True Martial World Chapter 1368

Chapter 1368: The Dust Settles
Chapter 1368: The Dust Settles
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With Yi Yun resetting the array to a new state, no one else could enter. Even the members of the Nine Li Magus Empire could not do so unless they completely destroyed the array. But clearly, that would not happen. It was the opposite, the Nine Li Magus Empire would actually painstakingly protect the Herb Nurturing Array.

Therefore, Yi Yun was assured that it was safe to leave the Ascending Dragon Cauldron and Ling Xie'er in the array temporarily.

"Yi Yun… actually managed to do it," muttered the Nine Li Magus Maiden. She heaved a sigh of relief after seeing that he was fine. Although she thought nothing of worldly riches, she long wished to escape her fate of experiencing lifetime after lifetime as a mortal and suffering the constant cycle of reincarnation. Now, not only had the array been stabilized, it was even more perfect than before. She could not help but feel delighted.

Having survived repeated bouts of dire failure, the addition of just a hint of hope was very meaningful to the Nine Li Magus Maiden.

The alchemists remained inundated by shock. They looked at the array and felt like they were in a dream. If they were not actually present in the array, they would have refused to believe that the picturesque Herb Nurturing Array before their eyes was a world on the brink of destruction just moments ago.

"Dear alchemists." At that moment, the High Priest's voice jolted everyone from their daze.

The alchemists looked at the High Priest, who had already turned calm. He looked at everyone and said, "Everyone, my Nine Li Magus Empire will naturally not forget your contributions to the Herb Nurturing Array."

"We have prepared pills, Spirit Jade, and various treasures. They will be dispensed to you shortly."

The alchemists exchanged looks. Previously, the High Priest had threatened to bury all of them alive with the array if it was destroyed…

However, none of the alchemists were foolish enough to make an enemy out of the Nine Li Magus Empire. Now that everything was peaceful, they were naturally delighted to receive remuneration and get out of there.

The High Priest's eyes flashed with a glint of satisfaction when he saw the people's reaction. Now that the array was in good shape, the High Priest would naturally not make things difficult for the alchemists. Besides, remuneration had already been promised to these alchemists.

Upon seeing this scene, Patriarch Pillheart and company immediately became belligerent.

"What about us?"

Of the ten thousand alchemists present, the ones that suffered the most damages were obviously Patriarch Pillheart, Ouming Yin, and Alchemist Sage Purple Gold.

The High Priest gave the trio a glance but he did not speak a word.

"Your Excellency, now that the array has been restored, shouldn't we be given our remuneration?" asked Ouming Yin.

"It shouldn't just be remuneration," said Patriarch Pillheart coldly. He was still bearing a grudge over the loss of his fire seed.

Alchemist Sage Purple Gold's expression sank too as he said, "The remuneration is of secondary importance. Since Yi Yun's fire seed is now in the heart of your Herb Nurturing Array, the bill for Yi Yun's devouring of our fire seeds should naturally be given to you."

"True. For us, nurturing another fire seed will expend numerous resources, much less the time and effort spent on our previous seeds that is now wasted. No matter how great your compensation is, it is impossible to compensate us for our loss!" echoed Ouming Yin.

Patriarch Pillheart did not speak a word. All he did was nod with a cold expression. The Nine Li Magus Empire's compensation would not alleviate the hatred he felt for Yi Yun at all. However, the Nine Li Magus Empire was a massive entity. The trio's fire seeds might have been very precious but they were still something the Nine Li Magus Empire could afford compensation. Even if they could not pay in full, receiving some compensation was better than nothing.

As for Yi Yun… They already knew that Yi Yun was favored by the Nine Li Magus Empire now that he had stabilized the array. There was nothing they could do to Yi Yun at present.

However, it was impossible for Yi Yun to hide in the Nine Li Magus Empire forever. Apart from him, Alchemist Sage Purple Gold probably hated Yi Yun to the bone too. Ouming Yin was also one who would not suffer in silence.

