True Martial World Chapter 1328

Chapter 1328: Heavenly Pivot Sword
Chapter 1328: Heavenly Pivot Sword

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By the time Yi Yun returned to Cloud Pool City, it was already dawn. And it was the day the Heavenly South Peaks Meet's martial tournament was to begin.

There were already many people traveling down the streets of Cloud Pool City at daybreak. They were all shuffling towards the center of Cloud Pool City.

The tournament was an important segment of the Heavenly South Peaks Meet. Many old freaks might pay more attention to the auction from the previous day, but few people had a chance of actually seeing the auction. In comparison, the tournament allowed entry to anyone in Cloud Pool City who paid an entry fee.

"Sect Master Yi, why weren't you at your residence? We have been waiting for you for quite a while."

Back when Yi Yun returned to the inn, the Clear Lunar Island's entourage were already there waiting for him.

As it was the first day of the Heavenly South Peaks Meet's tournament, Jing Yuesha wished to invite Yi Yun to join her but she learned from the inn's manager that Yi Yun had left about three hours ago. Jing Yuesha was very worried when she didn't see him return.

"Young Master Yi, the Pillheart Sect wishes to skin you alive so why were you traveling around alone at night? What would happen if Su Boyang and company decided to ambush you?" said Jing Yuesha. She never imagined that Yi Yun would actually exit Cloud Pool City.

Yi Yun laughed and said, "Su Boyang won't ambush me. Instead, the Pillheart Sect's grudge against me has probably gone deeper."

Jing Yuesha frowned when she saw Yi Yun's cheeky smile. "Young Master Yi, this is no laughing matter. Let's go to the Heavenly South Peaks Meet first. There's some planning for us to do. The people from the Pillheart Sect would not dare to take action at the Heavenly South Peaks Meet."

"Let's go, Sect Master Yi." Jing Yueyin said as well. She noticed that Yi Yun was extraordinary, far exceeding her standing.

Therefore, she did not object to Jing Yuesha's closeness with Yi Yun. Her only wish was that Yi Yun would survive the upcoming calamity and, if possible, grace the Clear Lunar Island in the future.


Yi Yun followed the Clear Lunar Island entourage to the Heavenly South Peaks Meet's tournament.

In the middle of Cloud Pool City was a gigantic square that spanned about five kilometers. There were already more than a hundred thousand people gathered in the square.

More than a hundred thousand people sounded like a lot but they were scattered across the huge square. It was not tight at all. Instead, people seemed scattered across the square.

Among the crowd in the square, Yi Yun saw the Heavenly Pivot Chapter!

With the tournament about to begin, Xia Zijian was dressed in clothes sewn from Heavenly Silk. He held a purplish-gold sword, and together with his clothes and rather handsome looks, he seemed somewhat high-spirited and enthusiastic.

The sword was named the Heavenly Pivot Sword and was wielded by the incumbent sect master. It was a cornerstone treasure of the Heavenly Pivot Chapter that had been handed down ever since it was established. As he was participating in such a huge tournament, Xia Zijian was given the chance to temporarily borrow it. It was so that he could obtain good results at the tournament.

Upon seeing Yi Yun appear, Xia Zijian pricked up his brows. He never expected Yi Yun to appear so free and composed with the Pillheart Sect's forces so oppressively present.

"Sect Master Yi, are you here on a tour? You look really euphoric." Xia Zijian said with a faint smile.

The Heavenly Pivot Chapter was not like the Clear Lunar Island. They were bound not to have much interaction with Yi Yun in the future. They only yearned to demarcate a clear line from Yi Yun, afraid that they would be implicated.

"Hey, isn't this Martial Nephew Zijian?" Yi Yun said in a surprised manner, as if he had just happened upon Xia Zijian.

The words 'Martial Nephew Zijian' made Xia Zijian frown. This punk was still trying to get the better of him verbally despite death rearing down on him.

Previously, with Ren Yunzong present, Xia Zijian had no choice but treat Yi Yun respectfully. But now that Yi Yun was doomed, he no longer felt much apprehension. In terms of age and cultivation level, Yi Yun was slightly weaker than he was. Yi Yun had no right to act high and mighty as a sect master in front of him.

Xia Zijian snorted coldly as he gently brandished the sword in his hand.

"Wow, this sword of yours…" Only then did Yi Yun seem to notice the Heavenly Pivot Sword in Xia Zijian's hand.

The corners of Xia Zijian's mouth curved up. He thoughtlessly moved his sword so that he could present the most perfect side of the Heavenly Pivot Sword.

