True Martial World Chapter 1362

Chapter 1362: Pay Someone Back in Their Own Coin
Chapter 1362: Pay Someone Back in Their Own Coin
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"Young Master Yi, you are being courteous. Whether it succeeds or not is up to fate. It is at the mercy of my Nine Li Magus Empire's destiny."

Nine Li Magus Maiden said very indifferently.

Yi Yun nodded. In fact, he did not feel that the High Priest had done anything wrong. Anyone in his shoes would have the same thoughts after seeing Yi Yun’s actions. It was simply human nature.

Still, Aged Blackrock and Nine Li Magus Maiden continued to trust in him despite the circumstances. It touched Yi Yun.

As Yi Yun spoke, Ling Xie'er had already stood up within the array's core space.

"Xie'er, let's begin!" Yi Yun's voice sounded in Ling Xie'er's ears.


Ling Xie'er nodded. When she stepped into the tiny space, the raging gray-fire on her body soared and swept into her surroundings.

This fire was a lot stronger than the Fire of Seven Emotions who was suffering in the heart of the array. As for Ling Xie'er, she lightly strode through the sky. With every step of her delicate feet, she caused the fire-elemental Yuan Qi in that spot to stabilize.

Upon seeing Ling Xie'er produce such tremendous strength the moment she took action, the eyes of the High Priest and Aged Blackrock lit up.

As for Alchemist Sage Purple Gold, Patriarch Pillheart, and company, their gazes turned gloomy. Alchemist Sage Purple Gold looked at Ling Xie'er indignantly.

"Young Master Yi, we'll be depending on you. Your master is the Senior Divine Alchemist after all. Perhaps, your fire seed has the ability to stabilize the array," said a hopeful Nine Li Magus Maiden. Now that the anomaly had happened on such a massive scale, she was no longer able to confidently say whether Yi Yun could succeed or not.

Yi Yun wore a pondering look as though he was ruminating deeply on something. Suddenly, his expression changed. The fire-elemental Yuan Qi in the spots where Ling Xie'er had stepped exploded suddenly, becoming extremely chaotic once again. It was in greater disarray than before.

Many low-ranking disciples cried out tragically. If not for the High Priest's warning from before, many of them would have rushed out of the array when their asses were burned by the flames. Now, all of them were standing inside the array as though they were being grilled on racks. Soon, their skin and flesh split and their hair and brows was burnt to nothingness.

"Brother…" Ling Xie'er revealed a look of panic. She looked around at the violent fire-elemental Yuan Qi that was exploding everywhere. The Yuan Qi crazily swept towards her in a bid to devour her.

She constantly stamped out the fire-elemental Yuan Qi in different spots but the Herb Nurturing Array was like an erupting volcano with spouts everywhere. Lava would constantly spew from different spots. Just after Ling Xie'er stopped one spot, another spot would explode. After she rushed to that spot, the spot she just stopped would explode again.

Others saw Ling Xie'er looking flustered and the Herb Nurturing Array's situation becoming more critical.

If this went on, the array's complete collapse was just a matter of time.

"What's going on?" The High Priest bellowed. All he cared about were the results. Regardless of how much the Nine Li Magus Maiden supported Yi Yun, if the Herb Nurturing Array collapsed, Yi Yun was the main culprit for switching the fire seed that caused it all to happen.

Before Yi Yun spoke a word, Patriarch Pillheart sneered and said, "What else could it be? I thought you cultivated for a long time with River of Forgetfulness's water and would have improved a little; yet, other than bragging, you still have nothing to offer. You were willing to release your fire seed only when Elder Blackrock personally requested your help. You sure put on great airs but in the end, aren't you just making the array worse?"

"Now, the array might completely be destroyed at any time. When that happens, all the energy contained within will explode. It will be extremely dangerous. Even the outside Nine Li Magus Empire will be hit. Your Excellency, even if we can ignore the danger, you should inform the young disciples of the Nine Li Magus Empire to retreat before they get caught up in it," Ouming Yin said as he stroked his beard. He had his own thoughts. He wished to take on a soft stance so as to leave this dire situation as soon as possible. Although the Herb Nurturing Array was of utmost importance to the Nine Li Magus Empire, it was not its everything. If it was truly a lost cause, he believed that the Nine Li Magus Empire would not be crazy enough to let everyone die with it.

