True Martial World Chapter 1326

Chapter 1326: Taste of one's own medicine
Chapter 1326: Taste of one's own medicine

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"Cough, cough!"

Su Boyang coughed out blood. His face was as pale as wax paper.

Over the hundreds of thousands of years since he became an Elder of the Pillheart Sect, Su Boyang was always treated with utmost respect by other large factions. People would be afraid that they failed to entertain him well enough. Numerous Heavenly South Great World experts, including figures like King Yi, would prepare substantial gifts for him, hoping that he would refine pills for them.

Su Boyang believed that he would live the rest of his life in such a hallowed state, experiencing the full range of wealth the martial world had to offer him, the life of a star.

He never imagined that there would come a day when he and his martial nephew would be hung on a cliff together.

It was extremely insulting!

"Martial Uncle, will…someone…from the sect save us…"

Su Muyan was suffering from a pierced lung so every word he said leaked air out of his chest. The pain he suffered was excruciating.

He could only pin his hopes on Pillheart Sect experts coming to save them. There were many experts in the Pillheart Sect, and they were now their only hope.

Before Su Muyan could finish his sentence, he stopped talking. He suddenly saw Yi Yun holding a blue sword in the night. He was standing amid corpses that were sprawled across the ground. There was blood on his sword that was dripping to the ground.

Only then did Su Muyan realize that aside from him, all the other Pillheart Sect juniors had been killed!

Su Muyan felt suffocated. He had been in a semi-conscious state and was completely unaware of Yi Yun's actions. The corpses that were strewn across the ground appalled him.

"You…you killed seven of my Pillheart Sect geniuses at once…"

The Pillheart Sect had prevailed over the Heavenly South Great World for too long. For ten thousand years, Pillheart Sect disciples would be treated with utmost respect wherever they went. But today, Yi Yun and the old man had killed Pillheart Sect disciples like they were slaughtering animals. They did not hesitate at all. This made Su Muyan horrified. He could see his own outcome on the faces of the dead Pillheart Sect disciples.

"I just killed seven retards that thought too highly of themselves. Do you think that my taking of their lives is something I should find impressive?" Yi Yun sneered as he shook his sword. An ice-blue frost Qi emanated, freezing the blood on the sword. The red ice crystals shattered and scattered to the ground, cleansing the sword of any stains.

Old Snake had already completely taken down the dark-faced middle-aged man and the ghostly woman. He rubbed his hands and said languidly, "How do you want to deal with these people? Kill them all?"

Old Snake asked very naturally but his voice contained killing intent. It left one distraught.

"You’re welcome to try." The beautiful woman glared viciously at Yi Yun as she threatened. "The Pillheart Sect would not let you off… You would never be able to do anything in public again as the Pillheart Sect would want you dead. There are also many instances of when death is not the most terrifying outcome."

Her voice was chilling as though it came from the deepest abyss. It contained an aura that would leave anyone shuddering.

"Oh?" Yi Yun chortled. "Pray, do tell me. What is more terrifying than death?"

"Hmph! If you kill us, the Pillheart Sect will make you pay an extremely terrible price. Our alchemists can refine many pills that would make you wish you were dead once you consumed them! You would be tortured by the Pillheart Sect for hundreds of thousands of years. When the time comes, death will feel like an especially blissful thing to you!" the beautiful woman continued.

Yi Yun could sense a ghastly aura in the woman's voice. Although she had been taken down by Old Snake, her voice was still imbued with an aura that attacked his soul. It easily made him feel fear, enough even to make him consider backing down.

"Torture me for hundreds of thousands of years? I'm actually rather intrigued about such methods," said Yi Yun as he stroked his chin.

A glint flashed in the woman's eyes. "Go ahead and think I'm only joking. Our operation that targeted you today is naturally known by the Pillheart Sect. There is no way you can escape responsibility if we perish in this canyon. You’d be challenging the entire Pillheart Sect! You will experience the most terrifying and tragic torture!"

The woman continued her threats. She was not lying. Anyone that wasn't crazy would turn apprehensive when facing a behemoth like the Pillheart Sect.

