True Martial World Chapter 1356

Chapter 1356: Fire of Seven Emotions
Chapter 1356: Fire of Seven Emotions
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The moment Alchemist Sage Purple Gold announced his demand, many people present were stunned. Ignoring the High Priest and the rest, even Ouming Yin and Patriarch Pillheart were astounded. The old bastard was even conspiring to obtain Yi Yun's fire seed.

In fact, when they entered the array, they had encountered Ling Xie'er and knew how extraordinary she was. They were tempted to take her then, but with Nine Li Magus Maiden and Aged Blackrock being so friendly with Yi Yun, they did not dare to truly vie for her.

However, Alchemist Sage Purple Gold had offered a ridiculous demand in a bid to take the fire seed for his own. It left Ouming Yin and Patriarch Pillheart feeling jealous.

The Nine Li Magus Maiden immediately knitted her brows while Aged Blackrock's expression turned cold.

"You want the fire seed?" High Priest said with a ruminative look.

The fire seed had been installed by Yi Yun and was likely the root cause of the array's anomaly. The High Priest was already not fond of Ling Xie'er, not to mention her role in covering up Yi Yun's mistake.

Although Ling Xie'er was Yi Yun's fire seed, Yi Yun had taken away the South Li Fire after installing Ling Xie'er into the array. The two might not be of equal value but the Nine Li Magus Empire had also made up for it by giving Yi Yun the precious River of Forgetfulness water.

It was already generous of the Nine Li Magus Empire to not punish Yi Yun for his faults. Under such circumstances, the High Priest would be extremely displeased if the trouble-making lass was returned to Yi Yun before he left the Nine Li Magus Empire safely.

Upon seeing the High Priest on the verge of agreeing to it, Nine Li Magus Maiden immediately spoke out, "Alchemist Sage Purple Gold, this fire seed is not the property of our Nine Li Magus Empire. It was placed inside the array because Yi Yun was trying to help us refine the pill. It is the duty of my Nine Li Magus Empire to safeguard it. How can we agree to your request?"

Not only was the Nine Li Magus Maiden saying this to Alchemist Sage Purple Gold, she was also saying it to the High Priest.

Upon hearing what she said, the High Priest frowned slightly. The Nine Li Magus Maiden was still speaking up for Yi Yun at this juncture in time. He said exasperatedly, "The pill inside the Herb Nurturing Array is being prepared for you!"

"Haha, Your Excellency, there's no need to be angry. It's only because Her Highness has been fooled by vermin." Alchemist Sage Purple Gold smiled at Nine Li Magus Maiden. "Whatever. We can revisit my terms later. If I do not prove the powers of this massive array, none of you will believe me anyway. So, let's begin!"

The massive array was already set up. Situated in the heart of the array, Alchemist Sage Purple Gold took out an array flag and began chanting.

Every word he said manifested in an ancient hex pattern that floated out of his mouth, imprinting itself on the array flag. As the number of hex patterns increased on the array flag, the massive array seemed to come alive.

Yuan Qi surged to it like there was tremendous vitality.

"Arise, array!" Alchemist Sage Purple Gold shouted and stuck the array flag into the void.

At the same time, the cauldron under Alchemist Sage Purple Gold's feet flew out. The heavy cauldron pressed down on the heart of the array and began devouring the surrounding Heaven Earth Yuan Qi like a massive whale.

"A cauldron made from Mother of Purple Royal Copper?"

The High Priest's eyes lit up. Any metal with the name 'mother' in it meant that it was one of the the first batches of metal produced during the Universe's birth. The value was obvious.

The cauldron would not show any signs of being extraordinary when it was sitting still. But the moment it started absorbing Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, its body would suffuse natural nomological fluctuations. They were the primal laws from the beginning of the Universe that had been engraved in the Mother of Purple Royal Copper's surface.


A powerful surge of vitality gathered from everywhere into the array before repelling outwards like waves.

Wherever it swept through, the violent fire-elemental Yuan Qi would strike with the surge of vitality, producing potent blasts!

The fire-elemental Yuan Qi remained tempestuous and did not show any signs of stabilizing. At that moment, a seven-colored cloud flew out of the cauldron made of Mother of Purple Royal Copper.

The cloud stretched out in the sky like beautiful aurora but the terrifying power contained within it left people alarmed.

That was not a real cloud but a fire seed!

"Fire of Seven Emotions!" someone exclaimed.

As an alchemist sage, it was very common to own a fire seed. However, Alchemist Sage Purple Gold's fire seed was no average seed. Many people in the world of alchemy already knew of this fire seed.

The fire was extremely special. It was not born from the world but from humans!

Life was filled with a plethora of emotions—joy, anger, sorrow, pleasure, love, hatred, and desire—also known as the seven emotions. There were countless beings in the Universe where they lived for generations. Many of these beings would have their emotions drained, their aspirations released in the earthbound world. There might be a mixture of love and hate, the separation of life and death, or agony in joy.

And these seven emotions and six desires would give birth to a fire in one's heart. The fire in one person's heart was negligible, but if the fires from billions of beings were all fused together, that would be no trifling matter.

Alchemist Sage Purple Gold followed a lineage in which the Fire of Seven Emotions was first gathered by his master's master. By the time of his master, it was already at a height of brilliance. It became extremely famous when it reached Alchemist Sage Purple Gold's hands.

Patriarch Pillheart and Ouming Yin felt envious when they saw the Alchemist Sage Purple Gold draw out the Fire of Seven Emotions. Both of them lacked such an outstanding fire seed.

At that moment, the auspicious seven-colored cloud which Alchemist Sage Purple Gold released took on the appearance of a slender woman. She was dressed in rainbow clothes and had a voluptuous figure. Her legs looks firm and strong. Her bare feet stood on flames. She exuded an amorous bearing that left one in reverie.

The fire seed had gained sentience! This was an indication of the fire seed's pedigree. Furthermore, the Fire of Seven Emotions was the production of the fires in people's hearts, born from the masses. It was born with higher intelligence, so its gaining of sentience was something that would naturally follow.

The moment the lithe and graceful woman appeared, she gently stepped into the heart of the massive array. It was like the finishing touch on the massive array, increasing its might tremendously!

The moment she entered, the violent fire-elemental Yuan Qi started to become gradually repressed by the massive array.

"Oh?" The High Priest's eyes darted around. Although it appeared to be effective, it was still too early to say with certainty.

"Fellow Daoists, aid me. If I succeed today, I will lend out the 'Green Bag Book' for your perusal."

The 'Green Bag Book' was a medical heritage that Alchemist Sage Purple Gold relied on to attain his fame. Upon hearing Alchemist Sage Purple Gold's offer of the 'Green Bag Book', Patriarch Pillheart and Ouming Yin were astounded.

Although they were unwilling to aid him, they did desire to read the 'Green Bag Book.' Therefore, they used whatever means they had to power the array.

Instantly, the array's energy swept in every direction like a storm. The violent fire-elemental Yuan Qi was further repressed.

"Haha!" Alchemist Sage Purple Gold gave a satisfied smile. Although he was controlling the heart of the massive array, he still had energy to spare. "Your Excellency, Your Highness, does my Nine Transformations Rejuvenation Array live up to your expectations? By gathering the Yuan Qi of more than ten thousand people, transforming it into vibrant vitality, it is able to repress the already chaotic Herb Nurturing Array. In less than ten days, I will stabilize this array."