True Martial World Chapter 1379

Chapter 1379: Torture Tower
Chapter 1379: Torture Tower

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According to Li Yunfeng's memories, Wang Mu's wife apparently treated her female attendants quite well. Even if Wang Mu was about to die, why were they chasing away his wife's personal attendant?

The attitude the Heaven Refinement Pavilion showed towards her was vile. If she had a powerful backer, would she have been reduced to such an abject state?

"What are you waiting for? Shouldn't you be leaving now!?" At that moment, Alchemist Wang noticed that there were other alchemists and customers around. He immediately lowered his voice as he berated her.

Xiaoqing knew that the words of a lowly person like her carried little weight. There was no way for her to change Alchemist Wang's decision. All she could do was walk out of Heaven Refinement Pavilion with her head lowered.

Yi Yun felt his heart stir. He gave a cold glance at the alchemist who was dressed in black-and-white. Following that, he walked out of Heaven Refinement Pavilion as well.

Since it was plain to see that the Heaven Refinement Pavilion was gouging him, he would be foolish to continue with the trade.

When the alchemist saw Yi Yun leave without a word, he was taken aback. Following that, he said coldly, "He sure has a temper. However, he will soon learn that the Martial Numinous clan reigns supreme in Martial City."

He was certain that Yi Yun would quickly realize that it was difficult for him to buy herbs in any of the medicinal clinics in Martial Numinous Palace.

At that moment, Yi Yun was already following Xiaoqing from a good distance away. With Xiaoqing's cultivation level, she would not have noticed him even if he were walking right behind her.

Xiaoqing's eyes were red as she silently focused on getting to her destination. Soon, she left the main street and walked into a small alley.

As a female servant, Xiaoqing stayed in a rather remote place. Her living conditions could not be considered good at all.

The alley crossed through many intersecting alleys. Yi Yun locked his perception on Xiaoqing's location as he followed her without haste.

Suddenly, there was a scream coming from Xiaoqing's direction.

Yi Yun heart stirred as he flashed. In a blink of an eye, he had appeared close to Xiaoqing.

At that moment, Xiaoqing was being surrounded by two men. However, they did not seem to be engaging in any lewd acts. They looked fierce but were only questioning Xiaoqing.

One of them bellowed coldly, "Slut, tell me quickly. Where are Wang Mu and that undying old dad of his, as well as his daughter?!"

Xiaoqing looked at the duo fearfully. Her body huddled towards the corner of the walls as she shook her head with all her might and said, "I really do not know anything… I'm no longer a servant of the Wang household. How would I know where they are…"

"You dare give excuses?" The other, a bald man, said with a scoff. "That Wang Mu is already like a dead wretch. In order to save him and keep him alive, his father and daughter have expended large amounts of Spirit Jade. It's quite a tragedy. As for you, someone who supposedly has nothing to do with them, you have given them financial assistance every month. You've provided them with food and Spirit Jade. Do you think we do not know of that? Yet you dare tell us that you have nothing to do with the Wang household!?"

Xiaoqing's expression turned pale. It turned out that the duo had already investigated all she had done.

"I… I did send them some things. That's because Old Master Wang is advanced in his years and Miss Xiao is still young. I could not help but do something on account of our relationship as master and servant of yesteryear. However, I really do not know where they are at present… Did… did something happen to them?" asked Xiaoqing.

"Slut, it looks like you still hold out hope until you are faced with the grim reality. Wang Mu colluded with others to kill Elder Li's beloved son, Young Master Li Yunfeng. Now, they are fleeing to escape punishment. Regardless if you do know anything or not, I'll bring you back to Torture Tower. There, we will naturally know if you speak the truth. There are many punishments in Torture Tower that were specifically created for women. Just a taste of those punishments is a truly memorable experience…" As the bald man said this, he looked at Xiaoqing and his eyes sparkled with a warped and lascivious look.

Upon hearing the words, 'Torture Tower,' Xiaoqing received a jolt. Her entire body shook for she clearly knew what Torture Tower was. People who entered it seldom came out alive. Furthermore, people would receive inhumane torture in there, especially women. They would suffer endless sexual abuse.

"No…you can't bring me to Torture Tower…" Xiaoqing retreated in despair but there was nowhere for her to retreat to.

"Hahaha, do you think you have any say in this matter? It's best you come with us obediently. If not, we will need to give you some private punishments here. There are a few torture techniques from Torture Tower that I have long been eager to try." The other man licked his lips and flashed her a sinister grin.

As the duo approached Xiaoqing with burning killing intent, the bald man that was walking in the back suddenly felt a chill run down his back. He suddenly turned his head and saw a young man standing behind him.

Yi Yun appeared to be a passer-by as he walked over one step at a time.

"Who are you?"

Upon seeing Yi Yun, the bald man's heart skipped a beat. He had not noticed any other people around them. Only when the man got close did he actually realize he was there.

"Halt. We are carrying out the duties of Martial Numinous Palace. It's none of your business so leave quickly," said the man with the cold expression.

Xiaoqing's face was filled with despair. Although a stranger had suddenly appeared, she knew that no one in Martial City would interfere with matters that involved the Martial Numinous clan.

However, Yi Yun did what none of them expected, he continued walking towards them slowly as though he had not heard him.

"Are you deaf?" The bald man frowned as he took out a token and lifted it up. "We are under orders from the Martial Numinous Palace's Elder Li Jiuxiao…"

At that moment, the bald man suddenly saw a blur. Yi Yun, who was more than ten steps away, suddenly appeared in front of him. His hand stretched out as he slapped him brutally in the face.

The slap sent the bald man flying. He turned dizzy as the taste of blood filled his mouth. As for the token, it clanged to the ground.


Yi Yun stepped on the token and shattered it instantly!

Only then did Yi Yun glance at the bald man. His expression was no difference from the one a person had when looking at trash on the streets.

The cold man was appalled. The stranger had attacked too quickly. Furthermore, the token was an artifact refined by a refining master. It was extremely solid. How could it be easily shattered with a stomp? The ground was not harder than the token. Logically speaking, the ground should have shattered instead. How did he do it?

"Bro, I don't care who you are. You are in big trouble to attack Martial Numinous clansmen in Martial City!" The cold man retreated rapidly. As he retreated he shouted and reached his hand out to touch his interspatial ring.


With a whoosh, Yi Yun's figure appeared instantly in front of him. He kicked him straight in the chest!

"Wah!" The cold man spewed a mouthful of blood. His chest depressed from the kick as his bones shattered. His organs were reduced to mush yet he was still, unluckily, alive.

Immediately following that, Yi Yun returned to the spot in front of the bald man.

"You… you dare kill people from Martial Numinous Palace…" The bald man looked at Yi Yun in panic.

"So noisy." Yi Yun lifted his foot and stomped down.

With a crack, the bald man's neck broke. He stared with widened eyes as he took his last breath.