True Martial World Chapter 1366

Chapter 1366: Suppressing the Mountains and Rivers
Chapter 1366: Suppressing the Mountains and Rivers
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"He actually went in!"

At that moment, many people were already fleeing. However, a lot of them still witnessed that scene. Yi Yun had charged into such a terrifying inferno?

Nine Li Magus Maiden looked at Yi Yun. Inside the array's core, he was like a tiny boat in a stormy sea. He looked like he would capsize at any time but he ultimately managed to stay afloat, fighting against the waves. With that, she held back from stopping him despite her original intentions.

Soon, Yi Yun was fully immersed in the blazing sea of fire, so that those outside could only see a faint silhouette.

"How did Yi Yun not burn to death?" commented Patriarch Pillheart with a frown.

Ouming Yin's eyebrows twitched too. He knew that if he were the one entering the array's core, it would definitely not be easy on him. Did Yi Yun have some sort of indestructible body that allowed him to charge straight in?

They were obviously unaware that Yi Yun had once been burned by Myriad God Patriarch for days with astral fire while he was trapped in the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

That astral fire might not compare to the array's violent fire-elemental Yuan Qi, but back then Yi Yun treated the astral fire like it was a pleasant hot spring. He did not suffer much back then. So now, it was no problem for him to tolerate the more terrifying inferno.

"Ignore him. Even if he doesn't burn to death, he definitely cannot survive the array's explosion. We should take this opportunity to leave as soon as possible," said Ouming Yin.

Although the others were astonished by Yi Yun's sudden plunge into the array, no really cared what happened to him at such a dangerous time. All they cared about was self-preservation and being able to make it out of the array alive.

"Elder Blackrock, Yi Yun is currently in peril because of the Nine Li Magus Empire. If things take a turn for a worse, you must protect Yi Yun," said Nine Li Magus Maiden.

"I got it." Elder Blackrock naturally agreed. Even the High Priest fell silent for a moment before nodding. In fact, the High Priest had his own priorities to consider. Although Yi Yun was the main culprit behind the Herb Nurturing Array's destruction, the array had existed in an incomplete state for a very long period of time. With the passage of time, the chance of it ever being completed only turned slimmer.

Meanwhile, with the strength Yi Yun had been showing, he was definitely going to be someone of great importance in the future, regardless of his present shortcomings. There was even a chance that he could become an alchemist that matched the divine alchemist. If that were the case, it was possible that he could end the Nine Li Magus Maiden's curse.

All them looked at the faint silhouette in the inferno. Amid the terrifying waves of flame, Yi Yun looked so minute.

By that moment, Yi Yun had already arrived in the array's core. Ling Xie'er was there, barely holding on.

There were no flames in the tiny area due to Ling Xie'er's presence.

"Brother Yi Yun…" Upon seeing Yi Yun, Ling Xie'er revealed a look of delight. But at the same time, she turned worried. Once the array exploded, the consequences would be unthinkable.

"Xie'er, you have already done a great job. Leave the rest to me." Yi Yun stroked Ling Xie'er's head.

The situation of the array was no longer something a fire seed like Ling Xie'er could control.

Back when the divine alchemist set up the array, he did install a fire seed as the array's core to control everything. However, the person who set up the array was, in the end, the divine alchemist himself.

A fire seed could stabilize an array but could not alter or direct it. All of that had to be done by an actual person.

Yi Yun had now broken through to the Supremacy realm. He had already thought of many ideas while observing the array. It was now time to verify his theories.

At that moment, Yi Yun stepped into the heart of the array. Through Ling Xie'er, his perception permeated the entirety of the Herb Nurturing Array. Every minute change in the array was completely within his grasp.

The Herb Nurturing Array was indeed on the brink of collapse. The core's energy was boiling and spilling over. Once it spewed out entirely, it would set off a chain reaction that would cause the entire Herb Nurturing Array to explode, sending out massive amounts of energy.

That energy would be enough to burn and destroy everything in the array's core, including the alchemical cauldron and the Fate Changing Pill inside it.

"I can only make a gamble."

Yi Yun extended his hand and swiped his interspatial ring. Immediately, an alchemical cauldron appeared.

An ancient aura immediately emanated from it. Once it appeared, the cauldron that contained the Fate Changing Pill trembled immediately in response. It was like a servant catching sight of its master and dancing in joy.

Even the surrounding laws stabilized.

The cauldron that Yi Yun took out possessed a natural control over the massive array.

Divine Alchemy Cauldron!

The cauldron was intrinsic to the divine alchemist, after all. It contained the remnant aura of the divine alchemist, and the Herb Nurturing Array was a product of the divine alchemist. Once the Divine Alchemy Cauldron appeared, it seemed to create a seamless harmony.

"Suppress!" Yi Yun sank the Divine Alchemy Cauldron down and with a loud boom, the Divine Alchemy Cauldron instantly transformed into an ancient but plain cauldron that held down the array's core!

At the same time, the surrounding fire-elemental Yuan Qi was sucked into the cauldron as it began refining the energy.

The moment the fire-elemental Yuan Qi was absorbed by the Divine Alchemy Cauldron, the Herb Nurturing Array that was on the brink of collapse immediately became stable.

