True Martial World Chapter 1333

Chapter 1333: Battle Royal
Chapter 1333: Battle Royal

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"Lord, I do not know. I only received a voice transmission saying that South Manor Garden has been wiped out. The message mentioned that a group of experts suddenly launched an assault on South Manor Garden. They set up a massive array formation that ensured no one could escape. Perhaps no one survived the attack."

The subordinate answered Chu Pingyun gingerly. He was in charge of the Dao Calamity Tower's voice transmission array.

"No one survived… doesn't that mean my brother is dead too?" Chu Pingyun's eyes turned blood red. His younger brother was stationed in South Manor Garden, so the odds were definitely against him.

"Lord… I really do not know." The subordinate sweated profusely.

"If you know nothing, then what's the point of you living?" Chu Pingyun had nowhere to vent his killing intent at that moment. He suddenly took a step forward and ruthlessly struck his subordinate with a palm strike.


The subordinate cried out in pain as blood slowly meandered down his forehead. Chu Pingyun had crushed his soul seal with that single strike.

Prince Boundless Heaven watched this scene silently and with chills running down his back. He was not Chu Pingyun's match at all and once Chu Pingyun went mad, he might even harm him. He was already regretting involving himself in this matter. He originally believed that Yi Yun would be easily squashed to death and he would receive immense benefits. But from the looks of it, the situation was not that simple!

Prince Boundless Heaven didn't even want to take a look at the heritage anymore. He was just about to think of an excuse to take his leave when—


With a loud explosion, the ground trembled. The teacups and teapots on the table smashed to the ground, and the walls began to crack.

Someone was attacking the manor!

Chu Pingyun burned with anger. He had not even come to grips with the assault on South Manor Garden but now the manor they were in, with numerous experts gathered, was also being attacked! Were they sick of living?

"You came just in time! Great! I'll make sure none of you leave here alive!"

Chu Pingyun's eyes were filled with killing intent. Just as he was about to charge out, a loud clap was heard once again.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Violent explosions sounded in succession as the roof of the hall he was in was ripped apart. Following that, the heavy thick walls were blown away like paper. Chu Pingyun, who was caught up in all this, felt his lifeblood in disarray as he took several steps back before finally finding his footing!

"Who is it!?"

Chu Pingyun's expression changed. Their location was safeguarded by a massive protective array. It was jointly set up by a few core Elders of their sect and although they did not put too much effort into it, it should not have been torn apart in just two strikes.

This meant that the aggressor absolutely had the strength to face his Dao Calamity Tower experts. It was even possible that their strength exceeded his side's!

Who are they…

Chu Pingyun looked at the outfits of the aggressors. It was the Pillheart Sect!

"Pillheart Sect! Are you crazy!?"

Chu Pingyun produced a spear from his interspatial ring. Even if the Dao Calamity tower made an enemy of the Pillheart Sect because of the heritage, it should not have resulted in them attacking the juniors of South Manor Garden. Furthermore, it was a total massacre. The only outcome of such an attack would be a blood feud that left no room for negotiation.

"It's Old Scumbag Seven Kills!"

Chu Pingyun immediately recognized Elder Seven Kills, who was known for his fiery temper. He was prone to going on killing sprees and extremely protective of his brethren. Rumor has it that a nephew of his was out on an experiential training several years ago and was murdered by someone from a small sect who did not know whose nephew they were killing. That person ended up having his entire sect wiped from the face of the world.

"Is the Pillheart Sect declaring war on my Dao Calamity Tower? Do you really think my Dao Calamity Tower is afraid of you?" a deep voice blared.

The large headed man walked out from the secret chamber. Behind him were the Dao Calamity Tower experts.

"Cut the fucking bullshit with me. You know what you did! I just destroyed South Manor Garden as interest for your payback. Big Head Chu, you have always been an eyesore. Today is the perfect time for me to claim your life!"

Elder Seven Kills's voice was deranged as it caused the Yuan Qi in a fifty-kilometer radius to resonate in response. The Dao Calamity Tower and Pillheart Sect were factions that crossed several Great Worlds. The Heavenly South Great World was originally the Pillheart Sect's territory and when the Dao Calamity Tower expanded its operations there, it had already undermined the Pillheart Sect's interests. The conflict between the two was only a matter of time.

Therefore, Elder Seven Kills was not surprised that the Dao Calamity Tower was involved in this matter, even to the point of killing three Pillheart Sect experts. If Elder Seven Kills had his way, the Dao Calamity Tower would have been wiped out when they first arrived in the Heavenly South Great World a million years ago.

However, the large headed man misunderstood Elder Seven Kills's words. He thought he was referring to their secret contact with Yi Yun.

"All divine things belong to the capable. Who has the right to say that Yi Yun's things are the Pillheart Sect's? Old Scumbag Seven Kills, I finally understand why everyone in the world calls you overbearing. Since you want to fight, we will take you on!"

"Hehe!" Elder Seven Kills grinned hideously. At that moment, a few black dots appeared along the horizon. They were extremely fast and, in an instant, they appeared around Elder Seven Kills.

