True Martial World Chapter 1371

Chapter 1371: Onward to the Seven Desolates
Chapter 1371: Onward to the Seven Desolates
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As an alchemist, Yi Yun could tell that the quality of the mobile herbal garden the High Priest gave him was extremely high.

At that moment, the High Priest said, "Not only can this River of Forgetfulness's water be used for your cultivation, it can also be used on spirit herbs to accelerate their growth. However, the River of Forgetfulness's water is just too precious. Unless the spirit herb is direly needed, it is not to be used so casually."

Yi Yun nodded. The Nine Li Magus Empire probably did not have much of the River of Forgetfulness's water stored. Yet they were giving him so much. The only reason conclusion he could draw was that the Nine Li Magus Empire was prepared to pay a tremendous price for the Fate Changing Pill.

Now that the pill had yet been refined, the High Priest naturally had to show Yi Yun some good faith.

Besides, the High Priest felt that it would only bring benefits, and no harm, to the Nine Li Magus Empire if it befriended Yi Yun.

Yi Yun knew the High Priest's intent clearly, so he did not stand on ceremony. He immediately took the interspatial ring. "Thank you, Your Excellency."

The High Priest laughed out when he saw Yi Yun accept the gift. He followed up with a question, "My young friend, are you planning on resting after coming out of seclusion? If you intend to cultivate, this palace does have some good cultivation grounds. Heading to the Ancient Ruins world again isn't impossible either. My Nine Li Magus Empire has always appreciated the capable."

The High Priest's intent of recruiting Yi Yun was obvious.

Although Yi Yun was only a Supremacy, it was not a problem for him to be made a guest Elder of the Nine Li Magus Empire.

His future were definitely not limited to that of an average Supremacy.

Yi Yun shook his head. "I appreciate your good intentions, Your Excellency. However, I plan on leaving the Nine Li Magus Empire to head for the White Lunar Divine Empire. I will naturally return to complete the pill when I am ready."

"The White Lunar Divine Empire? It is extremely massive and it is a powerful faction…" The High Priest was about to advise against it, but one look at Yi Yun's face and he knew there was no way he could convince him to stay.

The High Priest swiped his interspatial ring gently as a thin piece of silk appeared in his hand.

"I went to the White Lunar Divine Empire in my early years. I still have a map of the Seven Desolates. Since you have made up your mind, take this Seven Desolates map. The White Lunar Divine Empire rules over the Seven Desolates and there are some local customs and practices written on the map. It might be of some help to you," said the High Priest.

The Seven Desolates were extensive and had a complicated power structure. Furthermore, it was the White Lunar Divine Empire's territory, making it extremely difficult for an outsider to construct a map of the Seven Desolates. As such, Yi Yun naturally did not reject it.

"Thank you, Your Excellency," said Yi Yun.

After he walked out of the tower, he saw Nine Li Magus Maiden standing outside.

She stood there with her graceful and tall figure, exuding a bearing that was noble and mysterious. As the gentle breeze hit her body, it felt like she would float away in the wind.

"Your Highness," greeted Yi Yun after he went over.

"Young Master Yi, are you planning on leaving now?" asked Nine Li Magus Maiden.

She was very intelligent and could sense that Yi Yun was eager to leave.

"Yes, I am searching for someone."

"Oh? Might the person you are looking for be a woman? I wonder what kind of woman she is. She must be very very happy," said Nine Li Magus Maiden with a faint smile.

She had guessed it from the look in Yi Yun's eyes. It was as if memories were flooding through them. Yi Yun was likely searching for a woman that was very close to him. With Yi Yun's talent, she was curious what sort of woman could match up to him.

"Your Highness, I bid you farewell," said Yi Yun as he cupped his fists.

Under the High Priest's decree, someone specially led Yi Yun to the Nine Li Magus Empire's teleportation array.

The Nine Li Magus Empire and the White Lunar Divine Empire stayed out of each other's businesses but the Nine Li Magus Empire had a teleportation array that led to an area close to the Seven Desolates. It was the closest Yi Yun could get to the White Lunar Divine Empire from the Nine Li Magus Empire.

It was a super long-distance teleportation array. After Yi Yun stood on it, large amounts of Spirit Jade were expended and, with a flash of white light, the scene before Yi Yun's eyes went into a blur. His body rapidly tore through the spatial tunnel.

After an unknown period of time, Yi Yun suddenly felt his feet plant firmly into the ground. Before he came round, he felt the wind from a strike inundate him.

"Boom!" Yi Yun struck out with his palm.

He heard a loud rumbling crash, as if something huge was hitting the ground, before he opened his eyes.

Lying a distance away was a black, ferocious tiger. It was panting in pain as it looked at Yi Yun in horror.

When it saw Yi Yun open his eyes to look at it, the tiger instantly whimpered in fear. It scrambled to climb up in a bid to escape.

"Stay behind." Yi Yun flew up and stepped on the tiger's back.

It whimpered and did not dare move, trembling beneath Yi Yun's feet.

The black tiger was a massive behemoth, but it appeared to have met its match in Yi Yun.

Yi Yun looked at his surroundings, which were a desolate valley. Before he arrived here, the High Priest had informed him that the destination of the teleportation array was a very secretive area. The Nine Li Magus Empire was always an insular country and had no ties with the White Lunar Divine Empire. Therefore, although the other countries and Great Worlds had teleportation arrays that led directly into the Seven Desolates, theirs was located outside the Seven Desolates.

