True Martial World Chapter 1387

Chapter 1387: Hornless Dragon Turtle
Chapter 1387: Hornless Dragon Turtle
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"The herbal garden will appear at the specified time. There's only a short window for entry. If I miss it, I will not be able to enter the herbal garden." Yi Yun recalled the information Wang Mu had given him.

The opening of the herbal garden would happen shortly.

At that moment, Yi Yun's heart suddenly stirred as he looked into the distance.

He sensed a Yuan Qi fluctuation heading in his direction.

Yi Yun's eyes glimmered as he distorted the surrounding space, causing him to vanish from his spot.

Soon, a spirit ship descended from the sky and landed by the coast of the inland sea.

A group of people alighted the ship in an orderly manner. There were more than ten people.

Leading them was a middle-aged man and a scholarly-looking youth. The middle-aged man looked at the inland sea with eyes that burned with excitement. "The herbal garden is here!"

The youth also suffused a faint smile. A look of greed flickered in his eyes. "That's right, this place looks just as that woman said."

The duo was none other than Li Yunshang and Li Jiuxiao.

They were accompanied by many elites from the Li family.

They had come to the herbal garden fully prepared. All they needed to do was wait for the herbal garden to open.

"No matter how stubborn that woman was, she had no choice but to tell all eventually. Yunshang, the methods at your disposal are indeed impressive," praised Li Jiuxiao. He was indeed very awed by Li Yunshang's methods.

Li Yunshang smiled. "I wasn't intending to use such overly intense methods previously. If I really wanted her to speak, she would lose the right to choose. However, that woman did give me a pleasant surprise. Her soul was only somewhat damaged and she did not become mentally disabled. I can still have her as a sex slave."

"You truly make the best use of everything," said Li Jiuxiao with a smiling nod. Now that the herbal garden was nearly in his grasps, he did not care about Li Yunshang's sinister character. Obtaining supreme-grade spirit herbs was of paramount importance.

Due to the appearance of the Li family, Yi Yun had silently hidden far away to keep himself concealed.

However, his soul was powerful. Furthermore, the duo had spoken without any restraint, so Yi Yun easily heard their conversation.

"To objectify a living person in such a manner, it truly shows how great the Martial Numinous clan's sense of superiority is when it comes to mortal-borns." Yi Yun looked coldly at them.

Although it appeared that they heavily tortured Yuan Ling, her life was not in danger at the very least. The damage to her soul could still be treated with pills.

He sat there cross-legged as he mediated silently, waiting for the opening of the herbal garden.

Li Jiuxiao, Li Yunshang, and their entourage waited by the spirit boat.

The inland sea was extremely remote. They were not worried that others would chance upon them.

Even if anyone was foolish enough to come, they could simply kill them.

Time passed.

At that moment, Li Yunshang's eyes beamed as he looked at the inland sea. "It's time."

A crescent was hanging in the sky as mild moonlight scattered on the dark sea surface. It exuded quite a sinister feel.

"The hour and quarter-hour are Yin-aligned." Yi Yun slowly opened his eyes from his meditation.

Yi Yun was curious. He didn't know by what method the ancient senior had planted the ancient herbal garden in the inland sea.

He watched without blinking, afraid of missing even a single detail.

Moonlight flickered across the surface of the sea and, at that moment, the sea suddenly churned as though something massive was about to appear.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Amid the tumultuous waves, the sea water surged up like a fountain, as tall as a towering hill before it broke and cascaded to the sides.

A gigantic turtle appeared from the sea. To be more precise, the creature had a dragon's head on a turtle's body. It had large eyes and a terrifying aura.

"That's a… Hornless Dragon Turtle!" Yi Yun recognized it. They were legendary existences. He never expected that a Hornless Dragon Turtle would live in a remote inland sea of the Martial Numinous continent.

Legend said that Hornless Dragon Turtles exuded thick Yin auras that represented death itself. It was a tradition in certain places to set up mausoleums with Hornless Dragon Turtles designs.

And the moment the hour and quarter-hour became Yin aligned was when Yin aura became thickest. The Hornless Dragon Turtle would surface from the depths of the sea to absorb the lunar essence.

At that moment, Yi Yun noticed a rock on the Hornless Dragon Turtle's back.

As the turtle raised its head to absorb the lunar essence, the rock on its back lit up. Runic patterns began flashing on it.

"That is…" A glimmer flashed in Yi Yun's eyes.

The rock contained spatial dimension laws, as well as an ancient aura.

According to Wang Mu, that was the entrance to the herbal garden!

The rock was a World Stone, one that sealed the spatial node leading to the herbal garden.

Perhaps, the ancient senior had placed the herbal garden here but had never expected a Hornless Dragon Turtle to appear later in time. Furthermore, the turtle might have been attracted by the herbal fragrance that the rock effused.

It was unable to enter the herbal garden but it was unwilling to give it up. Therefore, it carried the herbal garden World Stone on its back.

By a stroke of luck, the key to entering the ancient herbal garden became the moment when the turtle surfaced to absorb lunar essence. It lived in the deep sea depths perennially, so it was not something people would come across often. Furthermore, the time it took to absorb lunar essence was extremely short. So unless one chanced upon it or happened to know the exact time and location, there was no way for one to discover the herbal garden.

Meanwhile, Li Jiuxiao and Li Yunshang had also discovered the rock.

