“Sis Xiaorou, I plan for you to practice martial arts with me.” Yi Yun had been considering this for a long time.

The lifespan of mortals was too short. Yi Yun did not want Jiang Xiaorou to die young, so he wanted Jiang Xiaorou to practice martial arts as well.

In the past, Yi Yun did not even have food to eat, and was not able to let Jiang Xiaorou practice martial arts.

But now, he was a Kingdom Knight. He had a lot more resources, so letting Jiang Xiaorou practice martial arts wasn’t impossible.

Yi Yun had the Purple Crystal Origins. The Purple Crystal Origins could absorb energy, but it was within his body. It would be difficult for him to transfer the energy the Purple Crystal absorbed to Jiang Xiaorou.

For Jiang Xiaorou to cultivate, he had to use other resources.

“I wonder what Sis Xiaorou’s level of talent is…” Yi Yun knew Jiang Xiaorou had an extraordinary background, so she might even have better talent than him?

In the future, if Jiang Xiaorou had the ability to protect herself, Yi Yun would feel assured.

“Yun’er, I’ll follow your wishes.” Jiang Xiaorou nodded and replied softly. In the past, Jiang Xiaorou would make the decisions for Yi Yun. Now that Yi Yun had slowly grown up, Jiang Xiaorou began to get accustomed to Yi Yun making the decisions for her.

“But make sure you don’t affect your own cultivation training.” Jiang Xiaorou added. She knew that cultivating needed a lot of resources. If she cultivated, she would have to use some of Yi Yun’s resources.

“That wouldn’t happen.” Yi Yun laughed. “Let’s go, Sis Xiaorou. I’m bringing you back to the village!”

Yi Yun had left for about an hour. The people of the Lian tribal clan all waited by the village entrance until Yi Yun came back.

Jiang Xiaorou was sitting on the near-horned beast and then she realized that about five thousand people of the Lian tribal clan were here. For a moment, Jiang Xiaorou was stunned.

It was rare to see such a scene even during ceremonies.

The entire tribe’s five thousand people, including the high and mighty tribal elders looked at Jiang Xiaorou with complicated looks.

The village girls were envious of Jiang Xiaorou. Why couldn’t they have such a younger brother in the family?

In the future, Jiang Xiaorou could follow Yi Yun and not worry about clothing or food. They would enter the upper-class circles. They didn’t dare to think of such a life.

As for those evil people who had previously bullied Jiang Xiaorou, they were all scared out of their wits. In front of Jiang Xiaorou, they were like mice in front of a cat.

The children who had thrown the cow dung had shrunk into the crowd. They did not dare look at Jiang Xiaorou. Their boss was on the floor vomiting blood. What could they do? They were deeply regretting their actions.

“Ai, Missus is back. It must be hard on the Missus!” Liu Tie was attentive. He immediately changed his salutation of Jiang Xiaorou to “Missus”. This made Jiang Xiaorou take a while to realize he was addressing her.

“Sis Xiaorou!” Zhou Xiaoke ran over into the arms of Jiang Xiaorou.

The relationship between Jiang Xiaorou and Zhou Xiaoke had always been good. They had been separated for two months, and could almost be described as being a life-and-death separation. Back when the house was burned down, Jiang Xiaorou had left the house before that, and Zhou Xiaoke thought Jiang Xiaorou would never come back.

A girl walking out into the vast wilderness was equivalent to committing suicide.

Seeing Jiang Xiaorou standing there well, Zhou Xiaoke couldn’t help but tear up.

Now, they were all back. Brother Yi Yun, Sis Xiaorou were all safe. Things would only get better in the future.

Jiang Xiaorou’s eyes got puffy. She touched Zhou Xiaoke’s head and felt joy. The things she cared about had not been lost. Having not lost anything was such a good feeling.

The two girls hugged for a long time before separating. Jiang Xiaorou looked at the crowd and asked Yi Yun, “Yun’er… what’s this about?”

“Giving out the food!” Yi Yun smiled.

The Jin Long Wei had brought food, so it was natural to hand them out.

There was limited supply of food brought with the near-horned beast. It seemed like a lot, but there was not enough for the entire Lian tribal clan’s population. With a thousand households, there were thousands of people. It was no small amount to feed all these people.

The food Yi Yun brought with him was actually not enough.

So Yi Yun had a clear way of distributing. The amount distributed was based on their character. The good were given more, the bad could stand by the side!

