True Martial World Chapter 133

Chapter 133: You reap what you sow
Chapter 133: You reap what you sow

As the sun slowly set in the west, the people in the Lian tribal clan had their fill. This was the first time in their lives eating such a big meal. In addition to having starved for so long, it was a great joy to fill their stomachs.

After finishing their meals, it was time to digest it.

Going out to exercise was one of the best ways in aiding digestion. What exercises do the people of the Lian tribal clan do? There was one thing waiting for them, that was to–settle old scores.

Yi Yun’s return made everyone know they had been treated as fools by Lian Chengyu! Lian Chengyu had drunk the blood and eaten the flesh of the people. All he did was part of his plans for his own future.

The people starved so badly all because of Lian Chengyu!

What was ridiculous was they had been foolishly pinning all their hopes on Lian Chengyu, and singing his praises.

Those who suffered were a given; they had always been oppressed by Lian Chengyu, so they hated him.

Now, relying on Yi Yun, they had managed to eat a good meal. Lian Chengyu was not only their enemy, but their savior’s, Yi Yun’s enemy. Whether for themselves or for Yi Yun, they would not spare Lian Chengyu.

Even with Lian Chengyu crippled, it still did not quench their thirst for revenge. If they did not take revenge with their own hands, and just let the enemy die, who would want that?

Even Lian Chengyu’s lackeys hated Lian Chengyu. If not for Lian Chengyu, would they have made Yi Yun their enemy?

If they did not make enemies with him, would they not get food today?

The people of the vast wilderness had a very special way of thinking.

If Yi Yun did not give them food, they did not hate Yi Yun because he was strong. The people of the vast wilderness subconsciously believed that the strong controlled the fate of the weak, so they did not dare hate, nor was there any point to hate.

But they were starving, and they needed a punching bag to vent their anger. This punching bag could only be a weakling. Who was the weakling now? Clearly it was Lian Chengyu. This crippled ex-master had taken their food to exchange for the desolate bones and still failed miserably. None of his promises had been fulfilled, causing them to starve!

Hence, whether it was the commoners or the previous henchmen of Lian Chengyu, they all turned their spearheads at Lian Chengyu. Lian Chengyu had become public enemy number one!

Hence, that evening, a group of angry villagers rushed into the Patriarch’s compound to seek revenge on Lian Chengyu. The method they used to vent their anger was direct and simple. They threw cow dung onto Lian Chengyu’s house!

They felt that Lian Chengyu brought bad luck to the Lian tribal clan. If it wasn’t for Lian Chengyu, would they have starved? Using cow dung to remove this unluckiness was a must!

But there was no more cattle left in the village, so there were limited quantities of cow dung.

What if there wasn’t enough to throw? The clever villagers went to the Jin Long Wei encampment, and dug up the near-horned beasts’ dung.

The near-horned beasts did not need to eat or drink, but they could still finish an entire tree in a meal. Hence, the feces it passed out was spectacular! A wagon was not enough to hold it!

About seven villagers obtained the feces of the near-horned beast with great enthusiasm; this will be cool. The people believed that the effects of feces of near-horned beasts were better than that of cow dung, after all, a near-horned beast was more majestic than cattle by more than a hundred times!

As a result, near-horned beast feces rained onto the Patriarch’s compound. A group of tribal elders took flight from fear.

And the original Patriarch of the Lian tribal clan had fallen sick. Lian Chengyu was crippled so all the Patriarch’s hopes were dashed, hence he fell ill.

Some people depended on spiritual pillars to carry on living. When the spiritual pillar collapses, they would lose the will to live.

No one stopped the angry crowd; so quickly, the Lian tribal clan’s Patriarch compound was covered in dung.

About this… With such a great event, how could we miss Liu Tie?

As a man who dedicated himself to be Yi Yun’s henchman, Liu Tie would not miss any opportunity to show his loyalty to Yi Yun.

In fact, Liu Tie was one of the originators of this siege. He was the one who jumped the highest amongst the crowd. He was the most hardworking at throwing the near-horned beast dung. He took a shovel and shoveled chunks of feces into the Patriarch’s compound.

And he did it nefariously. He aimed for the windows so the house could be filled with the feces.

Lying in the house, Lian Chengyu was barely surviving and soon, he was covered in feces.

At this point, a tribal elder who had blood relations with Lian Chengyu plucked his courage and quietly entered the Patriarch compound. Under the torrent of feces, he pulled Lian Chengyu out of piles of feces.

After all the near-horned beast dung was thrown, Liu Tie was still not satisfied, so he shouted, “Folks, let’s set it on fire!”

The people of the vast wilderness were blind. With someone leading them, they all responded.

As such, torch after torch were lit and thrown into the Patriarch’s compound. Soon, the compound had turned into a big engulfing flame.

The flames roared into the sky. The fire was ten times more intense than the fires that burned Yi Yun’s house

Yi Yun stood in the mountains and looked at the fire from afar.

The same scene had happened in just a few months…

Back then Lian Chengyu distributed the food, today Yi Yun distributed the food.

Back then, wicked people ate good meals, and the kind were bullied. Today the kind were fed and the wicked starved.

Back then, Jiang Xiaorou had been besieged, with cow dung and fire burning down the house. Now the Patriarch’s compound had been besieged, with near-horned beast dung and fire burning down the Patriarch’s compound…

All this was a karma cycle. You reap what you sow.

Yi Yun suddenly sighed. In this world, the good were not necessarily rewarded. The evil were not necessarily punished.

The world was not fair. He could only make the world fair and just within the limits of his capacity!

Yi Yun was no saint, nor did he strive for world peace. This sort of thinking was not pragmatic.

However, Yi Yun wished that in the land he would claim, he would not see such unfairness.

The kind should receive bliss, and the wicked, punishment.

This was the simple but beautiful wish Yi Yun had.

The sun had completely set. The sky had darkened as Yi Yun came to the East River’s waterfalls.

The hundred meter drop caused the water to rumble, vibrating the eardrums.

After half a month, Yi Yun had returned to this familiar place. Yi Yun had previously practiced Dragon Dancing in Vast Water here, and had also met Lin Xintong.

Yi Yun closed his eyes in concentration. He began training. He took off his flying fish robe and wore dry linen clothes. His every move was delightful but they also contained explosive power.

After he finished a set of moves, Yi Yun felt something and turned his head. Under the star-filled sky, a girl in white was standing on a rock like a fairy…