As for Alchemist Sage Purple Gold, he looked at Yi Yun with a gloating expression. Previously, Yi Yun had mocked his lack of alchemical skills and said that his array was terrible, making it impossible to stabilize the Herb Nurturing Array. But in the end? Not only did Yi Yun also fail to stabilize the Herb Nurturing Array, the first signs of a complete collapse could be glimpsed.

"Your Excellency, there is no way to redeem the situation at this juncture," said Alchemist Sage Purple Gold.

What a pity. If he had allowed the Fire of Seven Emotions to directly devour Ling Xie'er, the Herb Nurturing Array would be completely in his grasp now.

However, with the array on the brink of complete collapse, all he wanted to do was rescue the Fire of Seven Emotions. Now, the voluptuous beauty was huddled in a corner of the heart of the array. Despite being a manifestation of a fire seed, it felt like she had fallen into a world of ice. She was trembling gently.

"Thankfully, Yi Yun's fire seed has entered the array, helping my Fire of Seven Emotions bear some of the burden. By letting that fire seed take the most of the array’s fury, there is chance for me to take Seven Emotions out," thought Alchemist Sage Purple Gold.

Patriarch Pillheart and Ouming Yin were having the same thoughts. With things coming to this point, they now had a chance of rescuing their fire seeds.

When Yi Yun heard their words, all he did was sneer.

How could he not have known the danger involved when he took over the messy business?

"Xie'er." Yi Yun's voice sounded directly in Ling Xie'er's ears.

Ling Xie'er gave a glance in Yi Yun's direction and nodded.

She stepped through the air and began heading towards the heart of the array.

"Little Sister, quickly come here and save me!" When the Fire of Seven Emotions saw Ling Xie'er approaching, she immediately began pleading.

The array had devoured her strength crazily and Alchemist Sage Purple Gold had already sent her a voice transmission. He would think of a way to make Ling Xie'er completely replace her as the core's fire seed and rescue her. Now, Alchemist Sage Purple Gold was just waiting for the opportunity, so when he saw Ling Xie'er walk towards the heart of the array, both he and Seven Emotions were delighted.

Energy was surging in every direction, with laws interlacing with each other in the core. As long as they forcibly pulled Ling Xie'er in and trapped her in there, they would be halfway to victory.

At that moment, Patriarch Pillheart and Ouming Yin's fire seeds were curled into clumps by the side. They were also waiting for the opportunity, for they had come to a silent agreement with the Fire of Seven Emotions. In fact, they were in worse states than the Fire of Seven Emotions. They were almost candles in the wind.

As Ling Xie'er walked over, the surrounding fire-elemental Yuan Qi gradually calmed down. It also gave these fire seeds some breathing room. This elevated their hopes even more.

The fire toad and fire centipede were struggling with all they had, hoping that they could use this opportunity to escape the Herb Nurturing Array and go back to their owners.

But when Ling Xie'er was just a few steps away from the heart of the array, the young lady suddenly stopped. She gave the fire toad a glance and smirked, as though she was just struck with an idea.

After a while, she suddenly extended her hand and grabbed with her fingers. At that moment, infinite fire-elemental laws gathered in Ling Xie'er's palm, and like a tornado's sweeping, a massive suction power enveloped the fire toad!

The fire toad was alarmed as it screamed. However, it was completely unable to withstand the tearing suction. Its body began to twist and distort.

"What's going on!?" Patriarch Pillheart's expression changed drastically.

Peng! The fire toad suddenly transformed into a green toxic fire. Its corporeal manifestation had been destroyed, returning it to its fire seed form.

And at the same time, Ling Xie'er stretched her other hand out and beckoned. The powerful force bound the green fire and pulled it towards Ling Xie'er.

Ling Xie'er grabbed the green fire seed and deformed it into a ball of pure green energy. At the next instant, the energy began rapidly flowing into Ling Xie'er's hands. It was… being absorbed by Ling Xie'er!

Patriarch Pillheart's eyes seemed to crack in anger as he burst in rage. Yi Yun's fire seed was actually devouring the fire seed that was intrinsic to him! It was something he spent so much time and effort nurturing!

He originally planned on using Ling Xie'er to replace his fire seed, allowing Ling Xie'er to suffer the devouring effects of the array but in the end, Ling Xie'er had no intention of entering the array's core. Instead, she wanted to devour his fire seed!

"How dare you!" Patriarch Pillheart was infinitely incensed!