True Martial World Chapter 1350

Chapter 1350: Tiny Rainbow Snake
Chapter 1350: Tiny Rainbow Snake

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In the solitary cave, Yi Yun began circulating the Dragon Emperor Technique. The rich surrounding Yuan Qi immediately began surging toward Yi Yun like he was a whale sucking in water.

Soon, Yi Yun's body formed a Yuan Qi vortex.

Every breath Yi Yun took was the inhaling and exhaling of the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in the ancient world.

Yi Yun's blood surged and rumbled like a raging river, coursing through his entire body again and again.

Just as great oaks grow from little acorns, Yi Yun was honing his body. As he fortified his foundation, his cultivation level was turning purer and more intricate.

Even without the River of Forgetfulness's water, Yi Yun could have done such a honing of his foundation. But it would have taken too much time. It might have taken decades or even more than a century.

Despite having cultivated in martial arts for so long, Yi Yun had always been rushing his cultivation. He never had the time to focus on honing his foundation as he did now.

The River of Forgetfulness's water had fully fused with Yi Yun's body. He sensed that the time he experienced was accelerating at a speed much faster than the time of the world around him. There was nearly a thirty times difference.

A time difference of thirty times meant that Yi Yun would experience a month while a day passed in the outside world.

At such a speed, Yi Yun could enter seclusion for two years and have sixty years' worth of cultivation.

To Yi Yun, who had only lived for a hundred plus years, using sixty years to hone his foundation would be quite an extravagant matter. It wasn't only Yi Yun, even other young geniuses would be unwilling to do so. It would waste the massive vital potential they had in their youth. However, Yi Yun had no such worries after imbibing the River of Forgetfulness's water.

"I have cultivated for more than a hundred years and time has never been on my side. I have never slowed down my cultivation speed but my cultivation level already far exceeds my peers. Although I would never suffer an unstable foundation due to the nine-leaf Dao fruits that I condensed, my cultivation is still too fast. Today, I can properly fortify my cultivation. I will use all the time I earned from drinking the River of Forgetfulness's water to accumulate my cultivation."

Yi Yun constantly inhaled and exhaled. Every breath would discharge foul air from his body and every inhale took in pure Yuan Qi.

After an unknown period of time, a slow, thunderous rumble emitted from the valley.

In the beginning, the thunder was soft but as the days went by, the thunder grew more intense, reverberating across the valley.

It was simply the breathing sounds Yi Yun made while he took in and discharged the Yuan Qi.

At that moment, Yi Yun's foundation had been tempered thousands of times. It was extremely well fortified.

His skin resembled beautiful jade and his bones were crystalline.

The corpses of mighty figures could remain intact after hundreds of millions of years because their bodies had been tempered into a powerful treasure.

With Yi Yun's repeated tempering, his body was no longer of mortal breed. Ordinary weapons would be incapable of slicing through his skin. His bones were extremely tough.

At that moment, he was in his peak state. Yi Yun's aura was rapidly rising.

This aura became stronger when a crisp chime was heard from the Nine-treasured Dao Palace in his dantian.

It was the chime of the Great Dao, a sound produced from the nomological insights Yi Yun had gained.

The chimes of the Dao Palace turned louder.

The Dragon Emperor Technique that Yi Yun cultivated in made it so that he required tremendous amounts of resources to have a breakthrough in cultivation realms. Without the River of Forgetfulness's water, he would require quite some time to break through to the ninth-storey Dao Palace.

But now, the ninth-storey Dao Palace was in its nascent form.

Every brick and tile was formed from Yi Yun's nomological insights.

Only with a robust foundation could he establish a truly tall building.

Yi Yun's foundation was infinitely robust, causing his Dao Palace to be a lot more magnificent than most warriors.

Gradually, the new Dao Palace storey appeared. A nine-storied nine-treasured Dao Palace was transcendent. It formed naturally and in an extremely harmonious fashion. It was filled with a brilliant beauty, as though such a Dao Palace ought to belong in the world.

"I'm at the ninth-storey Dao Palace."

At that moment, Yi Yun had perfected his Dao Palace realm. He had cultivated the Dao Palace realm to the extremum and be it his foundation or the final fruits of his labor, they were flawless.

However, not only did the increase of Yi Yun's aura not cease, it continued increasing exponentially.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

His breathing sounded like thunder as it rumbled throughout the entire valley.

Yi Yun opened his mouth to inhale, drinking all the remaining water from the River of Forgetfulness into his belly.

As Yi Yun continued his breathing, his surroundings formed a space of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

He was like a black hole that constantly absorbed the massive amounts of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

All the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was so rich that it condensed into a mist, some wisps even forming pure Yuan droplets. They were all absorbed by Yi Yun again and again.

A tempestuous rumble continued sounding from his dantian.

After an unknown period of time.


The nine-storied nine-treasured Dao Palace in Yi Yun's dantian began cracking.

The crack was constantly expanding, going across the entire Dao Palace.

