True Martial World Chapter 1381

Chapter 1381: Mind Loss Gu
Chapter 1381: Mind Loss Gu

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"Your mistress is presently in Martial Numinous Palace?" asked Yi Yun.

Xiaoqing replied, "Madam has been placed under house arrest by those people. As for where she is exactly, even I don't know. However, I do know that the person marrying Madam is named Li Yunshang. I have always had the suspicion that it was Li Yunshang who caused Master Wang to be in his present state."

"Li Yunshang…"

Yi Yun nodded. The memories he obtained from searching Li Yunfeng's soul included Li Yunshang. He originally believed that Wang Mu's wife was a vicious woman and had abandoned her husband to seek out another man; therefore, he did not pay attention to Li Yunshang.

But things were different now. Yi Yun asked Xiaoqing a few more questions, filling the gaps in his understanding.

By the end of their conversation, the entire situation became more apparent to Yi Yun.

Li Yunshang was Li Yunfeng's cousin. There was a huge age gap between them. Furthermore, Li Yunshang was a lot more talented than Li Yunfeng. The two of them were on completely different levels of strength. Li Yunshang was already a candidate to be the Martial Numinous clan's Elder. He was the the most highly-regarded person in the Li family's younger generation.

The Li family was very influential in the Martial Numinous clan. As the Li family had a very unique heritage, they produced many alchemists. The Heaven Refinement Pavilion was actually mainly run by the Li family. For both of these reasons, the Li family controlled a huge amount of resources. Few people in the Martial Numinous clan would dare offend the Li family.

"That Li Jiuxiao is indeed considered quite a figure in the Martial Numinous clan. However, his strength is nothing much. He's only an ordinary Divine Lord. The people involved in Wang Mu's predicament are all from the Li family. It's very likely that the Li family is responsible for his current state."

Yi Yun guessed that the Martial Numinous clan did not know of the Li family's machinations against Wang Mu. It was a secret operation of the Li family's design and only the essential people within the Li family knew of it. Even Li Yunfeng did not know. If he had, Yi Yun would have understood the entire situation when he searched his soul.

After the Li family learned that Wang Mu and his wife had obtained the location of the ancient herbal garden, they secretly disabled Wang Mu and seized his wife. It was all done to usurp the herbal garden for themselves. They did not even include the Martial Numinous clan in their plans.

"I'll take a trip to the Li family first!"

Yi Yun quickly made the decision. He knew from his memories what Wang Mu's wife looked like. Furthermore, the Li family was focused on alchemy, so it had few experts. As long as he was careful, they did not pose much danger.

"Thank you for helping, Young Master."

Upon hearing what Yi Yun said, Xiaoqing's face revealed a look of delight. From the looks of it, Yi Yun was interested in the ancient herbal garden.

If Yi Yun managed to find her mistress, there was a chance that she would be saved as well. Now that Madam Wang's situation was still unclear, Xiaoqing was extremely worried about her.

"It's nothing. I'm doing it for my own interests, too. I happen to need some herbs." Yi Yun did not conceal his intentions. He was capable of heroic deeds but this particular matter was a challenging one. It could even endanger his life. It was impossible for Yi Yun to just sacrifice himself to save others, but it was different when rewards were involved.

"You cannot be found by the Martial Numinous Palace now. Why don't you spend this time with Wang Mu's family?" suggested Yi Yun.

"Okay, thank you very much, Young Master." Xiaoqing was overjoyed as she immediately nodded. Following that, she was sucked into the God Advent Tower that Yi Yun summoned out.

Yi Yun put away the God Advent Tower and looked around. With a flash, he vanished from where he stood. The next instant, he appeared several kilometers away. He walked casually into the main street and joined the crowds.

Yi Yun naturally knew where the Li household was after probing Li Yunfeng's memories. He even had a general idea of how security in the Li household was, as well as where the important members of the Li family lived.

He soon arrived at a spot a few thousand feet away from the Li household. He entered a tea shop, ordered, and slowly drank his tea. He waited until nightfall before he noiselessly crept up to the wall by the Li family's backyard. With a flash, he directly entered the Li household.

A bright moon hung high in the night sky. It draped the ground with a faint layer of silver. However, the bright moon failed to illuminate Yi Yun's shadow.

Yi Yun silently strolled through the Li family's backyard like a intelligent cat. Wherever he passed, space would distort, completely concealing his presence. As such, even when Yi Yun approached the guards, they failed to notice anything.

The strongest person in the Li family was Li Yunshang's father, Li Qijian. He was the patriarch of the Li family.

Yi Yun would dread it if he had to fight Li Qijian but according to Li Yunfeng's memories, Li Qijian had been in seclusion for several years. A person in seclusion was fully focused on cultivation so Yi Yun was not afraid that he would be discovered by him.

Following the layout according to the memories, Yi Yun slowly approached Li Yunshang's residence. He believed that was where he would most likely find Wang Mu's wife.

At that moment in the Li household—

Li Jiuxiao's figure landed inside a yard. He was fuming with anger as the aura he released sent quakes throughout the yard. If not for the array formation protecting it, the house might have already collapsed.

The servants in the yard kept silent.

"Uncle, don't be angry over Yunfeng any longer. I'm sad for Yunfeng's passing too."

