True Martial World Chapter 135

Chapter 135: Battling Fierce Beasts
Chapter 135: Battling Fierce Beasts

In the vast wilderness, humans and beasts were in opposition, however up to today, Yi Yun had never fought a real fierce beast before!

The Cloud Wilderness had no lack of fierce and desolate beasts. He would regret leaving the Cloud Wilderness before fighting any beasts.

“The fierce beasts you kill shall be refined by me into fierce beast relics. After eating the fierce beast relics, together with the herbal essence of the green elixirs, it will help you break through to the Purple Blood realm!”

Lin Xintong spared no effort in helping Yi Yun. She had also given him the green elixirs in the past, so all this kindness made Yi Yun feel sorry. “Miss Lin, why are you helping me?”

Lin Xintong hesitated slightly and said, “Since you want to know, there’s no harm telling you. When I was born, my family determined that I was born with Yin Meridians. I will eventually hit a bottleneck in my cultivation. Due to the Yin Meridians, I will never be able to get past this bottleneck.”

“Oh?” Yi Yun was shocked. He had never heard of Yin Meridians before.

“Yin Meridians are also known as terminated meridians; there is almost no way of joining them up. But strangely, when I make contact with your body, I would occasionally feel my meridians activate. I have found a glimmer of hope for my terminated Meridians on your body. Although tiny, it is better than none… Maybe, when you go further and grow stronger, this hope will become larger…”

When Lin Xintong said those words, her expression turned forlorn. She raised her head, looked at the limitless star-filled sky and gave a faint sigh.

Yi Yun was stunned. Lin Xintong was actually burdened with terminated meridians?

Although Yi Yun did not understand a lot, but he could guess from the word “terminated” what it meant.

He associated the crossing of palms with Lin Xintong the night before. Lin Xintong had mentioned a secret of hers, so it was most likely this.

Yi Yun found it incredible to imagine. To him, Lin Xintong’s strength was massive and she was extremely talented, with no bottom!

But she actually was born with terminated meridians. She could still have this ridiculous talent even with terminated meridians? If not for the terminated meridians, to what extent could her strength reach?

Yi Yun was shocked.

The world was indeed vast and filled with experts!

He deeply understood that no matter what results he had had obtained, he was just at the beginning steps. The road ahead of him was still long!

“Give me your hand.” Lin Xintong stretched out her hand once again. Again it was this white creamy hand. Under the moonlight, it suffused the luster of jade, dazzling Yi Yun.

“Danger lurks within the Desolate Human Valley. Even some plants are man-eating monsters. You aren’t able to perceive things yet, and you can only use your eyes. In the dark Desolate Human Valley, it will be extremely dangerous. Hold my hand, I’ll be able to avoid any danger. If you were to separate from me, and take a wrong step, you might fall into a trap and enter the stomachs of the beasts, and be eaten in an instant!”

Lin Xintong’s words were not unfounded. The Desolate Human Valley was fraught with danger. The monsters within were not only proficient at killing humans, they were masters of disguise and sneak attacks!

Yi Yun puckered his dry lips and held Lin Xintong’s hand.

The two slowly walked hand in hand into the rugged Desolate Human Valley.

To venture into the Desolate Human Valley with Lin Xintong made Yi Yun fill with anticipation.

At this moment, the moon was dim and the winds strong. There was little light that entered the Desolate Human Valley. Yi Yun followed Lin Xintong slowly. Yi Yun could not see Lin Xintong at all, he could only feel his hand holding Lin Xintong’s. In the silent darkness, he could faintly smell the fragrance of Lin Xintong’s body.

The Desolate Human Valley was too quiet, so they could hear each other’s heartbeats. This intriguing feeling made it seem like they were the only two people left in this world.

Although it was safe, but walking hand in hand with Lin Xintong made the atmosphere ambiguous.

Lin Xintong walked in front and being able to use her senses to perceive the area, it did not affect Lin Xintong’s vision despite the absence of light.

It seemed like she could still see Yi Yun if she turned her head back.

In fact, Lin Xintong had to admit that she was very willing to make contact with Yi Yun. Holding Yi Yun’s hands made her especially comfortable.

