True Martial World Chapter 1377

Chapter 1377: Martial Numinous Palace
Chapter 1377: Martial Numinous Palace
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"What? Feng'er's Life Slip has shattered!?"

In a picturesque garden in Martial Numinous Palace, a meditating middle-aged man suddenly opened his eyes.

His eyes looked like those of a wild beast that was about to swallow a person whole. They burned as he stared intently at the broken jade slip in the maidservant's hands. She held her breath, afraid that the middle-aged man would direct his anger at her.

The middle-aged man extended his hand and beckoned. The broken jade slip flew into his hand. It carried a wisp of Li Yunfeng's remnant soul, which caused the jade slip to crack the moment he died. Not only that, but the jade slip had a spiritual connection to Li Yunfeng that allowed one to sense the general location of Li Yunfeng's death. If he was lucky and fast, the murderer might not have left the scene yet.

The middle-aged man looked at the jade slip with a contorted expression. For the Martial Numinous clan with its ancient bloodline, their ability to reproduce was poorer than mortal-borns. Even as people who could live for tens of thousands of years, they had few offspring. The purer the bloodline, the more that was true. For example, Li Yunfeng's father Li Jiuxiao only had eight children. Li Yunfeng was his most outstanding child.

The rage Li Yunfeng's death caused Li Jiuxiao was unimaginable.

And fifteen minutes after Yi Yun had left, Li Jiuxiao arrived in the elderly Wang's residence. However, it was completely empty as far as he could see.


Li Jiuxiao roared as the entire house was destroyed by Yuan Qi. Amid the destruction, he swept his surroundings with his perception. Yet, he failed to discover anything. It chilled Li Jiuxiao's heart for it meant that his son might have died for nothing!

His son had been killed in Martial City but the murderer was nowhere to be found. The helpless, exasperated feeling drove him mad.

As he looked at the ruins of the house, Li Jiuxiao scanned the area with a gloomy expression. He said to the subordinates behind him, "Immediately investigate! Tell me where this is!"

"Master, there is no need to investigate. This is Wang Mu's residence. Young Master Yunfeng had mentioned earlier that he would be making a trip here. As Wang Mu is no longer a Martial Numinous clan disciple, there were clansmen who planned on repossessing his house. And since Young Master knew Wang Mu, he came here to pay him a visit…" said a subordinate.

"Wang Mu!" Li Jiuxiao's gaze turned cold as he raised his hand to interrupt his subordinate.

Li Jiuxiao naturally knew his son's personality very well. It was impossible that Li Yunfeng meant to pay Wang Mu a pleasant visit. It was more likely that he had come to kick Wang Mu while he was down.

Li Jiuxiao did not care for Li Yunfeng's reason for coming here, but for his son to die here made the matter entirely different. No matter who it was, the person who dared touch Li Yunfeng was to be skinned alive and tortured for a thousand years until death!

And at that moment, Li Yunfeng's murderer, Yi Yun, was already outside Martial Numinous Palace. The palace was a city within a city. Surrounding Martial Numinous Palace was a sturdy wall that was a hundred meters tall. It penetrated the clouds with its black metal construction. The walls looked extremely thick and they were engraved with Dao patterns. After thousands of years of augmentation by the Martial Numinous clan's array masters, the Dao patterns were already one with the city walls. The moment they were triggered, the city walls would become strongly fortified.

Martial Numinous clansmen guarded the four sides of the city wall. All of them wore uniform silver battle armor and held spears in hand. They looked spirit-like with the billowing aura of the legendary green dragon. Just the way they stood made outsiders palpitate when they arrived in front of Martial Numinous Palace.

Martial Numinous Palace prohibited flying so Yi Yun walked straight in.

"Entry Pass!"

When Yi Yun approached the city gates, two stocky Martial Numinous clansmen demanded with muffled voices.

Yi Yun showed them his Entry Pass.

"The palace's entry fee is a hundred mid-grade Spirit Jade!"

Yi Yun's brows pricked up. The Martial Numinous clansmen could enter the Martial Numinous Palace for free but demanded an entry fee from outsiders. However, they made it expensive, keeping out poor warriors for they had no way to afford it.

Yi Yun threw out a bag of Spirit Jade and immediately stepped into Martial Numinous Palace.

Although Martial Numinous Palace was called a palace, it was not where the Martial Numinous royalty stayed. Instead, it was where the rest of the Martial Numinous clansmen stayed. It was like a city of its own. There was a three-hundred-foot wide street that greeted any visitor. On both sides of the street were magnificent buildings. They ranged from stores to restaurants. There were many people on the streets. The restaurants also had managers and waiters. However, there were no eunuchs or palatial maids.

After searching through Li Yunfeng's soul, Yi Yun had a general understanding of Martial Numinous Palace's layout. He headed directly to Heaven Refinement Pavilion.

The towering Heaven Refinement Pavilion was exquisitely built, with numerous floors. The entrance had a plaque with the words 'Heaven Refinement' written on it. The calligraphy was written with a potent flair.

The Dao of Alchemy could lead to the heavens. At its most profound levels, one could refine pills that defy and overturn the Heavenly Dao. But that was only a legendary realm. The divine alchemist wanted to refine the Elixir of Resurrection. If he had succeeded, it would have been a first-grade Heaven Refinement pill but unfortunately, he failed.

For Heaven Refinement Pavilion to have the words 'Heaven Refinement' in its name showcased the great confidence of its alchemists.

Just when Yi Yun arrived in front of Heaven Refinement Pavilion, an attendant immediately came to welcome him.

The attendant was dressed in alchemical robes. He was a low-grade alchemist with a Dao Manifestation cultivation level.

Heaven Refinement Pavilion's attendants were all low-grade alchemists, which also spoke volumes about its standards.

"Sir, is there anything I can help you with?" asked the attendant as he walked over.

"I'm here to buy some medicine," said Yi Yun, and then he casually mentioned the few herbs he wanted.

Yi Yun wanted to refine a pill needed for the Dragon Emperor Technique. The pill recipe was the only one of its kind so he was not afraid that these alchemists could make any connection from the few strains of herbs he requested.

The attendant nodded and led Yi Yun into the shop. Following that, he said, "Sir, please wait a moment. I will inquire on your behalf."


Yi Yun began browsing through the shop. The level he was on was likely used for display purposes. He did not see any rare herbs, and most of what he saw were pills refined by Heaven Refinement Pavilion alchemists. Their grades were not that high either.

It was likely that the really good items could only be seen upstairs.

Just as Yi Yun was waiting, a group of people arrived outside.

They were dressed simply and had low cultivation levels.

The moment they arrived at the door, another attendant walked out of Heaven Refinement Pavilion and brought them to a corner inside the store. Following that, an alchemist was invited out. His alchemical achievements and cultivation level were slightly higher than the attendant's but still failed to catch Yi Yun's eye.

The moment the alchemist appeared, these people retrieved bags of items from their interspatial rings.

Yi Yun did not pay much attention to them after taking a glance at them. These people were likely here to deliver the herbs that they had gathered. The herbs they produced were fresh and the alchemists were responsible for evaluating them.

From the looks of it, they were herb pickers from the Heaven Refinement Pavilion. The entire process was something that happened often. Everyone remained silent and only handed their herbs over. If they were there to sell herbs, it was unlikely that they would have such expressions.

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