Upon seeing these people suddenly appear, the large headed man had a drastic change in expression.

How did the Pillheart Sect gather so many experts in such a short period of time?

He was even more alarmed when he saw the masked trio.

The three masks were white but they were adorned with winding red patterns. Such special masks could screen off any perception. And these particular masks were the mark of a famous assassination organization in the Sinkhole—God Annihilating Way!

The God Annihilating Way was extremely mysterious. No one knew where their headquarters was. They did not ally with any faction and only placed importance on money. If the price was paid, they would even dare to kill God!

"Why would they hire the God Annihilating Way…"

The large headed man was somewhat taken aback. The Pillheart Sect had taken action too quickly. It was as though they had already expected the Dao Calamity Tower would attack them. It was impossible to gather so many experts in just two hours.

"Wait! There might be a misunderstanding!"

He suddenly felt that something was amiss, as though he had fallen into the nefarious plans of someone else. However, he had yet to realize who the culprit was.

"Misunderstanding? Fuck your misunderstanding. Are you trying to stall for time so that reinforcements can come? Stop dreaming. Attack!"

At that moment, the Pillheart Sect held the absolute advantage. Elder Seven Kills had paid a handsome price to hire the God Annihilating Way in order to completely obliterate his opponents. There was no way he would entertain the large headed man's nonsense. His attacks were always ruthless, and no one was spared.

At that moment, the martial tournament was about to begin at the Heavenly South Peaks Meet. The various large sects had arrived and at that moment, Clear Lunar Island Lord noticed that something wasn’t right.

"Eh? Why aren't the people from the Pillheart Sect here?"

The Pillheart Sect would obviously participate in the tournament. They had a total of six young disciples that qualified. Their leader, Su Muyan, was even a seeded contestant. Although it was impossible for him to become champion, it was possible for him to enter the top twenty. For an alchemist, such strength was already astounding.

But at that moment, none of the Pillheart Sect disciples arrived. Even the judges from the Pillheart Sect did not attend. That was odd.

"Perhaps they overslept…" Yi Yun adjusted his sleeves as he said in a totally unconcerned manner.


Clear Lunar Island Lord didn’t have an appropriate response for that.


Jing Yuesha burst out laughing. "Young Master Yi, that's very funny of you. How can they oversleep when it's something this important? Speaking of which, that Chu Pingyun from before didn't seem like a good person at all. You should be wary of him."

"I didn't trust him." Yi Yun answered her simply.

"That's good." Jing Yuesha nodded. However, she was still worried about Yi Yun and the way the Dao Calamity Tower was eyeing him. Yi Yun might be able to handle the first wave but he was unlikely to survive the second.

"Young Master Yi, did you really give Chu Pingyun a portion of the heritage?"

From Clear Lunar Island Lord's point of view, Chu Pingyun would have immediately detected a problem if the heritage in Yi Yun's interspatial ring was fake. However, Chu Pingyun was beaming with delight so it had to be quite some treasure.

She guessed that Yi Yun had indeed given a portion of his heritage. And only by doing so was he be able to send Chu Pingyun away.

"They were just some prized collection," said Yi Yun nonchalantly. He did not know what Old Snake's prized collection was either.

"Young Master Yi, I know what you are planning. However, wolves will always want meat. Giving them some bones each time can send them away but once the bones are gone, they will still attack."

Clear Lunar Island Lord was worried for Yi Yun. The Dao Calamity Tower and Pillheart Sect were two behemoths. It was difficult for Yi Yun to survive in light of the situation.

Just as Clear Lunar Island Lord was speaking, the ground suddenly quaked. It was as though an earthquake had happened.

"What's the matter?"

Everyone present stirred. They felt the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in the surrounding environment produce intense fluctuations. And the source came from outside Cloud Pool City as though a powerful Yuan Qi explosion had happened there.

"Experts are fighting. There are people fighting outside the city."

Clear Lunar Island Lord quickly ascertained the situation. Although she was far from the fight, she could sense the strength of the fighters through the intensity of the Yuan Qi fluctuations. It was definitely a massive battle between experts!

"Who are the ones fighting?"

Clear Lunar Island Lord sent out her perception but, due to both the distance and the rousing Yuan Qi on the battlefield, she was prevented from successfully probing.

"Look! It's the Pillheart Sect's cauldron!"

Someone exclaimed. People looked over and saw a large cauldron fly up. Previously, the large cauldron was seated outside Cloud Pool City. Many had seen the Pillheart Sect experts arrive on the cauldron!

People thought that the cauldron's experts were here to kill Yi Yun but now, the Pillheart Sect seemed to be fighting with another faction.

"One of the fighting factions is the Pillheart Sect!" Clear Lunar Island Lord said out loud. It was already obvious.

It was definitely a good thing for Yi Yun if the Pillheart Sect fought another faction. She could not help but look at Yi Yun, but what she saw left her stunned.

Yi Yun was looking indifferently out the city. The intense battle outside the city did not perturb him. There was no look of pleasant surprise in his eyes, not even an iota of astonishment or curiosity. It was as though the massive battle was all within his calculations.