The sword was the Heavenly Pivot Chapter's pride and joy. Xia Zijian was not even allowed to touch it in the past, much less use it. Now, he could finally use it, and for such a grand tournament. He was naturally excited! As for typical warriors, they would usually hide their swords in their interspatial ring but Xia Zijian was different. He couldn’t bear the thought of that and so kept holding the sword in his hand. He fully intended to show it off.

Xia Zijian was quite pleased that Yi Yun had the power of discernment to tell the extraordinariness of the sword.

Just as he was about to brag about it, Yi Yun suddenly spoke out again.

"Is this sword the one you bought from that street-side store you mentioned that day when we separated? It looks decent enough. It's worth some Spirit Jade."

Yi Yun stroked his chin as he studied the Heavenly Pivot Sword, as though he was extremely well-versed in appraising treasures.

"You…" Xia Zijian was incensed. A few days ago, they had separated because Ren Yunzong did not wish for Yi Yun to follow them. He had indeed used the excuse of looking at treasured artifacts so as to separate from Yi Yun.

Back then, Yi Yun had shown his disdain for the low quality of the store they had chosen. Xia Zijian could have ignored it but now, Yi Yun was insulting his sect’s cornerstone treasure. Xia Zijian could no longer tolerate it.

"People often say that one can be blind despite having eyes. I thought that for you to become sect master, you would be someone rather knowledgeable but I never expected… Hehe, so the Myriad God Ridge is this and nothing more. The sect master it chose is not only young, but he also lacks the most basic discernment," Xia Zijian mocked.

The Heavenly Pivot Chapter disciples laughed in unison, echoing Xia Zijian's words.

As for Xia Zijian, he began to secretly inject Yuan Qi into the Heavenly Pivot Sword.

Instantly, the Heavenly Pivot Sword flashed with a crimson beam as fiery runes lit up. The sword even began to emit a clear hum as though it was about to shoot forward.

Upon seeing the Heavenly Pivot Sword's reaction, even Jing Yuesha was slightly alarmed. She had previously heard of the Heavenly Pivot Sword but she had never seen it before. Now, seeing the sword being powered by Yuan Qi, the runes that appeared made her have no choice but to admit that it was a good sword!

"With my strength, I can at best produce about ten to twenty percent of the Heavenly Pivot Sword's power. But it's enough to be considered a divine dragon among weapons, with no peer!" Xia Zijian said proudly.

He was very pleased with the reaction of the people around him, especially the slight surprise in Jing Yuesha's eyes. He could not help but look at Yi Yun to express his pride.

This sect master is lacking in so much knowledge that he has probably never held such a good sword, right?

Upon coming to this conclusion, Xia Zijian turned even more gleeful.

Yi Yun did not speak but slowly took out a sword from his interspatial ring. The sword was azure-blue in color, and it was none other than Mirage Snow.

Huan Chenxue had once said that Mirage Snow had already undergone a change. Even Bai Yueyin herself would not recognize it; therefore, Yi Yun was not afraid of others recognizing Mirage Snow.

With Mirage Snow in hand, Yi Yun injected his Yuan Qi into it.

The sword's frost Qi emanated as an ice-blue glimmer slowly gathered around it!

Mirage Snow was the female counterpart of the Yin and Yang swords. It was absolutely one of the best swords in the world and had unrivaled sword Qi which subjugated all swords. Furthermore, the Yuan Qi that Yi Yun injected into the sword was many times stronger than Xia Zijian's. It was on a completely different level.


Mirage Snow produced a long hum as powerful sword Qi radiated outwards in a suppressive manner. The Heavenly Pivot Sword was the first to be inundated by it and, due to the suppression, it began to tremble suddenly. The runic glow on the sword turned unstable before it slowly dimmed. In a short while, the Heavenly Pivot Sword's runic glow vanished.

On the other hand, Mirage Snow's sword Qi became even more sharp and powerful. Under its sword Qi's suppression, the Heavenly Pivot Sword obediently hid in its sheath and did not dare produce any sword hums.

Upon seeing this scene, Xia Zijian was dumbfounded. What was going on?

He subconsciously shook the Heavenly Pivot Sword, hoping to get the runic patterns to light up again but the Heavenly Pivot Sword did not respond at all, as though it was an ordinary metal sword. Xia Zijian’s eyes widened and were fixed on the Heavenly Pivot Sword in his hand, stupefied by its nonreaction.