True Martial World Chapter 1339

Chapter 1339: Windsong Ruins
Chapter 1339: Windsong Ruins

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"Yes, I am Yi Yun."

Yi Yun cupped his fists and said in a calm voice. While the elder was observing him, he too was observing the elder. Yi Yun did not sense any animosity coming from the elder but he would not easily lower his guard. Old Snake had already sent him a voice transmission saying that the elder with the pigtail was very strong.

Old Snake's appraisal was enough to certify how formidable the elder was.

The elder smiled as he stroked his beard. "How true it is that heroes come from the youth. I heard that when you first arrived in Cloud Pool City, you restored the Love Seeking Phoenix In Clouds created by a particular Alchemist Zhang of the Pillheart Sect. Later you spent a great deal to purchase an Abyssal Red Lotus Seed. I made this trip here to Cloud Pool City especially because I am interested in befriending you, my young friend. Let me introduce myself. I have not used my name for a long time but I do hold the title of Blackrock. Just call me Aged Blackrock."

Upon hearing Aged Blackrock, everyone present felt their hearts jolt.

He was… Aged Blackrock!?

As the Nine Li Magus Empire had isolated itself, outsiders did not know much about the experts within the empire. However, the name Blackrock could chill a person's heart with at its mere mention.

Over the recent tens of millions of years, the Nine Li Magus Empire had faced several major wars. Some factions suspected that the Nine Li Magus Empire's tiny territory contained a astounding secret. And it was this secret that made the Nine Li Magus Empire fortify and stay sheltered in that tiny space for hundreds of millions of years.

They wanted to probe for the truth and perhaps obtain immense benefits as a result. They believed that if they waited long enough, the isolated Nine Li Magus Empire would lose all of its experts to the ravages of time. Therefore, they launched multiple wars against the Nine Li Magus Empire. But in several of those wars, Aged Blackrock would massacre the opposing forces, sending chills down people's backs!

Just a mention of the name Aged Blackrock would change the expressions of many. That was not even the most pertinent point. The most spectacular thing was that it had been nearly ten million years since Aged Blackrock had last been seen showcasing his strength.

How long had the old man lived? Based on the records in various canons of large factions, Aged Blackrock didn’t look much different from how he did thirty million years ago. That meant that he had lived for at least forty to fifty million years!

Why was he still alive?

Elder Seven Kills drew a gasp. In front of the elder, he felt flustered. Back when this elder was committing massacre after massacre, his master's master had yet to be born.

The older the elder, the weaker their vital potential would be. Their strength would also decline from that of their peak years. But there were some people who seem to exceed that limit. Their lives seemed infinite and were counted in units of ten million years. It left one despairing upon comparison!

Typically, Divine Lords that fused a Royal Seal would be addressed as True Lords. Even they could only live for a few million years. For instance, if the Pillheart Patriarch wished to live longer, he would need to seal himself in Bloodcull Jade. Through slumbering, he could survive for a longer period of time. He would not take action unless absolutely necessary. Only in this way could he live for twenty to thirty million years.

However, this was almost no different from living as an underground corpse. In comparison, Aged Blackrock was lively and could go anywhere he wanted. The difference was stark.

"Could this old man be a Godly Monarch…"

Elder Seven Kills had such a thought but immediately shrugged it away. It was impossible for him to be at the Godly Monarch realm. That was too difficult to achieve. Besides, a Godly Monarch's lifespan was even more terrifying.

"I see, you are Senior Blackrock. It is my honor to make your acquaintance."

Since Blackrock had shown kind intentions, Yi Yun naturally responded politely.

The elder smiled in satisfaction and added, "My young friend, Yi Yun, I came here for something your master left in my Nine Li Magus Empire."

Your master?

Yi Yun pricked up his brows but he soon understood what the elder meant. The master the elder was referring to was the divine alchemist.

Yi Yun had obtained the complete inheritance of the divine alchemist, and now Ling Xie'er was following him. It was not wrong to call the divine alchemist Yi Yun's master.

"I'm pretty certain you do not know what your master left behind. But in fact, it is extremely important to my Nine Li Magus Empire. If you are willing to help us complete this item, my Nine Li Magus Empire will reward you handsomely."

Upon hearing Blackrock's words, the people from the Pillheart Sect were stunned. Was the elder referring to the mysterious divine alchemist?

What was the thing that the divine alchemist left behind in the Nine Li Magus Empire? Whatever it was, it was something they called extremely important. They would reward him handsomely. Just the thought of it left people excited.

Furthermore, if they could just see the item the divine alchemist had left behind in the Nine Li Magus Empire, it would likely broaden their horizons, and was an opportunity in and of itself.

Not only were the members of the Pillheart Sect enticed, even Yi Yun's interest was stirred. He asked, "Senior Blackrock, what might you be referring to? If there is truly something left behind by my master, I believe it must be quite impressive to have been preserved by your esteemed empire to this day. I am still lacking in knowledge and might not be able to complete it."

Yi Yun was acutely aware how lacking he was when compared to the divine alchemist in terms of alchemical skills. Although he had the Purple Crystal Origins to make up for it, true mastery still needed immense amount of time and experience that could not be bridged with shortcuts.

"You will know once you come with me," said Blackrock casually. Upon hearing this, Elder Seven Kills turned anxious.

Aged Blackrock was clearly going to take Yi Yun away. With the old bastard around, his plan to surround Yi Yun would likely go up in smoke. Not only that, he needed to stop the old bastard from bringing Yi Yun into contact with something left behind by the divine alchemist!

