True Martial World Chapter 137

Chapter 137: If I were to become a Desolate Heaven Master
Chapter 137: If I were to become a Desolate Heaven Master

Lin Xintong knew she did not have any epiphany or breakthrough. It must had been some sort of accident or stroke of good luck.

For a Desolate Heaven Master, there were times when things went great, resulting in the refinement of an exquisite relic. Hence, it was not odd, but today felt different…

Although she was disconcerted, it did not affect Lin Xintong’s hand movements. Her seals became faster as finger shadows were formed.

Yi Yun looked intently as his eyes followed the light dots.

As long as he willed it, he could control the movement of the light dots. It was a lovely feeling for Yi Yun.

He understood that a Desolate Heaven Master had the ability to gather the energy within fierce and desolate beasts’ bones.

But they were not just simply gathering. In the gathering process, the Desolate Heaven Masters would process the energy, branding it with their own mark.

In addition, the desolate bones have their own properties. With the Desolate Heaven Master’s mark and the desolate bones’ properties combined, it could bring about incredible changes, giving the bone relic a property the desolate bones originally lacked.

These things made Yi Yun generate a great interest. What if… I became a Desolate Heaven Master…

This thought suddenly appeared in Yi Yun’s mind and began to grow. Like a seed, it grew into a huge, towering tree.

Being a Desolate Heaven Master would bring him many benefits!

It was the most noble profession in the vast wilderness world. They can use their Desolate Heaven techniques to obtain unlimited wealth.

And wealth meant cultivation resources!

Not only that, they could have special techniques to process the energy. This made Yi Yun palpitate with excitement.

Yi Yun had previously heard from Jiang Xiaorou that Desolate Heaven Masters create desolate bone relics with different effects. Some were used to heal, some were used to increase cultivation, some were used to breakthrough a bottleneck, and some were used to increase perceptivity.

There were specializations within the technique. The Purple Crystal Origins could only absorb pure energy, but it could not change the properties of the energy.

If we made the analogy of energy as being food, then the Purple Crystal Origins was a collector of the best ingredients. A Desolate Heaven Master was the chef. Their culinary skills were the Desolate Heaven technique, and when processing the ingredients, they could make a delicacy.

With the Purple Crystal, he would have the best ingredients, and if he had the ability to manipulate the ingredients, shouldn’t he learn it to produce the best delicacies?

Yi Yun had many random thoughts within that few seconds. By then, Lin Xintong had already melted the Blood Stone Gigantic Beast’s bones in the white light, finally reducing it to a bone relic the size of a green bean.

As for the Blood Stone Gigantic Beast’s meat, Lin Xintong did not touch it. The meat had been separated and dropped to the side. With a wave of her hand, the meat was stored in her interspatial wristband.

Lin Xintong looked at that bone relic with a nonplussed expression. But she didn’t think any further and with a flick of the finger, it landed into Yi Yun’s palm.

“Eat it, you shall be fighting battles continuously. Your energy consumption will be large.” Lin Xintong said with thoughts on her mind. She still could not understand why the bones’ energy was so obedient, yielding to her control.

“Alright, Miss Lin.” Yi Yun took the fierce beast relic and threw it into his mouth like a peanut. After chewing a few times, he swallowed it.

The fierce beast relic’s taste was like an alcoholic sweet. Upon entering the stomach, a surge of heat spread throughout the body. The energy Yi Yun had depleted quickly replenished.

The beast relic refined by Lin Xintong was different from the energy absorbed by the Purple Crystal Origins. This beast relic had a much better effect of replenishing strength.

Yi Yun pretended to inadvertently asked, “By the way, Miss Lin, were you demonstrating the Desolate Heaven technique? If an ordinary person were to learn the Desolate Heaven technique, what ways are there?”

“Oh?” Lin Xintong looked at Yi Yun with surprise. Her pair of eyes were still extremely bright even in the dark Desolate Human Valley. “You want to learn the Desolate Heaven technique?”

“I’m interested.” Yi Yun answered.

Lin Xintong shook her head, “I advise you not to learn it. When you begin learning, you will need a large amount of beast bones to practice, and a lot of the energy will be wasted. This will spend a large amount of resources and… you will need a good teacher, to correct your methods, control of the energy… There are also many complicated changes involved too. It’s too difficult!”

“So, Desolate Heaven Masters mostly come from wealthy entities, such as a big family clan or a large sect.”

“Also, besides the large amount of resources needed, students of the Desolate Heaven technique need to have talent in controlling energy. Such people have a strong soul and have a natural affinity with Heaven Earth energy. There aren’t many people who can do that. The chance is less than one in a million.”

After Lin Xintong said so much, Yi Yun nodded his head and said, “I see. I understand what Miss Lin is saying.”

