True Martial World Chapter 1361

Chapter 1361: The High Priest's Killing Intent
Chapter 1361: The High Priest's Killing Intent
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At that moment, the High Priest was truly infuriated. His precious Herb Nurturing Array was about to collapse but even at this critical moment, Alchemist Sage Purple Gold was focused on securing his Fire of Seven Emotions!

The High Priest knew that once the array was destroyed, he would be a sinner of the Nine Li Magus Empire. The Nine Li Magus Empire's Herb Nurturing Array had been passed down for ages, so for it to be destroyed during his reign...he would be too ashamed to face the millions of citizens of the Nine Li Magus Empire or his ancestors!

Faced with the High Priest's killing intent, Alchemist Sage Purple Gold's breathing stagnated. He did not have any doubts that the High Priest would do what he threatened.

Although he was skilled in alchemy, his real strength was only ordinary among people at his own realm. After all, alchemy had taken up too much of his time and energy. How could he be the High Priest's match? Besides, there was also Aged Blackrock.

At that moment, he could already sense Aged Blackrock glaring at him. The stare's coldness raised the hairs on his back.

He was truly suffering in silence now. He had shot himself in the foot. Not only was he unable to fix the Herb Nurturing Array and devour Ling Xie'er, his fire seed would also end up being sacrificed.

Yet no matter how precious the Fire of Seven Emotions was, it was not as precious as his life. He immediately produced hex seals, in a struggle to activate the Nine Transformations Rejuvenation Array so as to stabilize the massive array.

But by then, many alchemists had fled. The Nine Transformations Rejuvenation Array was in ruins and with the Herb Nurturing Array in greater disarray, his efforts seemed doomed to end in failure.

The Fire of Seven Emotions was in agony in the heart of the array while alchemists were being swept in tongues of fiery waves. Although the stronger alchemists were alright with their Yuan Qi protective barriers, their disciples were having their asses burned. The situation was unbearable to watch!

At that moment, the High Priest's Yuan Qi voice transmission sounded throughout the area like a clamorous bell. "Today, my Nine Li clan handed the Herb Nurturing Array over to all of you! All of you are responsible for it. Don't think of escaping. I will order the Nine Li Magus Empire's warriors to stand guard outside the array. If my array is to be destroyed, all of you will accompany it in death. Not one of you will be spared!"

The High Priest's voice was injected with killing intent. It sank all the hearts of the people fleeing.

Was the Nine Li Magus Empire insane? Were they going to keep all of them in this death trap at the risk of facing universal condemnation?

But upon careful thought, they realized that the Nine Li Magus Empire was truly capable of doing so. They were just too powerful. Numerous factions had been destroyed by the Nine Li Magus Empire throughout history. However, the Nine Li Magus Empire remained steadfast. No one doubted the crazy words the High Priest delivered. The Nine Li Magus Empire did not care if it would antagonize all the alchemists in the surrounding worlds of the Heavenly South Great World. To them, what was most important was the Herb Nurturing Array.

Instantly, everyone stopped attempting to escape.

Although the Nine Transformations Rejuvenation Array was in shambles, they had no choice but to bite the bullet and return to their positions.

"Alchemist Sage Purple Gold, this is all your fault. You have brought us harm!"

"We’re back now. Quickly activate the array and stabilize the massive array!"

"What are you waiting for? Quickly begin or all of us are doomed!"

Although Alchemist Sage Purple Gold enjoyed a dignified status, no one cared about it at that moment in time. All the alchemists began dogging him.

Alchemist Sage Purple Gold was already on the brink of insanity. And now, with them pressing him, he couldn’t think straight.

He felt like he was a sexually impotent man facing a group of ravenous women. Despite their constant urging for him to get down to business, he just couldn’t perform.

"Where are the fire seeds? Didn’t you request for everyone here to contribute their fire seeds? Gather all the power from these people’s fire seeds to stabilize the array!" The High Priest bellowed with murderous rage.

Previously, some of the alchemists had declined Alchemist Sage Purple Gold's request for their fire seeds, causing him to miss the critical moment.

Alchemist Sage Purple Gold had no choice but to say, "Now that the worldly array is in chaos, gathering the powers of their fire seeds would be insufficient."

"Insufficient?" The High Priest's heart sank. That many fire seeds were still insufficient?

Aged Blackrock, who was standing beside the High Priest, sneered and said, "After all this incessant drivel, you basically set up an array and bragged about it. In the end, however, all of your fire seeds combined are inferior to a young lady!"

When Aged Blackrock said that, the High Priest could not help but feel alarmed. He found himself looking at Yi Yun. At that moment, Yi Yun was floating outside the Nine Transformations Rejuvenation Array. Although the fire-elemental Yuan Qi was wreaking havoc, it did not harm him one bit.

The High Priest knew that Yi Yun's change of the array fire resulted in the array's anomaly. But from another perspective, Yi Yun's replacement of the array fire lasted for three years before the anomaly reared its head. They had only discovered it after that.

As for Alchemist Sage Purple Gold, it only took minutes after he switched the array fire for it to cause the array to stir up tumultuous waves like an explosion.

The High Priest was very displeased with Ling Xie'er previously but now, he found it unbelievable as he played back the sequence of events in his head.

Was Ling Xie'er that powerful? That young lady that seemed to pose no threat actually possessed such immense strength?

Although the High Priest was extremely powerful, his Nine Li clan was not adept at alchemy at all. He did not know the root cause of the Herb Nurturing Array's anomaly either.