A somewhat neutral sounding voice was heard as a man in white walked into the yard.

He was none other than Li Yunshang.

He had long hair and he held a jade flute in his hand. His clothes fluttered in the wind, making him look like a distinguished scholar of the mortal world.

Li Jiuxiao sighed. "If Yunfeng had your strength, he would not have suffered such an outcome."

Li Yunshang sighed lightly and said, "It's truly a pity for Yunfeng, Uncle. However, don't let the anger consume you. We still have an important matter to take care of. Once it is done, we will find some herbal treasures that will definitely improve your body. Your strength will be further enhanced. When that time comes, you might even be able to have offspring more excellent than Yunfeng. I believe he will rest in peace in the netherworld, knowing that our family is stronger."

Upon hearing Li Yunshang's words, Li Jiuxiao felt enlivened. Indeed, if they found the ancient herbal garden, his strength could improve once again. In comparison, the loss of a son would be something he could view as an acceptable loss. He could just have another one.

"Are you done with that woman?"

Li Yunshang nodded. "Almost done. I have already fed her a Mind Loss Gu. I can control some of her actions. In a few days, her mind will be completely under my control."

"Alright, that's good…"

Li Jiuxiao drew in a deep breath. His nephew had a myriad of methods at his disposal and he was very vicious. Wang Mu had succumbed to him without even knowing it.

As for Wang Mu's wife, Li Yunshang had used another method. He did not silence her but instead aimed to slowly take control of her mind. He planned on adding her to his harem and slowly using her for dual cultivation.

Even Li Jiuxiao felt a chill down his back when he saw such relentless schemes. In the future, when Li Yunshang had fully developed his strength and became the Li family's patriarch, it was unknown what was in store for him. Regardless, Li Jiuxiao did not wish to offend his nephew. If he made a wrong move, there might come a time when he ended up succumbing to Li Yunshang's tricks without even knowing it.

Upon realizing this, Li Jiuxiao shook his head and said, "Yunshang, have a rest. I still have some pills to refine so that I can treat that guest…"

As Li Jiuxiao spoke, he began walking to his alchemy lab.

As for Li Yunshang, he returned to his residence. Following that, a woman with an enchanting figure and foxy eyes walked out from a tiny yard.

"Young Master Yunshang, you are finally back."

The woman helped Li Yunshang onto a couch before she knelt down and began taking off his shoes.

Li Yunshang allowed the woman to serve him as he asked, "Any updates on the woman?"

The woman began massaging Li Yunshang's feet with the perfect touch. Every knead was precise and even had a certain nomological charm. Clearly, the woman was an expert as well. She was definitely not a useless flower vase; yet, she was willing to act subservient to Li Yunshang.

"She's been in a daze all day. She just sits there all day. I have no idea what's running through her mind."

"I see." Li Yunshang nodded. The Mind Loss Gu's effects were turning more apparent. In a few days, her mind would fall under his complete control, making her into a perfect sex slave he could use. When that time came, he could use her to cultivate in his 'Pure Bliss Sutra.'

Upon thinking of this, the corners of Li Yunshang's mouth curved up. Wang Mu's wife had a unique bloodline. She was the perfect tool for his cultivation of the Pure Bliss Sutra. Unfortunately, Wang Mu had wasted a perfectly good treasure by taking his wife's primordial Yin. Li Yunshang had long wanted this woman for himself.

Meanwhile, there was no one in the yard. Space began to slightly distort as Yi Yun stood silently there.

He had heard the entire conversation between Li Jiuxiao and Li Yunshang.

"Mind Loss Gu… This Li Yunshang sure is vicious." Yi Yun looked coldly at the spot where Li Yunshang had stood.

However, he would only stir the Li family if he killed him now.

Yi Yun turned to look at where the female servant had walked out from. He would not be surprised if Wang Mu's wife was located inside the small yard.

There were a few guards patrolling the yard's interior. At the same time, there were a few female servants waiting by the door. And he could sense a person inside the building. It was very likely Wang Mu's wife.

"Since I want to access the herbal garden, saving Wang Mu's wife is only right. It's not only for me to gain information, it also allows me to repay the favor to them." Yi Yun had such thoughts as he infiltrated the yard without being detected.

The people in the yard did not discover Yi Yun at all. Soon, Yi Yun came to a spot outside a building. All he needed to do was put Wang Mu's wife into the God Advent Tower and secretly sneak away.

But at that moment, something out of the ordinary happened!

Yi Yun suddenly sensed a cold aura rapidly sweep past the area above the small yard. Following that, the aura rapidly locked onto him!

Yi Yun instantly felt his limbs turn cold.

Who is it!?

Yi Yun had been especially careful in everything he did tonight. Apart from Li Qijian, Yi Yun did not believe that anyone would be capable of discovering him.

Could Li Qijian have exited seclusion?

That's not right!

Yi Yun suddenly sensed that the cold aura was familiar. An image that left him stifled appeared in his mind.

The aura belonged to… Myriad God Patriarch!!

Yi Yun suddenly recalled that Li Jiuxiao had mentioned that he was refining pills for a guest to treat his injuries. Could the injured guest be Myriad God Patriarch?