"I'm really a little afraid of your threat," said Yi Yun nonchalantly. He wiped his interspatial ring and a green jar appeared in his hand out of thin air.

The jar was originally an urn that contained a mighty figure's ashes. It was obtained by Cang Wu in an ancient mystic realm. After Yi Yun killed him, the jar landed in Yi Yun's possession.

Yi Yun patted the top of the jar.


With a light ring, a green smoke appeared out of the jar. The smoke constantly billowed as it manifested into a grotesque face. It bared its teeth and claws as though it was a devil.

Poison Demon, who was born out of the ashes in the urn, had previously been utterly defeated by Ling Xie'er. He had no choice but to sign a soul contract with Yi Yun, one that had him completely submit to Yi Yun.

Over the past year, Yi Yun did not pay any attention to Poison Demon and had nearly forgotten him. He never expected that when he was facing the ghastly woman, Poison Demon would suddenly send out an intense soul fluctuation.

"You want to consume her?"

Thanks to the contract, Yi Yun could perceive Poison Demon's intentions.

Poison Demon nodded his head incessantly. "Yes, Master. This vicious woman cultivates in the Ghost Dao and her body has fused with an Eon Ghost Monarch. I have a feeling that by devouring it, my strength would increase by leaps and bounds. Furthermore, I can search this vicious woman's soul for any information of value, which I'll naturally report to you, Master. After searching her soul, I can torture her for hundreds of thousands of years, making her wish she was dead. When the time comes, she will feel how blissful death is."

Poison Demon chuckled as he revealed a fawning smile. He already looked grotesque so his smile only made him more horrendous.

Of course, this smile made the woman shudder when she saw it!

She never expected her own threats to be used by Poison Demon against her!

In addition, she was acutely aware that Poison Demon was not joking.

Just looking at the urn was enough to let her know that Poison Demon had quite a substantial origin. It had been born from the urn in a period of time that was probably a lot more ancient than her Eon Ghost Monarch.

Why is this happening… That old man with the ragged clothes said that he had lived for more than a hundred million years—a period that far exceeded the Pillheart Sect's history. And the green smoke demon, that she had no idea where Yi Yun had obtained it from, was also such an ancient existence?

If her soul was truly devoured by Poison Demon, followed by hundreds of thousands of years of torture, that was truly an unimaginable pain. Unknowingly, the woman's face had turned pale.


She was completely terrified. She had planned on scaring Yi Yun but she never expected Yi Yun to be completely capable of dealing with her in the exact same way.

However, Yi Yun completely ignored her. He looked at Old Snake and asked, "Senior, do you have any desire for the Ghost Monarch…"

"Not at all. It's all yours." Old Snake did not think anything of these people.

Yi Yun nodded and waved his hand indifferently at Poison Demon. "Since you feel that devouring this Eon Ghost Monarch would help you evolve, go ahead…"

"Thank you, Master!"

Poison Demon roared in excitement. It immediately transformed into a massive green smoke that billowed like apocalyptic fumes before rushing towards the woman.

"Ah—! No! Wait!"

The woman yelled in despaired horror. Having cultivated in the Ghost Dao, she dreaded the thought of having her soul devoured more than other warriors because she understood the outcome far more than they ever could.

However, her wails were useless. Her entire body was enveloped by the green smoke, and it did not take long before her body was void of all signs of life. Her soul had been extracted directly. Of course, what left Poison Demon drooling was the Ghost Monarch that had fused with her soul.

"Search her soul properly. Report any information of value to me. As for the old woman's soul, do as you please."

Yi Yun had no pity for the woman. Warriors that cultivated in the Ghost Dao were not the most benign people. In order to advance their Ghost Dao cultivation, they killed countless people and refined many captured souls. These souls would suffer all sorts of torment before completely dissipating.

"Yes! Master."

Poison Demon was extremely excited and Su Boyang and Su Muyan were overwhelmed with horror when they heard its voice.

They originally felt delighted hearing the woman threaten Yi Yun. They believed that the tremendous threat of the Pillheart Sect would make Yi Yun shudder in fear.

But in a blink of an eye, everything was reversed. The ones shuddering in fear were them.

They now realized that no matter what Yi Yun did next, he had the means to make them wish for instant death!