True Martial World Chapter 1353

Chapter 1353: Attaining Supremacy
Chapter 1353: Attaining Supremacy

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Yi Yun looked at the Celestial Silkworm's blood that was floating in front of him. It was crystalline, like a ruby under sunlight.

He took a deep breath and devoured the Celestial Silkworm blood.

The essence contained within the blood fused into every part of Yi Yun's body.

The Celestial Silkworm's blood boiled in his body but it did not cause him any pain. Neither did it experience any obstruction, instead flowing as though the blood was a part of Yi Yun's body to begin with.

Yi Yun settled down and cultivated peacefully. The effects from the River of Forgetfulness's water had declined from before, but he still experienced time about twenty times faster.

Cultivation knew no time. Through the tempering of Yi Yun's foundation with time, he had reached the limit of the Dao Palace realm.

And at that moment, the number of cracks on Yi Yun's Dao Palace increased. Finally, a fragment of the Dao Palace peeled off and instantly transformed into a golden stream of light.

As more time passed, the number of fragments that peeled off increased. Yi Yun's Dao Palace turned brighter as infinite points of light shot out from the cracks in the Dao Palace like they were sword beams, illuminating Yi Yun's interior.

Like a metamorphosing butterfly, even Yi Yun's body was beginning to crumble like his Nine-treasured Dao Palace at that moment.

First it was the skin, followed by his flesh and blood, and finally, his innards. Everything crumbled but strangely, not a single drop of blood flowed out when Yi Yun's body crumbled. All the flesh and blood that crumbled away transformed into energy streams that fused with the Yuan Qi vortex that was forming around Yi Yun.

Yi Yun's body nearly vanished but his appearance remained clear. He did not flinch in pain at all.

To become a Supremacy, one had to first shatter the Dao Palace. By doing so, the laws condensed within the Dao Palace would fully fuse into one’s body, turning his body into a manifestation of energy and completely merging with the laws.

This was an opportunity that every warrior would experience only a finite number of times. It represented a leap in the difference in life's natural order.

However, during the crumbling of the body, one's soul would lose its vessel. It would result in massive destabilization. During this sensitive time, one's mental demons might rear their head at any time.

A warrior's breakthrough would always be accompanied by the existence of mental demons. This was why many warriors would place great emphasis on having their aspirations freed and settling any grievances quickly.

If one failed to overcome their mental demons, they might suffer a deviation during the breakthrough. A light outcome would be having intelligence reduced. The more dire outcome could be the complete collapse of one's soul, reducing it to soul fragments. One would lose their sense of self and eventually be scattered across the world.

From the beginning of the Dao Palace realm, every step in a warrior's cultivation was to rob from the creator. The birth of any powerful being was extremely difficult to begin with. Yet, one had to take step after step to scale the Heavenly Dao to seek the universe's Origins. The difficulty was obvious. Only by undergoing life-and-death experiences would one break out of that cocoon.


With a thought from Yi Yun, his Dao Palace exploded to smithereens, turning into countless nomological fragments that were swept up into the Yuan Qi vortex.

At the same time, his body exploded, transforming into a stream of light that fused with the energetic body.

This was a true rejuvenation and rebirth!

In the Yuan Qi vortex, Yi Yun's body was completely ground to pieces and cleansed by the Yuan Qi.

Yi Yun's Nine-treasured Dao Palace contained extremely potent nomological powers; therefore, his Yuan Qi vortex was more than ten times larger than that of most warriors. The cleansing process naturally ended up more tumultuous!

In a sense, warriors who had deeper nomological insight would experience a more difficult process when breaking through to the Supremacy realm. Furthermore, if one did not have a robust foundation, they might be pulverized amid the Yuan Qi vortex.

This process was extremely painful for Yi Yun, but he needed to maintain a clear state of mind or he might forever lose himself to the vortex.

It was like how bacteria did not know what the first and last day of the month meant, or how mole crickets did not know the seasons. Amidst the vastness of the world, mortals would only live for less than a century, making them no different from ants. The martial path was the route to step into heaven. That path was fraught with danger, and one could easily perish if they were not careful. From the moment Yi Yun stepped onto the martial path, he had never once thought of giving up. No matter how difficult it was, he had to persist!

At that moment, Yi Yun felt like he was reliving his entire life.

As a youth from the Cloud Wilderness, he experienced many things. He slowly reached where he was today. As more time passed, his illusionary recollections were overlaid onto reality. He found it hard to extricate himself from his memories.

The pain his soul suffered did not decrease during this process. But Yi Yun able to maintain his clarity of mind. Having lived two lives, his state of mind was firm.

After an unknown period of time, there was a boom. The Yuan Qi vortex spun in a frenzy before compressing.

A blurry phantom was slowly born out of the energy that had been compressed to its limits.

It was an energy apparition which looked identical to Yi Yun, but was not his main body.

It was Yi Yun's Supremacy Aspect!

The shattering of a Dao Palace and the condensation into a Supremacy began with the Supremacy Aspect. Yi Yun's dantian began to be remolded.

The dantian surrounded the body's internal world, instilling the Supremacy Aspect into it. Later, with the dantian as a foundation, Yi Yun's meridians, bones, and organs condensed one after another. Following that was his flesh and blood, skin, and finally hair.

Yi Yun's figure appeared as he took step after step. His vigorous vital aura constantly stirred.

And behind Yi Yun, the Supremacy phantom projected out from his dantian. He stood there high and mighty. Although it resembled Yi Yun, its facial features were filled with an indescribable might. It was like a god that overlooked the world!

When Yi Yun's body was completely reconstructed, the figure also went from an ethereal state to a corporeal state.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A thunderous sound emitted from the world like it was resonating with the Great Dao of the world!

The resounding booms appeared to be congratulating Yi Yun. They surged like a tidal wave with multiple concentric ripples. It caused the worldly laws to resonate. The resonating hums tore through the Nine Li Magus Empire's array and spread through the vast Ancient Ruins world.

If one watched from a high altitude, they would see humongous ripples appearing in the Ancient Ruins world.

"What's the matter?"

At that moment, the Wulin clansmen were five hundred kilometers away. They were alarmed when they sensed the worldly nomological resonance.

A year ago, they had failed to capture the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm. They had already reported the matter but their experiential training did not come to an end. Such experiential training in the Ancient Ruins world would last a few years. They still had to continue training but today, they felt a strange nomological resonance from the world itself.

The hum was commonly seen when people broke through to a major realm.

However, the hum was on an overly large scale. According to the way the nomological resonance spread, the source was very far from them.

"Could it be the nomological resonance produced by a person's breakthrough?"

"It's possible… It appears like a Divine Lord's breakthrough but it's also somewhat different from a Divine Lord. It actually feels more like a Supremacy's breakthrough. However, a Supremacy's breakthrough isn't this powerful."

The bald man frowned. Back when he broke through to the Supremacy realm, his resonance was much weaker than this.

"Why do I feel like the faction of the man that snatched our numinous being a year ago is in that direction?" Song Yuge said.

But the bald man shook his head. "Junior Sister Yuge, you are overly sensitive. The Ancient Ruins world's laws are chaotic. The direction you sense is most likely wrong."


Song Yuge nodded. She continued looking curiously in the direction from which the nomological hums were coming. She fell into a daze. She refused to believe that the hums were the result of a Supremacy's breakthrough. Perhaps it was some mind blowing treasure that had just revealed itself, or an Ancient Fey that was facing a tribulation.