Yi Yun did not mind this at all. The White Lunar Divine Empire was dangerous. He did not wish to immediately bring attention to himself the moment he passed through the teleportation array. According to the High Priest, the White Lunar Divine Empire did not really welcome outsiders.

Now, from the looks of it, although there was no one here, there were beasts. The black tiger must have sensed the Yuan Qi fluctuation and came to sneak an attack on Yi Yun. However, it never expected to fail in its hunt and end up as Yi Yun's prisoner.

"According to the map, I'm still quite a distance away from the closest Seven Desolates continent." Yi Yun glanced at the map before stamping on the black tiger's back. "Big guy, you are quite intelligent, so why don't you be my steed? Let's go."

The black tiger was too depressed even for tears. It was the king of the valley, but now it had been reduced to being a steed.

However, it did have some intelligence. It knew where Yi Yun was headed and knew that the person on its back was not someone it could survive against.

Hence, with a grunt, the black tiger pounced forward while carrying Yi Yun on its back.

The valley was located in a mountain range that spanned half a million kilometers. However, Yi Yun stood on the black tiger's back and leisurely took in the scenery as they went. Soon, they were approaching the Seven Desolates.

Far into the distance, Yi Yun could see that the path ahead seemed to come to a sudden break. All that was left was a cliff, and beside it was a river of stars.

On the other side of the river of stars was a floating continent. At a glance, it did not seem like it had an end. He could not tell how massive it was.

"This river of stars is called the Ruo River. Ordinary beasts and warriors are incapable of flying across it. They would be torn apart by the complicated space-time eddies. Therefore this river of stars is a natural boundary of the Seven Desolates.

Yi Yun recalled the information written on the map.

The black tiger was constantly growling deeply and fearfully when it reached that spot. It did not dare proceed any further.

Yi Yun threw a hard rock at the Ruo River which turned to smithereens the moment it entered the resplendent river of stars.

The Sinkhole was ancient and mysterious. It spanned an area that was unimaginably huge. It was filled with countless secrets. Unless one saw it with their own eyes, one would never imagine that such a gorgeous river of stars possessed such danger.

"Whine…" The black tiger was still whimpering. It had suffered tremendously while transporting Yi Yun here. It knew that if Yi Yun forced it to enter the Ruo River, it would rather choose to fight it out with the devil than jump in and commit suicide.

"Alright, you may leave." Yi Yun looked down at the tiger speechlessly. Then, he leaped off from the tiger's back.

When the black tiger heard Yi Yun's pardon, it immediately roared twice in excitement. When it saw Yi Yun standing before the Ruo River, it quickly shut up and gave a fearful glance at Yi Yun. It ran away with its tail between its legs.

However, the black tiger hid behind a boulder not far away. It secretly watched Yi Yun. It had been ingrained into its memories, its very instincts, to avoid the river of stars. It wanted to know if the evil and fierce human could pass through it.

Yi Yun obviously knew that the black tiger was watching him but he did not mind. All he did was look at the river before him silently.

"Even before I became a Supremacy, a mere river of stars like this would not have been able to stop me." Yi Yun gave a carefree smile as he strode forward and stepped into the river of stars.

The chaotic laws were flattened with every step of Yi Yun's. There was the endless universe above him, and the boundless desolate continent behind.

With that, Yi Yun stepped through the radiant starlight as he walked towards the Seven Desolates continent…

The Seven Desolates were made up of a total of seven continents. The continent closest to the Heavenly South Great World was in the periphery.

When Yi Yun reached this continent, his facial features had changed. He went from his otherworldly looks to that of a handsome mortal scholar's.

"Martial Numinous continent… I never expected to enter the Martial Numinous clan's territory the moment I arrived in the White Lunar Divine Empire. It's better if I changed my looks so that my enemies here don't recognize me." Yi Yun stroked his chin as this thought came to mind.

In the map's introduction, Yi Yun knew that the White Lunar Divine Empire included the Martial Numinous continent. It was unfriendly to outsiders to begin with. In addition, Yi Yun had come into conflict with the Martial Numinous clan back in the Ancient Ruins world. The Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm he 'stole' from them was happily staying in his God Advent Tower at present.

The White Lunar Divine Empire was just too large. After coming here, Yi Yun did not plan on recklessly searching for Lin Xintong. He planned to use the opportunity to raise his strength.

The stronger he was, the greater confidence he had.

When he planted the Abyssal Red Lotus in the medicinal soil, Yi Yun had also steeled his heart to use a few drops of the River of Forgetfulness's water on it. Yi Yun wanted to refine a supreme-grade pill and was still short of a few herbs. And those things were likely obtainable in the vast Seven Desolates that had abundant resources.

Yi Yun got his bearings after landing. Following that, he flew up and headed into the distance.

A few days later, Yi Yun came before a humongous city.

This was the biggest city in the Martial Numinous continent. It was a bustling city with billions of people living in it. It was something unimaginable to the world of mortals.

From afar, Yi Yun could sense the vibrancy. At the same time, there was a massive array formation that drew the surrounding Yuan Qi over to the city. It worked ceaselessly as it maintained the city's Qi flow.