True Martial World Chapter 1337

Chapter 1337: A Common Target for Attack
Chapter 1337: A Common Target for Attack

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At that moment, the trio had already got up and stood beside Yi Yun. Their actions and expressions made it clear—the deed was done. However, no one knew what had happened.

All they saw was that two hours ago, Chu Pingyun and company had come to threaten Yi Yun and now, this was their outcome.

"Young Master Yi, why is this happening?" Jing Yuesha exclaimed.

Yi Yun coughed dryly. Although he had heard Old Snake's Yuan Qi voice transmission and knew that he would be taking in three slaves, he never expected Old Snake to arrange for it to be done in such an open manner. He originally believed it would be a secret acceptance of the slaves.

Especially when…

Yi Yun looked at Prince Boundless Heaven. This was Cloud Pool City, a territory of the Outcloud Empire. It was just wrong to take their prince as his slave.

A hint of struggle appeared in Prince Boundless Heaven's eyes when he met Yi Yun's gaze. Although the slave imprint was overbearing, it did not completely replace a slave's thoughts. Prince Boundless Heaven and Chu Pingyun retained their original character as well as their memories.

The two of them hated Yi Yun deeply and wished that they could tear Yi Yun apart. However, fate often made fools of people. They were now slaves of Yi Yun and it was obvious how bitter they felt about it.

Unfortunately, they could only blame themselves for attempting to scheme against Yi Yun in order to obtain his heritage. If they knew this would happen, they would not have even tried it.

Seeing them like this, even Yi Yun felt that his machinations against them had gone overboard. Therefore, Yi Yun could only pity them when he saw the struggle in their eyes. "Ahem, even I feel a little sorry for you."

Chu Pingyun gave a wretched smile in return. Although he had a mind of his own, the restrictions enforced by the slave imprints prevented him from showing any animosity towards Yi Yun. "Master, there's no need to say such things. We were forced into a dire situation by the Pillheart Sect and nearly became their slaves. That might have been a worse outcome than what we are presently experiencing."

"Yi Yun! What did you do to Boundless Heaven!?"

At that moment, an elderly voice with a resounding might boomed. The person who spoke was none other than King Yi!

Prince Boundless Heaven was royalty. It was ludicrous for a prince from the royal family to become anyone’s slave, especially at the Heavenly South Peaks Meet!

The moment King Yi spoke, several streams of light shot over from the horizon. The incoming figures were extremely fast and they arrived in the square in a blink of an eye.

There was a total of fifteen people. Everyone gasped when they saw the attire and look of these people.

"True Lord Seven Kills!"

"As well as people from the God Annihilating Way!"

True Lord Seven Kills was famous in the Heavenly South Great World. He was known for being powerful and bloodthirsty. Although he was not the in charge of the Heavenly South Great World's Pillheart Sect, he was its strongest expert, only second to the Pillheart Patriarch!

As for the Pillheart Patriarch, it was rumored that he had sealed himself in Bloodcull Jade. In order to extend his life, he entered a deep slumber and would typically not take action. Therefore, True Lord Seven Kills was, in practice, the strongest combat power in the Heavenly South Great World's Pillheart Sect.

Even True Lord Seven Kills had appeared, clear evidence of how massive this operation was. Furthermore, they had even hired the God Annihilating Way!

"What is the Pillheart Sect doing? Nearly all its experts have appeared. They even spared nothing by hiring the God Annihilating Way. Is it all for Yi Yun?"

"Why would they need to go to so much effort for a junior?"

Everyone was alarmed. At this point, the Heavenly South Peaks Meet was no longer a simple tournament.

The occurrence of such a major event only made many hope for the situation to turn even more intense, perhaps even becoming a massive brawl. Although Cloud Pool City barred fighting, True Lord Seven Kills was different. If he went all out, there was perhaps no one who could stop him!

"Yi Yun, well done!" Elder Seven Kills stared at Yi Yun. His eyes were filled with killing intent. "You first hatched a scheme to kill my Pillheart Sect's Su Boyang, Wang Chongming, and Gui Yunji, as well as a bunch of genius disciples. You then shifted the blame onto the Dao Calamity Tower, making my Pillheart Sect attack the Dao Calamity Tower, and reaped the rewards of an internecine struggle. Well done! Well fucking done!"

When Elder Seven Kills said that, everyone gasped. Su Boyang was dead?

At this Heavenly South Peaks Meet, Su Boyang was meant to represent the Pillheart Sect. As for Su Muyan and the other young elites, they were seeded contestants at the tournament. Although it was not likely they would end up the champions, they were bound to have stunning results. Everyone did find it odd that the Pillheart Sect was nowhere to be seen since the beginning of the meet. Now, they realized it was because they were all dead!

Furthermore, Wang Chongming and Gui Yunji were Pillheart Sect's combat Elders that had made a name for themselves many years ago. Just the thought of Gui Yunji's soul-refining arts left one trembling. Death under her hands was a nightmare. Warriors with lower cultivation levels dreaded her far more than True Lord Seven Kills!

Yet the ghost-refining expert that dominated the Heavenly South Great World was dead?

Instantly, the shock people felt was expounded. With so many experts perishing and Chu Shanhe becoming a slave, it was an upheaval that had not happened in the Heavenly South Great World for a millennium.

