True Martial World Chapter 1329

Chapter 1329: Dao Calamity Tower
Chapter 1329: Dao Calamity Tower

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"Senior Brother, what was that about…?"

The other Heavenly Pivot Chapter disciples beside Yi Yun were stupefied. They had seen the sect's cornerstone treasure sword's might. It would shoot out beams of sword Qi in an indomitable fashion. But today, the Heavenly Pivot Sword seemed to lose its powers and effects.

"What sort of origin does the sword in Yi Yun's hand have?"

The Heavenly Pivot Chapter disciples were no fools either. When they recovered from the splendor of the display, they realized it was likely because of Mirage Snow. But what sort of sword would it take to repress the Heavenly Pivot Sword, preventing it from releasing even a strand of sword Qi?

Upon seeing Yi Yun's sword, Xia Zijian's face turned red from embarrassment. He could ignore the fact that he was inferior to Yi Yun in alchemy, but now his greatest pride—the Heavenly Pivot Sword—was completely repressed by Yi Yun. Furthermore, it had happened in front of girls his age such as Jing Yuesha. This made the proud Xia Zijian want to immediately cleave Yi Yun apart.

"How a sword fares depends not only on the sword, but also the person using it…" Jing Yueyin said slowly from close by. Her voice wasn't loud but everyone present heard it loud and clear.

Back when the Heavenly Pivot Chapter abandoned Yi Yun, it was considered underhanded but not faultable. However, Xia Zijian took the extra step of deliberately making sarcastic remarks in front of Yi Yun before he left. His flaunting of the Heavenly Pivot Chapter’s deep heritage spurred the usually low-profile Jing Yueyin to speak up for Yi Yun. From her point of view, Yi Yun was a weak single force who was still being pursued by the Pillheart Sect. He was naturally the underdog.

"I…" Upon hearing Jing Yueyin kick him while he was down, Xia Zijian felt aggrieved. If it were any other person saying something like that, he would have fiercely retorted. However, the person was Jing Yueyin, someone whose strength and status far exceeded his. What else could Xia Zijian say?

At that moment, a rather deep voice sounded. "Clear Lunar Island Lord, when have you ever spent the time and effort to help me discipline my sect's juniors?"

Yi Yun glanced over and the person who spoke was Ren Yunzong.

After establishing boundaries with Yi Yun, Ren Yunzong was no longer on good terms with the Clear Lunar Island when he noticed the clear bias the Clear Lunar Island had towards Yi Yun. This made Ren Yunzong no longer care about being polite to Jing Yueyin as he did before.

Ren Yunzong did not come alone. Following him was someone Yi Yun knew, as well as a gray-shirted man.

The old acquaintance was Prince Boundless Heaven, who Yi Yun never expected to know Ren Yunzong.

As for the gray-shirted man beside Prince Boundless Heaven, he had sallow skin and he looked ordinary. With his inconspicuous attire, he was the kind of person who would be lost in a crowd. Not only that, his aura was extremely converged. If not for Yi Yun possessing the Purple Crystal's energy vision, he would not have been able to tell him from a mortal.

However, Yi Yun was certain that the gray-shirted man's strength wasn’t lacking. He was likely at the beginning stages of the Supremacy realm and he wasn't old. The way he converged his aura likely stemmed from a mystic technique.

"Young Master Yi, this is someone from the Dao Calamity Tower. Be wary of them."

Jing Yuesha's voice transmission sounded in Yi Yun's ears.

"Dao Calamity Tower?" Yi Yun had never heard the name before.

"This person has the Dao Calamity Tower's emblem on his chest. The Dao Calamity Tower is a faction in the Emperor Ridge Great World. When I was traveling the Heavenly South Great World, I learned of them. They only have a weak subsidiary branch in the Heavenly South Great World but due to its main branch, it is not to be underestimated."

"I see…" Yi Yun nodded. The Sinkhole was too big and there were all sorts of intricacies and power struggles among the great factions.

"The Dao Calamity Tower does not have a good reputation. In the past million years, it was able to set foot in the Heavenly South Great World and develop itself. Once that happened, they began annexing other small sects. There were even some who got wiped out…"

Jing Yuesha knew a lot of what happened and this information had helped Yi Yun quite well.

"Yi Yun, what a coincidence. We meet again." The first person to speak was Prince Boundless Heaven. When he saw Yi Yun, his eyes emitted a subtle hint of disgust but he soon masked his feelings.