"Take the compensation and remuneration first before making plans for the future," thought Patriarch Pillheart.

Alchemist Sage Purple Gold and Ouming Yin shared his thoughts.

However, the High Priest snorted at that moment.

Patriarch Pillheart and company immediately had a sense of foreboding.

"What? Is the mighty Nine Li Magus Empire going to refuse compensation?" asked Alchemist Sage Purple Gold in disbelief.

The Nine Li Magus Empire had already been extremely unfair by allowing Yi Yun to commit his malicious actions. If they refused compensation as well, it would be taking things too far.

At that moment, Aged Blackrock said lightly. "You mention remuneration and compensation? I don't understand what gives you the right to request that. Not only did your actions here in the Nine Li Magus Empire fail to stabilize the array, you even made the array more violent. You failed to live up to your promises. Hence, my Nine Li Magus Empire naturally does not need to adhere to our side of the deal. If not for Yi Yun, the array would have exploded. Had that happened, our Nine Li Magus Empire would have suffered an immense lose. Yet, you still have the nerve to ask for remuneration?"


They originally believed that they could bargain with the Nine Li Magus Empire and obtain greater prizes. However, they never expected the Nine Li Magus Empire would refuse to give them even one Spirit Jade!

"The one that caused the array's near destruction wasn't us. As for Yi Yun, if he had not devoured our fire seeds, there was no way he could have stabilized the array!"

Alchemist Sage Purple Gold was already incensed to his tipping point. The other alchemists had received remuneration but the three of them, alchemist sages, were not receiving a single thing!

This was no longer just a matter of remuneration. This was publicly smacking them in the face.

"You say that Yi Yun devoured your fire seeds but all of you clearly tried to devour Yi Yun's fire seed first. Later on, you were simply paid back in your own coin. That is a dispute between you and Yi Yun, it has nothing to do with my Nine Li Magus Empire. You can settle it with Yi Yun," said Nine Li Magus Maiden. She came to a pause before she continued. "However, my Nine Li Magus Empire is indebted to Yi Yun as he is the only person that can complete my Nine Li Magus Empire's array. He is considered a distinguished guest of my Nine Li Magus Empire, so no matter what faction it is that wants to go after Yi Yun, they should be prepared to have their factions decimated."

Nine Li Magus Maiden's slow speech left all the alchemists present astounded. Someone could actually think that way? The grudge was between the three alchemist sages and Yi Yun. Their Nine Li Magus Empire claimed neutrality in that. But if the three alchemist sages wanted to settle scores with Yi Yun, the Nine Li Magus Empire would take action to protect Yi Yun. That was just too high-handed!

"Please leave. We won't be seeing you off!" Aged Blackrock directly gave the order for them to leave.

"Good! Very good! All of you and Yi Yun did very well!" Alchemist Sage Purple Gold's expression was contorted. When the alchemists saw Alchemist Sage Purple Gold's expression, they were worried that he would turn deranged from his fury.

After all, if they were in his shoes, they would probably go crazy.

"I will definitely not forget what happened here today!" said Alchemist Sage Purple Gold through gritted teeth.

Patriarch Pillheart's expression was as black as a wok's bottom. He abruptly turned and flew away without turning his head back. He didn't even look at his disciples.

Patriarch Pillheart was afraid that he would die from rage if he stayed there for even an additional second.

Ouming Yin could not stand it either. He had disgraced himself sufficiently today.

In the Nine Li Magus Empire's territory, he could not do a thing despite his indignation.

"Purple Gold, aren't you leaving?" The corners of Aged Blackrock's mouth revealed a sarcastic smile as he looked at Alchemist Sage Purple Gold.

The gloomy-looking Alchemist Sage Purple Gold caught Aged Blackrock's gaze and was caught unaware by a chill.

"Let us… leave!" Alchemist Sage Purple Gold said as though he had to force each word out.

He would never forget the humiliation he had suffered that day. And it was all because of Yi Yun and the Nine Li Magus Empire!