True Martial World Chapter 1385

Chapter 1385: Saving Wang Mu
Chapter 1385: Saving Wang Mu
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Yi Yun retrieved the middle-aged alchemist's interspatial ring as well as the interspatial rings of the others.

Inside the middle-aged alchemist's interspatial ring was a quite sizable number of Spirit Jade, various herbs, and his Godly Monarch Immortal Annulus.

"I guess he returned my Godly Monarch Immortal Annulus and fifty million Spirit Jade to me after all. In a way, I got this Autumn Pine as a free bonus too." The corner of Yi Yun's mouth suffused a smile.

In fact, even if the middle-aged alchemist had not robbed him, Yi Yun had planned on settling scores with him later in the night. It was not that easy to fleece him after all.

However, the middle-aged alchemist's avarice knew no bounds. He had actually planted a tracing mark on him and followed Yi Yun into the jaws of death. He ended up saving Yi Yun some time. What a thoughtful guy.

"With this, all the herbs have been gathered. I'll first refine the herbs for Wang Mu," thought Yi Yun. He gave the corpses that were strewn around a look before he flew up. In a blink of an eye, he vanished.

These people had set off to commit a sordid act of robbery. They had covered their tracks and, in an ironic twist, actually helped Yi Yun by keeping everything a secret. There was no need for Yi Yun to fret over this matter.

Yi Yun landed in a valley and set up a concealment array. Following that, he took out an alchemical cauldron and began refining the herbs.

It was not difficult to refine the cauldron of pills. Yi Yun calmed his mind and took out the herbs one after the other. He extracted the essence of each one with the Purple Crystal and placed them inside the cauldron.

When it came to alchemy, Yi Yun's attainments had long reached that of a master. With him doing the refinement personally, the cauldron of pills was soon refined perfectly.

At that moment in the Martial City Li household.

The entire Li household seemed to be shrouded in a dark cloud after Yi Yun's successful infiltration. Worst of all, he had escaped safely. All of the guards and female attendants acted cautiously, afraid that they would take the brunt of Li Jiuxiao's wrath.

"Grand Elder, Young Master Yunshang has invited you over." A female attendant carefully came forward and reported the matter.

"Oh? Yunshang? What's the matter?" Li Jiuxiao's expression was gloomy. His nephew was the only person who he had any thoughts of entertaining at the moment.

After learning of Yi Yun's escape, Li Yunshang was still able to look totally calm and collected. Li Jiuxiao was completely unable to read the thoughts of his nephew.

Li Jiuxiao went to Li Yunshang's yard and asked, "Yunshang, what's the urgent matter? I cannot rest until I get some news of that mortal-born."

"Uncle, why are you so bothered by a mere pest?" Li Yunshang gave a confident smile as he said indifferently, "Compared to that pest, don't we have more important matters to tend to?"

Li Jiuxiao was taken aback. He originally believed that Li Yunshang had some news concerning Yi Yun but now he asked in pleasant surprise, "Yunshang, could it be…"

However, he immediately shook his head. "That's not right. The Mind Loss Gu was only planted in that woman recently. We are still unable to fully control her mind. But will she at least cooperate?"

"It's true that it hasn't been long since the Mind Loss Gu was planted but I did some slight application of my other methods. I previously thought of slowly bringing her under my control to be a sex slave but after everything that has happened, it's best I kill the golden goose to prevent any trouble that a delay might bring."

"That's right. That pest has Wang Mu's family with him. Who knows what he might learn from Wang Mu," said Li Jiuxiao with a nod.

The corner of Li Yunshang's mouth curled up as he said, "Uncle, rest assured. Wang Mu has been poisoned for such a long period of time. Even if you, an expert alchemist, were to make something for him, there's no way he can regain consciousness, much less that mortal-born."

"I think it's about time. Uncle, follow me," said Li Yunshang.

Li Jiuxiao and Li Yunshang came to a secret chamber together. Just as they reached the entrance, they heard a woman's cursing screams.

"Be honest! It is your honor that Young Master has something to ask of you. How dare you defy him!"


They heard a sharp slapping sound and at the same time, there was a dull grunt from another woman.

Li Yunshang pushed open the door and entered. A demure and beautiful woman was hung on the wall and his seductive female attendant no longer looked like her usual submissive self. She was glaring fiercely at Wang Mu's wife, Yuan Ling.

There was a clear palm print on Yuan Ling's pale face. Blood was seeping out from the corner of her mouth as well. Her eyes looked glazed over but she continued biting down on her lips to the point of making them bleed.


Li Jiuxiao swept his gaze across Yuan Ling and immediately, the corner of his eyes twitched.

A few long golden needles were stabbed into Yuan Ling's head and temples. On the other end of the needles, the female attendant had released Yuan Qi from her fingers to connect herself to them. With every movement the female attendant made, the golden needles would prick at Yuan Ling's soul. The pain was unimaginable.

This was the "slight application of other means" Li Yunshang had mentioned… It was truly quite a ruthless one.

"Yuan Ling, you really are asking for it. If you had cooperated with us in the first place, would this have happened?" Li Yunshang came before Yuan Ling and said calmly.

"Is she still refusing to speak?" Li Yunshang asked without turning his head.

The female attendant immediately said reverentially, "She hasn't said anything."