Lin Xintong was born with Yin Meridians, so her body was cold like water. As for Yi Yun’s physique, it was hot. In Yi Yun’s meridians, it seemed like there was a constant flow of hot energy. This flowed through their skin and nourished Lin Xintong’s body. It made her extremely comfortable.

There were even times when Lin Xintong’s closed off meridians would have some tiny changes because of Yi Yun.

This tiny change infatuated Lin Xintong. As such, she had a sense of nostalgia of her holding hands with Yi Yun.

As the two slowly went deeper, the surrounding atmosphere became more bizarre. Although Yi Yun couldn’t see, he could feel a sense of death encroaching.

The fanciful and fickle feelings he originally had, had been swept away.

This Desolate Human Valley… was filled with Death!

In here, he had to be on high alert as death was at every turn. If one did not stay vigilant, one could die in an instant.

Although Lin Xintong was protecting him, he wanted to make this fight a life and death experience. Such opportunities were rare!

Yi Yun felt that they were descending. It was as if they were entering an underground cave.

Slowly, Yi Yun saw some light. This light was from fluorescent minerals. These shiny fluorescent minerals littered the walls of the canyon. As such, Yi Yun slowly regained his vision.

He could see that there were plants of immense sizes within the rugged canyon.

These plants were like boulders, but there were exceptions. Some plants had bright and extravagant flowers. The flowers dripped blood because the edges of the flowers were lined with zig-zag teeth. It was like a huge mouth.

There was also a mushroom that looked to be about two to three feet tall. It was like a giant umbrella. It shimmered and released a particular fragrance. Under the mushroom cap, one could see the bones of animals.

“It’s the Man-eating plants and the Killing mushrooms. The Man-eating plants eat people, while the Killing mushroom’s fragrance is poisonous. The moment its spores enter your body, it will grow into a new mushroom. Those bones you see are a result of that.”

As Lin Xintong said, her body emitted a purple electric current. It hummed and whenever the mushroom spores came near to Lin Xintong or Yi Yun, they would all be burned to ashes by the electric current.

Yi Yun was secretly scared. This was the wild world of the vast wilderness. In this region, death was possible without even knowing the cause of it.

Lin Xintong said, “There are many inaccessible places in the vast wilderness that does not have a single soul. It is fraught with unexpected dangers you can’t even imagine. But because there’s not even a soul, and because of the strange environment, it will create treasures. The value of some treasures can be hard to measure. When it enters other regions of the vast wilderness, it can cause a blood storm, and might even destroy an ancient country…”

Lin Xintong spoke while Yi Yun listened in silence. This was his first time for him heading into that world. To see what the world was about, Lin Xintong could be considered Yi Yun’s first guide.

“Let’s take the Cloud Wilderness as an example. Some desolate lands of the Cloud Wilderness cover a hundred thousand miles, or maybe even a million miles. They are deep mystic realms that have different space-time properties. It is filled with primordial desolate beasts and even human lords would not dare to enter rashly.”

Just as Lin Xintong said it, she suddenly stopped.

She looked forward coldly.

Yi Yun also stopped, and he could feel a killing intent. “There’s something in front!”

Yi Yun unsheathed his Yanchi saber. He did not choose his own weapon, but since the Jin Long Wei had given him the Yanchi saber, he used it.

Seeing Yi Yun on alert, Lin Xintong was also pleased. She took a few steps back and stood behind Yi Yun. She made it clear that this was Yi Yun’s battle.


A muffled roar sounded out and in front of Yi Yun, a “stone wall” suddenly began to move, shaking off stone dust.

After everything peeled off, what appeared in front of Yi Yun was a gigantic ape-monster.

It’s body was upright, and its arms long. The head did not take a large proportion of the body. It had a cross for its eyes, and a large blood-curdling mouth.

This monster was covered in rock armor and its body color could change into that of a rock. This was why Yi Yun did not see it from the beginning.

But now, seeing its prey, its body started turning red, and it quickly became a giant blood-red ape!

“Blood Stone Gigantic Beast. Its level is that of a fierce beast. It’s greedy, cruel and strong. It likes to tear its prey apart. Kill it and I’ll refine the fierce beast relic, allowing you to slowly break through into the Purple Blood realm!” Lin Xintong said as she tapped with her fingers. The stone debris and dust did not even come close to her. In this chaotic underground world, Lin Xintong’s clothes had never been stained.