And it was all a result of Yi Yun.

"King Yi, I implore you to administer justice. This is the Heavenly South Peaks Meet that is organized by the Outcloud Empire. With things in such a state of chaos, I wish for you to join forces with my Pillheart Sect to capture this person!" said True Lord Seven Kills loudly.

Upon hearing these words, King Yi's expression sank. Prince Boundless Heaven had been enslaved and although he had questioned Yi Yun, he had to weigh the pros and cons of actually joining forces with the Pillheart Sect to deal with Yi Yun.

For the Pillheart Sect to go through that much effort and still fail to gain so much as tiny advantage made him guess that Yi Yun had an expert protecting him in secret.

If King Yi used the forces stationed in Cloud Pool City to attack Yi Yun, he might end up doing all the dirty work for the Pillheart Sect. If there was no benefit, it was absolutely impossible for him to do it.

King Yi did not respond. The situation reached an impasse. True Lord Seven Kills looked at Yi Yun with a grim expression. He was estimating the strength of the mysterious expert who had managed to take away Chu Shanhe and company from under his nose. In order to do that, the person's strength had to be greater than his! Furthermore, this person was lurking in the shadows. True Lord Seven Kills had already swept the square with his perception several times but failed to find anything amiss. This made True Lord Seven Kills think twice, afraid of being sneaked up on.

And at that moment, Yi Yun, who was on the crest of the wave, did not appear nervous. Although the development of the situation was somewhat troublesome, it was not difficult for him to escape unharmed.

If the other party were to attack without any regard, the three slaves he had taken in could charge forward and buy him a few seconds. In those few seconds, he could sweep the Clear Lunar Island disciples into the God Advent Tower. Then, Old Snake could tear open the void and help them depart the Heavenly South Great World. As for the Unwithering Grass that Old Snake was salivating over, they could always return for it.

At that moment, True Lord Seven Kills's lips trembled as he sent King Yi a voice transmission. "King Yi, my Pillheart Sect has better Longevity Extending Pills. If Cloud Pool City is willing to take action, I can give a bottle to you. It can extend your life by at least eight thousand years! Other than that, there is also a Godly Monarch Immortal Annuli in it for you!"


Upon hearing True Lord Seven Kills's words, a glint flashed in King Yi's originally turbid eyes.


"I swear it!"

"Alright!" King Yi took a deep breath. Longevity Extending Pills were too attractive to him. He took out an authority flag.

During the Heavenly South Peaks Meet, the Outcloud Empire always sent its troops to guard Cloud Pool City, and these soldiers served under King Yi!

As King Yi raised the authority flag up, all the Yuan Qi in Cloud Pool City stirred. The ground quaked gently as divine patterns appeared from the ground before floating into mid-air to contain all of Cloud Pool City.

"Hu! Hu! Hu!"

The resonance resembled the sound of a gigantic dragon flapping its wings. People looked up and saw that the sky was being sealed shut by nomological patterns. At that moment, Cloud Pool City was completely shut in by a massive hemisphere.

"It's the city fortification array!"

"Cloud Pool City's city fortification array has probably not been activated for centuries!"

People shuddered. The Outcloud Empire had ruled the Heavenly South Great World for tens of millions of years. In all that time, the Outcloud Empire had only built two major cities. One was the imperial capital and the other was Cloud Pool City. Once Cloud Pool City's array was activated, it completely isolated the city from the outside world. No one expected that King Yi would activate the city fortification array just to capture Yi Yun.

Upon seeing this scene, True Lord Seven Kills was very pleased. He looked at Yi Yun and the corners of his mouth suffused a hideous grin. Even if Yi Yun had an expert backing him, there was no way they could deal with the city fortification array instantly!

"Celestial Vanguard!"

King Yi bellowed as rows of golden-armored soldiers marched out of the buildings around the square. They surrounded the entire square and the spears they wielded shimmered with golden light as they were augmented by the city fortification array.

At the same time, a few gigantic spirit beasts flew over. They circled around the square, and riding them were the Celestial Vanguard's leaders. They were at the Supremacy realm.

Although one member out of the ten-thousand-strong Celestial Vanguard was insignificant, even a Divine Lord would not dare treat them lightly when they entered a battle formation!

"Yi Yun, you have violated the rules of Cloud Pool City. I am now apprehending you. If you were to surrender without a fuss, I can spare your life."

King Yi, with the authority flag in hand, seemed like another person. The cadaveric air his body suffused had been swept away. He seemed to transform into a illustrious general that commanded troops from every corner, with no one having the courage to defy him.

"Everyone at this square today. So long as you help my Pillheart Sect and Outcloud Empire capture Yi Yun, my Pillheart Sect will remember your contribution. My Pillheart Sect is willing to offer a hundred million Spirit Jade and numerous pills as reward."

At this critical juncture, True Lord Seven Kills spoke out. Although he was bloodthirsty, he was not rash. He knew that Yi Yun had an expert backing him. He was extremely meticulous and having offered such handsome rewards, there were bound to be people willing to take up the mantle. If he allowed others do the deed for him, he could avoid the danger of being sneaked up on by the mysterious expert.

When True Lord Seven Kills said that, many people were enticed. After all, Yi Yun was now a common target for attack. Even if they failed to get the bulk of the rewards, they were bound to get something.