True Martial World Chapter 1380

Chapter 1380: Concealed Truth
Chapter 1380: Concealed Truth

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In a blink of an eye, the two Martial Numinous Palace men were dead. Xiaoqing, who was wallowing in despair just a moment ago, just watched as Yi Yun approached her. She could not believe whatever she had just seen.

"There's no need for you to be afraid. I won't harm you. I'm the person they mentioned who killed Li Yunfeng," said Yi Yun as he looked at the pale Xiaoqing.

"Ah? You… you…" Xiaoqing looked at Yi Yun in astonishment. Yi Yun did not fear Xiaoqing leaking news of the murder. After all, he was planning to take her away with him.

Xiaoqing took a long while to calm herself. She obviously knew who Li Yunfeng was. A core disciple of the Martial Numinous clan had been killed by this stranger just like that?

She stood up and bowed at Yi Yun. "Young Master, thank you for saving me. Now you are implicated on my behalf. For you to kill people from the Martial Numinous Palace just like that…"

"It doesn't help to worry about it now since they are already dead. Besides, I have already killed Li Yunfeng. They are nothing compared to him," said Yi Yun nonchalantly.

It was certain that if Xiaoqing were to have been taken away by the duo, she would definitely have ended up in a tragic state. She might've even suffered a fate worse than death. In that context, finishing off the duo so quickly was going too easy on them.

"Young Master, might I ask where Old Master Wang and the rest are?" Xiaoqing probed carefully.

"They are very safe," said Yi Yun.

Yi Yun was rather impressed with Xiaoqing. She had a hard time just earning a living but she continued providing financial assistance to her previous master. Such a faithful and affectionate girl should not be implicated because of his act of murder. Therefore, Yi Yun had not hesitated to help her.

"That's good." Xiaoqing patted her chest lightly and heaved a sigh of relief. For some baffling reason, she chose to believe whatever Yi Yun said. Besides, Yi Yun had easily killed the two from Martial Numinous Palace. He was definitely very powerful. There was no reason for such a powerful person to deceive her.

"Let us leave this place first. I have some questions for you," said Yi Yun. When he killed the duo, he had already released his domain, sealing off two hundred feet around him. It guaranteed that no auras leaked out.

After the incident, there was no way Xiaoqing could return home. When she heard what Yi Yun said, she naturally nodded in agreement.

Minutes after Yi Yun departed with Xiaoqing, a group of people appeared in the remote alley.

Li Jiuxiao broke the space that had been sealed shut by the domain. His eyes gloomily took in the two corpses on the ground. With an angry bellow, a flame immediately leaped forward and enveloped the two corpses.

"Good-for-nothings!" Li Jiuxiao thought angrily.

They had failed the simple errand of capturing a lowly slave.

Worst of all, the murderer that killed Li Yunfeng dared to kill his men right under his nose!

The lowly slave named Xiaoqing was definitely no match for the duo. The only possible culprit was the one who had killed Li Yunfeng.

Li Jiuxiao felt that he would not be able to hold back his rage if the culprit was not captured quickly.

At the same time, Yi Yun had brought Xiaoqing to a remote yard in Martial City.

He used a simple trick to conceal Xiaoqing's aura, so as to temporarily prevent the Martial Numinous Palace from tracking her.

"Young Master, can I first meet Old Master and the rest?" whispered Xiaoqing.

Yi Yun nodded. "No problem."

He summoned the God Advent Tower and waved his stretched out hand. Xiaoqing immediately felt a suction.

She was alarmed but she knew that it was a spatial artifact. She did not resist and was sucked into the God Advent Tower.

After a while, she came out of the God Advent Tower. She had a smile on her face but she was crying too.

When she saw Yi Yun, she immediately bowed and thanked him. "Thank you, Young Master Yi. You saved Old Master's entire family…"

"Alright, I have a few questions I would like to ask you," said Yi Yun.

"Young Master, please go ahead," said Xiaoqing.

"How did you end up in your present predicament? Aren't you supposed to be serving Madam Wang? What happened? Did she chase you out as well?" Yi Yun asked directly.

Xiaoqing was taken aback before she shook her head. "No, that's not the case. My Madam did not chase me out…"

With that said, tears began dripping down her face like falling beads.

"Madam has actually been placed under house arrest. I was chased out by the ones who did it. They have switched the female attendants that serve Madam with their people. But instead of service, it is actually more surveillance."

What Xiaoqing said caught Yi Yun by surprise. He originally believed that it was highly probable that the poisoning of Wang Mu was his wife's scheme. If not, why would she be preparing to marry someone else before Wang Mu was even dead?

But now, it seemed that there were some concealed truths behind the matter according to Xiaoqing.

Xiaoqing wiped her tears and continued, "Before I was chased out, Madam secretly told me that she regretted finding the ruin. Life did not have such an opportunity planned for them so the obtaining of such an opportunity would cause their deaths."

"Ruin? What ruin?"asked Yi Yun.

If it was a huge opportunity, it was not difficult to understand Wang Mu's misfortune. Someone had eyed his discovery and wanted it for themselves. Therefore, they secretly poisoned Wang Mu and put his wife under house arrest.

Wang Mu was a perfect example of the saying: no weal without woe.

Xiaoqing hesitated for a moment. In the beginning, she was a little hesitant to tell Yi Yun the secret of the ruin, but on further thought, the ruin had caused Wang Mu to be fatally ill and Wang Mu's wife to enter a life worse than death. She might as well tell Yi Yun.

"From what Madam said, it's an ancient herbal garden. Those people already know its precise location. However, opening it is rather troublesome. They have been constantly forcing Madam to do certain things…" As Xiaoqing recounted, she could not help but weep. She had been adopted by Wang Mu's wife from a young age. Instead of calling it a master-servant relationship, it was more like a mother-daughter relationship.

"As for the exact details of the herbal garden, I do not know anything about it. Only Madam and Mister Wang know," said Xiaoqing.

After she finished, she looked uneasily at Yi Yun.

She had learned from the God Advent Tower that Yi Yun had no relationship with the Wang family. He had killed Li Yunfeng only in passing. If Old Man Wang had not given Yi Yun an Entry Pass, he might not have received Yi Yun's help.

And although the herbal garden was very valuable, Yi Yun might not be willing to fight the Martial Numinous Palace for it.

If Yi Yun did not wish to get involved, it would be hopeless for her mistress.

And indeed, Xiaoqing's worry was not without reason. Yi Yun would not go through so much trouble just to save Wang Mu's wife.

However, the herbal garden was enough to entice Yi Yun greatly.

Ancient herbal garden…

For it to be prefaced with the word ancient, it probably meant that it had existed for tens of millions of years or even more than a hundred million years.

Such a long period of time would typically imply that most of the herbs grown in the herbal garden had withered.

And if it were a withered herbal garden, there was no value to it. There had to be something unique about the herbal garden that ensured that the spirit herbs within were well preserved. What kind of herbs could they be?

If there were truly rare herbs growing in the ancient herbal garden, they would be priceless.