True Martial World Chapter 1358

Chapter 1358: Array Seizing
Chapter 1358: Array Seizing
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"Oh? Yi Yun!"

Patriarch Pillheart and company, who were inside the array, naturally noticed Yi Yun arrive.

"Oh? He's Yi Yun?"

Alchemist Sage Purple Gold squinted his eyes slightly. So this was the punk he was snatching the fire seed from. Before he came to the Nine Li Magus Empire, he had heard of Yi Yun’s exploits. To him, Yi Yun was practically a walking treasure trove.

Fire seed! Divine Alchemy Cauldron! And the divine alchemist's manuals!

He coveted every item!

"Eh? His cultivation level has actually…"

Alchemist Sage Purple Gold was slightly taken aback. He knew Yi Yun was young, so he was surprised to discover that Yi Yun was already at the Supremacy realm when he approached!

Such a young Supremacy?

Everyone, be it Alchemist Sage Purple Gold or Patriarch Pillheart, they were all stunned. Yi Yun was only at the eighth-storey Dao Palace before he left, but now he was already a Supremacy? How did he accomplish such a feat that quickly?

Upon seeing Yi Yun's Supremacy cultivation level, the High Priest's expression turned sullen. He naturally knew that Yi Yun's breakthrough was all thanks to the River of Forgetfulness's water.

It was a known fact in the Nine Li Magus Empire that the number of young elites that could be bestowed with the River of Forgetfulness's water was few and far between. No matter who obtained it, they would treat it as extremely precious and cherish every drop.

Now, the River of Forgetfulness's water that were originally prepared for the Nine Li Magus Empire's young elites had been used up by Yi Yun. It was only natural that the High Priest was displeased.

"Li'er, you gave him all the remaining River of Forgetfulness's water from the mystic land, didn't you!? You helped him break through to the Supremacy realm but not only did he not complete the Herb Nurturing Array, he actually made it worse. Due to this, our Nine Li clan has to pay a tremendous price to fix it. Now, he takes all the benefits and can get away scot free. Li'er you have been too imprudent."

Since Yi Yun had appeared, the High Priest no longer stayed inside the barrier of light. He walked straight out.

"Blackrock, Li'er is young, but even you shared in her foolishness?"

The High Priest turned towards Aged Blackrock. He wore a stoic expression for he knew that there was no need for him to say a word. Since Yi Yun had appeared, everything depended on what he could do.

At that moment, Yi Yun had already come to a halt. He just stood outside the Nine Transformations Rejuvenation Array while Patriarch Pillheart, Alchemist Sage Purple Gold, and Ouming Yin were still devouring the Heretical God Fire Seed's strength!

Alchemist Sage Purple Gold only gave Yi Yun a nonchalant sneer. He basically disregarded Yi Yun.

He was situated inside the Nine Transformations Rejuvenation Array where it was impossible for Yi Yun to enter. There was nothing Yi Yun could do to him!

Instead, it was Patriarch Pillheart that acknowledged Yi Yun. Without even raising his eyelids, he said, "I haven’t seen you in years and you have actually broken through to become a Supremacy. It appears that the legend of the Nine Li Magus Empire having the River of Forgetfulness's water is true. I never expected that the Nine Li Magus Empire would be fooled into giving you such a precious item. However… forcibly manipulating time to break through to the Supremacy realm is just that and nothing more."

As Patriarch Pillheart spoke leisurely, he did not slow down his absorption of the Heretical God Fire Seed at all.

"Open the array!"

Yi Yun's voice was ice-cold as it contained killing intent. Although Yi Yun had broken through to the Supremacy realm, he was still much weaker than Alchemist Sage Purple Gold, Patriarch Pillheart, and Ouming Yin.

"Heh!" Alchemist Sage Purple Gold sneered as though he had heard the funniest joke. "What did you say? I didn't get you. Do you want me to open the Nine Transformations Rejuvenation Array? Interesting. I can do that but wait a month or two outside. I'll open it once I finish absorbing this fire seed's strength."

