True Martial World Chapter 1375

Chapter 1375: It's the choice you made
Chapter 1375: It's the choice you made
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"Old Sir, please take off your son's shirt. Let me give it a try."

When the elder heard Yi Yun's words, his eyes welled with agitated tears. He quickly took off his son's shirt while Xiaoxiao rushed to prepare a basin of warm water.

Just as Yi Yun was about to feel Wang Mu's pulse in a bid to fill Wang Mu's dantian with Yuan Qi, he suddenly heard the sound of footsteps coming from a distance. Immediately following that—


The side yard's door was kicked open. The wooden door was unable to withstand the force and was nearly sent flying off its hinges.

A middle-aged man that looked like the manager of a store strode into the yard. Standing beside him was a handsome white-dressed youth with a paper fan in hand. Behind the two of them were three strongmen.

"Old Man Wang, why the hell are you still here?"

As the middle-aged man spoke, he made his way into the room. Without a need for him to say a word, the strongman beside him kicked open the room's door.


The elder's heart sank when he saw the youth suddenly barge in. He never expected that trouble would appear just as Yi Yun was about to save his son.

"Oh? This nearly dead son of yours is still alive? I told you a long time ago that this house has been left to me. I have been very kind to let you stay here this long. I don't care if your son dies but don't let him die in my house. It's bad luck!"

After the middle-aged man said that, he noticed Yi Yun. He glanced at him and asked, "Who are you?"

Yi Yun put Wang Mu's wrist down. As he looked at the slightly plump manager, he swept with his perception and saw that his cultivation level was very ordinary. He was no one of importance.

Instead, it was the youth who was following behind him that seemed to be of some worth. Of course, that was only in comparison to his peers. Next to Yi Yun, he was nothing.

However, the youth did have some unique characteristics that attracted Yi Yun's attention. The aura in his dantian was somewhat different. There was an extremely dense aura within it that seemed to project onto the youth's skin. It formed a tattoo that resembled elephant tusks on his chest.

"Martial Numinous…"

Yi Yun had previously read a briefing on the Martial Numinous clan that was written on the Nine Li Magus Empire's map. The tattoo was known as Martial Numinous, a symbol of the Martial Numinous clan. The clansmen with purer bloodlines would have more mystical tattoos.

Be it the Sinkhole or the 12 Empyrean Heavens, there had been many races that spread from the ancient times. For example, Old Snake and Snake Girl belonged to a race that could trace its roots to a declined ancient mystic race.

As for the Martial Numinous clan, it was an ancient race that had been in existence for hundreds of millions of years. Their clansmen had a very strong sense of racial superiority.

Upon seeing the plump manager target Yi Yun, the elder's heart tightened. This group of people acted overbearingly and were completely unreasonable. He was afraid that Yi Yun would be implicated so he hurriedly went forward and said, "This young master is a guest of my tea shop. I invited him here to diagnose my son."

"What? Diagnose? Hahaha!" The plump manager roared with laughter. "Your son is already a cripple and lingering on his last breath. Yet, you still think he can be saved? Are you trying to make me die from laughing?"

The youth beside the plump manager sized up Yi Yun before looking back at Wang Mu's father. He chuckled and said, "Are you Wang Mu's father? You look like an elderly farmer. Wang Mu's talent was so good but his father is a useless piece of old junk. What a pity."

The youth's tone was extremely biting. It was merciless mockery. In fact, he was an inner-sect disciple of the Martial Numinous clan. He had a strong background and, with his status, he thought nothing of Wang Mu's house. The person that wanted Wang Mu's house was the fat manager. As for the youth, he was only here to see Wang Mu in an abject state.

Back when Wang Mu entered the Martial Numinous clan, he had astounding talent and was highly appreciated by one of the clan's Elders. He gave Wang Mu many resources, incurring the envy of the other young disciples. For that, this youth had come specially here just to see Wang Mu in his half-dead state.

"Haha, someone of low birth naturally has limited knowledge. It's laughable that he even sought a good-for-nothing mortal-born traveler to Martial City in hopes of healing his son."

The term 'mortal-born' was the way the Martial Numinous clan addressed ordinary humans. Yi Yun previously learned that Martial City's Martial Numinous clan was xenophobic; therefore, he was not surprised by the youth's remarks.

In response, he smiled faintly and slowly raised his hand.


With a crisp sound, Yi Yun struck out as fast as lightning. The plump manager felt his vision blur before he felt an intense pain from his face. His entire body was sent flying as he spun in midair like a top.


The plump manager crashed into the ground as his mouth bubbled with blood. He had even spewed out seven or eight bloodied teeth. Yi Yun's slap had nearly destroyed half his face. He was even blinded in his right eye.