“Yes.” Lin Xintong nodded, “It’s good you understand. I can tell that you have great perceptivity towards martial arts. I want to prevent you from detours, wasting your own time. Learning the Desolate Heaven technique is extremely consuming…”

Lin Xintong said all those words to dispel any of Yi Yun’s unrealistic expectations. But before she could finish her words, Yi Yun had already expressed his conclusion, “I still want to learn…”

“You…” Lin Xintong was speechless. Many warriors would be moved when they see the process of Desolate Heaven Master refining desolate bones. After all, both a Desolate Heaven Master’s position and wealth was something warriors could not compare with.

However, after these people attempted it, they would mostly waste their time, energy and wealth. It wasn’t worth it.

“I am serious. It’s not on a whim.” Yi Yun looked at Lin Xintong. Under the florescent minerals’ light, their eyes were three feet apart as they looked at each other.

Lin Xintong knitted her eyebrows. She knew Yi Yun. In the first round of the Kingdom’s selection, in the test of Spirit, Yi Yun had taken first place, so Lin Xintong knew Yi Yun was a person with Spirit.

These people would not rashly come to a decision, but once they had decided upon it, they would acknowledge their target and overcome all difficulties.

However, a great Spirit did not mean that they had no failures.

Lin Xintong looked at Yi Yun with an incomprehensible look, “You seem to have really made up your mind. You will not give up even at the risk of wasting your time and resources?”

“Yes,” Yi Yun nodded.

“Alright then…”

Lin Xintong shook her head, “In that case, I will give you the opportunity to come into contact with the Desolate Heaven technique. You have to be at least at the Purple Blood realm to learn the Desolate Heaven technique. I have a scroll here left by my master. It’s a Desolate Heaven Master notebook.”

Saying that, Lin Xintong took out a black scroll from her interspatial wristband. The scroll did not have any embellishments and looked a little old.

“My Master gave me eighteen scrolls. I have already memorized all the contents of the first scroll. I will lend it to you. In two years, if you can understand anything from that notebook, learning the most basic hand seals and energy control, then I will aid you in learning the Desolate Heaven technique. If not, you will have to return the notebook to me.”

Su Jie may be a unscrupulous old man who was stingy and greedy, but his Desolate Heaven technique was exceptional. He was definitely at a master level.

It was obvious the Desolate Heaven Master notebook left behind by Su Jie was worth a lot!

Yi Yun looked at the scroll with mixed feelings.

He stayed silent for a while before solemnly saying, ” Miss Lin’s kindness, I will take to heart. In the future, even if there was the tiniest possibility that I can join up Miss Lin’s terminated meridians, I will do it at all expenses.”

Yi Yun solemnly took over the scroll.

Lin Xintong looked helplessly at Yi Yun. She did not know what the child was thinking, for him to think he could learn the Desolate Heaven technique.

In fact, Lin Xintong had taken out Su Jie’s scroll to make Yi Yun aware of the overwhelming odds against him. The scroll’s difficulty was extremely high, especially for beginners.

Lin Xintong grabbed Yi Yun’s hand and pricked Yi Yun’s thumb with her fingernail. A drop of blood dripped on the scroll.

“In these two years, only you can read this scroll. If it were to enter the hands of others, the scroll will automatically be destroyed.”

In this world, although there were some public lectures by Desolate Heaven Masters, there were some core heritage that were treasured as one’s own belongings.

The scroll left behind by Su Jie was equipped with self-destruction capabilities. So as long as other Desolate Heaven Masters did not see the scroll, with Yi Yun’s abilities, he had no way of leaking out the core teachings of the scroll.

Because he would not even understand it, so he would not be able to relate it.

Yi Yun interfaced the scroll with his mental energy. Upon seeing the contents of the scroll, he was stunned. The various complicated symbols, formation maps and understandings looked greek to him.

Not only that, the content within the scroll was too great.

Yi Yun felt like an entire library had been moved into the scroll.

And according to what Lin Xintong said, this was just the first scroll. There were seventeen others, and those scrolls’ difficulty might be even greater. The Desolate Heaven technique was such a great exaggeration!

“Now, do you still want to learn it?”

Seeing Yi Yun’s surprise and shocked expression, the corners of Lin Xintong’s mouth appeared a satisfaction at having defeated him.

Letting you know the difficulty of the Desolate Heaven technique is an advice for making you aware of the overwhelming odds against you. Only then will you not make such unrealistic decisions.

Yi Yun dazed for a while and solemnly kept the scroll. He clasped his hands and said, “Miss Lin, in two years time, please check the results of my Desolate Heaven technique.”


Lin Xintong was speechless.

Yi Yun had no resources and was poor as a church mouse. He did not have much ability also. How could he learn the Desolate Heaven technique from a book filled with words and diagrams he couldn’t understand?

If not for Yi Yun accomplishing many things that were impossible, and leaving a good impression on Lin Xintong to the point of appreciation, Lin Xintong would have labeled Yi Yun as an unreasonable person.

“You handle yourself!”

After saying what she had to say, Lin Xintong stopped talking and could only abandon it.

She turned around and carried on walking deeper into the valley…