"There's fine," replied Li Yunshang. "Yuan Ling, your husband is already dead. I originally agreed to not touch your daughter but with you being so uncooperative, I will just have to change my mind."

Yuan Ling's unfocused eyes immediately widened. "You… Xiaoxiao…"

She revealed a look of disbelief. Xiaoxiao was only an ordinary child; yet, Li Yunshang had no intention of sparing her…

Also, Wang Mu had passed away…

Grief overwhelmed Yuan Ling and she could not stop the tears from flowing down her cheeks.

"With your current status, you should have long known that it's impossible to resist my Li family."

A sinister smile suffused Li Yunshang's lips. A black worm suddenly crawled out of his hand. It looked hideous and it effused a strange aura.

"Your soul is already extremely weak. If I were to accelerate the Mind Loss Gu's maturation, what do you think will happen to you? Speaking of which, here's an interesting fact. This pair of Mind Loss Gu is a couple. They are intricately connected by love. If one of them is tortured, the other would immediately squirm around in your body. It's just like your Wang Mu, isn't that so? So it's perfect. You can experience the suffering of these two Gu."

As Li Yunshang spoke, Yuan Qi arose in his hand. The black worm immediately crawled around in his palm in pain. At the same time, it opened its mouth.

A sharp scream penetrated Yuan Ling's ears immediately. At the same time, a similar scream sounded in Yuan Ling's body.

Yuan Ling's body convulsed as blood immediately spewed out from her mouth and nostrils. Her gaze turned turbid once again.

"Unfortunately, this eats away at her lifespan. Her soul has been heavily injured as well. If this goes on for long, she will even become mentally disabled," said Li Yunshang wistfully.

Yuan Ling was a good candidate for a sex slave. However, she had already been maimed. It was still possible to treat her if a huge price was paid but there was no reason for Li Yunshang to spend so much time and effort on a mere sex slave.

Upon hearing Li Yunshang's words, even Li Jiuxiao felt a chill down his back.

His nephew was indeed extremely vicious. He was willing to do such nasty acts even to a woman he fancied.

However, compared to the ancient herbal garden, how could Li Jiuxiao be concerned with Wang Mu and Yuan Ling's outcome? He asked anxiously, "With this woman in this state, does it mean that it won't take long for her to reveal the location of the ancient herbal garden?"

"Of course. The time will come soon, so we need to make the preparations to head for the ancient herbal garden." Li Yunshang gave a faint smile.

Heading to the ancient herbal garden was an important matter to the Li family. Furthermore, it had to be kept a secret. The Martial Numinous clan was not to learn of it.

"Alright!" Li Jiuxiao smiled with his hands clasped. Compared to the ancient herbal garden, Yi Yun was nothing. As long as he obtained the herbs in the herbal garden, he could raise his strength and, when the time came, produce more offspring.

As for Yi Yun, there was no way he could escape the Li family while in the Martial Numinous continent.

A day later, Yi Yun's pills were finally completed.

With the pills in hand, Yi Yun entered the God Advent Tower.

Thanks to the concealment array formation, as well as the area being a remote mountain, Yi Yun was not afraid that the God Advent Tower would be discovered.

"What? Young Master, you have already refined the pills for my son? That…" Old Man Wang could hardly express his excitement when he heard Yi Yun.

In fact, he had not placed much hope on Yi Yun's attempt to treat Wang Mu.

He did not dare get his hopes extravagantly high considering how Yi Yun had already helped them.

So Yi Yun caught him by surprise by having finished refining the pills. It left tears welling in Old Man Wang's eyes.

"Young Master, I will never forget your kindness! I wish there will come a day when I can repay you." Xiaoxiao gave a kowtow and said extremely solemnly. She had already begun practicing martial arts according to the cultivation techniques Yi Yun had given her. With her excellent talent, she had already grasped the basics. She was now a true warrior.

Yi Yun got Qing'er to help her up as he said, "Xiaoxiao, there's no need to thank me. My attempts to save your father as well as rescue your mother were all for myself."

Yi Yun did not say anything fanciful or heroic. He did plan on saving Wang Mu but now, after encountering Myriad God Patriarch, he had to weigh the odds of the huge risks that lay ahead. He was not a saint that would sacrifice himself to save others.

"Wang Mu has been poisoned for too long. He might not regain consciousness despite consuming this pill."

Young Master, don't worry. My son is already on his deathbed. If there's even a sliver of hope, it's better than nothing. Young Master, please do whatever you need to do," said Old Man Wang.

Yi Yun nodded before he entered Wang Mu's room.

Wang Mu looked the same as before. He was unconscious but his breathing had gotten even weaker.

In just over ten days, his flames of vitality had weakened greatly.

If he were still lying in bed at home, it would probably take another month for him to perish.

"You encountered me and I need the herbal garden you found. I guess there is fate between us. I'll save you this time," said Yi Yun. He extended his arm and guided an entirely green pill that was as beautiful as jade to fly out from the alchemical cauldron. A faint fragrance immediately permeated the room.

"Go!" Yi Yun moved his fingers as the pill flew to the side of Wang Mu's mouth. An extremely pure green stream began surging into Wang Mu's oral cavity.

The medicinal essence instantly melted in Wang Mu's mouth before surging through his body.