Seeing Yi Yun stand in the middle of the square with a mountain of grain and meat beside him, the tribal elders’ eyes were twitching.

Life was full of ups and downs!

Back then, when the tribe distributed the rations, Yi Yun had gotten into an argument with the warrior preparation camp because of a small bag of grain. He was nearly beaten up. Lian Chengyu came out, and secretly harmed Yi Yun. If not for the Purple Crystal, he would have been dead.

But today…

Those who had wanted Yi Yun’s life were now crippled and could not live much longer. And now, the power to distribution the food was with Yi Yun. It was decided on his whims!

These tribal elders were bitter. They knew that as the ruling class, they would definitely not be getting much…

“Aunt Wang, Uncle Zhou, Xiaoke!” Yi Yun beckoned to Aunt Wang and Zhou Xiaoke, “This food is for you.”

Yi Yun picked out five heavy bags of grain, three bags of vegetables and a few cleaned beast meat and handed it to Aunt Wang.

Such a large pile of food made many jealous. With this, Aunt Wang’s family did not need to eat porridge anymore. They could eat fragrant white rice, cooked meat and fried vegetables. It was heaven on earth.

Aunt Wang could not help grinning. Zhou Xiaoke’s face glowed and held Yi Yun’s hands. She was thrilled.

“Uncle Sun, this is for you…” Yi Yun handed out food based on his memories to the kinder families. After receiving the food, these people cheered up.

But having tunneled to this world, Yi Yun did not have memories before he was twelve. Yi Yun did not know most of the people in the Lian tribal clan. He did not know who were good or bad, and had to ask Zhou Xiaoke and Jiang Xiaorou.

Those they said were good were given food. Those they said were bad were told to go as far as possible.

“What about this person?” Yi Yun pointed at a man who was prepared to collect the food. Upon this question, the man became tense.

“Brother Yi Yun, he’s a good man, ” Zhou Xiaoke said.

“Oh.” Yi Yun nodded his head, and without moving a finger, Liu Tie had already given out the food.

“How about this person?” Yi Yun asked again. The person was a lanky man. He forced a smile and looked towards Zhou Xiaoke, giving a sycophant look.

But Zhou Xiaoke ignored it and said with a face of disgust, “Brother Yi Yun, that man is called Zhou Chang. He’s very bad. He often bullies others, and even bullied Elder Sister Zhao!”

Zhou Xiaoke was blunt. Zhou Chang’s face turned green and his mouth agape. He did not dare to refute.

How things change! He had never expected that he would fall under the control of this little girl.

“F**k, what are you standing there for? Don’t make me attack you. Get lost!” Liu Tie pulled up his sleeve and scolded.

“Young master Yi, I…not even just…just a little?” Zhou Chang scrunched up his face, trying to make himself look pitiful.

“Damn! As if Young master Yi is someone you can speak to. Get lost. There isn’t enough food for the good people, and you want it to be given to bad people like you? Dream on!” Liu Tie kicked at Zhou Chang. He was full of disdain. He had totally forgotten that he was once not considered a good person.

Zhou Chang was mercilessly kicked by Liu Tie, but for this, Yi Yun felt nothing. Those who had been bullies and and lived their lives through extortion had more food stocked up in their houses. With grass-roots and wild vegetables, they wouldn’t starve.

The villagers lined up in anxiety. They were afraid that they had previously offended the two girls beside Yi Yun. If they had done so, they would be doomed.

The two girls now had the power to control the people’s fate. When the two girls nodded, bliss shined upon them. When the girls shook their heads, they knew to get lost, saving the lackey Liu Tie to do the job.

With Yi Yun backing the two girls, they were now the princesses of the villager. Everyone looked at them with fear and respect. The bullies of the village, and the warriors of the warrior preparation camp were now all obedient chicks. In front of Yi Yun, even the dragons had to coil and the tigers crouch. Furthermore, they were neither dragons nor tigers, at best they were monkeys who could jump.

After the rations were distributed, some were in misery, some were in jubilation.

That evening, there was smoke coming out from several houses. Under the setting sun, the smoke silhouetted the blue sky.

The long missed aroma of rice and roasted meat were eaten hungrily by the families. There was laughter and joy throughout the fields. It painted a happy farming family picture

This was the most primitive pleasure and it was what made people happy and satisfied.