The appearance of cracks in the Dao Palace meant that it was about to collapse. This did not indicate that Yi Yun's cultivation had turned problematic. It was a necessary step for Yi Yun before he could break through to become a Supremacy.

Once the Dao Palace completely shattered, the condensation of a nomological body would officially usher him into the Supremacy realm.

However, the whole process would require a long period of time. It was impossible to reach that in one step.

Yi Yun was in no hurry. He had plenty of time. Just a month or two would convert into three to five years under the effects of the River of Forgetfulness's water.

He had already made the decision to break through to the Supremacy realm in the Ancient Ruins world!

Just as Yi Yun was setting his mind at rest to accumulate power, he suddenly sensed the lifeblood in him stir.

The stir felt like something had tugged at it. It left Yi Yun puzzled.

He opened his eyes and looking tens of kilometers away, he saw an astonishing scene.

He saw more than ten men and women running. Quite a number of them were injured.

There were others in this mystic land?

Yi Yun was taken aback before he came to realize why. Aged Blackrock had previously mentioned that the world he was in was the most primitive Sinkhole. Aged Blackrock called it the Ancient Ruins world.

The Ancient Ruins world was not monopolized by the Nine Li Magus Empire. Other factions or races had territories in the Ancient Ruins world.

It was rare to encounter people from other factions here but it was not something to be overly surprised about.

At that moment, a group of white-dressed people were chasing a beam of light tens of kilometers away.

The moved in cadence, and cooperated very well. They would form a nomological imprint wherever they stepped. These imprints formed a web that blanketed the beam they were pursuing.

Yi Yun also managed to discern the beam as a tiny Rainbow Snake. At the top of the snake's head was a sharp horn.

"Junior Brother Mo, use the Seven Severance Steps with me!"

"Junior Sister Song, flank it from the side!"

A bald man was giving instructions to his team as he moved as fast as lightning. They were closing in on the seven-colored beam.

"There's no path up ahead anymore!"

When the group of people reached a certain point, they saw a majestic array pattern ahead of them. They had arrived in front of an array.

The array was massive in power. But the bald man was delighted instead of alarmed when he saw it. He knew that it was the fortification array formation of another faction.

It was not easy to penetrate such a fortification array at all.

"Great! It has nowhere to escape to!" The bald man said jubilantly. "Split up and flank it from both sides. Prevent it from escaping to the sides. Junior Brother Mo, join me in capturing it from the front."

As the bald man spoke, he retrieved a black net from his interspatial ring. He aimed to use the net to capture the Rainbow Snake.

And at that moment, the Rainbow Snake slammed into the array.


There was a loud boom as a golden barrier lit up. No matter how violently the Rainbow Snake struck it, the golden barrier did not shake one bit. The Rainbow Snake was confused by the sudden wall but it was also in a panic. It didn't care which direction it was fleeing towards, only that it needed to flee. It lashed out its tail, striking the golden barrier once again.


The Rainbow Snake did not hold back. It used tremendous force that even injured its scales. Yet, it could not force open the array.

Instantly, the Rainbow Snake's amber eyes flashed with a look of despair.

"Haha! The Heavens are helping me. You won't be able to escape."

The bald man opened up his net. With his fellow disciples cooperating with him, they produced seals that locked down the space for several kilometers. The Rainbow Snake was trapped and there was no way it could escape.

"Peng! Peng! Peng!"

The Rainbow Snake continued its struggle by striking the golden screen. However, its strength was meaningless in front of the golden beam like it was an ant trying to shake a towering tree.

Everything it did was pointless. The black net was already tightening.

At this point, Yi Yun could not stand to watch any further. For some unknown reason, the Rainbow Snake seemed to have a unfathomable connection with his lifeblood. This must have been why Yi Yun sensed the stirring of his lifeblood while he was in seclusion.

Yi Yun felt that he shared the same origins with the Rainbow Snake. He empathized with the Rainbow Snake's predicament like it was the loss of his own kind.

He wanted to save the Rainbow Snake!

Just as Yi Yun had this thought, the golden barrier outside the array quivered gently. The barrier began rippling like water, as a hole the size of a bowl appeared.

The Rainbow Snake that was reeling in despair was surprised when it suddenly saw the hole.

The black net was about to envelop it when the Rainbow Snake reacted just in time. With a flick of its tail, it flew straight into the hole.


The black net struck the golden barrier as the Rainbow Snake transformed into a stream of light, entering the Nine Li Magus Empire's array.

The hole quickly closed the next moment, vanishing in a blink of an eye.

It was restored to its original state as though the hole had never existed. However, the Rainbow Snake was already inside the barrier as it stared back at the men and women that were standing on the other side.

"What!?" The bald man was stunned. Success was almost at hand when the barrier suddenly opened, allowing the Rainbow Snake to gain entry.

What happened!?

The bald man had a sunken expression. This failure at the cusp of success let him vexed.

"Senior Brother Wu, there's someone inside the array!" Someone suddenly shouted. He saw Yi Yun inside the array.