The plump manager cried out in pain. He looked viciously at Yi Yun in disbelief. He never expected a mortal-blood to strike him directly in Martial City!

"Young Master, you shouldn't do that!"

The elder turned anxious when he saw the situation play out. He never expected Yi Yun to be this rash. Although the plump manager had a low cultivation level, he was still a member of the Martial Numinous clan. The youth also looked like a genius of the Martial Numinous clan. Beating them up would lead to unimaginable circumstances. Although Yi Yun had considerable strength, it seemed impossible for him to take on the Martial Numinous clan.

"You are truly heedless of consequences." Despite seeing him slap the plump manager to near death, the youth with the paper fan did not look at Yi Yun with anger but with pity. To him, the plump manager was only one of his many inconsequential underlings. "A mortal-born that just came to Martial City does not know who it belongs to. Do you know how you could be killed for that? Perhaps the level of misery is something you can't even imagine…"

Just as the youth finished saying that—


Another slap was delivered by Yi Yun at a speed ten times faster than the first. The youth's look of pity had yet to change before the right side of his face was struck!

An identical attack that did not even differ in the target spot happened. The youth cried out tragically and, like the plump manager, spun more than a dozen times in midair. He crashed heavily to the ground and the right side of his face was completely covered in blood!

Yi Yun had made this blow worse than one he gave to the plump manager. Not only was the right half of the youth's face a mangled mass of blood and flesh, even his bone could be seen. All his teeth, save for a few molars on the left side of his mouth, had fallen off.

However, this youth had some resistance after all. Although he had been beaten into such a tragic state, he remained conscious. His hair was disheveled as he nearly went mad.

"Little…bastard, how dare you hit me! Do you know who I am? Kill him! Kill him!"

The youth pointed at Yi Yun as the three strongmen behind him charged forward. They cooperated very well. One of them aimed at Yi Yun's head, the other at Yi Yun's heart, and the last one aimed at Yi Yun's dantian.

The three attacked from three different directions, aiming at Yi Yun's three major vital spots. Their attacks were striking to kill.

But following that, Yi Yun's figure instantly vanished.

An azure-blue sword tore through the void, slicing a trajectory of death.

"Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!"

The three trajectories penetrated the trio's chests. They found themselves unable to breathe as ice began forming on their skin, turning them into ice sculptures!


The youth was terrified instantly. His subordinates had yet to die for they still had some vitality in them. However, none of them could move.

Furthermore, Yi Yun had done all of this in a blink of an eye. Why did this happen? Why was a random mortal-born punk he spontaneously encountered so powerful?

And at that moment, the youth felt his neck turn cold. A sword was aimed at his throat like an ice snake.

The youth's breathing stagnated at that instant. This was the first time he was held hostage under a sword. Although he was afraid, he was not completely shocked out of his wits. His rationale told him that the mortal-born in front of him was probably not daring enough to kill him.

Yi Yun held Mirage Snow and said, "Sign a soul contract with me. If not, this day next year will be the day of your death anniversary."

A soul contract?

Upon hearing this, the youth heaved a sigh of relief. He knew why Yi Yun wanted a soul contract signed. He was afraid of killing him and also afraid that news would leak. By signing a soul contract, the secret could be kept under wraps. However, how could he assent to Yi Yun's wishes?

He sneered and said, "What a joke. An inferior mortal-born actually dares an attempt to enslave me. Do you know who I am!? Your strength is only a result of you cultivating longer. You probably have some mystic technique that retains your youthful looks. You are merely an ant to the Martial Numinous clan. You best release me now or I will extract your soul and let you die a tragic and painful death…"

"Is that so? I was planning on letting you live. Since you have chosen death, I'll grant it to you."

With that said, Yi Yun lifted his hand once again.

"You! What are you doing!?"

The youth was given a fright as he felt extreme danger. "Wait… wait…"

"It's the choice you made."

With that said, Yi Yun struck down heavily with his palm.


There was a loud explosion as Yi Yun's palm smacked the left side of the youth's face. However, this strike did not mangle his face like before. Instead, his body trembled suddenly and his eyes instantly glazed over, losing all light in them. Yi Yun's slap had shattered the youth's soul sea!

At the same time, a mere thought from Yi Yun caused the three ice sculptures behind the youth to shatter. They felt to the ground as pools of water. The three strongmen that had been frozen were obliterated as a result.

Following that, Yi Yun casually took out a green jar from his interspatial ring.

Although Myriad God Patriarch was in the city, as long as he did not openly confront others and only caused tiny waves, Yi Yun could remain undetected as long as he left no evidence. No matter how imaginative Myriad God Patriarch was, there was no way he would link this matter to him.