When Alchemist Sage Purple Gold said that, a few youths standing close to Alchemist Sage Purple Gold roared with laughter.

These youths were Alchemist Sage Purple Gold's disciples.

One of the youths dressed in a white alchemy robe said with a scoff, "You should be honored that Master is absorbing your fire seed's strength. You wreaked havoc on the Nine Li Magus Empire's Herb Nurturing Array. If not for Master, this array would have been finished. You stayed in seclusion and even got your fire seed to seal off the array to hide your mistakes. Now that Master has taken the first steps to stabilize the array, you finally have the guts to appear. You even want to open the array? Do you have what it takes? You can try entering!"

"Haha, how is he to enter? Even if he can, he still has to answer to the Nine Li Magus Empire's High Priest for his sins!"

As Alchemist Sage Purple Gold's disciples, these youths usually led lofty lives. They had a sense of superiority and in their minds, Alchemist Sage Purple Gold was peerless when it came to alchemy. If he wanted to seize Yi Yun's fire seed, there was no way he could put up any resistance.

"Xie'er, retract your strength," Yi Yun said to the weak Ling Xie'er.

"Brother, if I were to retract it…" Ling Xie'er said weakly.

"Believe me. It will be fine," said Yi Yun.

Although Alchemist Sage Purple Gold had set up the Nine Transformations Rejuvenation Array which could repress the violent Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in the Herb Nurturing Array, it was a fact that he did not really understand the Herb Nurturing Array.

And Yi Yun could now understand the reason for the Herb Nurturing Array's problem. He also knew that more anomalies were in store for the Herb Nurturing Array.

As Ling Xie'er retracted her strength, Alchemist Sage Purple Gold and company noticed it immediately.

"Oh? What’s this? Do you think you can save her by having her retract her strength?" said Alchemist Sage Purple Gold with a scoff.

He thought Yi Yun was a very capable person that would not go down without a fight. Yet, Yi Yun withdrew directly. He even handed the Herb Nurturing Array over to him.

"With me here, there's no way she can leave this place. Seven Emotions!" shouted Alchemist Sage Purple Gold.

The Fire of Seven Emotions chortled lightly as she flew into the heart of the Herb Nurturing Array, filling the spot which Ling Xie'er had left empty. She became the Herb Nurturing Array's new array fire.

The moment she took over the Herb Nurturing Array, she immediately took control of the surrounding Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, sealing Ling Xie'er into a tiny space.

"Xie'er, all you need to do is focus on protecting yourself," said Yi Yun calmly.

"Alright." Ling Xie'er had already regained her freedom. Although she had lost a lot of her strength from the absorptions, she was no longer as weak as before. The Fire of Seven Emotions might have become the new array fire, but at most all she could do was seal her. Hurting her would not be easy.

Ling Xie'er stayed in a tiny space within the Herb Nurturing Array. The surrounding space might have been sealed shut but she was not being harmed in any way.

When Patriarch Pillheart and Ouming Yin saw this, they were unwilling to play second fiddle. Although their fire seeds were unable to enter the core of the array, they had them linger inside the array and refuse to leave.

They definitely wanted a piece of the pie when it came to the Herb Nurturing Array. They refused to let Alchemist Sage Purple Gold monopolize it.

"Now that the array is completely within my control, your fire seed will be devoured." Alchemist Sage Purple Gold said with a delighted smile.

He felt that everything was going smoothly. Yi Yun was completely powerless in front of him.

"Look, the moment this Yi Yun came out of seclusion, he only thought to take back the array fire. Li'er, you really have been fooled," said the High Priest with a cold grunt.

The Nine Li Magus Maiden did not say a word. However, Aged Blackrock gave Yi Yun an anxious glance.

Was it true that Yi Yun had no counter strategy since he had relinquished control over the Herb Nurturing Array?