"Wait!" Elder Seven Kills shouted.

"Oh?" Blackrock looked at Elder Seven Kills. "Fellow Daoist, are you trying to stop me from bringing Yi Yun with me?"

Elder Seven Kills naturally did not have the guts to nod. He knew well that, since ancient times, any faction that opposed the Nine Li Magus Empire was finished. He gritted his teeth and said, "Senior Blackrock, please do not be mistaken. The Divine Alchemist is my Pillheart Sect's Ancestral Master. And over the past tens of millions of years, my Pillheart Sect has used knowledge from myriad sources to constantly improve upon the divine alchemist's heritage. If Senior Divine Alchemist had left anything, it should be us from the Pillheart Sect that completes it!"

Divine Alchemist?

When the crowd heard this name, everyone was stunned. Most of them did not know who Elder Seven Kills was referring to but there were others who fell into deep thought before seemingly remembering something.

The divine alchemist was once extremely famous but as in all ancient history, illustrious figures were eventually buried and became mere vestiges of the past. Now, there were very few people in the Heavenly South Great World that knew of the divine alchemist.

When the Pillheart Sect surrounded Yi Yun, they made special care to avoid mentioning the name, 'Divine Alchemist.' In fact, they were afraid that other large factions would investigate the matter and learn just how impressive Yi Yun's heritage was.

Now, however, such an existence had been alluded to by the Nine Li Magus Empire. Elder Seven Kills felt there was no longer a need to conceal the matter.

"My Pillheart Sect is the true inheritor of the divine alchemist. Yi Yun only stole a tiny portion of our heritage and has used it to earn undeserved fame, deceiving and beguiling people in the process. Senior Blackrock, please investigate the matter!"

"The Nine Li Magus Empire has always stayed in its city, aloof from the matters of the world. Today, I wish for Senior Blackrock to be the judge and retrieve the heritage that belongs to my Pillheart Sect. Furthermore, Yi Yun machinated a ploy to kill my Pillheart Sect’s Elders. It is an unpardonable crime. Senior, please permit my Pillheart Sect to take him away for punishment! As for the item you want to complete, my Pillheart Sect will definitely complete it! We will guarantee your satisfaction!"

Elder Seven Kills spoke loudly with a voice filled will gusto. He had a hot temper but his tone was extremely polite. This was because he vaguely sensed that the opportunity before him was no trifling matter for the Pillheart Sect.


Upon hearing True Lord Seven Kills's words, Aged Blackrock chuckled. The smile sent a jolt into True Lord Seven Kills's heart. He did not know what Aged Blackrock was laughing about.

"The reason you have the courage to say that is the Windsong Ruins, am I right?"

Aged Blackrock suddenly said something that did not make sense from any way of thinking. Many people present were puzzled by the question but True Lord Seven Kills's expression changed. He widened his eyes as he looked incredulously at Aged Blackrock.

How did he know!?

Aged Blackrock added, "The origins of the Pillheart Sect stem from the Windsong Ruins, isn't that so? Windsong was an ancient divine empire of the Heavenly South Great World. Back then, it had many correspondences with my ancient Nine Li. Its downfall is truly a pity. Ten million years ago, when its royal capital's ruins were opened, I too visited them. I went there with the intention of paying my respects to the ancient divine empire, never to take anything from there. It was a coincidence that I saw your Pillheart Sect ancestors there. They found some items, including a few manuals left behind by Senior Divine Alchemist…"

Aged Blackrock recounted this historical tidbit casually. When True Lord Seven Kills heard that, he turned stiff like a wooden block.

Aged Blackrock had actually been to the Windsong Ruins as well? He had lived for so long that the entire history of the Pillheart Sect was probably shorter than Aged Blackrock's lifespan. How could he not know of the Pillheart Sect's history if he had watched it develop from its nascent roots?

As for the Windsong ancient empire, it actually had correspondence with the ancient Nine Li. So how could the Nine Li Magus Empire not know of the remnants left behind in the ruins?

At that moment, many people present could not help but murmur. True Lord Seven Kills felt his face burn, and he wished that he could instantly vanish. Both he and the Pillheart Sect had frequently bragged about their deep roots and long heritage. Just moments ago, he had claimed his sect as the successor to the divine alchemist, mocking and scolding Yi Yun as nothing more than a thief.

But now, the truth of Pillheart Sect was revealed by Aged Blackrock. By rummaging through the ruins of the Windsong Empire, it made them no different from a band of tomb raiders that eventually hit it big.

Instead, Yi Yun had been addressed as the divine alchemist's successor by Aged Blackrock.

With such a reversal, how was the Pillheart Sect going to redeem its reputation?

Elder Seven Kills was someone who placed great importance on his reputation. This was also why he flared when he was teased previously. Now, hearing the murmurs from the crowd, the rage he felt nearly caused him to bleed internally!

And right at that moment, Aged Blackrock added leisurely, "The reason why the Windsong empire has manuals left behind by Senior Divine Alchemist was because he had once stayed in the Windsong empire for a rather long period of time. He even taught the juniors of the Windsong empire, and decided to leave a portion of his heritage there. None of it was intrinsic to his knowledge, however, so your Pillheart Sect cannot be considered the successors of Senior Divine Alchemist."

Aged Blackrock's explanation made Elder Seven Kills's face turn purple. He wished to kneel down and beg Aged Blackrock to stop. Any further, and he would truly vomit out blood.