"It was no wonder that woman said that we aren't too far from opening the herbal garden once we see the gigantic turtle," said Li Yunshang.

Li Jiuxiao turned his head and said to the Li family elites, "Everyone, be prepared. The herbal garden is only open for a very short period of time. We must not miss it."

"Wu Wu Wu…"

The turtle let out a strange, deep bellow. It sounded like countless people wailing. Furthermore, most of the lunar essence was being projected down by the crescent like a cascading waterfall from the skies. The turtle turned its gaping mouth to devour it.

As the turtle consumed large amounts of lunar essence, the rock on its back became brighter. Suddenly, a rift opened.

The rift that opened was the mark of a spatial node's appearance. However, the spatial node had yet been fully opened. The rift had only just appeared and it was very unstable.

The moment the rift opened, a herbal fragrance was immediately emitted. The turtle instantly turned its head and took in deep breaths as though it was intoxicated by the fragrance.

Upon seeing this scene, Li Jiuxiao clasped his palms and said, "It's open! Be prepared! The spatial node will quickly stabilize. Once that happens, all of us will enter together!"

The ancient herbal garden's entrance had yet to be fully opened. Only a rift had appeared, but the rich herbal fragrance they smelled was sufficient proof that there were great things in there!

"We can finally enter this ancient herbal garden. Wang Mu really doesn't deserve such a good place. Thankfully, we finally got it." No matter how composed Li Yunshang normally was, he could not help but reveal his look of excited anticipation.

But at that moment, a figure charged out from a rock on the coast straight for the Hornless Dragon Turtle like a sudden clap of thunder which left no time for one to cover one's ears!


"Who is it!?"

Li Jiuxiao and Li Yunshang had drastic changes in expression!

"It's that pest!"

At that moment, there was no need for Li Yunshang to guess at the identity of the person.

There was no other person that would come to the inland sea at the same time as them other than the person that infiltrated the Li household!

He never expected that Yi Yun's rescue of Wang Mu had really become a curse in his Li family!

Meanwhile, the spatial node still had yet to fully open.

Yi Yun slashed out with a sword, causing another dazzling lunar beam to seemingly appear in the night sky. Although the spatial node had yet to fully open, he had forced his way in.

It would be too late for him to attempt entry when the spatial node was fully open.

"How dare you!?"

Li Jiuxiao bellowed furiously as he charged forward and punched out from a distance. The winds from the punch surged at Yi Yun like lightning.


Yi Yun turned back and parried the blast with his sword flash, causing a thunder-like explosion.

And during the explosion, Yi Yun's laughter was heard: "I'm Yi Yun. I'll show my respects by entering first."

Yi Yun knew that Myriad God Patriarch had definitely told the Li people all about him. Therefore, he did not care about shouting his true name.

"He actually managed to block it!" Li Jiuxiao found it unbelievable.

He sensed that Yi Yun was only at the beginning stages of the Supremacy realm; yet, he was able to withstand his punch!

When the Yuan Qi fluctuation vanished, Yi Yun's figure had already disappeared into the spatial node.

"Darn it!" Li Jiuxiao's face flushed red with anger. Yi Yun had killed his son, infiltrated his Li household, and had beat him to entering the ancient herbal garden right in front of him!

Li Yunshang had a grim expression as well. He never thought much about the pest and had even guaranteed Li Jiuxiao that there was no way Yi Yun could treat the poison he had given Wang Mu. He never expected Yi Yun to actually succeed.

At that moment, the Hornless Dragon Turtle suddenly let out an infuriated bellow.

It had been alarmed by Li Jiuxiao and Yi Yun's clashed.

It treated the ancient herbal garden as its own. It was naturally incensed when it discovered that others were coveting its possession.

Li Jiuxiao and company knew this as well. They had planned on waiting for the perfect moment to sneak in. However, their plans had been ruined by Yi Yun.

The turtle had already looked in the direction of the explosion. Its cold eyes locked onto Li Jiuxiao and company.

"Darn it!" Li Jiuxiao cursed out angrily once again. His ears were still ringing with Yi Yun's laughter before he entered. "Yi Yun! My Li family will obliterate you and grind your bones so that you will be doomed for all eternity!"

"Uncle, let's resolve the situation ahead of us first." Li Yunshang said in a deep voice. How could an Ancient Fey that had been absorbing the world's essence for numerous years be easy to deal with?


The turtle suddenly roared angrily towards the sky. Its massive body moved and immediately displaced water, causing a water wall to surge up. It came crashing down at Li Jiuxiao and company.

Li Yunshang's expression changed. He released his Yuan Qi from his palms as a gigantic Yuan Qi barrier appeared.

Simultaneously, he felt that something was suddenly amiss.

"Be careful!"


A ghastly claw struck out from the water wall. Its massive strength instantly shattered the Yuan Qi barrier, and it continued its trajectory towards Li Yunshang and company.

Li Jiuxiao and Li Yunshang hurriedly raised their hands to block. However, Li Yunshang was too weak. With a grunt, his body was sent flying backward like a leaf in the wind while he spewed out large mouthfuls of blood.

Although Li Jiuxiao barely managed to withstand the strike, the seawater that blotted out the sky could no longer be repelled. Instantly, the water drenched Li Jiuxiao and company.

The drenched Li Yunshang had a contorted expression. They had to escape as quickly as possible!