True Martial World Chapter 1370

Chapter 1370: Approaching the Divine Lord Realm
Chapter 1370: Approaching the Divine Lord Realm
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Fifty to sixty million years was already considered a rather long time. The High Priest who had lived that long through his capabilities alone was obviously superior to Patriarch Pillheart who had to rely on medicine and slumbering in Blood Jade to barely survive ten million years. Having a long life was a symbol of strength.

It was unknown how long Old Snake had lived…

Yi Yun suddenly had that thought. However, he would find it strange if Old Snake was truly a Godly Monarch. He refused to believe it.

"Young Master Yi, why did you suddenly ask about the White Lunar Divine Empire?" asked Nine Li Magus Maiden.

"I plan on making a trip there," said Yi Yun honestly.

Nine Li Magus Maiden was astonished when she heard that. "You want to head to the White Lunar Divine Empire?"


She was just about to say something but she refrained from doing so when she saw Yi Yun's look of firm determination.

All she could do was say, "The White Lunar Divine Empire is just too large. Other than the White Lunar Goddess Empress, it has three Imperial Perceptors, seven Desolate Monarchs, and twelve High Officials. These twenty-two people are the cream of the crop and are at the Divine Lord realm.

"My master, the High Priest, once sparred with the White Lunar Divine Empire's Imperial Perceptor Coruscant and failed to gain the upper hand. As for Elder Blackrock's strength, he is slightly weaker than the High Priest. Perhaps he is no match for any of the three Imperial Perceptors of the White Lunar Divine Empire."

"I see…"

Yi Yun nodded. Thanks to the Nine Li Magus Maiden's explanation, Yi Yun had a basic understanding of the White Lunar Divine Empire's strength. Basically, the White Lunar Divine Empire only had Bai Yueyin as its sole Godly Monarch. The other experts were all Divine Lords.

However, there were differences among Divine Lords.

The weakest ones were the low-grade Divine Lords that did not fuse with any Divine Lord Royal Seal. These Divine Lords were forever stuck at that realm, never to improve again.

As for the Divine Lords that did fuse with Divine Lord Royal Seals, their strength would be highly disparate based on the strength and quantity of Divine Lord Royal Seals they had fused with.

For instance, Felicitous Rain Lord and Azure Yang Lord had fused with Divine Lord Royal Seals that were born naturally in the world. That was no trifling matter. As for Myriad God Patriarch, he had fused with more than one Divine Lord Royal Seal. It made him even more powerful.

Upon coming to this conclusion, Yi Yun drew in a deep breath. If he were to head to the White Lunar Divine Empire, he would be coming into contact with a world more vast and wide than he had ever experienced. He would also acquaint himself with these powerful Divine Lords.

The difference now was that Divine Lords were no longer an unreachable goal.

Now, Yi Yun had already broken through and become a Supremacy, one realm short of the Divine Lord realm. And in terms of strength, Yi Yun was already approaching the power of a Divine Lord.

Yi Yun had cultivated for less than three hundred years at present. It was an impressive feat for typical geniuses from large sects, such as Myriad God Ridge's Cang Wu, to reach the Supremacy realm by their millennia birthday. But compared to Yi Yun, they were far inferior.

Furthermore, Yi Yun's actual age was even younger due to his consumption of the River of Forgetfulness. He could be considered a rare genius not seen in the Sinkhole for a hundred million years. As long as he was not killed before his time, he had a high chance of becoming a Godly Monarch.

"Young Master Yi, are you determined to leave?" asked Nine Li Magus Maiden. She was a little unwilling to part with such a powerful expert as Yi Yun.

"Yes, the Herb Nurturing Array is already stabilized. I had underestimated its difficulty before I broke through to the Supremacy realm. But looking at the array again, I'm afraid without sufficient time and support of my cultivation level, it will be difficult to complete. I will return to the Nine Li Magus Empire to complete the array once I'm confident enough."

If Yi Yun were to attempt to complete the Herb Nurturing Array now, it would require a tremendous amount of time, not to mention the delay it would impose on his cultivation. And most important of all, he was not confident that success was a given.

He planned on traveling around to raise his strength before returning to complete the array. It would be much easier at that point.

"Alright then. Might I ask if Young Master Yi is willing to meet the High Priest with me?"

Nine Li Magus Maiden felt apologetic for the High Priest's actions, despite knowing that his intentions were only to ensure the wellbeing of her and the Nine Li Magus Empire.

"Of course. I plan on bidding Senior Blackrock and the High Priest farewell," said Yi Yun with a nod.

Although he did not have a good impression on the High Priest, he did not have a bad one either.

He had remained in the array for years so the High Priest was definitely meeting him once he came out.

The Nine Li Magus Empire's palace compound was extremely silent. The High Priest stayed in a lofty tower deep in the palace compound.

The tower had nine stories and nine sides. It was covered in ancient runes and emitted a stern and oppressive might.

Yi Yun even sensed that what could be seen of the tower was just the tip of the iceberg. There was probably a massive space within the tower with powerful array formations.

The Nine Li Magus Empire was mysterious to begin with. It was no surprise that an important structure in the palace grounds would contain hidden secrets.

"Young Master Yi, please come on in." When they arrived in front of the tower, an elderly voice was heard.

Other than the High Priest, there were quite a number of people in the tower's hall. They had rushed there when they heard the news.

Among these people, Yi Yun saw someone familiar—Aged Blackrock.

The rest were unfamiliar faces but for them to be there, they naturally held high positions in the Nine Li Magus Empire.

After seeing Yi Yun, these people had slight changes in expression. They had never seen Yi Yun but they had heard of his feats. They never expected him to be so young.

At that moment, the High Priest said, "My young friend Yi Yun, I thank you on behalf of my Nine Li Magus Empire for all that you have done."

Yi Yun shook his head and said, "The Herb Nurturing Array went into disarray because of my switching of the fire seed. What I did, I did to resolve the trouble I caused in the array. I was just offsetting my faults."

The High Priest smiled when he saw that Yi Yun did not claim credit or remain proud. "My young friend, you are overly modest. Although I'm a layperson when it comes to alchemy, even I can tell that the Herb Nurturing Array has experienced a metamorphic change. It is one step closer to completion. However, this meeting is nothing of importance. I just wanted to give you a few items."

As the High Priest said that, he gently waved his hand. A female attendant beside him carried forward a salver with an interspatial ring sitting atop it.

Yi Yun faltered slightly. When he injected his perception into the ring, he saw a tiny jug of black liquid. The liquid seemed bottomless, like it led to another world.

Yi Yun instantly recognized the black liquid to be the River of Forgetfulness's water. The High Priest had given him that much more of it!

Yi Yun was naturally enticed by it.

Other than the River of Forgetfulness's water, Yi Yun also saw a tiny abode in the ring. When he probed it, he realized that it was a herbal garden.

A mobile herbal garden?

Yi Yun's heart stirred. For alchemists, there was always the need to nurture many herbs. It made things a lot more convenient if one had a mobile herbal garden.

However, typical mobile abodes could hardly guarantee a sufficient amount of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi for spirit herbs' growth. One needed to tune an array formation to do that. And once that was accomplished, it would become a mobile herbal garden.