True Martial World Chapter 1334

Chapter 1334: Craving to see the world plunge into chaos
Chapter 1334: Craving to see the world plunge into chaos

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At that moment, Clear Lunar Island Lord could not be bothered to probe the battle with her perception. She looked at Yi Yun in astonishment. Yi Yun's indifference did not seem faked, despite the Pillheart Sect being a faction that could rob him of his life.

"Sect Master Yi, do you know who the Pillheart Sect is fighting?" A thought suddenly came to Clear Lunar Island Lord, so she immediately asked Yi Yun. She had a nagging feeling that Yi Yun had anticipated all that was happening.

"It's likely the Dao Calamity Tower." Yi Yun had no reason to conceal the matter from her.

"The Dao Calamity Tower?" Clear Lunar Island Lord was astonished. "Sect Master Yi, you gave the Dao Calamity Tower one ring and now they’re fighting because of that?"

Clear Lunar Island Lord found it unbelievable. If it were that simple, then the conflict between the Dao Calamity Tower and Pillheart Sect was too easily instigated. Two powerful factions would not go to war so easily. Once the flames of war spread, it was destined to result in an internecine outcome.

She could not help but fix Yi Yun with a more penetrating gaze. She was certain Yi Yun had done something. The way Yi Yun acted in front of Chu Pingyun was rather strange. Looking at it from the side, the whole exchange contained profound implications that she did not understand.

"Young Master Yi, now that the Pillheart Sect is fighting outside, shouldn't you take this opportunity to leave Cloud Pool City?"

An idea suddenly came to Jing Yuesha. From her point of view, this was the most opportune moment for Yi Yun to escape Cloud Pool City.

Yi Yun smiled. It wasn't that he did not want to leave, but Old Snake was insistent on staying. Old Snake now had his sights set on the Longevity Extending Pills.

Since Old Snake was unwilling to leave, Yi Yun was in no hurry. He was actually wondering if he could get more benefits from the Heavenly South Great World. With Old Snake around, it wasn't difficult for him to make a full retreat if need be.

"Kid, I'll go take a look. I want to see how fiercely the two opposing factions are engaged in battle. I might even add some fire to the flames of war."

Old Snake sent Yi Yun a voice transmission. The old bastard was the messed-up type, the kind that craved to see the world plunge into chaos. He loved doing things such as stabbing people in the back. Having encountered such a massive battle, the first thought he had was to join in the fun.

Before Yi Yun could even answer, he sensed that Old Snake's aura had vanished. A voice reached his ear: "I have left a mental imprint on you. If you are in danger, I'll rush here immediately."

After the voice transmission ceased, Old Snake flew out of Cloud Pool City.

At that moment, hundreds of kilometers away, the battle was already flaring like a raging fire.

The Dao Calamity Tower had suffered serious losses!

The Pillheart Sect came prepared with Elder Seven Kills, the top combat force of the Pillheart Sect, and three experts from the God Annihilating Way, so they were beating the Dao Calamity Tower into utter submission.

Three of the six Elders that were stationed at the gathering point were already killed. Countless other young disciples were either injured or killed!

"I'm Prince Boundless Heaven. I'm Outcloud Empire royalty. You can't kill me!"

Prince Boundless Heaven was overwhelmed by terror as he witnessed Elder Seven Kills's massacre. He was already deeply regretting his collusion with the Dao Calamity tower. If he knew this would happen, he would not have gotten involved in the messy situation no matter how good the benefits were.

"Prince Boundless Heaven?"

Elder Seven Kills sneered. If it were any other Elder, they might have cared about Prince Boundless Heaven's identity, but Elder Seven Kills was unlike most Elders. He was still in a rage as he slammed down at Prince Boundless Heaven with a palm strike.

Prince Boundless Heaven turned pale when he saw the gigantic palm pressing down at him. At the instant between life and death, he suddenly struck his own chest, spitting out a mouthful of blood essence onto a yellow talisman charm.

The talisman went ablaze as it blocked Elder Seven Kills's strike.

This was the greatest trump card Prince Boundless Heaven had to preserve his life. And he had no choice but to use it at that moment. Unfortunately for him, his talisman was completely decimated by Elder Seven Kills's strike!