Once Aged Blackrock said that, all the alchemists felt shamed. They simultaneously were astonished by Yi Yun's fire seed. At that moment, Yi Yun's fire seed was still huddled in a corner of the array's core. Despite the divine inferno outside, the fire seed remained unharmed.

They came to a deep realization that they had underestimated his fire seed. The grade of that fire seed had completely exceeded the Empyrean Cleansing Flame!

Was there such a powerful fire seed in this world? If Yi Yun's fire seed provided its strength, it might be able to stabilize the array.

Alchemist Sage Purple Gold obviously realized this. However, it was impossible for him to admit that he was inferior to Yi Yun at this juncture in time. He only abhorred the fact that he did not manage to completely devour Yi Yun's fire seed. If not, his Fire of Seven Emotions would have evolved to an unfathomable state. If that happened, couldn’t it have easily dealt with the anomalies in the Herb Nurturing Array?

"Get Yi Yun's fire seed to join in. With all of us working together, there is a high chance of stabilizing the array." Suddenly, an alchemist said to the High Priest.

The Nine Li Magus Empire's proverbial cleaver was at their necks. They had to fix the array with all they had.

However, they were worried that throwing their fire seeds into the chaotic array would only result in their fire seeds being torn apart immediately. However, things would be different if Yi Yun was also pulled into the fray.

With that top-grade fire seed shielding them, it would be that top-grade fire seed that experienced the brunt of the array's suction. Their low-grade fire seeds could just slink into the crowd.

"That's right. Only by getting Yi Yun to contribute his fire seed would it be a success. However, his fire seed is only defending herself to ensure self-preservation," another alchemist said.

They had no ability to order Yi Yun so they could only exert pressure on him through the Nine Li Magus Empire. As long as the Nine Li Magus Empire took forceful measures, Yi Yun had no choice but to obey.

At that moment, Yi Yun laughed. "I've seen shameless people in my day but I've never seen someone as shameless as you. For three years, she enervated all her strength to barely maintain the array's stability. The moment all of you entered, you set up an array and began devouring her. Now, your fire seeds are controlling the array. In just seconds, the array is on the brink of destruction. Now you want me to contribute my fire seed to help you stabilize the array?"

"I'm sorry to disappoint you. My fire seed is gravely injured after your attempt to devour her. She's probably unable to shoulder such an important responsibility. However, I believe there's no point in you lending any more fire seeds. Tear off your faces and use those to block up the Herb Nurturing Array."

Yi Yun showed no mercy in his sarcasm. The alchemists present, especially Alchemist Sage Purple Gold's disciples, could not bear listening to him. The 'all of you' that Yi Yun referred to was actually pointed at their master, Alchemist Sage Purple Gold. How could they permit their master to receive such humiliation?

"Yi Yun! Aren’t all these problems in the Herb Nurturing Array your fault to begin with? Why are you acting like you are on a high horse? If not for my master taking over, this array would have been destroyed already. Now the array is having anomalies because of the root problems from before, and it’s so bad that even my master is unable to solve it!"

"That's right. If my master's Fire of Seven Emotions had devoured that girl, it would have been capable of stabilizing the array!"

Just as the disciples finished their words, an aura descended from the sky as if it was coming from an abyssal hell. It was as though Death had descended down on them. The disciples trembled as they felt their blood flowing backward, while their hearts skipped a beat.


With a loud thud, the few disciples gave out tragic grunts as their faces turned excessively pale.

"High… High Priest…"

Alchemist Sage Purple Gold's disciples were bleeding from the corner of their mouths. In that instant moments ago, a massive suppression landed on them. It directly injured their meridians, and the person who caused it was none other than the Nine Li Magus Empire's High Priest!

At that moment, the High Priest had a sullen expression with murderous intent written all over his face. Just the bloodlust from his body left others suffocated. Alchemist Sage Purple Gold's disciples did not dare speak another world.

The High Priest looked deeply into Yi Yun's eyes. Even though he was always an unyielding person, he also felt ashamed. He found it difficult to request Yi Yun's contribution of his fire seed.

He took a deep breath and sent a voice transmission to Aged Blackrock and Nine Li Magus Maiden. "Blackrock, Li'er…"

"You wish for me to get Yi Yun's agreement?" Before the High Priest finished his words, Aged Blackrock immediately understood his intentions. If it was possible, he did not want to lower his dignity but as the matter involved the fate of the Nine Li Magus Empire, the Herb Nurturing Array had to be secured.

"My young friend, Yi Yun, on my account, is it possible for you to help in this matter?"

Aged Blackrock's voice was sincere. Nine Li Magus Maiden did not say a word but she looked hopefully at Yi Yun. She placed all her hopes on Yi Yun at that moment.

Yi Yun cupped his fists gently and said, "Senior Blackrock, you are being too courteous. There is one thing that is true. The Herb Nurturing Array indeed experienced an anomaly because of my exchange of the fire seed. Although the scale of the anomaly is immense and somewhat difficult to settle, I will do my best."

"However, my fire seed has been securing this array all these years. She has been drained off a lot of her strength. Her strength was also devoured by them and she is rather weak at the moment. As for how much can be done, I do not have absolute confidence."

Yi Yun would not forget the gratitude he had for Aged Blackrock and Nine Li Magus Maiden's gift of the River of Forgetfulness's water. He obviously wasn't going to sit around to watch the Herb Nurturing Array be destroyed.