And outside the Herb Nurturing Array, Nine Li Magus Maiden and the rest watched Yi Yun intently with bated breaths. They immediately noticed the change in the array.

"Oh?" The array has greatly stabilized." The High Priest was delighted.

But Alchemist Sage Purple Gold and Patriarch Pillheart, who were not far away, found it hard to be happy. Be it their hatred for Yi Yun or the resentment they had towards the Nine Li Magus Empire, they yearned for the array's complete collapse.

"Don't make hasty conclusions. The array is already rotten to the core. There's no way the situation can be reversed. What's happening is just a sudden spurt of calm prior to its collapse."

Alchemist Sage Purple Gold gave his judgment. And, just as his voice faded, the array turned chaotic once again.

"Haha, Brother Purple Gold, you nailed it. If this is the calm before the complete explosion, it would mean that the explosion will be more horrible than we originally imagined!" Patriarch Pillheart said with a twisted expression. He was constantly keeping tabs on the array.

He wanted to see Yi Yun die, as well as the Herb Nurturing Array's destruction.

The High Priest revealed a look of disappointment, but he continued staring intently at the array. He was prepared to save Yi Yun if the situation became unmanageable.

The Nine Li Magus Maiden clasped her hands tightly and began praying using the Nine Li Magus Empire's ancient language.

A strong wind swept through the entire void as terrifying heat waves constantly consumed the world around them. It seemed like the entire world was quaking as black holes were burnt out of the void, creating heat vortices.

At that moment, it was no longer the array that was about to collapse. Even the very world around them could be brought down with it, shattering in the process.

As for Yi Yun, he had already sank to the core region of the array. It was also the lake where the Fate Changing Pill was sleeping within.

The emerald green lake had turned into a burning sea of fire like it was molten lava.

Situated in the middle of the fiery lake was the Fate Changing Pill. It still took the form of the Nine Li Magus Maiden with a crystalline naked body.

However, as it was being consumed by the flames, Yi Yun sensed that the Fate Changing Pill's spirituality was being reduced. If this continued, it would slowly perish and turn to ashes.

Yi Yun looked at the cauldron beneath the Fate Changing Pill.

The cauldron had been left behind by the divine alchemist. It was definitely poorer in quality and if he could use the Divine Alchemy Cauldron to replace it, the effects would be better. However, Yi Yun had already used the Divine Alchemy Cauldron to temporarily suppress the violent inferno. But even that did not achieve the most perfect effect.

The Divine Alchemy Cauldron had already lost its core array and it was not as powerful as it used to be. It was not necessarily usable as the vessel of the Fate Changing Pill. This was also why the array faced destruction only moments after Yi Yun calmed it with the Divine Alchemy Cauldron.

Yi Yun took a deep breath as he injected Yuan Qi into his dantian. Following that, he blasted his energy outwards as he roared. This long roar sounded like a dragon's. It went from the array's core straight to the horizons.

That instant, what appeared to be a True Dragon's phantom soared into the sky from Yi Yun's body. Instantly, it tore through the layers of heat waves.


A heavy metallic resonance was heard as a heavy cauldron appeared out of thin air. It was none other than the Ascending Dragon Cauldron!

"Oh? What happened?"

Patriarch Pillheart, Ouming Yin, and company heard the dragon's roar. Just that was not enough to astound them, but then they could sense an ancient aura transmit from the array's core. It was as though they were facing the entire universe.

What was this power?

They felt shaken deep down. However, even if they tried their best to look into the array's core, all they could see was the chaotic fire-elemental Yuan Qi. They had no idea what was happening within.

Yi Yun held one arm out. The ancient Ascending Dragon Cauldron was floating above his palm. Above it, one could vaguely see a dragon's breath lingering over it. The appearance of the cauldron seemed to change the laws of the world they were in.

Yi Yun looked at the cauldron the divine alchemist had left behind. He spoke softly to it, "You have been holding this area down for hundreds of millions of years. You must be tired. From this moment forth, let me hold down this array."

Yi Yun produced imprints as the cauldron left behind by the divine alchemist seemed to understand what he said. It began trembling slightly beneath his feet.

There were many thick chains coiled around the cauldron. They had been asleep for very long and at that moment, when touched by Yi Yun's imprints, these chains lit up with runes. Every rune corresponded to an imprint that Yi Yun produced.

A few seconds later, the chains began producing crisp sounds before seemingly coming alive. They swayed around like pythons as they unwrapped themselves!


All the chains fell to the ground. The ancient cauldron trembled more and more vigorously. Finally, under Yi Yun's control, it rose from the bottom of the lake.

The ancient cauldron finally left its spot.

Yi Yun formed imprints again. The Ascending Dragon Cauldron could seal the heavens and earth, as well as repress mountains and rivers!

Yi Yun stepped on the Ascending Dragon Cauldron as he sank bit by bit.

The Ascending Dragon Cauldron that was as heavy as a star sank to the lake's bottom and took the ancient cauldron's former position.

Following that, Yi Yun produced more imprints. He began moving the chains as they crept over. However, they did not truly wrapped around the entire Ascending Dragon Cauldron. Instead, they wrapped around the Ascending Dragon Cauldron's three feet as though they were afraid of the paragon dragon aura that the Ascending Dragon Cauldron possessed.