Prince Boundless Heaven cried out tragically as he flew backward. He felt that all his bones were fractured by Elder Seven Kills's strike. His meridians were cracked into a mess.

Elder Seven Kills did not continue his attacks when he saw that Prince Boundless Heaven remained alive. He decided to keep him alive as a bargaining chip for negotiations with the royal family.

"Seven Kills! Someone else has you doing their bidding!" The large-headed man, now with disheveled hair, yelled out. The intense battle had caused the Dao Calamity Tower to lose three experts. The rest were heavily injured and they were on the brink of a total wipeout. The Pillheart Sect had already set up a massive array that would annihilate them all. Not one of them would be spared.

The large-headed man was burning with rage. He wished he could massacre the entire Pillheart Sect but at that moment, he needed to explain the situation clearly or he would really perish there and then without knowing why.

He did not know what had happened but his intuitions told him that all of this had something to do with Yi Yun!

"There must be some misunderstanding between us!"

"Misunderstanding? Heh, your Dao Calamity Tower killed three of my Pillheart Sect's Elders and a bunch of genius juniors. What misunderstanding are you talking about?"


Killed three of the Pillheart Sect's Elders and a bunch of genius juniors!?

When did this happen!?

In order to do that, the Dao Calamity Tower would have needed to dispatch experts to partake in the operation. How could the large-headed man not have known of an operation at such a large scale?

Recalling earlier events, particularly Chu Pingyun and Yi Yun's interactions, and the ring filled with erotic paraphernalia, the large-headed man's mind went abuzz.

Very clearly, his Dao Calamity Tower was shouldering the blame for someone else!

"It's that little bastard! Ahhhhh!"

The man roared crazily. Not far from him was the heavily injured Chu Pingyun hiding in the corner. When he heard the conversation between the large-headed man and Elder Seven Kills, he felt like he had been punched heavily in the head. His mind went blank.

"What… what… have I done…"

When he looked at the wretched state the Dao Calamity Tower's gathering point was in, as well as the three Elders' corpses in the ruins, he felt a mouthful of blood stick in his chest. He wanted to spit it out but he could not. He was incensed!

He finally understood that he had been scammed by Yi Yun!

During his interaction with Yi Yun, he had acted in a superior and bumptious manner, thinking that he had Yi Yun twirling about his fingers. He secretly mocked Yi Yun's stupidity but in reality it was completely the opposite. He had been played like a fiddle by Yi Yun and in Yi Yun's eyes, he was the absolute retard!

He had taken the initiative to bear the brunt for Yi Yun, causing the Dao Calamity Tower's gathering point outside Cloud Pool City to be completely annihilated!

What was even more laughable was that he brought back pornographic paraphernalia as though he had obtained the heritage. He even gave it to the Elders hoping to be praised!

It was truly a terrible situation. Perhaps, no one in the history of the Dao Calamity Tower had been scammed in such a terrible manner!


Chu Pingyun spewed out a mouthful of blood from his anger. The color in his face was drained and even his martial Dao heart wavered.

"It's a misunderstanding! A gross misunderstanding! My Dao Calamity Tower did not kill anyone from your Pillheart Sect! It's all because of that little bastard Yi Yun. He used a fake heritage to fool my nephew!"

As the large-headed man spoke, he shot a ferocious gaze at Chu Pingyun. "You vile spawn, why are you still in a daze? Bring over the things that the little bastard Yi Yun gave you!"

The large-headed man yearned to smack Chu Pingyun down. That fool's mentality was so much inferior to Yi Yun’s, resulting in them experiencing this calamity.

"Yes… Yes…"

Chu Pingyun jolted awake as he hurriedly entered the ruins, finding the chamber where they were previously in.

The chamber was constructed of special materials and fortified by array formations. Although the battle was intense, it did not completely collapse.

Chu Pingyun instantly saw the scrolls strewn across the ground. They had been mostly buried by the dust and rubble from the explosions.

Although they were covered by rubble and dust, the scrolls were still capable of projecting the lifelike pornographic images due to the arrays on their surface, revealing alluring pictures.

Upon seeing this scene, Chu Pingyun was so incensed that he felt his organs ache. He felt that he never wanted to see another woman the rest of his life.

"Yi Yun, I, Chu Pingyun, swear that I'll dice you up and extract your soul for torture!"