"It's probably not a coincidence. Let me guess. Are you here to seek revenge on me?" Yi Yun said languidly. Warriors had strong perceptions and for Prince Boundless Heaven to come here with Ren Yunzong, only a fool would believe that it was a coincidence. It was highly likely that he was there for Yi Yun.

"Revenge?" Prince Boundless Heaven frowned. Clearly, he felt Yi Yun's words lowered his status. "Hmph, a figure like you isn't worth my attention!"

Prince Boundless Heaven spoke coldly. His voice was extremely haughty. "If not for Brother Pingyun's desire to meet you, I wouldn't even be bothered to say another word to you."

As Prince Boundless Heaven spoke, the gray-shirted man behind him walked over. He was beaming. "Prince Boundless Heaven, don't worry. Young Master Yi, there's no need to continue this quarrel. I'm Chu Pingyun. I previously learned of your extraordinary skill in alchemy and that you casually produced a Godly Monarch Immortal Annulus at the auction. You are truly a young hero. I've heard a lot about you!"

The gray-shirted man cupped his fists.

Yi Yun also returned the salute. Although he was associating with Prince Boundless Heaven, he did not instantly treat the man as an enemy. After all, one didn't smack a smiling person.

"Brother Chu, is there any advice you have for me?"

"I wouldn't dare call it advice. I come here to give you a chance to survive!"

"Survive?" Yi Yun pricked up his brows and looked at Chu Pingyun.

"That's right!" Chu Pingyun nodded indifferently. "Brother Yi, it's already known by all that you are being pursued by the Pillheart Sect. In fact, the root reason for the Pillheart Sect's pursuit is profit. As the heritage you possess is what they truly desire, the Pillheart Sect will not do a thing to do you if the heritage is no longer with you."

Upon hearing Chu Pingyun's words, Yi Yun stroked his chin. "And you are telling me this because?"

"Simple. If you sell the cauldron and the ancient medical heritage to my Dao Calamity Tower, we will naturally publicize it. When the time comes, the Pillheart Sect will shift its sights on us. My Dao Calamity Tower will bear all the burden for you, Brother Yi!"

"When the Pillheart Sect fights us, it will naturally have nothing to do with you. My Dao Calamity Tower would even send a convoy of experts to escort you back to the Calm Sea and ensure that nothing untoward happens to you!"

Chu Pingyun spoke while Yi Yun remained silent. Yi Yun was chuckling inwardly. It was no wonder Chu Pingyun came to discuss something with him, and in all smiles at that. So he had such an intention. They wanted to obtain his treasures before the Pillheart Sect could make a move. They wanted to snatch food from a tiger's mouth!

Calling it an exchange was just mincing words. As for escorting him to the Calm Sea, Yi Yun did not trust his words at all.

Yi Yun had once wondered if the other major factions had really shied away in fear of the Pillheart Sect's obstreperous arrival. Now, from the looks of it, the Pillheart Sect was not fully capable of instilling that level of fear. Furthermore, Chu Pingyun had instantly mentioned the cauldron so they had likely noticed something. Even if they did not know that he had the divine alchemist's heritage, they were cognizant that he possessed some sort of extraordinary heritage.

"How much Spirit Jade are you willing to offer?" asked Yi Yun with a faint smile.

Chu Pingyun raised two fingers. "Two Godly Monarch Immortal Annuli!"

The price sounded like a lot but anyone who knew better would realize that two Godly Monarch Immortal Annuli was far from the value of Yi Yun's heritage. But this was a matter of fishing in troubled waters. No one expected there to be a fair exchange.

But at that moment, a voice suddenly sounded in Yi Yun's heart. It came from Ling Xie'er.

"Brother Yi Yun, this person is a baddie. Although he's smiling, he wishes to kill you."

"Oh?" Yi Yun was taken aback. Those with killing intent would usually be able to conceal it if they had a deep comportment. For example, although Yi Yun guessed that Chu Pingyun was hiding nefarious thoughts, he was unable to determine if he had generated the thought to kill. Yet, Ling Xie'er was able to clearly sense it.

"Xie'er, don't worry. I did not plan on trusting him to begin with," said Yi Yun calmly. From the looks of it, Chu Pingyun had no intention of paying a single Spirit Jade for the heritage. Instead, he was trying to cheat him of his items before slaying him!

If he did not guess wrong, all of this would happen right in Cloud Pool City. And it was because of this that he befriended Prince Boundless Heaven. To attack in Cloud Pool City, he needed the protection of Prince Boundless Heaven, so he would naturally give some of the spoils to Prince Boundless Heaven!