Chu Pingyun gritted his teeth as he blasted the dust and rubble away. He used an interspatial ring to store all the scrolls. He burned the humiliation from his memories. He had to avenge this insult!

After Chu Pingyun was done with the scrolls, he rushed out of the ruin. At the moment he reached ground level, about to charge out the chamber's fortification array, he felt his soul sea quake. Instantly, he felt his mind go blank.

Chu Pingyun was taken aback. He did not know what had happened to his soul sea.

But immediately, he came to a realization that it had to do with the con Yi Yun had pulled on him. It left his soul sea shakened and passing through the fortification array had temporarily blanked his mind.

"Martial Uncle, I've brought them here."

Chu Pingyun clenched the interspatial ring tightly. Contained in it was his shame!

"Quickly show it to Elder Seven Kills! You vile spawn, you brought back such shameful things and even drew fire upon us!"

As the large-headed man cursed, he consumed pills. He had been fighting one against three and could not even look up.

Chu Pingyun gritted his teeth and threw the interspatial ring. The tiny ring, enveloped by Yuan Qi, flew toward Elder Seven Kills like a meteor.

However, unbeknownst to Chu Pingyun, a gray-shirted elder had appeared in the chamber at that moment he left the chamber.

As the elder drank, he began shoving aged scrolls into an interspatial ring.

These scrolls were the erotic paraphernalia that Chu Pingyun should have had on him!

"Hehehe, what a waste. I gave you people such good stuff, but not only did you not tear up in gratitude, you even cursed me. You truly can't appreciate the finer things."

"And now you even wanted to give my prized collection to the old pervert flying in the sky. Wouldn't he crush them to smithereens once he sees all the exquisite pictures?"

Old Snake grumbled endlessly. Meanwhile, the interspatial ring that Chu Pingyun threw had arrived in front of Elder Seven Kills, who flicked his finger, causing the interspatial ring to stop ten feet away from him.

Elder Seven Kills looked suspiciously at Big Headed Chu. He did not believe his words. Even if it was as he described, was Chu Pingyun really that much of a fool? Why couldn't he detect an issue with the bunch of 'shameful' items?

He maintained a distance from the interspatial ring and carefully cast his perception into the interspatial ring. However, at that instant, Elder Seven Kills's expression changed drastically.

No good!

Elder Seven Kills's hair stood on end as he sensed a life-threatening horror in the interspatial ring. Without further thought, he rapidly flew backward.


A violent explosion boomed as the terrifying blast radiated in every direction with the interspatial ring at its core. Elder Seven Kills was engulfed by the blast, fully experiencing the brunt of the explosion!

His protective Yuan Qi shattered as his clothes ripped. He spewed out large mouthfuls of blood!

"Ahhhh!" Elder Seven Kills was furious. "Little Bastard, you dare use a ring to trick me!? I'll kill you!"

Elder Seven Kills was a prideful person. Although he had been sufficiently careful, stopping the interspatial ring ten feet away from him, the blast from the interspatial ring was just too great. He had failed to dodge it and the blast had marred his appearance.

Despite having lived for so long, he ended up being tricked by a junior that had lived for less than a thousand years. How could he swallow this!?

However, Chu Pingyun remained standing in the ruins as he watched the scene happen. He was completely dumbfounded.

What… the hell happened!?

Why did the ring explode!?

What sins did he commit that the heavens would punish him in such a manner!?

And at that moment, Old Snake was still in the chamber. He was picking up the erotic paraphernalia leisurely. When he heard the resonating explosion, he chuckled, "I never knew that the Annihilation Bead that hasn't been used for several million years would still be so loud."

He had used his perception to screen off Chu Pingyun's mind, causing his mind to turn blank instantly. At the same time, he put the Annihilation Bead in place of the erotic paraphernalia in the ring. Old Snake had done so extremely quickly, so the anxious Chu Pingyun would have never thought that someone was capable of changing something without him detecting it.

"Thankfully, I came back to take a look or I would not have been able to rescue this prized collection of mine. I might as well leave it to Little Yun. It appears he still hasn't found his wife. He will probably need these…"

As Old Snake spoke, he stored the scrolls away as the corner of his mouth curled into a sinister smile.